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Lifeasy On-demand Home Services

Lifeasy On-demand Home Services is a gorgeous app which provides all the basic home service with a simple touch and helps you book all the home services in the way like never before. Lifeasy On-demand Home Services bought in the market by MY2457 Services Pvt… read more
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17 Apps Like Lifeasy On-demand Home Services for iOS

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1. Takl

Takl makes it easy, convenient and accessible to discover help for house cleaning, moving, delivery, furniture assembly, junk removal, stuff moving, hourly help plus build your own job as well. Takl – Home Services On Demand bought in the market by Takl Inc. which makes it so easy and accessible to get home services whenever you want for getting hundreds of things done. This application helps you discover your own deeds from Assembly, auto or boat, cleaning and housekeeping, handyman, delivery and pickup, hourly help, replace light fixtures, fans and curtains, patch drywall, organizing, and various other jobs to done just a swipe. Takl – Home Services On Demand allows you to become a provider a well and you can precisely enter your zip code in-app to see pricing as well. This application includes moving services, mount a flat-screen TV, weeding flower beds, gutter repair and clean out, pack boxes, appliance installation, lawn mowing, haul away empty boxes, furniture assembly, car detailing, Shrub or Hedge Trimming, decluttering junk, power washing, standing in Line, and what users love. It contains more than 55,000 approved providers in almost a collection of 79 metro areas across America. SO just download Takl – Home Services On Demand and get things done with real comfort. Also, check some apps similar to Takl in this list below.


2. Mr. Right

Mr. Right is one of the most sophisticated tools for all kind of home services as well as repair related stuff. Mr. Right – Home & Appliances Repair is one of the best choice solutions for you if you need an electrician, pest control service, car wash or home cleaning, appliance repair, and various other things to be done with extreme comfort. Mr Right is working marvellously great in India which covered pretty much everything regarding repairing and service providing that you need to get things done at your home. This app carries a list of common home repair and services that are often needed by an individual. Some of these services includes pest control, carpenter, plumber, car wash, electrician, mobile repair, personal computer or laptop repair, TV repairing (such as TVs, LEDs, LCDs, Plasma TV, and more), packer, movers, shoe repair, laundry needs, handbag repair, RO water purifier AMC and repair, and many others. Mr. Right – Home and Appliances Repair bring a collection of highly sophisticated Pros which visits your home and schedule or completes the job, and you can pay them through cash, Paytm, and card or also rate them according to their performance. So just download Mr. Right – Home and Appliances Repair app, and enjoy its offerings in the span of Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Ghaziabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and some more areas.


3. Fotocasa

Fotocasa is an excellent and award-winning tool which brings an online property solution where you can precisely discover your dream home. Fotocasa – Rent and sale was introduced in the market by Schibsted Classified Media Spain, S.L. that enables its users to use this app whether they want to buy as well as sell their property. Foto Casa is a great service provider app which also helps one looking for a property or even a room to take on rent for their desired reasons. It offers you with one of the best catalog of real estate properties in Spain and makes it tremendously great to buy or sell apartments, houses, flats, rental rooms, and more. Fotocasa – Rent and sale allow you to search for the transaction (rent, holiday, buy, lease, share, and rent with buy options), type of building, price, floor area, property extras, state of the property, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. This application also lets you know about the type of property whether it is an apartment, attic, detached house, studio, rural estate, loft apartment, flat, ground floor flat, terraced house, or more. It sends its users some real-time alerts to let them know what advertisements which are similar to their searches. So just download Fotocasa – Rent and sale app in your phone and get the service of buy and selling the property on the move.


4. Housejoy

Housejoy brings the real joy and comfort for the house and all its deeds and is loved by tons of people introduced by Housejoy Inc. Housejoy – Trusted Home Services provides its users with the of a diverse collection of home services and repair that simplifies your everyday living in an efficient way. It lets you book a wide range of services that help you do things even more conveniently in across 5 cities of India. House Joy app helps you get home services and repair in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, NCR, and Delhi. This highly trusted Home Services providing app lets you get easy and instant booking service from qualified, highly sophisticated, and verified experts that are professional at their work and lets you get things done reliably. House Joy – Trusted Home Services app is trusted by millions of Indians that love getting their home service jobs done with real ease and reasonableness. It guarantees its service and enables you to have affordable and transparent pricing. So download Housejoy – Trusted Home Services app in your phone to book a diverse range of services delivered right to you by well qualified and background checked professionals from anywhere around India.


