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Khan Academy is a fantastic official app for an excellent service that provides quality education to a lot of users all over the world. Khan Academy is an online source of obtaining knowledge by setting at home. Khan Academy is simply a service provider of the online courses, and its academic services can be utilized in the form of application for the mobile phones as well… read more
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1. Curious

Curious is the core for learning something totally new on every day. That’s why on a daily basis it arrives with various kind of learning materials in the different field. Almost Twenty Thousand training on virtually any discipline is being provided by the Curious that will help you in improving your bran’s creative, well-being, practical and educational knowledge. Each of the training offered at Curious consists of bite-sized sections, file attachments to consider in offline mode, and to-do workouts, it is up to the learner either he need to learn through the application of Curious or go to the official website of the Curious. Curious is offering both means. But in the same time frame, it’s not a free education provider. To get complete accessibility 20,000 lessons of the Curious, the willing person is very first needed to obtain a subscription from Curious against the annual price of $89.99. Once getting the subscription, the learner can go for any training course and lesson either it is music, technology, digital photography, designing, development, or health, sport, crafting and life. World’s very best teacher are at the disposal of Curious, which are supplying an excellent learning environment to the students to share their abilities and educational knowledge.


2. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online education provider app that provides the mobile phone users by having interactive offers of learning of thousands of courses in the field of management, business, photography, developing and lots of others. By utilizing this, app, you can acquire a chance for enjoying the web-based classes and study material that you can start at any time based on you own pace while sitting at home or workplace. Skillshare is providing its learning services and features in two sections; Skillshare Free and Premium. Skillshare Free is available for the trial period of 30 days only. It’s the Skillshare Premium feature that offers the learners an instant and full-time accessibility almost Three Thousand courses. The premium pupil of Skillshare may also enjoy the feature of downloading the courses as well to consider them later on or during offline mode. In a case of displaying satisfactory progress, they’ll be even provided with the 50% membership fee by their online tutor and Skillshare too. The best about the courses of Skillshare is that these are parts of collection gain by the industry leaders, experts, and professionals from their areas.


3. Edureka

Edureka is the framework of web-based courses which are a collection of the hundreds of approved university around the world. By joining the learning platform of Edureka, you can obtain an opportunity to attend online classes to learn any course for free. The assets available at Edureka are free to entry for anyone and using these types of resources, you can develop your information and abilities as well. The free courses available here are depending on the worldwide acceptable principle of MOOCS that represents the Huge Open Online Courses. Its means that any interested learner can participate in the course. Depending on the laws of the MOOC, the student will be provided by free material for the course he opted for learning. By installing the app of Edureka in your mobile phone, you’ll be able to access directly to the online coaching courses of the project management, programming & designing, Android development and also a lot of other courses for free. You can take the online classes as well simply from your smartphone. For all those newbies who’re searching for a free method of obtaining knowledge and information are encouraged to use Edureka.


4. KelbyOne

KelbyOne is an experience and skills building learning platform for the photographer as well as creative designers only where there are a large number of training periods and a lesson on the expert and artistic photography and designing. It’s an excellent source of knowledge both for beginners and professional and there they’ll step-by-step video tutorials and lectures regarding photography. However, to access the video lessons, the users are first needed to have an internet link so that they need to be able to play and stream the video classes very easily and efficiently. KelbyOne is one of the very best platforms for unleashing your creativity and potential by getting online coaching in Adobe product like Photoshop, Lightroom, and many other photographies and designing fields as well. KelbyOne delivers the access to anyone with no time limitation. The thousands of lectures on digital photography and designing that are available at KelbyOne are in completely High-definition quality. The willing users may even filter the addresses based on favorites, categories and teachers as well.


5. EdX

EdX is a free online courses provider that gives the free education in the form of several courses in the majority of professions. The unique point of this course provider is that anytime you will find there the most recent MOCC, which is being provided by the popular universities around the world through the EdX. The procedure is quite simple that begin with selecting the desired training first and then obtaining instruction in the shape of video lectures, tutorials, as well as written exercises. However, the programs being provided by the EdX aren’t in a lot of categories. The types and courses are limited, but it’s sure that EdX is providing the verified courses only. Above all features learning system will depend on your personal routine only and after the successful finishing off a training session you’ll be provided with a suitable transcript or course finishing certificate as well that you can proudly reference in your job application or Resume.


6. Udacity

Udacity is the web-based education and lessons provider of that expertise that industry employers require today. It provides those credentials whose demand is at peak point at this time. It’s an online training portal that offers the courses and training on the web, mobile development, data analyst, programming and languages. The courses here are a collection of the giant IT companies and institutes like Google, Salesforce, MongoDB and some others. By signing up for the platform of Udacity, you may also get the chance of mastering your skills and knowledge in the IT industry. The beautiful thing about Udacity is that here the learners can choose the courses according to their skill level for example newbie, intermediate and advanced. In every case, the principle will be given step-by-step. After installing the app of Udacity, you’ll be able to enjoy your programs HTML, CSS, JavaScript, along with other programming languages at your comfort by setting at home. You’ll be provided with problems as well you need to solve to show your talent. The Udacity can enjoy the realness in career changes.


