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KineMaster is a video editing tool that combines a comfortable interface and lots of ease of use, with a range of facilities and plenty of power to create the videos you want exactly as you want. KineMaster use is very simple: just have to choose the media you add it to our video, in the order you want to be shown, and put a title to the final composition… read more
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41 Apps Like KineMaster


1. CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is a full included video editing instrument that you can use to make your unique videos with a broad range of documents: photographs, video clasps, and soundtracks. The main thing you’ll have to assemble beautiful arrangements is time. Any client that is ever constructed utilization of video editing programming like Adobe Premier and Sony Vegas will be speedy in adapting every one of the controls in Cyberlink PowerDirector. Utilizing the time bar is extremely necessary: just drag video components. Selecting any of these elements permits you to produce them, shift them, modify them, and so on. Between two small clasps, whether they’re recordings or photographs, you’ll have the capacity to include a transitioning impacts slide. On this application, there’s more than 30 distinctive transitioning slides to look over and more than 30 different visual effects for adding to any video. Once you’ve completed the process of working with a video, you’ll simply spare your undertaking and fare it. Picking video quality is basic, and you’ll get the opportunity to choose whether you need your record to be spared at anywhere in the range of 360p to 1080p, contingent upon the material base you taped it in. Cyberlink PowerDirector is no ifs and or buts, one of the best video editing applications out there today on Android. Different applications offer more impacts and are less demanding to utilize, however, the outcomes you go anyplace close what you get with this application.


2. iMajiCam

iMajiCam is another photograph application that helps its users to enjoy some extreme level effects and features for editing. It is an Ayena LLC production that helps its users to create some professional level funny videos with exciting ease. It delivers an attractive range of more than 110 customizable filters and effects for the real-time fun. With a single click, you can transform ordinary objects into a work of art. It delivers the most elegant way to unleash your creativity and watch all of your imaginary ideas regarding videos making and photography comes true for the real-time. iMajiCam — Real time video effects lets you record videos with more than 112 filters, effects, blending modes, modes, and more. You can enjoy reviewing the filters and effects for the real-time. It lets its users to take HD photos, edit photos with innovation, use colour effects, enjoy cartoonist effects, support for zoom in and out while recording, both camera support, warp and layer effects, and more. Just download iMaji Cam and begin the enhancement of your photos right from your mobile phones.


3. PowerDirector

Just like its name, PowerDirector is simply a powerful video editing application that combines the video editing features and functions of powerful timeline video editing, free video effects, slow motion video creation, and much more. The best quality of this video editing application is that it is even containing even voice over and action movie effects so that the users can make the video in Hollywood style. With the usage of this simple to use application, one can even create the videos for Vine and YouTube as well. The quality of this distinguish video application is that it allow the users to edit the videos and images in style similar to that of Magisto, Final Cut, iMovie and likewise other professional video editing application. This app also comes with the great features and functions like thousands of video effects, voice over effects, transitions, rotating videos, trimming or splitting videos, make a movie in HD quality, custom audio and voice over option, and much more. With the usage of this application one can even create the videos in slow motion as well.


4. Overvideo

Overvideo is a great tool for enhancing your video editing experience to the extreme level. There are a lot of amazing features of this video editing tool that helps its users to enjoy way many important features. It is a Toto Ventures Inc. production that helps its users to enhance their handmade videos with some quality stuff. Overvideo: Add Text & Music Editor to My Videos lets you add text, background music to your videos, and make artwork and text appear and disappear from your video with ultimate clean creation. It includes tons of editing features including Opacity, Reflection, and Proportions, and lets you add your most favourite music to give life a soundtrack. It lets you bring class to your ordinary photos and enables its users to enjoy photo editing with extremely amazing tools for video editing. Overvideo: Add Text & Music Editor to My Videos provides the most simplest and handy way to add stylish text, and elegant music to your videos to narrate your story for giving your life a soundtrack. So just download Overvideo and fill videos with pure creativity.


5. Video Editor

Video Editor is a straightforward application which enables its users to make attractive videos and save their worthy memories for a long time. It is an intuitive application introduced by FunMedia Studio, which brings some elegant editing features right on your mobile phones. Video Editor brings a classy editor through which you can easily trim, merge, and grab videos, and create some great videos from your phone. You can even remove the unwanted parts of the videos by cutting any section that you want and produce the video that you want with ease. You can even merge two videos into one file and combine any of your videos into multiple formats. This easy to use video editor lets you add music of your taste to your video so that you can enjoy your video in your most likely audio. Other than these, you can easily pick photos, trim your videos, make slideshows, merge multiple videos, convert video to MP3 format, rename or delete your clips, and enjoy the sharing on your social media platforms. So just download Video Editor, and enjoy some classy musical videos right from your mobile phone and also make some exceptional changes in the way you want.


