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LectureNotes is an exclusive platform through which you can enjoy peer to peer note sharing, where loads of toppers, institutes, faculties, and other folks share their call notes with others. LectureNotes.in – Lecture notes for Engineering is a great tool presented by LectureNotes Technologies Inc… read more
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9 Apps Like LectureNotes for Android

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1. Google Handwriting Input

Google Handwriting Input is an excellent, stand-alone keyboard app which enables you to write text over your mobile phone in more than 100 languages. Google Handwriting Input app is a classy product of Google LLC through which you can put your desired words over the keyboard and share it to anybody you want. This app support printed and cursive writing without or with a stylus as well. It also supports more than a thousand of emojis that let you express yourself way better. This app brings a significant complement to voice input as well as touchscreen typing. Google Handwriting Input brings a fun and engaging way to enter emojis by drawing. This app lets you work across your Android Mobile Phones and tablets which are running Android 4 and above. It intuitively supports both keyboard and handwriting input approach, and you can use it according to your desire. This app is also useful for loads of languages that can sometimes be challenging to type on a standard keyboard. You can enjoy adding your desired words over the canvas of the keyboard and share your imagination with anyone you want having Google Handwriting Input app in your mobile phones.


2. INKredible

INKredible is an elegant app that helps you make your handwriting experience better on Tablets and smartphones. It is pretty much exclusive and unique approach to being the best for a reason. There are tons of productivity features of this app for smartphone and tablet users from all over the world. It has a classy and minimalistic design that provides an intuitive and distraction-free handwriting experience. It offers a feature of automatic palm rejection without any settings and special pens. It is an excellent note-taking app with some smart features. It has replaced the concept of the two inventions which were paper and pens and provides the feature of taking notes right on the screen of your mobile phones with a handy and quite easy process. In fact, sometimes you will not see any user interface buttons and controls, yet it provides a blank sheet of paper to assume for writing.


3. FiiNote

FiiNote is an excellent tool which lets you have a combined experience of unique hybrid handwriting and keyboard. FiiNote, Note Everything is a great app developed by Flyable Inc. which enables its users to get one of the most convenient note and handwriting application ever, designed for both tablets and mobile phone devices. The note app brings the supports of capturing text, painting, voice, videos, photos and almost everything required. FiiNote, Note Everything app brings exceptional access to an infinite canvas, DIY templates, text book, real pen styles, and various other incredible functions inside. FiiNote, Note Everything app enables its entire users to get stuff organized by books, tags, calendar, trash box, and archive ones. It doesn’t even require many permissions to work on your mobile devices. Fii Note application also lets you get things done with the support of calendar, to-do, and alarm. It brings extreme level synchronization of data with your computer so that you can enjoy everything over your PC’s as well. You can also highlight all the important lines of your piece of text with real comfort. FiiNote, Note Everything is one of the most convenient note app filled with tons of exciting features for enjoying the experience of getting things done even offline.


4. FiiWrite

FiiWrite is a superb handwriting and painting app which lets you draw your imagination over the paper and save or share it with simple clicks of the button. FiiWrite – Note Everything is an exceptional tool for creating your desired words over your mobile screens and do whatever you want. This Note app brings a sleek and simple interface that helps you do things even more convenient. You can use your thumb or the finger to draw over its canvas and enjoy writing your words in amazing colors and styles. You can precis erase things if you do something wrong, and enjoy the most authentic words for your files. FiiWrite – Note Everything is a lite version of one of the famous tools named FiiNote. You can’t use the keyboard for typing things over this tool. This app brings lots of customizable features just to let you do things with extreme precision. You can press over the text for long to set the cursor to anywhere. It brings the functions of the keyboard, handwrite, paint, browse, and setting on it. FiiWrite – Note everything allows you to enjoy handwriting and paint and draw things with extremely customizable options.


5. MyScript Nebo

MyScript Nebo brings an ultimate and brand new way to take notes and helps you be more productive, day after day and is specially crafted for active pens including the Samsung S Pen, etc. MyScript Nebo: Ultimate Notepad App is an excellent note-taking tool which lets you draw, write, and instantly structure and edit your notes and then convert them into genuine digital text in a way like never before. This app is working marvelously great for letting your structure your notes by creating paragraphs, titles, bullet lists, and more. You can precisely convert all your notes into word, HTML, texts, and various other file formats. You can precisely write, remove, and add content and space and decorate and apply styles through its interactive ink feature. MyScript Nebo: Ultimate Notepad App lets you draw interactive and up to the mark, modern diagrams with elements you can move, edit, or delete anytime you want. You can also develop your equations and matrices across several lines and solve your calculations intuitively. So just download My Script Nebo: Ultimate Notepad App to enjoy some extra dose of features which includes smart math supported feature, lets you add rich content, manage all your notes, searching support, intuitive syncing, export as multiple formats, and lot more.


6. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a classy stuff that helps you easily capture, organize, and share things for better understanding. Many amazing features of this app helps you type, handwrite, clip, and draw things from the web to disclose your thoughts into an accurate notebook. It also lets you scan some handwritten notes or pages straight into the Microsoft OneNote and then make them schedule. It allows you organized efficiently by setting up a professional looking notebook for getting things precisely and you can use pages and sections to separate thoughts by their respective themes such as school, office, or work, etc. Microsoft OneNote enables you to use tags to follow up items, label to-do list, make custom labels, and mark what is more important and you can use this app as an effective notebook, notepad, and journal and organize things in a better way to access the level productivity.


7. DocuSign

DocuSign is an excellent tool for managing your entire documents on the move, introduced in the market by DocuSign Inc. Document Sign – eSign and simplify your business app is a great solution for creating, managing, and monitoring your document signatures in the way like never before. You can create your customized signatures directly over your devices, upload docs intuitively (over Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Salesforce, photo scanning, and more), and e-sign your documents for free without any monthly limitations. DocuSign – Upload and Sign Docs app allow its users to upload documents from files app, email attachments, and other cloud services in an efficient and convenient way. You can precisely send docs out for signature, manage sign-in on the move. DocuSign – eSign and simplify your business lets you simply add recently and set the signing order and also select fields to apply over your documents. DocuSign – Upload and Sign Docs lets you receive instant confirmation once your envelope has sent to you. Some of the supported files types of this app include PDF, Word, Excel, Text, Image (TIFF, PNG, and JPEG), and more. DocuSign – eSign and simplify your business also support some common documents including NDAs, sales contracts, waivers, financial agreements, health care documents, lease agreements, and various others to sign with DocuSign app.


8. HandWrite Pro

HandWrite Pro is a superb tool that enables its worldwide users to enjoy an exceptional note-taking app for your fingers and stylus. HandWrite Pro Note and Draw is an advanced level vector-based drawing tool introduced in the market by Alstapp Note & Drawing Inc. which brings smooth writing and drawing through its awesome Scribmaster drawing engine. You can either use an active pen such as the stylus from the Samsung Note series, a pen or even your fingertips for drawing and taking notes. HandWrite Pro Note and Draw app allows you to draw and write lectures, meetings, tips, recipes, and various other things intuitively and export the file to PDF afterward to share your work via mail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and various other social platforms. It classy vector graphics engine enables you to zoom in without losing quality or pixelation. It brings fill-pen, calligraphic-pen, and fill options for forms as well. Hand Write Pro brings the features of vector point manipulation, image export, endless page size, or different sizes of paper, JPG and PNG export, copy and paste support, PDF export, two-finger pinch to zoom function, organize your docs with labels, image importing, and more. HandWrite Pro Note and Draw also brings an ultimate premium version with enhanced features.


9. Squid

Squid is a marvelous stuff which allows you to take handwritten notes naturally over your tablets and mobile devices as well as the Chromebook sporting apps. Squid – Take Notes and Markup PDFs bought in the market by Steadfast Innovations, LLC which allows its entire users to have a writing experience the same as you would do over paper using a passive stylus, your finger and an active pen. It is an intuitive vector-based app which keeps your notes beautiful at all the zoom levels and on your mobile devices as well. This superb note-taking app can easily markup PDFs to fill out the forms, sign documents, and edit grade papers. Squid – Take Notes, and Markup PDFs app brings all the functionalities of importing images, drawing shapes, and can add typed text to your notes with ease. You can instantly select, move, copy, and paste your desired stuff between notes and pages. Squid Notes Taking app helps you organize and edit your notes within the notebooks and increase your productivity by doing things simpler and smarter. So just download Squid – Take Notes and Markup PDFs app to turn your mobile devices into an excellent virtual keyboard and give presentations in class, conferences, meeting, and business get-togethers wirelessly casting to a projector or TV.

More About LectureNotes

LectureNotes is an exclusive platform through which you can enjoy peer to peer note sharing, where loads of toppers, institutes, faculties, and other folks share their call notes with others. LectureNotes.in – Lecture notes for Engineering is a great tool presented by LectureNotes Technologies Inc. which enables everyone to access all their most likely notes directly from the study table. Lecture Notes – Lecture Notes for Engineering makes it so easy to discover notes for all the subjects, read notes conveniently and is basically aims to remove the dictation from the classroom. LectureNotes.in – Lecture Notes for Engineering app lets you discover notes for all your needed and helps you get facilitated whenever you want. Lecture Notes – Lecture notes for Engineering lets you make a connection with the faulty and get their doubts cleared. Lecture Notes – Lecture notes for Engineering lets you prepare well for the placements, universities, lectures, competitive exams, tuition tests, improve knowledge, and understanding the basic concepts. LectureNotes.in – Lecture notes for Engineering has effectively binds the community of students as well as teachers from all over the world into a single place where everybody can learn, share, and educate themselves and each other in a way like never before.