7. TakeLessons

TakeLessons is an exclusive technique of online learning by hiring a tutor online obtaining lectures online. TakeLessons is the particular platform of the top professionals and expert instructors around the world. TakeLessons is essentially the centre of paid teachers and instructors that are providing their educational services in the subject of mathematics, film, theater dance, singing, science as well as other categories. From language to educational teaching and from performing arts to music, all kind of fields is covered at the TakeLessons. The process begins only by finding the teacher from the database of accessible teachers and then discussing using your ideal teacher for classes and payment. After successful negotiation, you can begin taking classes from your selected instructor and may set schedule. You’ll have a system for tracking your progress as well. Before choosing any teacher, you may also compare the instructors on the basis of their experience and academic background as well. Moreover, you may also set the timing according to your personal convenience and availability. It’s completely a paid service where you will find different charges for each of course which also depends on the proficiency of the teacher as well. In the case of not having satisfied, your fee will be reclaim as well.


8. Coursera

Coursera is among the best web-based courses provider in all fields. Coursera is an online academy of approximately 1700 courses which are in several academic categories. It’s a system where you can find online courses in the field of art and humanities, information technology, data science, business and management, life sciences, mathematics and logical concepts, social sciences, personal development, foreign language learning. It can also provide you a vast selection of other courses to acquire specialization in most of the popular educations. To give you the universal access to the most of its educational resources, it services can be access simply by installing its app in your mobile phone. The method of obtaining an education in any course is very natural that starts by just making an account with Coursera and then beginning to discover from the hundreds of courses. The programs available here are free-to-learn and also the financial aid for deserving students is opened by the Coursera as well. After finishing the course, you will be given with a certification as proof of achievement of your training course.


9. CourseGuru

CourseGuru is an MOOC learning platform that’s providing thousands of those free courses that can make better by sitting at home. The courses offered by the CourseGuru are set up by the leading educational institutions and highest rated organizations around the world. The mode of study is extremely simple along with the main feature that everything is obtainable here’s entirely free. The courses board of CourseGuru contains plenty of topics. Just browse the CourseGuru for the first-time and enjoy the free and web-based courses in the category of languages/cultures, business/management, science/technology, arts/humanities, mathematics, health/psychology. You can also learn here creative arts and media, teaching and studying and a lot of others that can get from any mobile phone. First, it’s providing a different selection of courses and secondly it’s backed by the leading universities and organizations around the world. All of these features equally make the CourseGuru a one of the very best online source for learning each and everything at your own convenient. Along with only obtaining the online resources for a particular course, you may also consult with the experts of CourseGuru as well. There are no hidden charges for any course, and you can anytime enroll yourself in any course. In addition to all these, there’s also a reminder that can be used in case of future availability of course and at the required that your will be informed to obtain enrolment.


10. Lynda

Lynda is an online education and video training provider that’s offering a different variety of courses in the section of designing, web developing, photography, business, education, computer animation, video, audio and music and a wide range of others. However, Lynda isn’t a free service. It’s an entirely paid online training provider that offer the four plans to the wanting learners that are Lynda Basic, Basic Annual, Premium and Lynda Premium Annual. All of these schemes provides several courses and access to the users. However, one thing is similar to all these plans, and that’s availability of free trial before you go to start learning. Unlimited access to all videos, choice to download project files and watching courses in offline mode depends upon the plan selected by the learner. Furthermore, Lynda is only a web-based video training and tutorial provider. Don’t expect course completion certification by the Lynda. In the case of receiving membership plan, you’ll be able to obtain free and endless access to the complete database of Lynda for the very first ten days only. After that, you can upgrade your package as well after getting the satisfaction.


11. Udemy

Udemy is a best web-based source of educational and skill development programs having a collection of Thirty Thousand courses gathered by the skilled tutors of their career fields. Here you can look to get a course on virtually on almost everything. Along with learning your favorite training course in an online environment, these can be the view from the official app of Udemy as well. All of the learning will be at your pace on any device. It’s a source for getting mastery skills in any area. It is a field of a vast number of courses that are present in a type of coding and development, accountancy/commencing, business/marketing, medical/health and physical fitness, designing/photography, beautiful art and music and studying of even foreign languages as well. But the major thing to consider here is that Udemy isn’t a free online training provider. You need to get the lifetime access along with learning any online course. By paying lifetime membership, you’ll not need to pay a monthly charge, in addition to all this, you’ll be provided by the system of downloading lessons as well in order to watch and view them in the offline way of further consideration. If we talk about the completion certificates, then this important document will be offered to the lucky finisher in the end.

More About Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a fantastic official app for an excellent service that provides quality education to a lot of users all over the world. Khan Academy is an online source of obtaining knowledge by setting at home. Khan Academy is simply a service provider of the online courses, and its academic services can be utilized in the form of application for the mobile phones as well. The majority of the courses being given by the Khan Academy are free for all. However, there are a few charges to get completion certificate at home or through email in case of advanced level of course and certifications. It’s one of the greatest and biggest web-based courses providers where a lot of the courses are free to learn. The very best about Khan Academy is that it is providing classes for both students as well as teachers. Its means both the newbie and professionals can take the benefit of the learning services of the Khan Academy. It’s not a web-based course provider only. There is a proper testing and training system, and completion certificate will be dependent on the performance of these sectors. Almost a significant number of online courses along with a lot of exercises are listed here in the field of mathematics, computer, science, programming, business, accounting, economics, fine art, history and lots of other areas and professionals. The very best about each one of these services is that they are free to use via online classes of the Khan Academy based on the ease of the learner.