6. Reverse Movie FX

Reverse Movie FX is something awesome that bring extraordinary stuff for users who want real fun. It is a fabulous app that brings something strange and new in the market. Using such an elegant app, you can reverse your videos so professionally that the person who is seeing it will just get amazed and think that you are probably doing some sort of magic. Reverse Movie FX lets you make gorgeous reverse videos that look real-time magic trick. You just have to record your videos like walking, drinking, talking or some real professional stuff comes in your mind, and then let this damn superb app do the rest. This application allows you to press any desired movie segment and then press start to see the bundle of magic. Reverse Movie FX allows you to enjoy stuff such as your friend walking backwards, pal spitting the water out, and people talking backwards. Other than these, its reversing options include the music support, reverse plus original loop, and original plus reversed loop options and some more. Just download this app and give it a try for getting the unlimited fun of magical world.


7. Funimate music video

Funimate music video is an elegant application for music video lovers, introduced by AVCR Inc. It is probably the widely used video editor and music video maker having more than 5 million users from all over the globe. It has made it so handy to make damn funny and interesting videos and then edit them in the way like never before. It is the most terrific application for creating marvellous music video clips, slow-motion videos, lip-sync videos, awesome vines, and more. Funimate music video allows its users to enjoy hundreds of cool effects, music, emojis, texts, and stagger your friends with your damn creativity. This app is filled with way many interesting effects through which users can enjoy the creating and editing of videos to the life-threatening level. Having this app in your mobile phones, you can easily enjoy cool video effects, add music to live videos, add stickers and other emojis to videos, make collab videos, and enjoy video trimmer and merger, etc. You can also make video loops and edit them, and also interact with its music video community for having a daily dose of fun.


8. Video Merger

Video Merger is a fine application that enables its users to merge multiple videos at a time. It is a fine video combining application through which users can enjoy way many interesting and elegant features for merging videos and adding background music to them in the most classy and professional way. If you are looking for an application that merger and edit videos at a time, then Video Merger Pro Combine Multiple Videos to Video is the ultimate solution for you, providing the integrated and more elegant features. It is the most elegant music editor and free video maker that helps you merge your favourite videos professionally. You can easily combine multiple videos into a single one and save it for capturing your beloved memories for a long time. Video Merger Pro Combine Multiple Videos to Video lets you add background music to these merged videos, support 3gp and mp4 formats for videos, and also lets you share these combined or merged videos through platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and for Youtube etc. So just download this merger, and enjoy the heaven of fun.


9. Quik

Quik is another elegant tool which allows its users to create awesome videos through just a few taps. Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music is an awesome application that helps you store your memorable moments, great memories, and other photographs with damn ease. It is a stunning application that helps you find great moments by adding beautiful transitions, effects, various filters, and sync everything to the beat of your favourite music. You can add music of your own choice as well and enjoy playing videos in the music so close to your heart. Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music lets you add almost 75 videos clips and photos from your albums, gallery, Dropbox, GoPro Plus, or Go Pro Quik Key, Google photos, and more to begin the fun. It efficiently analyzes your video clips and makes smart cuts. You can even add text highlights to select your own memories. So just download Quik, and choose your favourite photos and video clips then let it do the work through its magic.


10. Hyperlapse from Instagram

Hyperlapse is a superb application that brings ease of getting tons of superb time-lapse videos. It is a superb application that helps its users to shoot some polished and awesome time lapse that was previously impossible without expensive equipment and without bulky time periods. There are way more things about this app which lets you shoot time-lapse videos along with instant stability to smooth out the bumps from the road and to fancy it with cinematic feelings. You can shoot handheld time lapse clips whenever you are talking, walking, jumping, falling or more. Hyperlapse from Instagram lets you enjoy videos and clips for cinematic quality with the automatic stabilization capability. You can enhance the Hyperlapse to be up to 12 times the exact speed just to capture the professional looking video. You can even capture the entire sunrise in almost ten seconds using this app. Hyperlapse from Instagram lets you share your videos seamlessly on social media app or you can also save them to watch them any time. So just download Hyperlapse from Instagram app and enjoy capturing.


11. Cute CUT

Cute CUT is a widely used movie maker and video editor. It is a great app that enables you to make innovative videos with easy to use, and intuitive interface. Its amazing features allows you make videos in Highest Quality. It is a great app for making unique video clips and movies. Besides providing the features of some common video editors, it offers exceptionally advanced features for its users for making videos and sharing them with their fellow beings. You can drag and drop different stuff, and arrange media segments easily. Its user-friendly UI supports both landscape and portrait mode. It can support simultaneously adding up to 6 different types of media into video or movie projects like video, photo as well as text, self-draw, voice, and music. Using more than 30 drawing tools you can directly draw in movies. It offers highly customizable transactions, transparency, corner, shadows, sound volume, border, and many others. You can easily share these video to the place you want.


