Keymoji Premium Emoji Keyboard Alternatives for Android

Keymoji Premium Emoji Keyboard

Keymoji Premium Emoji Keyboard is an excellent keyboard that enables its worldwide users to use emojis according to every situation, scenes, occasions, and moods, etc. Keymoji Premium Emoji Keyboard bought in the market by Literati Labs, Inc. that helps you enjoy each of your situations with emojis and you can share these emojis over all the social media platforms… read more
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16 Apps Like Keymoji Premium Emoji Keyboard for Android

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1. Emoji keyboard

Emoji keyboard is a tremendously loved tool introduced by millions of folks from all over the world to enjoy a free keyboard specified for emojis that makes typing more expressive, fun, accurate, and fast. ❤Emoji keyboard – Cute Emoticons, GIF, Stickers, is a splendid tool introduced by Emoji Keyboard & Sticker Design Team that brings a pack of emojis, GIFs, stickers, and emotions in a simple app. You can easily use these fun stickers, cool emoticons, and jolly emojis on the message, SMS, text, email, and notes over your most likely social media platforms. It brings more than 3000 emojis, trending GIFs, emoticons, and stickers with colorful themes. Emoji keyboard – Cute Emoticons, GIF, Stickers lets you have thousands of emoji keyboard themes as well as fonts. You can also create custom keyboard themes by choosing your own photos, emojis, and wallpapers and also set your most favorite font style, color, and size for making the keyboard that you want. It supports more than 150 languages, and these cute emoticons and stickers never collect your personal photos and wallpapers for ensuring extreme safety. So just download ❤Emoji keyboard – Cute Emoticons, GIF, Stickers app in your phone and enjoy the full-fledged keyboard with fun emojis, smiley faces, and emoticons to say whatever you want.


2. RainbowKey

RainbowKey is an admirable tool that enables its worldwide users to enjoy one of the best and high-class keyboard for Android, iOS and other platforms, introduced in the market by iHandy Ltd. RainbowKey Keyboard is a fine keyboard app which lets you enjoy tons of amazing stickers, emojis, and GIFs to use in your chats just to express yourself properly while you are chatting with friends, girlfriends, family members, colleagues, teammates, and others. This application lets you customize RainbowKey Keyboard in the way you want by placing your most likely background pic, your favorite font style, favorite color, size of your choice, and other things that you want. RainbowKey Keyboard brings a collection of more than 2000 colorful emojis and stickers to use in your chats. It is a multilingual application which supports more than 30 languages along with gesture typing for an instant reply. Its excellent collection of emojis, GIFs, and emoticons lets you talk over any topics from sports, school, education, love, romance, anger, fight, sadness, to anything that you want to express. So just download RainbowKey Keyboard in your phone and start expressing your inner feelings with your friends and family members using hundreds of cute emojis and GIFs.


3. TouchPal Emoji Keyboard

TouchPal Emoji Keyboard brings a superb way to DIY your emoji keyboard themes, emoji keyboard font, emoji keyboard colors, emoji keyboard backgrounds, and various other things having this tool in your mobile devices. TouchPal Emoji Keyboard: AvatarMoji, 3DTheme, GIFs was introduced by TouchPal Emoji Keyboard Team which enables everyone to have smart, instant, and fun conversations with their fellow beings and enjoy having things in their own way. Touch Pal is a smart keyboard app that helps you type easier, faster, and livelier with the gesture keyboard, prediction support, and more than 5k emojis and fantastic stickers. You can also create your own emoji to share with your friends for having real fun. TouchPal Emoji Keyboard: AvatarMoji, 3DTheme, GIFs allows you to use this keyboard while chatting on each of your desired local as well as social messaging apps such as WeChat, Line, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and various others. It contains autocorrect features, word and emoji prediction, text face support, swipe word making support, and extreme customization for using it in your own way. So just download TouchPal Emoji Keyboard: AvatarMoji, 3DTheme, GIFs app in your phone to enjoy thousands of free emojis, emoticons, dictionaries, stickers, and GIFs in chats with your beloved ones.


4. GIF Keyboard by Tenor

GIF Keyboard by Tenor lets you discover the right expression for the things talking in conversations with your friends, family members, girlfriends, and other fellow beings. GIF Keyboard by Tenor is a fabulous application developed by Tenor, Inc. that enables its users to send animate GIFs as well as videos in Messenger with one Tap. It allows its worldwide users to search millions of GIFs from TV, Movies, Youtube stars, celebrities, and various other resources. You can intuitively send the right video as well as GIF to express exactly what you want to say or react, directly from the keyboard on your mobile device. GIF Keyboard by Tenor enables its entire users to search millions of GIFs as well as videos to discover the one that perfectly fits your moment. It also lets you discover stuff by emoji as well. You can enjoy browsing by categories like reactions, trending topics, inspiration, funny stuff, and various other things. This application keeps on updating its stuff, and you can intuitively pick your most likely videos and GIFs. So just pick GIF Keyboard by Tenor app from the store to start discovering the right GIF or videos to visually sum up exactly what emotion you want to express, inside joke, clever response, and anything you want to share.


