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Kai Says is an application which starts acting as your personal assistant whenever you need some kind of help. There are many features of this app which are helpful for the ones who want a software where they can perform all the tasks… read more
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12 Apps Like Kai Says


Google Now

Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant application designed by the Google for the both iOS and Android users. As the Google designs it, so it works remarkably. What makes Google Now special one is that this simple application deploys the natural language user interface to make recommendations, answering the questions, and performing all kind of actions by simply delegating requests to a set of web based services.


Cortana that is otherwise called as Microsoft Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant app for the smartphone devices, gaming consoles, and several other devices. Simply install this assistant application into your smartphone and keep track of all of the important material wherever you are across all of the supported devices.


Siri is an application designed by the Apple for is iOS users just to do the things easier and in a faster way. This application is simply available for all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad and other iDevices.


Robin is a personal assistant that has been developed on a lower level as compared to the powerhouses but has been able to maintain a good name among people. In some cases, it even takes precedence over other apps such as Siri and Google Now.


Jarvis is one of a distinguishing personal assistant application for the Android devices with a cool factor of controlling the smartphones more professionally. This personal assistant based application will enhance the performance of your smartphone to a whole new level.

HOUND Voice Search & Assistant

HOUND Voice Search & Assistant is an application which allows you to have a personal assistant of your own and has different modes which can be helpful in making sure your day is planned properly.

Smart Voice Assistant

This smart personal assistant applications aims to assist the smartphone users in getting what they need. For the beginners, Smart Voice Assistant contains instructions section to get the information about the working style of this application.


Evi is an artificial intelligence application that helps people to get their work done in an orderly manner and makes sure they do not miss out on anything that was planned.

Haptik Personal Assistant

There are many different types of artificial intelligence based software available in the market which can be termed as necessary. The primary factor between them is that they all have almost the same type of features and nothing much differs.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a new app which is available with its advantages and disadvantages. The main drawback is that you always need the internet to work with it. There is also the requirement of having Google now installed if you want to use this platform.

Indigo Virtual Assistant

Indigo Virtual Assistant is your assistant application to get the things done. It is being said about this application that it represents the next generation of personal assistants for the Android devices.

Yo! Genie

Genie is a handy personal assistant which will help you to perform your daily tasks without any fuss. There are many advantages of using this platform, and therefore it has been downloaded several million times.

More About Kai Says

Kai Says is an application which starts acting as your personal assistant whenever you need some kind of help. There are many features of this app which are helpful for the ones who want a software where they can perform all the tasks. The main drawback of this app is that it is not available in several countries due to which it has not been able to make its name as other apps have done. There are many other uses of this platform as well, for example, you can set reminders for different things based on the requirement. You can get audio directions with the help of it when you are traveling. If you compare it like by like with the features in other apps, it has all the necessary tools that are required. You can get answers to various questions, you can also get to know about the latest weather update in your local area and directions if you plan on traveling from one city to the other. You can ask it to send an email, open a particular application or any other task on your device and it will oblige. Even if you miss a call on your phone, and it is not with you, the app helps you to get notified on your laptop so that you can quickly reply back. Other essential features such as getting to call and text without having to search for the contact or using your finger is also possible. This can be done, with the help of voice search. You can also look for items on other sites and use it as an audio search engine. There are many other features of this app which can be termed as critical, so, in short, it can be said that this platform is an excellent choice and can make its name if expanded.

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