12. Splice Video Editor

Splice Video Editor is a video editing application for the smartphone users that allow them to easily create fully professional and fully customized videos with the help of this simple to use application. Splice Video Editor is a free to use video editing application that contains the advanced functionalities in the shape of transitions system, title editing, text adding and much more. One of the best things about Splice Video Editor is that it is an easy to use video editor that makes it easy for the users to develop the professional looking videos in a smartphone quickly. Start using Splice Video Editor and enjoy the performance that is optimized for your smartphones. This all in one video editor contains all those features and functions and editing tools that a user need to create a fully customized video. The editing sections include the tools like speed controls, effects, trim, crop, animation, music addition, transitions and much more. Custom audio is the distinguishing feature of this application that is containing a library of free sound effects and music.


13. Clips

Clips is free to use video making application which allows you to make fun videos with your family and friends. Clips is an elegant application developed by Apple which helps you say it all with video. It is an intelligent application which helps its users to make some lovely and classy-looking selfie videos in beautifully animated or 360-degree scenes. Clips let you transport yourself abroad with elegant backgrounds, and you can easily capture those scenes in the form of videos. This application helps you add fun emojis, filters, animated stickers, and other stuff from Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, and more. You can even turn your speech into animated titles and captions. This application brings ease for getting exceptional selfie videos and adding music tracks from your music library to fill them with the best sound that you want to listen while your video is playing. Other than these, Clips supports live titles, artistic effects and filters, fun stickers, posters, emojis, and smart sharing. So just download Clips, and amaze your beloved ones with some lavish selfie videos, and save them for lateral use as well.


14. LumaFusion

LumaFusion is a great application introduced by Luma Touch LLC, which carries an attractive rating and number of downloads due to its awesome video editing features. Luma Fusion is a robust multi-track video editor for your mobile devices used massively by journalists, professional producers, and filmmakers to tell compelling video stories. This app brings all the power as well as the flexibility of creating your video story or your tutorial videos with the best and the most elegant features. This application brings 3 audio or video tracks for videos, photos, titles, and graphics. LumaFusion let you enjoy 3 additional audio tracks for narration, sound effects, music, and more. Other than these, you can also enjoy its dozens of video effects, powerful colour correction tools, layer effects, colour and LUTs, and dozens of transitions as well. This elegant and stylish application also lets you make slow motion as well as fast motion videos and intuitively supports 240 and 120 fps time-lapse files and slow-motion video files. It brings an intuitive live audio track mixer, and you can easily create multi-level titles with images, shapes, and text. So just download LumaFusion, and enjoy fun video making.


15. VideoGrade

VideoGrade let you make videos in the way you want through its flexible, easy to use, and powerful colour grading video editing features. Video Grade is efficiently introduced by Fidel Lainez, which contains huge fame over iOS users due to its elegant features. It is a universal application, optimized for all sort of retina displays. VideoGrade is an intuitive widely used video editing tool which helps you enjoy high-quality filters to adjust the images on your videos in the way you imagine. This application lets you colour correct any of your recorded videos with your mobile device easily. It contains all the complementary filters which are needed to enhance or radically transforms your videos. VideoGrade features real-time previews, clipping previews, split modes for comparison, and colour histogram as well. You can even capture frames from your videos as well as save them as images.  You can even export your videos in full resolution, or you can even choose between the other export presets. So just download VideoGrade, and enjoy filters such as exposure, rotation, bloom, posturize, rotation, saturation, vignette, monochrome, effects, channel mixer, tint, levels, hue, and many more.


16. LapseIt

LapseIt is another widely used application which enables its users to enjoy some classy features, introduced by Interactive Universe. Lapse It • Time Lapse Camera is a fine application which helps you capture amazing time-lapse videos with damn ease and intuitiveness. It provides pretty much everything through which you can apply high-quality effects to make your clips even more amazing. You can even mix your time-lapse videos clips with your own library songs and enjoy tons of its post-capturing features for enriching your videos. Lapse It: Time Lapse Camera captures stunning shots using the sensors of your camera, and its blazing fast render engine enables you to create high definition (1080p) videos. You can import pre-recorded videos as well to this app to create fast as well as slow-motion videos and even import image sequence from any of your cameras. You can even speed up your time-lapse with extreme precision, and use its adjustable manual controls for focus, white balance, scene mode, and exposure. So just download Lapse It • Time Lapse Camera, and enjoy one of the best and the widely used time-lapse and slow-motion videos using your mobile phone’s camera.


