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LetMeTalk is an excellent app which enables its worldwide users to communicate in all areas of life and provides an authentic and real voice to everyone. LetMeTalk: Free AAC Talker bought in the market by Appnotiza UG Inc. which supports communication and enables disabled people to convey their words with the whole world… read more
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5 Apps Like LetMeTalk for Android

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1. Cognoa for Child Development

Cognoa for Child Development is one of the most reasonable applications available as a family significance through employers and in select physician’s offices introduced by Cognoa, Inc. Cognoa for Child Development is a great tool used by a huge number of families and also featured in The Huffington Post, The Economist, Street Journal, Unworthy, Parenting, USA Today, and various others. It is the right choice for parents who have kids between 1 to 8 years which enables them to find out if their child’s development is on track and also effectively get tools to help your child improve. This app brings one of the most convenient, smoother, and fast way to get the conclusions about your child’s growth and development which is clinically validated and based on real-time research at Stanford’s and Harvard medical schools. Cognoa for Child Development also carries some straightforward activities created by some specialists and experts that you can do at home with your child and is customized for your child’s specific needs. So just try Cognoa for Child Development app today and get answers about all the mysterious questions about your kid’s development right away from the privacy and the comfort of home.


2. Voice4u

Voice4u is a straightforward tool that consists of numerous of memorable and fun pics that provides assistant and improve languages. Voice4u AAC Communication was introduced by Spectrum Visions Global, Inc. which enables some special folks to live their life with everything that a normal person has. This app is superb for individuals who are going through the frustrating process of autism, stroke, traumatic brain injury, language barrier, etc. by bridging the communication gap between the individuals. It has made it so comfortable with all those special folks to make effective and convenient conversations and get a more understandable and better way of the individual’s needs and wants. There are more than 180 icons consisting of pics with its corresponding word and all the icons are includes with easy to learn and clear audios. Through this app, you can create an excellent visual schedule, make and share delicious recipes, and be able to tell stories, and explain occasion and events. It carries a collection of more than 180 icons, intuitive customization, and easy to navigate. You can download Voice4u AAC Communication app for free to get all its amazing features.


3. Avaz Pro

Avaz Pro is a great tool for people having a problem with their vocal abilities and want a superb communication assistant to get things done while on the move. Avaz – AAC App for Autism is a classy product of Avaz Inc. which has precisely designed a fully featured AAC app for people of all levels who are non-verbal or have so many difficulties while speaking. It helps all those fully or partially disable children to speak things intuitively for all their daily working capabilities. This is an easy to use AAC features tracking of therapy sessions, word prediction with both text and pics, setting wizard, grammar support, instant search to explore vocabulary, seamless integration with keyboard mode and integrated text, and various others. Avaz – AAC App for Autism is a child and caregiver-friendly tool helping people to forget their disabilities and start a new journey of life with an effective man to man communications. Other than these, Avaz also brings setting wizard, grid size control, prompt support on mail or chat, introductory video tutorials, consistent motor planning, easy to access help screen, add or edit multiple items simultaneously, and no internet requirement. So just download this great hearing aid named Avaz – AAC App for Autism in your phone and start communication with non-verbal kids and all the folks having problems while conveying their words.


4. Predictable

Predictable is an award-winning text-based communication aid tool introduced in the market by Therapy Box Limited Inc. which enables its users to save time through self-learning word prediction. Predictable – Text based communication app is a multi-functional award winning application which brings a smart way to communicate with people you concern. This application speaks out all that you type using your favourite selection of the keyboards from a collection of almost ten key keyboards and any third party extension as well. It supports an intelligent word prediction which makes communication even smoother and faster and also learns an individual’s pattern of use. Predictable – Text based communication app allows its users to save phrases in its phrase bank for quick access. You can precisely add your desired items to favourites and even set up the features for a more personalized experience. It brings a prediction engine for both American and British spelling with the learning and prediction of new words and dyslexia support options. So just download Predictable – Text-based communication app and enjoy some features of history view with access to latest phrases, easy to manage category folder system, US or UK dictionary selection, customization of screens, ability to increase the size of prediction text, sending of SMS, Email, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.


5. CommBoards

CommBoards enables children, adults, teachers, parents, and other professionals with limited verbal abilities to express themselves and make communication with the world around them, introduced by Shmoontz Apps Inc. CommBoards – AAC Speech Assistant makes it so easy to express yourself if you’re not comfortable with your sound by utilizing a proved system of communication boards. This application helps some disable peoples to say whatever they want and enjoy conveying your meaningful words with the entire world. This smart AAC assistant app has so many benefits for people with Asperger, Autism, Aphasia, Articulation or phonological disorder, ALS, MND, Cerebral palsy, speech apraxia, Down syndrome, and various other common diseases. CommBoards – AAC Speech Assistant makes it so easy to communicate through pictures and symbols and all your created sentences can easily be read aloud. It brings an excellent way to helps express feelings and thoughts and even encourage oral speech. It also supports multiple languages including English, Hebrew, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish. You can download CommBoards – AAC Speech Assistant app on your cell phone and enjoy all its brand new appearances and features for free to start communication in a fun and intuitive way.

More About LetMeTalk

LetMeTalk is an excellent app which enables its worldwide users to communicate in all areas of life and provides an authentic and real voice to everyone. LetMeTalk: Free AAC Talker bought in the market by Appnotiza UG Inc. which supports communication and enables disabled people to convey their words with the whole world. It enables its worldwide users to line up images in a meaningful and more elaborative way to read this row of pics as a meaningful sentence. It supports high level Augmentative and Alternative Communication (to line up images) technology which helps you say whatever you want using images. Let Me Talk: Free AAC Talker app contains a collection of more than 9k easy to understand pics from ARASAAC and you can also add new pics from your mobile devices as well. This application is pretty much suitable for down syndrome, autism symptoms and Asperger syndrome, aphasia, speech apraxia, autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), articulation or phonological disorder, Motor Neuron Disease (MND), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), cerebral palsy, and some other disorders. This application is used by SLP (Speed Language Pathologist) and enables its users to have voice support for sentences and images. So just give a chance to LetMeTalk: Free AAC Talker app and get a free AAC talker in your phone.

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