5. Islamic Stickers

Islamic Stickers is a superb application for all the lovely Muslims where they can communicate with their religious stickers for greeting, thanking, praising, preaching, and doing other stuff. Islamic Stickers (WA Sticker Apps) bought in the market by Techirsh Inc. which brings a fabulous collection of Islamic stickers to spread the real peace and love with everyone present in this universe. This application brings stickers which are made specifically for the Muslim people to send greetings and other things in both Arabic as well as Urdu. As you often greet people frequently, Islamic Stickers for WhatsApp app helps you greet them in Arabic and Urdu text. WAStickerApps – Islamic Stickers for WhatsApp brings a fine collection of Islamic stickers through which you can say SUBHAN ALLAH, ALHAMDULILLAH, KHUDA HAFIZ, AMEEN, MASHALLAH, ASSALAM-U-ALIKUM, WALIKUM ASSALAM, INSHALLAH, JAZAK ALLAH, KYUN?, MUBARAK BAAD, and various other Holy texts. After installing the application, you just have to open the app, tap on the Add To WhatsApp options, confirm your action, and then open WhatsApp and start chatting. So just download Islamic Stickers – WA Sticker Apps for WhatsApp app in your phone to enjoy sending as well as receiving amazing Islamic stickers to your family members, friends, and other non-Muslim individuals from all over the world.


6. SwiftKey Beta

SwiftKey Beta makes it easy to enjoy sending and receiving messages with various features including new unreleased features, special themes, better customization, and you can also test early performance. SwiftKey Beta bought in the market by SwiftKey Inc. which brings effortless typing for all its users and let them enjoy a variety of emojis to chat effectively. This application will definitely not replace the regular app of SwiftKey on your phone, but will surely be downloaded as a secondary app so you can switch between the two for comparison. This application makes it easy to type your desired text messages effortlessly through swiping. SwiftKey Beta brings personal predictions tailored to you with a smart autocorrect for fast typing that precisely boost your typing speed in a way like never before. This application lets you have bilingual typing without switching. Users can easily customize their typing with lots of themes, font colors, backgrounds, font styles, and various other things. Swift Key Beta also brings emoji prediction for fun sentences and lets you have the touch of some cute emojis over your texts. So just download this fully customization app named SwiftKey Beta in your phone and enjoy the layouts that match your needs.


7. Multiling O Keyboard + emoji

Multiling O Keyboard + emoji is a robust, ultimate lightweight, and easy to use application which lets you have ultimate chatting with everything that a high-level keyboard usually have. Multiling O Keyboard + emoji bought in the market by Hanso Inc. which lets you have a full customization keyboard for all your mobile devices and tablets to chat in a way like never before. This application allows you to split your keyboard into two regions as well whenever you need. Its emoji collection has almost all the emojis that you used to express your impressions and inner feelings. It has incredible customization options where you can have the options of the restart, voice, auto, train, emoji, full screen, about, MyAlpha, auto text, style, color, size, train, transform, downloads, hiding, and various other features. Multiling O Keyboard + emoji also brings the features of writing text through swiping and lets you do chat quickly. This application is available in multiple themes, dictionaries, layouts, and various other plugins to enjoy it in the way you want. You can easily change the color of your background with your favorite one. So just download Multiling O Keyboard + emoji to enjoy a highly customizable keyboard app in your phone.


8. Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018

Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 is a great tool used by tons of people to say things in Urdu, introduced by Pakdata Inc. Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 – ودرا – Urdu on Photos is the finest tool through which you can edit your pics by writing Urdu on them. This excellent tool also carries the features of Urdu text to speech option and Urdu speech to English text translation. It lets you have the proper Urdu word automatically if you type in Roman English. It brings an optional Urdu layout with a next word suggestion feature. It shows Urdu as you type and efficiently works offline all the type. Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 – ودرا lets you create contacts and send messages in Urdu, post Urdu on Facebook, search Google in Urdu, and send messages on WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Line, Viber, and various other platforms installed in your phone. Other than these, Easy Urdu Keyboard also has the ability to disable keyboard, use tons of emojis, Easy Paisa payment option (for Pakistan), and also lets you use English keyboard with correction and dictionary. So just download Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 – ودرا – Urdu on Photos app in your phone and use the Urdu language to send and receive a message to your friends and family members.