17. Alive Movie Maker

Alive Movie Maker is a great tool which enables its users to make exceptional videos right through its mobile camera. Movie Maker Filmmaker YouTube & Instagram is a great product of ALIVE Inc. which lets you have a robust tool in your pocket for making awesome video making. Through this app, you can apply filters, animated objects, text as well as music to make videos in the way to want. This application helps its entire users to trim, reorder, and crop to set focal points. You can enjoy motion track animation effect and decide how the effect with more around on the screen. This application lets you set your video format to ratio 16:9 square or cinema for easy sharing on any of your favorite video app. This intuitive video making app brings custom-designed video filters. You can even add moving effects such as light leaks, film effects, lens flares, and light overlays with its dynamic filters. You can even choose animation effects from a library of custom video effects such as cute hearts, bubbles, nature effects, light rays, explosions, realistic dinosaurs, and much more. So just download Movie Maker Filmmaker YouTube & Instagram, and enjoy a diversity of video editing features.


18. Magisto

Magisto: Magical Video Editor is a video editing and adjustment tool that takes control of changing over your home recordings into bona fide motion pictures – simply like enchantment. You should only pick two or more recordings, a melody for its soundtrack, affirm your determinations… what’s more, sit tight a couple of minutes for the system to work its enchantment, a procedure that will take as much time as is needed relying upon what number of clasps you’ve chosen. When it’s set, you can check and perceive how the application has utilized the best parts of your recordings and has edited and adjusted them using your soundtrack and the necessary moves. How can it work? As indicated by Magisto, the application uses a kind of false consciousness that dissects the recordings and picks the most interesting sections. Obviously, this isn’t an exact science, yet it delivers excellent results more often than not. Magisto: Magical Video Editor is positively an edit and adjustable video-editing device. The decent thing is, utilizing it requires so little exertion that regardless of the fact that you’re troubled by the last results, it was still justified irrespective of an attempt.


19. VivaVideo

VivaVideo: Free Video Editor is a video editing tool that permits you to work with recordings and pictures to make your special video montage specifically on your smartphone. In the fundamental menu of VivaVideo: Free Video Editor, you can pick if you need to record a video specifically from the application, or on the off chance that you like to pass straightforwardly to the montage stage utilizing photographs and recordings. On the off chance that you pick the second choice, you will need to select which records and pictures you need to add to the video. When you have chosen the media material that you need to utilize, you can begin using the greater part of the tools that VivaVideo: Free Video Editor offers you. You can cut and glue recordings, include diverse sorts of moves (cuts, blurs, and so on.), apply numerous kinds of channels, and significantly more. VivaVideo: Free Video Editor is an exceptionally thorough video proofreader for Android that will permit you to accomplish some truly shocking results. What’s more, once you’ve completed the video, you can naturally share the outcome on YouTube or other interpersonal organizations.


20. VideoShow

VideoShow is the name of the best in the class video editing application that empowers you to make fun motion pictures utilizing the recordings that you shoot with and store in your smartphones. The application permits you to take any video on your gadget and apply distinctive channels – like Instagram-style shading profiles – to it. That way, your outcomes could have a hotter or cooler impact, or be changed to profoundly different or sepia tones. You can likewise utilize VideoShow to add subtitles to any video or to change its sound. Just select the proper edit and adjust native while you play the video from inside the directory, and you can apply any modification you so pick. Once you’ve wrapped up your video, you can send out it with the same quality as the first, or pack it to spare space. Apparently, on the off chance that you zipped it, the quality will be diminished, yet it will likewise be less demanding to share to others. VideoShow is a straightforward video editing device that produces great results. It’s optimal to help you roll out little improvements to your most loved recordings.


21. VidTrim – Video Editor

VidTrim – Video Editor is a useful video-editing tool that likewise gives you a chance to sort out every one of the recordings on your Android on account of its natural interface that is impeccably confirmed to touch controls. On VidTrim – Video Editor, you’ll find various editing highlights within reach. The most essential are, doubtlessly, the harvest and breaker instruments that let you cut a video scrap and join two different clasps to make another one. Various tools incorporated into VidTrim – Video Editor let you pivot the recordings in any heading or apply different impacts (like Instagram channels). Aside from that, you can likewise rename documents and change them to MP3 to hear them out on any music player. VidTrim – Video Editor is a video editorial manager that is as intense as it is straightforward. In spite of the fact that it takes up almost no space (under 20 megabytes), despite everything it offers a decent number of components.


