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This mind challenging puzzle game is a kind of soothing, relaxing game in which the player requires to keep the liquid flowing all the time without any interruption at all. A large number of pipes are there that are in small pieces… read more
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13 Apps Like Keep it Flowing


Where’s My Mickey?

Where’s My Mickey? is one of the most popular puzzle games ever developed by the Disney. This brand new adventure game is based on physics based gameplay structure and is backed by the interactive graphics, stimulating weather mechanics, and humorous animations.

Help Me Fly

Help Me Fly is one of the best puzzle games available from the Google Play Store. It is a perfectly pitched puzzle game, and it deserved to be called so because of the complexities it is storing in it.

Pudding Monsters

Pudding Monsters is also a kind of puzzle game but not a simple puzzle game at all. Pudding Monsters is at the moment containing over one hundred levels, and more are under process to come.

Expert Plumber Puzzle

Water is the basic need of every human body living on this earth. But what will happen if the water supply of any area cutoff for some time? Everyone needs the water to survive but the main water supply of the area has got some cracked, and there is urgent need of a professional person who can fix all these in the proper order and save the area.

Plumber Game 2

Just imagine a game where you have to take the role of a plumber to fit the water supply in proper order. The town is waiting for the water, and there are some issues with the main water supply.

Where’s My Perry?

Where’s My Perry? is one of the most popular interactive puzzled games developed and designed by the Disney for the smartphones and tablet devices. In this real challenging and physics based puzzle game, the players need to use the water in multiple levels to solve the puzzles and mysteries of each level in a proper way.

Sprinkle Islands

In this real physical based puzzle game, you will expect the four different island environments that comprise the forty different levels all with unlimited hours of challenging and entertainment tasks. A fire truck is there throwing the water, and you have to get the better usage of that water.


Sprinkle is a water based puzzle game offering a different set of challenging levels. This game is much similar to that of Angry Birds and Crush the Castel in term of complexity but at the same time offers different gameplay set and requires different mindset skills to get a level completed as per stipulated terms and conditions.


Watee has got a lot of reception since its date of release over the App Store. This mind challenging puzzle game is about controlling the water, steam, and bubble. You have to collect water at a place for your pet.

Feed Me Oil

Feed Me Oil is a like a real puzzle game where the player needs to fill the mount of the different creatures with oil. As you will progress through the game by completing the different levels the next will become more complex.


Drainworks is a kind of puzzle game that is pack with the amazing forty-eight unique levels waiting for you to explore. These are challenging and mind boggling and needs the puzzle solving skills.

Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water? is a puzzle video game for the smartphones. Where’s My Water? was first released as a desktop based version and later on was introduced for the leading smartphones operating systems as well.

Flow Free

Flow Free is a connecting matching colors and based on the puzzle solving principles. You need to pair all the available colors and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle to complete a level.

More About Keep it Flowing

This mind challenging puzzle game is a kind of soothing, relaxing game in which the player requires to keep the liquid flowing all the time without any interruption at all. A large number of pipes are there that are in small pieces. Water is coming from the main supply but cannot reach to the next end because supply line is not fixed in the proper order. Now being a professional plumber, it is your responsibility to fix all of these issues so that the water can flow properly. On initial stage, you will be able to do this easily, but as the level will proceed further, it will become difficult for you to manage because there will be some pipes to joint in proper order. To play the game or to set the positions of the pipes, swipe right or left to align the pipes in proper order to keep the water flowing.

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