9. Kikko

Kikko brings an ultimate collection of Japanese emoticons and emojis and is basically a keyboard app for Japanese people. Kikko – Japanese Emoticons Kaomoji was introduced by Nutella Gang Inc. which enables you to enjoy thousands of emoticons in one app. It also brings the facility of adding your own emoticons to share with friends for having an ultimate fun time. You can effortlessly add your most likely emojis into the favorites section for fast and intuitive access. You can easily copy emoticons to your clipboard and paste them in any of the messaging apps that you often use. Kikko – Japanese Emoticons Kaomoji brings categories and subcategories of these excellent emoticons that can easily be shared over your desired social chatting platforms. Some of its categories include positive Kawaii emoticons, negative emoticons, fun emoticons, animal emoticons, and various others. Other than these, Kikko brings some subcategories which includes happy, love, excited, hugging, angry, worried, crying, sad, whatever, troll, surprised, confused, embarrassed, troll, table flip, cat, birds, dogs, sea creatures, rabbit, and thousands of other emojis that you use while texting. So just download Kikko – Japanese Emoticons Kaomoji app and enjoy a diverse collection of Japanese emoticons merely known as animoticons as well as Kaomoji.


10. Kaomoji

Kaomoji is an exquisite tool that enables its users to get the popular text emoticon style initially produced in Japan and now successfully proven throughout the world. Kaomoji ☆ Japanese Emoticons is an easy to use Japanese emoticons tool introduced in the market by SmileX Inc. which brings emoticons grouped into categories and subcategories for easier search and navigation. You can search through tons of exciting Japanese style emoticons, and there is no need for Kaomoji to be read sideways. This application lets you choose the emoticon that you like, and it will automatically be copied to the clipboard so that you can use it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and various social media platforms. Kaomoji: Japanese Emoticons app lets you use your own emojis, and you can also add them to your storage for accessing them even if you uninstalled the app. It is a multilingual keyboard app which automatically detects your language and is optimized for both horizontal and vertical orientations of the screen.  All the emoticons that it provides look so natural, and they are capable of transmitting all set of emotions, objects, actions, and more. So just download Kaomoji: Japanese Emoticons app in your phone and enjoy an ultimate variety of Japanese emoticons and also create your own to share with your friends.


11. Hacker’s Keyboard

Hacker’s Keyboard is a widely used application which carries a diverse number of options, symbols, and all the stuff needed for high level working. Hacker’s Keyboard bought in the market by Klaus Weindner Inc. which is significant if you use Connector for SSH access and brings working tabs, ctrl, and Esc keys as well. This intuitive keyboard has a separate section for number keys, arrow keys (which are essential for devices that do not have a D-Pad or trackball), and the punctuation in the usual places. This application supports multi-touch for the modifier keys and is based on AOSP Gingerbread soft keyboard. Hacker’s Keyboard enables its users to get all the key stuff that you often use in your PC’s. Its supported keyboard layouts includes Armenian, Arabic, English, Danish, British, Czech, Bulgarian, Finnish, Lao, Hungarian, Persian, Portuguese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Persian, Romanian, Russian, Russian phonetic, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Bosnian, Croatian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and various others. So just download Hacker’s Keyboard in your mobile phone and get all the missing key layouts that you are used to from your laptop as well as personal computer.


12. Emoticon Pack with Cute Emoji

Emoticon Pack with Cute Emoji brings a superb collection of some ultimate emojis, emoticons, and stickers to use at your conversations for more convenience. Emoticon Pack with Cute Emoji was introduced in the market by which enables its worldwide users to enjoy a superb pack of emoticons to express what they feel or express their reactions on chat with their friends and family members. This application precisely separates the categories of emoticons as well as emojis in distinct sections so that you can easily pick your desired ones according to the occasion and taste. Emoticon Pack with Cute Emoji lets you save much or your time by shrinking a string of words that you often write manually by emoticons and emojis. It allows its users to directly input the emojis and emoticons from the ATOK Direct Keyboard or Mushroom’s add-on. You can also create your own emoticons as well and save them to use in chats with friends. You can conveniently launch this app from the home button as well as the notification bar. So just download Emoticon Pack with Cute Emoji app and say whatever you want with the help of tons of cute emojis, emoticons, and stickers over your desired messaging apps and social media platforms.


13. Hindi Keyboard

Hindi Keyboard is a fine tool which enables Indians and Hindu users to share their inner feelings with their native language and enjoy their keyboard in their own way, introduced in the market by My Keyboard App Inc. Hindi Keyboard brings a fine collection of themes, and you can easily select one who likes you the most, and you can often change it according to your likeliness. It brings customizable settings where you can easily select whether to use the Hindi language as well as English. It also carries an ultimate collection of text arts for all your occasions and moods and is categorized in love, mood, fun, food, nature, naughty, adult, flirt, and various others. Hindi Keyboard also contains a Hindi Dictionary which lets you transform the English word precisely into Hindi and use it in your chats by simple copy/paste function. You can also use your desired font style over here and change the background of the keyboard with your pic or by simple wallpapers. This application lets you access a diverse collection of emojis with a single click over the emoji icon. So just download Hindi Keyboard app in your phone to not do chat in Hindi but also enjoy extremely customizable keyboard.