22. VideoFX Live

VideoFX Live is an amazing app through which users can enjoy a hell of fun by creating awesome music videos live from their mobile phones.  VideoFX Live is introduced by the Frontier Design Group (which has also introduced Video Star app) through which users can enjoy a variety of real-time effects to make your ordinary videos thousands times more fun-looking and interesting. It is incredibly easy to use app which does not require any setup so that you just have to press Record and go. VideoFX Live lets you enjoy tons of effects during, before, and after the recording of your videos. You can also shoot multiple scenes by stop the video to change location and then resume it for restart your same recording but with the new scene. You can easily manage all the features within this app, and your video does not require any external editing from any external application. It is an all in one utility through which you can easily shoot awesome vines, stunning video clips, extraordinary stuff for your vlogs, spectacular stop-motion videos, and great birthday videos to share them with your friends, fans, and family members,


23. MakeMyMovie

MakeMyMovie is a great application which allows its users to turn their memorial photos into classy looking and sensational movies by adding way many beautiful stuff on them. This app was launched by the great ANDROID PIXELS that allows its users to enhance their creativity through its awesome features. It is the most elegant movie making application that allows its users to select audio and themes of your own picks and create your stunning videos for sharing them on any social media podium. MakeMyMovie – Slide Show Maker makes it so simple to select any of your favourite pics that you have made with your family members, friends, and other buddies to make an awesome movie. Some of its gorgeous features include the creation of videos from your photos, add your favourite music from your music library, choose any of your favourite themes, choose a song of your own collection, choose the effects that you want to apply, and then share these outstanding videos on social media platforms. You just have to select multiple photos, themes, and music, then enter your movie title and click on the button to create your movie using MakeMyMovie app.


24. Vizmato

Vizmato is another video making utility that helps its users to create splendid videos using their mobile phones. This app has made it so simple to create great looking video clips instantly. Vizmato – Video Editor & Slideshow maker! Is filled with much interesting stuff including thousands of filters, tons of effects, mesmerizing themes, music support, insertion of texts, and many other things to make your videos levelheaded. It is one of the robust video editing application through which users can enjoy a lot of function to make their special moments more adaptive and flashing. It is an ultimate tool for creating videos with extreme ease. You just have to record a quick video, add filters and effects, add music, and create a work of art in a snap. Some of its amazing features include the support of a powerful video editor, awesome slideshow maker, video FX, set of striking filters and themes, GIF and video recorder, background music support, and sharing support as well. So just download it to enjoy all of these amazing video creating features to make your videos more eye-catching.


25. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto Video Editor & Maker is a flamboyant app where stories come alive. It is a great application through which you can make vivid video stories for you. It is a smart video editing application through which users can easily create perfect looking and outstanding videos in minutes. It provides the finest way to grab the attention of individuals on any social media platforms through editing videos through this superb tool. Magisto Video Editor & Maker provides the best and the easiest way to make extreme level videos. You can make stunning videos through three simple steps. It helps you make slideshows and video collage that feels like a real-time video using your photos. You just have to choose smart video editing style, choose video clips and photos, choose music for videos, and that’s it. Magisto Video Editor & Maker offers a library of songs to choose for your videos. Using this super stunning application, you can create travel videos, real estate videos, business videos, baby videos, birthday videos, pet videos, selfie video, sports videos, wedding videos, personal videos, training videos, music videos, vine videos and any of your desired one. So just download this app to enjoy the community of 80 million video storytellers from around the world.


26. WeVideo

WeVideo is a multifunctional video editing application that is called to be the best and perfect way to create, edit and even publish the videos over the internet. This video editing is widely available for the iOS and Android smartphones in addition to cloud-based version. The quality of this simple video editing application is that it is even capable of dealing with videos up to 4K resolution. This video creating an application is available for all with all of its features that made easy through a simple interface. You don’t need to be professional at all for using this video application to create the great movies. The availability of a web-based version of this video editing application will allow you to start work on your project from anywhere. This video editing application will tell you the benefit of imagination rather than merely focusing on automation. You will be given full command and control over all of your videos with the features and functions like text, transitions, green screen, motion effects and much more. Start editing your video at the speed of inspiration to get the professional piece of work.


27. FilmoraGo

In start with, this video editing application is exceptionally easy to utilize. The moderate UI makes using the application a child’s occupation and another client can get accustomed to it in two or three hours. The application itself does not take up much RAM on your cell phone and runs productively with no accidents. Presently this doesn’t imply that the application needs in any viewpoint. The application gloats of a variety of fascinating component that can turn out to be valuable to anybody from a tenderfoot to an expert. In the first place, the application permits you to make and edit and adjust recordings right on your telephone either by bringing in them from your fav informal communication stage or by bringing in pictures and joining them to make a video. Handpicked topics which incorporate music, content, channels overlays and movement design can be connected to your video on only a tap which makes FilmoraGo much less demanding to utilize. The recently included Christmas subject additionally incorporates 25 duplicate free music tunes that you can use in your recordings without worrying about the copyright encroachments. Presently one fascinating component in FilmoraGo that we discovered especially intriguing and that is lost from most other portable video editing programming projects out there need is the capacity to change the perspective proportion of the video from 4 accessible edits and adjust native: 1:1, 16:9, include casings or cut sides.


