11 Apps Like Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a fantastic official app for an excellent service that provides quality education to a lot of users all over the world. Khan Academy is an online source of obtaining knowledge by setting at home. Khan Academy is simply a service provider of the online courses, and its academic services can be utilized in the form of application for the mobile phones as well. The majority of the courses being given by the Khan Academy are free for all. However, there are a few charges to get completion certificate at home or through email in case of advanced level of course and certifications. It’s one of the greatest and biggest web-based courses providers where a lot of the courses are free to learn. The very best about Khan Academy is that it is providing classes for both students as well as teachers. Its means both the newbie and professionals can take the benefit of the learning services of the Khan Academy. It’s not a web-based course provider only. There is a proper testing and training system, and completion certificate will be dependent on the performance of these sectors. Almost a significant number of online courses along with a lot of exercises are listed here in the field of mathematics, computer, science, programming, business, accounting, economics, fine art, history and lots of other areas and professionals. The very best about each one of these services is that they are free to use via online classes of the Khan Academy based on the ease of the learner.

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1. CourseGuru

CourseGuru is an MOOC learning platform that’s providing thousands of those free courses that can make better by sitting at home. The courses offered by the CourseGuru are set up by the leading educational institutions and highest rated organizations around the world. The mode of study is extremely simple along…

2. Curious

Curious is the core for learning something totally new on every day. That’s why on a daily basis it arrives with various kind of learning materials in the different field. Almost Twenty Thousand training on virtually any discipline is being provided by the Curious that will help you in improving…

3. Edureka

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Edureka is the framework of web-based courses which are a collection of the hundreds of approved university around the world. By joining the learning platform of Edureka, you can obtain an opportunity to attend online classes to learn any course for free. The assets available at Edureka are free to…

4. Skillshare

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Skillshare is an online education provider app that provides the mobile phone users by having interactive offers of learning of thousands of courses in the field of management, business, photography, developing and lots of others. By utilizing this, app, you can acquire a chance for enjoying the web-based classes and…

5. Coursera

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Coursera is among the best web-based courses provider in all fields. Coursera is an online academy of approximately 1700 courses which are in several academic categories. It’s a system where you can find online courses in the field of art and humanities, information technology, data science, business and management, life…

6. Udemy

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Udemy is a best web-based source of educational and skill development programs having a collection of Thirty Thousand courses gathered by the skilled tutors of their career fields. Here you can look to get a course on virtually on almost everything. Along with learning your favorite training course in an…

7. Lynda

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Lynda is an online education and video training provider that’s offering a different variety of courses in the section of designing, web developing, photography, business, education, computer animation, video, audio and music and a wide range of others. However, Lynda isn’t a free service. It’s an entirely paid online training…

8. TakeLessons

TakeLessons is an exclusive technique of online learning by hiring a tutor online obtaining lectures online. TakeLessons is the particular platform of the top professionals and expert instructors around the world. TakeLessons is essentially the centre of paid teachers and instructors that are providing their educational services in the subject…

9. KelbyOne

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KelbyOne is an experience and skills building learning platform for the photographer as well as creative designers only where there are a large number of training periods and a lesson on the expert and artistic photography and designing. It’s an excellent source of knowledge both for beginners and professional and…

10. EdX

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EdX is a free online courses provider that gives the free education in the form of several courses in the majority of professions. The unique point of this course provider is that anytime you will find there the most recent MOCC, which is being provided by the popular universities around…

11. Udacity

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Udacity is the web-based education and lessons provider of that expertise that industry employers require today. It provides those credentials whose demand is at peak point at this time. It’s an online training portal that offers the courses and training on the web, mobile development, data analyst, programming and languages.…

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