EMOTEPASTER is a stunning application which enables its worldwide users to have their desired emoticons in chats with their friends, family members, colleagues, and other fellows. EMOTEPASTER – Copy and paste popular emoticons is a widely used application introduced in the market by JuliusC3 Inc. through which you can find and pick emoticons according to the mood and situation. This application brings one of the most popular Japanese emoticons that are commonly used in the entire world and over all the messaging platforms including Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, and various others. EMOTEPASTER – Copy and paste your popular Emoticons lets you copy your desired emoticons from its collection and paste in to anywhere you want. It is a superb emoticons app for Android phones which helps you get cool symbols for conveying more words in small symbols. You can also change the color of your keyboard and set your desired one from some popular colors. EMOJI PASTER makes it easy to copy you’re the emoticon that you want to pick from its collection and paste it wherever you chat. So just download EMOTEPASTER – Copy and paste popular Emoticons app from the store and enjoy extremely comfortable copy and pasting of emoticons.


15. Stick Texting Emoji Killer

Stick Texting Emoji Killer lets you pick the most suitable stickers that best fits the situation or mood while chatting with friends, family members, and others, introduced by Mitchell Robiner. Stick Texting, The Emoji Killer app brings a collection of some finest animated stick figure text scenes which are as much entertaining as those emojis and emoticons are. This application brings your email and text message to life by letting you enjoy these stick faced shapes for your conversations. You can simply tap over the sticker to preview it and copy any of your desired one of the several animations or even launch text or email app right from the stick texting app. Stick Texting The Emoji Killer is a fun, thought-provoking, and excellent tool that brings ultimately animated stick figured masterpieces made to add life to your texts and emails. You can use these sticks figure text anywhere you want such as Instagram, Email, Facebook Messenger, and other messaging platforms. While on the other hand, if you probably think that the emojis and emoticons are lane, you are going to love this app. So if you often use emojis and emoticons, just try Stick Texting The Emoji Killer app and have the same or even some more entertainment as you do with those emojis.


16. 3D Simple Business Black Keyboard

3D Simple Business Black Keyboard is a free, cool keyboard theme that brings some exciting stuff to have while you chat. 3D Simple Business Black Keyboard Theme bought in the market by Fashion Cute Emoji that helps you get this simple yet fully-functional keyboard have all the properties that an ultimate keyboard contains. Its black color and blue tons with superb 3D black keyboard skin is a very cool choice and boosts your personality and level of choice whenever someone uses it. This 3D Black keyboard provides your cell phone with a variety of cool animations that you probably do not see anywhere. Its dark color theme and classy color combinations of keys make it more eye-catching and stunning. 3D Simple Business Black Keyboard Theme lets you have an ultimate collection of emojis that you probably finds in some Samsung cell phones as well as iOS devices. You can conveniently stylize your cell phone’s keyboard according to your choice of color, the bubble of messages, the background of chats, text styles, and other stuff that it contains. It also brings auto-correction support, shows emojis and emoticons as candidate, set a personal photo as keyboard theme, text face, and support of more than 150 languages. So pick 3D Simple Business Black Keyboard Theme app from the store and also check some of its similar keyboard apps over here.

More About Keymoji Premium Emoji Keyboard

Keymoji Premium Emoji Keyboard is an excellent keyboard that enables its worldwide users to use emojis according to every situation, scenes, occasions, and moods, etc. Keymoji Premium Emoji Keyboard bought in the market by Literati Labs, Inc. that helps you enjoy each of your situations with emojis and you can share these emojis over all the social media platforms. It lets you have the most precise auto-correction features that make your typing more simple, accurate, and precise. Keymoji: Emoji Keyboard also intuitively translate what you type in any app into real-time emojis from a constantly expanding emoji keyboard. Users can also find emoji art button which brings some ultimate special designs made by emojis that you can directly send from your emoji keyboard through any messaging app. This ultimate Keymoji Premium Emoji Keyboard app works inside Snapchat, Email, Kik, Line, Kakao Talk, WeChat, Notes, WhatsApp, iMessage, Twitter, and various other platforms. You can also click on the emoji auto-complete bar on one you want to choose, rather than discovering through the complete emoji library. So just give a chance to Keymoji Premium Emoji Keyboard app to enjoy ultimate emojis, emoticons, emoji art, and also take a look at apps like KeyMoji in this list.