28. Dubshoot

Dubshoot is damn cool stuff for the users who love to dub their selfies with an extraordinary touch of sound. It is a fine product by mTouch Labs, which brings a fine platform for making cool videos just to explore your creativity. It makes it so easy to make awesome videos through recording your own selfies and mix them with a variety of sound including some famous Bollywood dialogues. Dubshoot has many dialogues regarding Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, and some funny stuff as well. Because of its daily updating criteria, you can easily discover and browse the latest and some popular sounds for Telugu, Tamil and some other Hindi languages. It provides the most advanced search features to discover the sound that you are looking for. Some of its categories include the Bollywood, English, Tollywood, Punjabi, Bengali, Oriya, Funny Sounds, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and more. You can also enjoy some general sound clips. You can make professional level fun videos through managing your dialogues and share these stuff on social media sites for fun.


29. VideoFX Music Video Maker

VideoFX Music Video Maker is getting boom for delivering some of its classy features for its users from all over the world. There are a huge number of its amazing features that lets you create lip-sync music videos with the real-time and live video effects along with the choice of your favorite music. It is an easy to manage application that helps you get awesome videos from your mobile phone using this app. You just have to pick a soundtrack from the massive collection of music and start shooting your own lip-sync actions, and that’s it. You can also apply multiple video effects while shooting or previewing along with the options of pause and resume your video anytime. VideoFX Music Video Maker lets you make lip-sync videos on your favorite music, selection of mp3 music from your library, enjoy more than 50 filter video effects, stop or play shooting support, and start timer support as well. You can create animated videos, and it enables fast motion recordings as well. You can easily save your videos and share all of your fun bundle on any social media app to entertain others with your humorous caliber.


30. Video Star

Video Star is a tremendously great app for making beautiful and amazing music videos of you along with your friends and others. This app is a fine product of Frontier Design Group that offers a massive bundle of amazing features for creating some awesome videos. It’s a great app to have fun videos with your family members, girlfriends, friends, colleagues, and other mates. It delivers hundreds of inbuilt effects that you can easily apply to your music videos. It offers a damn easy to use criteria through which you just have to select a song and start shooting an amazing vine. You can easily create reversed or backwards clips, add power packs to crank up the awesome, move in slow motion as well as in fast motion, and act along with the clones of yourself. You can also enjoy stop motions and green screen effects of this app. Video Star makes it so easy to add a song to any video that you shoot. This creative video making tool filled with a huge number of fun factors. So just begin the fun by downloading Video Star app on your mobile phones.


31. AndroVid

AndroVid is a video editing app that, regardless of being mainly intended to cut, paste, and video consolidation cuts, gives you a chance to work with your recordings in numerous different routes, also. With AndroVid, you can transfer any video put away on your gadget’s memory and after that, once inside the editorial manager, pick precisely where you need to make cuts and precisely where you need to consolidate various clasps. This is all finished with at the tip of your finger in only a few moments. Cutting and sticking recordings is the principle capacity of AndroVid. However, it’s not alone. You can likewise utilize the application to embed subtitles in any part of the video, picking the size and shade of the textual style, or even include impacts and channels with a single touch. Another excellent element of AndroVid is the capacity to change over your recordings to different organizations. This capability, however just accessible with the PRO form of the application, empowers you to change over your recordings to arrangements like FLV, MP4, MP3, MPEG, etc. AndroVid is a capable video editorial manager you can use to cut any video, include subtitles, apply channels, and a great deal more.


32. AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor is a decent video editorial manager for both tenderfoots and veterans; notwithstanding, the low-quality fare expels a considerable measure of the project’s appeal. AVS Video Editor furnishes video editors with several moves and impacts. Furthermore, you can include the same number of video and sound tracks as you need. You can edit and adjust and settle music tracks and video adjustment for shaky footage. While AVS’s video editing programming isn’t prepared for expert producers, it makes editing simple, and you get the additional advantage of having the capacity to make HD motion pictures. The interface for this film editing programming is very much composed. The tools are unmistakably checked so you can quickly locate the ones you require, which makes editing recordings speedy. The procedure is sufficiently simple that you can begin taking a shot at a straightforward venture immediately. With AVS Video Editor, you can make video extends rapidly. It furnishes you with great editing tracks for your principle video, impacts, video overlay, message, another sound, and voiceover. In any case, a low-quality fare almost deletes every one of the advantages these devices offer.


