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Keezy is another marvellous application developed by Keezy Corp. which enables its users to make your own soundboards, record your own music, and share your jams. Keezy Classic is so much important musical instruments for toddlers, adult, and professional musicians where you can get almost 8 coloured tiles… read more
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19 Apps Like Keezy


Auxy Studio

Auxy Studio is your pocket studio which is full of sounds, samples, and the real inspiration through which you can produce tracks in the way you want. Auxy Studio is elegantly designed to make sure that the technology won’t slow you down from being creative.


KRFT brings a canvas for all your creative musical ideas in the studio, and you can enjoy it on the go. KRFT is an efficient app introduced by Studio Amplify Inc.


Groovebox is an excellent beats and synth music studio where you can intuitively build beats with drum machines in the way you love, introduced by Novation. Groovebox is a beautifully designed, free to use, music studio packed with elegant drum and synths and machines.


Incredibox is probably one of the widely used and classy app which helps you express your musicality in front of the whole world and be an artist instantly. Incredibox is a classy musical game introduced by So Far So Good Inc.

Super Looper

Super Looper is an elegant application which helps you make your own music with real-time effective beats right through your mobile phone. Super Looper is a classy application introduced by Universal Labs, which brings an easy to use platform for creating multiple tracks with so many different instruments and even with different pitch levels.

Rhythm Necklace

Rhythm Necklace is an easy to use yet a unique application which enables you to see the music from a new perspective. Rhythm Necklace – Geometric Sequencer is a great application introduced by Sam Tarakajian Inc.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is an advanced tool which carries sophisticated real-time features for editing, mixing, and songwriting with an entire modern interface and so much ease. Logic Pro X comes in the market by probably the most legendary Apple Inc.


Mubert is probably the future of the music which comes with a mission to expand music for both the musicians as well as the listeners. Mubert is a classy product of Mubert Inc.

Addictive Synth

Addictive Synth makes it easy to create mesmerizing sounds and driving loops right through the cell phones. Addictive Synth introduced in the market by the VirSyn Inc. which makes it so easy to make loops and sounds according to your music sense and taste.

Splice Sounds

Splice Sounds brings high-quality samples and loops from its massive library and now makes it possible to access them from your iOS device. Splice Sounds is a widely used product of splice Inc.

Blocs Wave

Blocs Wave is a stunning tool and a beautiful and fun designed music app for recording and making music instantly. Blocs Wave is a stunning product which is equally beneficial for both the electronic music makers and even for songwriters alike.


iMaschine is an interesting tool to produce full tracks anywhere with the arranger and all from your mini mobile device. iMaschine 2 is an elegant tool to create beats instantly with step mode and even play pitch-perfect melodies and basslines using its smart play features.


Beatbox carries some exceptional features for creating your own beats with this simple and easy to use app. Beatbox App efficiently transformed your mobile devices into a music generator tool where you can enjoy creating marvellous music whenever you want.


Jasuto is known as one of the most ancient yet the most powerful synthesizer for iOS devices which allows everyone to visually construct your synths and effects and then use them to make sequences.


Sunrizer is another elegant application which carries some marvellous tools and an intuitive virtual analog synth for your mobile devices. Sunrizer synth is a classy product presented by BeepStreet Inc. which brings a high-level synthesizer and an audio unit for your mobile phones to manage music effortlessly.

Keezy Drummer

Keezy Drummer lets you make superb beats in second and carries the easiest programmable drum machine ever bought in the market. Keezy Drummer enables everyone to make drum beats which is so simple to use, and there is no tutorial as well.

iSEM Synthesizer

iSEM Synthesizer is present for the recreation of the classic Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module (SEM) of 1974 and is probably the world’s first app contained synthesizer modules. iSEM Synthesizer bought in the market by Arturia Inc.

Laplace Synthesizer

Laplace Synthesizer is another super gorgeous application which carries all the much-needed stuff for physical modelling synthesizing truly based on the resonator synthesis which makes it comfortable to create a plucked string, blown pipe, bowed string, and the metallic sounds.


Nanologue is a great application for professional music makers as well as listeners which helps them manage stuff in the way they require, introduced by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. This is a superb application brings a wide range of inspiring sounds as well as professional sound effects with a mix of the stunning yet straightforward interface.

More About Keezy

Keezy is another marvellous application developed by Keezy Corp. which enables its users to make your own soundboards, record your own music, and share your jams. Keezy Classic is so much important musical instruments for toddlers, adult, and professional musicians where you can get almost 8 coloured tiles. This application helps you record sounds, tap the tile to play It back, and hold or press to loop. Keezy Classic enables its users to record your own boards with almost 8 wildest music ideas and intuitively save and loads as many boards as you like. It allows you to tap with two taps at once to stop the sound. One of the most surprising thing about Keezy is that it can record itself, and you can play one title and record into another. Other than these, Keezy Classic allows you to hold to loop, tap a sound to play, record your jams, play many sounds at once, tap rapidly to st-st-stutter, share your jams, and lot more. So just download Keezy Classic app, and start recording your own soundboards and even record a sound into each other for creating your own jams to be an artist.

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