9 Apps Like KOGNITIVO Brain Games

KOGNITIVO is an application which helps people train themselves and refresh their brain with the help of various activities present on this app which takes a total of just 6 minutes from daily routine. This way people are not only able to enhance their skills but also save their time since they do not have to spend a while playing games. There are different tests based on factors that include analytical understanding, concentration level, reaction, and quickness. All the games are around two minutes long, so it does not waste much of your time. There are several activities which have been developed by neuro scientists who claim that these will help in developing human brain and allow it to work at the full potential. The games which are there, have been divided into different categories so that people do not find it difficult to search from one place to the other. The user interface is laid out nicely and people get all the options on the homepage which gives them a better idea of where all the features are. The interface is friendly so people are able to play games and enjoy in a proper manner. The factors which this app takes into account are memory enhancement, language skill improvement, problem solving activities and focus. People have the option of making their own plans and then following them at personal speed to make sure they are able to learn more and enhance their skills properly. The app is free of charge and you can make use of all the tools without any cost. People are also able to track the progress they make with the help of flow charts and graphs and can get alerts if they have not used the app for a while. All in all, this app has all the tools that are present in any other app but you can save your time and learn quicker.

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1. Lumosity App

Android iOS
Lumosity is an application which allows people to get their brain refreshed and increase their brain power with the help of different games and activities which are extremely beneficial for them. There are different training programs which are developed to train your mind and this is the reason why it…

2. NeuroNation – Brain Training

Android iOS
NeuroNation – Brain Training is an application that helps people in improving their mental skills with the help of several activities including games. As the person keeps on playing the games their scores keep on increasing along with the levels and this results directly in an increase of potential in…

3. Peak – Brain Games

Android iOS
Peak – Brain Games is a platform where people can play different games and participate in various activities to keep their brain active and make improvements in different ways. It was named as one of the best apps in 2015 and there are more than 30 games and activities which…

4. Memorado – Brain Games

Android iOS
Memorado – Brain Games is a versatile platform where people can do various activities related to their brain and make improvements in the things they think they are weak. This app is developed by famous neuro scientists who aim to help people in increasing their mental abilities and to guide…

5. Elevate – Brain Training

Android iOS
Elevate – Brain Training is one of the most used and most famous applications related to brain development. There are more than 10 million people who use this platform from all over the world. This huge amount ensures that people are satisfied with this app and are able to make…

6. Mind Games

Android iOS
Exercise Your Brain! Mind Games is an incredible gathering of recreations situated to a limited extent on standards got from subjective assignments to help you rehearse diverse mental abilities. This application incorporates almost three dozen of Mindware’s cerebrum preparing games some of which permit you to play three times and…

7. Fit Brains Trainer

Android iOS Phone
Fit Brains Trainer is a game of intelligence and mental agility to improve the performance of your brain, the style Brain Training, with tests ranging from sleuthing skills to visual perception. In Fit Brains Trainer find more than 150 different activities to improve different areas of our brain. In some…

8. HAMARU – Brain Games and Training

Android iOS
HAMARU – Brain Games and Training is a new application where people can enjoy a variety of activities and train their mind while having fun. There are many options which can be used by an individual to enhance their skills according to the category which they think lacks. It is…

9. Achieve

Android iOS
Achieve – Brain Training is a place where people can not only play games in a fun way but are also able to improve their brain levels in different aspects. This app is developed by famous neuro scientists who aim to help people in increasing their mental abilities and to…

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