33. Pinnacle Studio Pro

Pinnacle Studio is capable, profoundly adjustable programming that will fulfill more propelled clients. Most video editing programs have no less than two separate editing modes – course of events and storyboard. The course of events permits you to mastermind your clasps and other media by length, while storyboard offers a more rearranged canvas that demonstrates to you every component without respect to what extent it runs. By and large, you can switch between these two modes with your progressions in place. Zenith takes an edit and adjustable methodology. As opposed to permitting you to use just the course of events or storyboard mode at any given time, Pinnacle offers you a chance to utilize both at the same time by setting the storyboard over the timetable canvas. Apex Studio offers six tracks on your course of events for editing. This is sufficient space for you to make most straightforward tasks. If you’ve ever utilized video editing programming some time recently, you’ll see that there’s nothing especially extraordinary about how the course of events itself functions. In any case, some minor components make it emerge. For instance, Pinnacle makes it very easy to change your course of events settings. Properties, for example, viewpoint proportion, size, and edge rate can be effortlessly gotten to and balanced with a single snap from the course of events. Be that as it may, while it is easy to utilize, it can baffle first-time clients, and it does not have the capacity to copy Blu-beam plates. Be that as it may, overall, it is astounding video editing programming that shouldn’t frustrate the individuals who need to fabricate complex undertakings.


34. Dubsmash

Dubsmash is a fabulous application introduced by Mobile Motion GmbH and is loved by millions of ordinary, politicians, celebs, kids, and almost every individuals with any genre and age. It has makes it so easy to create funny clips and real-time startling videos through enjoying its amazing features. You can make limitless videos using this stunning app and share your fun with friends to let them entertain. This fabulous app enables its users to add multiple sounds, quotes, and fine music to their videos to set their imagination free. Dubsmash probably has the largest library of music to choose. It offers favorite iconic quotes from your favorite television characters and way more things. You can also make awesome videos through using the best classical as well as new movies dialogues, fun musical sounds from almost all the genres, and some new sound also. You can even watch awesome dubsmash videos from its community. Its users can enjoy tons of videos from challenges and trends to the movie themes, comedy, and television dialogues. Dubsmash enables you to edit and add effects such as stickers and text to your videos to makes the extra awesome and add your videos to its community, to daily motion, Youtube, WhatsApp, etc. and see the magic.


35. Funimate

Funimate is probably one of the widely used video maker and editor that lets its users enjoy their damn ordinary videos with awesome effects and music for musically having more than 5 million trusted users from all over the globe. It is a fun video editor application used for creating such a classy music video clips, slow-motion videos, lip-sync videos, and more for fun. It delivers some efficient features that let you add overwhelming effects, breathtaking music, erratic texts, and a superb touch of emojis to bring the class for your videos and to amaze your friends and followers with your damn creativity. Funimate: Video Editor Effects & Music Video Maker also makes it so easy to get more music and effects to create stunning videos for its users from all over the world. It brings way more video effects having more than 20 advanced videos effects, lets you add flawless music to your amazing videos, and lot more. As emojis, stickers, and text enhance the deliverability of some musical or visual stuff, hence, you can also enjoy both of these features using this superb application. You can also edit short videos, make video loops, and share these stuff with your followers.


36. JibJab

JibJab is an entertaining app that enables its users to get some amazing fun-image experience regarding your family members and friends. There are some amazing and extraordinary qualities in this app that people love it. JibJab is the finest app comprises thousands of free Starring-You GIFs for sharing these stuff in your favorite messaging apps. It is a marvelous app that lets you add yourself as well as your belongings to hilarious GIFs regarding every popular occasion, such as from anniversaries and holidays to the Cheeseburger day, etc. You can quickly save and share it through email, text, and some other social media networks. Using this entertaining gif making app just create your account with email or Facebook, snap a selfie or add any of your face from the photo present in your gallery, add and store your friend’s faces and instantly save and share it on social media platforms.


37. Wondershare Video Editor

Wondershare Video Editor is a project dedicated to editing sound and video, coordinating edit and adjust native and devices to change every one of the settings on your documents, from the volume and pace, to the shine, differentiation, and shading immersion. This sound and video editing tool has an interface like that of the full Adobe Premiere, however, is more basic and instinctive. Wondershare Video Editor likewise permits you to record voice or video specifically from your PC and import and edit and adjust with a voice-over. Likewise, if you are not in fact minded and are searching for a project to consequently add impacts to your recordings and give you a more expert result without over-complicated matters, Wondershare Video Editor is for you. You can apply incredible implications; screen wipes and moves between clasps just by relocating them, in this way tweaking every video, photo or sound.


38. VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor is a free video editing tool that puts different expert editing devices available to you in a straightforward and simple to utilize way. You can include a few sorts of media: video, sound, and pictures. These are isolated into a few timetables, either consecutive or parallel (the last just for sound), and you can then start to shape your creation. For this, you can draw upon the correcting and video improvement instruments incorporated into the project. These permit you to edit and adjust the levels of brilliance, to shade and differentiate, or apply distinctive impacts to every video cut. As though this was insufficient, VideoPad Video Editor additionally permits you to send out our creation in different video documents or to a CD or DVD. VideoPad is an adequate video-editing program. However, its extensive toolset is undermined by a lower-quality sent out video. This video manager gives you essential variants of the tools business experts use to make films, TV appears, plugs, music recordings and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Keeping in mind, they’re not as intense as their expert partners; they permit you to edit and adjust your home motion pictures the same way the geniuses do. Instruments, for example, the chroma-key (green screen), video stabilizer, shading redress and more give you a lot of control over the look and feel of your video venture. Besides, this product offers you great video editing tracks, which gives you the adaptability to make your task as straightforward or perplexing as you need.


39. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is a stripped-down versatile rendition of the desktop top pick. Gone are the complicated menus, fiddly settings, and an overwhelming number of edit and adjust natives accessible on Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Mac and PC, leaving just first instruments for bringing in, adjusting, and trimming cuts, then including music, movies, and impacts to round out the presentation. Recordings and photographs can be foreign straightforwardly from Lightroom or Creative Cloud accounts, gadget cameras, or iOS collections. Debut Clip hasn’t yet been improved for iCloud Photo Library, so at first, just a small amount of my recordings appeared. The arrangement was to open a perfect application like iMovie or Pinnacle Studio Pro and import the documents there first to ensure they were downloaded to the gadget, since opening them with the Photos application didn’t appear to do the trap. Programmed undertakings can likewise be changed to Freeform mode by tapping the filmstrip symbol, which takes into consideration more redid control over the final product. Notwithstanding having the capacity to trim the head and tail of individual clasps, include picture channels or titles, or edit and adjust volume levels, Freeform mode empowers per-cut moderate movement settings, and additionally the capacity to part or copy cuts. There’s additionally a Smart Volume setting, which benefits a vocation of consequently adjusting cut sound levels, so they don’t get lost under the thunder of ambient melodies.


40. Snapchat

Snapchat is a chatting based application that allows the smartphones users to take the snaps and share them with their friends by hiding a message in snaps. Most of the users take Snapchat as a simple chatting app without even knowing about it is a self-destruct message sending an app as well. Using this application, you can ensure the security and privacy of your message because the message that you will send will be destroyed automatically after a lapse of time. It is fun and easy to communicate with your friends however you want. This app can also be used for keeping up with friends, events and much more every day. The other exceptional thing about Snapchat is its blog system that makes the users able to explore handcrafted stories from the world’s top publishers. You can share your stories as well. For the better safety of personal collections, there is a memory section where you can save your favorite snaps and stories and share with others if you want.


41. is the fines tool for making fun-looking videos with incredible music and sound effects. Its sound library filled with millions of free songs to add and enjoy. Musically is a creative movie maker that brings some extra features for taking videos editing experience to the top. There are many amazing features of this application that helps its users to make professional looking videos with a marvelous touch of motion stickers, selfie filters, simple stickers, awesome video editor, selfie camera, makeup camera, and way more things to bring your ordinary video to the extreme level. It is a simple to use and intuitive video editing application that helps you get some professional tools for making some classy collages, adding frames, and enjoy art pics effect video editors. Musically lets you add your favorite music to your slideshows and movies for free, perform with your favorite movie dialogue, add funny stickers and emojis, and join the creative community of some talented people to reveal your class. So just install the Musically app and let the video fun happen.

More About KineMaster

KineMaster is a video editing tool that combines a comfortable interface and lots of ease of use, with a range of facilities and plenty of power to create the videos you want exactly as you want. KineMaster use is very simple: just have to choose the media you add it to our video, in the order you want to be shown, and put a title to the final composition. Once this is done, you can choose a general theme for your video, which will mark the introduction of the same. Only this you have your video … but of course, you can also start editing in depth. Although not much more complicated, KineMaster users can also choose to edit the video directly from the timeline. Doing this can add different types of transitions between video fragments (either photos or video), and even put blocks of text or subtitles. When finished editing KineMaster allow you to save your project in the memory of your terminal in different qualities. And of course, you can upload the video directly to our Facebook or your Youtube account. KineMaster is an editing tool simple but powerful video, which although will allow you to create a video within seconds, also give you the opportunity to create something very elaborate if you devote more time.