7 Apps Like Launcher for iPhone 7

Launcher for iPhone 7 is one of the best launchers that allows you to convert your Android Phone into an iOS phone for free. It is an effective application for individuals who actually are Android users but want to capture an iOS-like look on their smartphones. Launcher for iPhone 7 brings more creativity and more fun for getting the best iPhone icons, themes, notifications, and lot more of a fine quality. This is a lightweight launcher that never harms your mobile through consuming less RAM, and internal storage. It also enhances the mobile idle time and does not consume any extra battery as well. Launcher for iPhone 7 brings some fine features some of which includes smooth icon animations, WQHD wallpapers, Power efficient, custom icon pack for many apps, smart swipe down search screen, uninstallation with ease (through a long press), and much more. So just download Launcher for iPhone 7 to enjoy a very cool Quad ready display for Android Smart phones.

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1. One Launcher

One Launcher is a no-frills, easy to use launcher for Android users. It is a great application introduced by one BJ. One Launcher is a beautiful application that enables its user to run their Android phones with damn efficiency and great looks. It is an elegant and a lightweight tool…

2. X Launcher

X Launcher is an effective and a widely used launcher for Android users who want to change the look of their ordinary smartphones. Phone X Launcher, OS 11 iLauncher & Control Center is a fine product of Free Fames – Free Apps, which lets you turn your Android into iPhone…

3. xOS Launcher

xOS Launcher is an elegant and a well-known launcher for Android, introduced by Allsolechang. It is an awesome application for those Android users who get tired of seeing their ordinary Android look and want to change them with iPhone user interface. xOS Launcher is the complementary application that allows you…

4. OS10 Launcher for Phone 7

OS10 Launcher for Phone 7 is an efficient application that helps you change the home screen of your Android mobiles to OS style mobile phones. It is a fine product of Tap Phone, which brings more customization and more features for Android users. OS10 Launcher for Phone 7 allows is…

5. iLauncher OS 10

iLauncher OS 10 is a fine product of Theme Inc. that allows its users to enjoy the Apple launcher style OS on their Android mobile phones. It is an effective tool through which users can enjoy extreme minimalist application to experience the Apple launcher. iLauncher OS 10 is a fine…

6. iLauncher – OS 9

iLauncher – OS 9 is a sleekly designed tool and an effective home screen launcher that allows you to have an experience of smooth and super speedy operation. iLauncher – OS 9 is a fine production of Mate Software that provides an elegant application available on all the devices with…

7. 6 Plus Launcher

6 Plus Launcher is one of a widely used application that helps some Android smartphone smarter, well convenient, and charming. 6 Plus Launcher is a fine product of CreativeLaunchers, which brings flawless animations, colourful icons, and a pure class for Android users. This is one of the most ultimate applications…

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