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KD Pro is an analog disposable camera which carries a whole lot of beautiful light leak effects without any need to wait for the film to development unless you set development time or want to go old school on the films… read more
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16 Apps Like KD Pro


Huji Cam

Huji Cam carries a set of some marvelous features for the entire nations of the whole world by providing elegant camera and photography stuff right in your pocket. It is a product of Manhole, Inc.


Filterloop is a super stunning and your go-to app for analog film effects with sophisticated editing tools and settings. Filterloop: Photo Filters and Analog Film Effects is a superb tool introduced by Platform, Inc.


Afterlight is the best image editing app for straight forward editing. Powerful and snipping tools with paired with simple design will give you a look in a second according to your desire.

Glitch Photo Analog Film FX

Glitch Photo Analog Film FX is a real-time film and retro camera introduced by Kanchana Pumkan. It is a highly rated camera app which carries some marvellous photo and video features for its entire users from all over the world.


Filmborn is a production of Mastin Labs Inc. which brings a powerful and ultimate easy to use tool designed to be the best photography app for anyone uses iPhone. This app allows you to shoot perfectly exposed photos which require little to no post editing.

RNI Film

RNI Film allows you to achieve the genuine film look while shooting digital. RNI Film is a great cellphone companion for people who really appreciate the charm of analog photography and enables creators to bring the artistic and authentic character flair of film into their mobile workflow.

1967 – Vintage Filters

1967 – Vintage Filters brings the real class for letting us experience an ultimate photo editing tool Introduced by RoadRock Inc. It is an efficient and the most intuitive and a must have photo editor carries all the compulsory photo editing tools and features for its worldwide users.

Gudak Cam

Gudak Cam is another intuitive camera app available on the market which is introduced by Screw Bar Inc. It lets you enjoy 24 shots for a single film roll after you have finished the last shot, you have to wait an hour to reload the film a well.


Kamon is a 1990’s film camera app introduced by the Xiumei Xuan through which users can enjoy Alan log felling film camera right on their smartphones. Kamon – Classic Film Camera application brings ease of getting the look of analog pics for your precious memories, and you can enjoy your photography in a damn cool and unique look.


Feelm is another intuitive photo editing app which helps everyone to enjoy analog filters on their mobile phones for the real-time. Feelm Classic – Analog Filters was introduced by Studio Flat, which enables its users to enjoy the diversity of filters and vibes over your master pics.


BitCam is another easy to use yet powerful photo editing tool which brings a set of some classy editing tools for the users from all over the world, introduced by The Iconfactory.


CALLA CAM is the real film camera introduced by Chungnyung Kang to lets you enjoy amazing photos editing. Calla – Film Camera is a random filter camera of the film replacement type which is starting with an idea of keeping a warm eye on pretty things.

Studio MX

Studio MX is another intuitive tool which enables its users to enjoy an analog style double exposure, introduced by Double Studio. This application allows you to select any two of your desired photos and create marvellous double exposures instantly.

8mm for iPad

8mm for iPad is a superb application which enables its users to shoot authentic retro films, introduced by Nexvio Inc. This application allows you to turn your iPad or other iOS devices into an authentic Super 8 camera.


Retrospecs is another master pic editing tool which helps you pixelate your pics, developed by John Parker. It is super retro computing or a pixel art camera app through which you can transform your ordinary pics into a piece of class.

Pixel Pix

Pixel Pix is a high-rated and a highly sophisticated app which helps users to turn their pics into pixel art masterpieces through a collection of the diversity of filters, stickers and more.

More About KD Pro

KD Pro is an analog disposable camera which carries a whole lot of beautiful light leak effects without any need to wait for the film to development unless you set development time or want to go old school on the films. KD Pro Disposable Camera application is a fine product of GinnyPix, which enables you to enjoy saving your precious moments in one of the best possible ways. This app also lets you enjoy manual as well as an automatic winding for the films and realistic date stamp on your photos as well. Just like the actual disposable cameras, photos get random light leaks. And if you want to have your original photos, then you can get that as well in the app. Through its settings, you can easily and intuitively turn any effect on or off. Having KD Pro Disposable Camera app, you can intuitively preview the pics in the film if you like or get shocked with manual development time. While on the other hand, its premium updates include import photos, ads-free atmosphere, saving original photos, and choose the colour of the camera to suit your personality. So just download KD Pro Disposable Camera, and enjoy a disposable camera in any of its freemium or premium versions.

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