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8 Apps Like LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager is a robust password generation and password manager application that enables its users to lock their personal information and passwords in a secure vault, introduced by LogMeIn, Inc. It efficiently autofill app logins and web browsers for you and has the ability to generate secure, new, and strong passwords instantly. One password is all you need with Last Pass master password handles the rest. Last Pass Password Manager efficiently store logins and passwords, create online shopping profiles, track personal information in audio notes and photos, generate strong passwords, and more. This application has many benefits that simplify online life. Its password manager keeps your password safe in the secure vault, save and autofill your personal info for all of your online accounts, and lets you log in with one strong password instead of dozens. Other than these, it delivers Private Notes (that secure safe information like photos, credit cards, and more), and Vault (keeps the health insurance, debit cards info, etc. secure). It also provides Photo Vault (that lets you attach photos to any note to lock them), and Audio Vault (just set custom voice memos that keep your stuff locked in the secure Vault). While its premium version delivers some additional and extraordinary features for its users and enhances the ease.

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1. 1Password

Android iOS
1Password is a well-known and widely used app introduced by AgileBits for extreme security of mobile phone users. It lets you secure your life with one password that only you know. It is one of the most beautiful and simple to use application through which you can simply add your…

2. PasswdSafe – Password Safe

Android iOS
PasswdSafe – Password Safe is a Jeff Harris product that is efficiently introduced for simple and secure password management. It keeps your mobile and related stuff secure from any third party or stealers. It is a fine app that enables its users to maintain security for their mobile phones. It…

3. SaferPass

Android iOS Phone
SaferPass is a smart and handy application given through SaferPass s.r.o. It is one of the finest productivity tools that enables its users to stay secure in the healthiest way. Safer Pass is an intuitive and easy to use password manager application and is ideal for busy individuals who do…

4. Keepass2Android Password Safe

Keepass2Android Password Safe is an open source password manager application and a fine product by Philipp Crocoll (Croco apps). It delivers read and write support for KeePass 2.x (.kdbx) files and efficiently integrated with almost all browsers. It provides a QuickUnlock feature that helps you to unlock your database with…

5. KeePassDroid

KeePassDroid is a robust implementation and the port of the KeePass Password Safe for Android platform and is delivered by the Brain Pellin. As we need to remember a lot of passwords, such as we need a password for our email account, for website’s FTP, for the Windows network login,…

6. bitwarden Password Manager

Android iOS
bitwarden Password Manager is the finest application presented by the great 8bot Solutions LLC. It enables its users to manage all of their passwords and logins from a secure vault. This app delivers one of the easiest, fine, and secure way to secure all of your passwords and logins while…

7. Enpass Password Manager

Android iOS Phone
Enpass Password Manager is a Sinew Software Systems Private Limited’s product that delivers one of the most cost-effective and secure password management application. It provides freedom from remembering all of your passwords, logins, and other important credentials. It efficiently secures them in one place behind a single master password and…

8. Kaspersky Password Manager & Secure Wallet Keeper

Kaspersky Password Manager & Secure Wallet Keeper is one of the best password management application that helps you keep you as well as your password safe. It is a product familiarized by the Kaspersky Lab. It provides one of the simplest ways to secure and protect your identity. This app…

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