5. Wag!

Wag! App is a widely loved dog walking app which enables you to book a dog walker on demand, whenever you need, and at your convenience. Wag! – Instant Dog Walkers and Sitters bought in the market by Wag Labs Inc. which cares for your dog when you are on a family trip, meeting, at home, taking rest, out for dinner, or doing anything which makes you busy. This app lets you track each of the step of your dog through the text updates, pee/poo notifications, photo record cards, live GPS tracking, and so much more. The dog walkers of this app are thoroughly tested and vetted on dog handling experience and do not give your dog with an unprofessional person for its care. Wag! – Instant Dog Walkers and Sitters app’s services are bonded and insured with the customer support around the clock, and your puppy is love to all of the awesome Wag’s dog walkers for sure. You can conveniently call for a dog walker, and he/she will arrive in as little as almost 15 minutes, and you can also schedule it so that the god walker will arrive when convenient for you. So just download Wag! – Instant Dog Walkers and Sitters app if you have a dog in your house and want somebody to take care of the dog with the real reliability and trustworthiness.


6. Rinse

Rinse intuitively cares for your clothes and brings one of the most excellent door to door Dry Cleaning, Wash and Fold service for everyone. Rinse – Dry Cleaning and Laundry bought in the market by Rinse Inc. which lets you have the high-quality cleaning and laundry whenever you want and is available in 7 days a week. This application helps users to get a guaranteed high-class cleaning of their clothes and never damage them intentionally. This application intuitively picks your clothes and other laundry items and work with highly vetted local patterns to clean them as well as deliver them to your door in just a few days. Rinse – Dry Cleaning and Laundry is a door to door pickup and delivery service work between 8 pm to 10 pm and lets you have a convenience of 7 days a week including the Sunday. You can schedule your first pickup for any day of the week, and you can get personalized cleaning preferences. It implies affordable and transparent pricing without any hidden charges, hidden fees, and surcharges and lets you enjoy everything transparently. So just download Rinse – Dry Cleaning and Laundry and get all your laundry stuff done with convenience, responsive customer service and even with cashless payments.


7. ServisHero

ServisHero is another classy application which enables you to enjoy home services on-demand, introduced by Bee ServisHero Inc. ServisHero: On-demand services allows its worldwide users to discover and get any household service that you need from the cleaning, AC service or repair, lumbering, movers, electric appliances installation, electrician, cleaner, and more with the real comfort and in the most reasonable price. This application is one of the fastest growing on-demand home service providing app which is dealing with home services that you face on your daily life. It contains a database of more than 5k professionals on its platform and across Singapore and Thailand (Chonburi and Bangkok), Malaysia (Johor Bahru, Penang, Klang Valley, and more), and various others. ServisHero: On-demand services features quality, reliability, security, customer service with 100% response, fair pricing, and saves your hours by finding professionals instantly. This application is also handy for events like photography, videography, catering, cakes and baking, beauty and wellness, wedding and event planning, and various others. So just download ServisHero: On-demand services app to get your home service or repair done with ease and comfortable price and if you are not in the stated areas, you can easily see the list of service available in your location.



LIFULL HOME’S is a great application which brings one of the most gigantic and probably the biggest real estate portal sites in all over Japan, introduced in the market by LIFULL Co., Ltd. LIFULL HOME’S – Real Estate sale and rent allows its users to search for the real estate properties for both rent as well as sale with a smooth interaction. It lets you look for properties in your desired areas and helps you discover both rental or sell apartments, houses, flats, rental rooms, and more. It also lets you bookmark properties that is loved by you on the first sight, and you can freely set conditions such as train lines, stations, cities, dairy, and more. LIFULL HOME’S – Real Estate sale and rent also let you search for the transaction such as rent, holiday, buy, lease, share, and rent with buy options. This application also allows you to check routes from where you are now to the destination real estate companies. This excellent Real Estate sale and rental tool help you save search conditions, and you can also browse your search history as well. So just download LIFULL HOME’S – Real Estate sale and rent app in your phone and have all the property information in your hand in Japan.


9. Cheep

Cheep is a gorgeous application through which people can choose a wide diversity of home services and discover verified professionals in their vicinity and, contact them, get quotes, negotiate and hire complete a task. Cheep – 24×7 Local Home Services is a great application introduced in the market by Cheep App India LLP, which helps its entire users to get their domestic and official deeds done with ease and in a reasonable price. This application lets you select from a diverse collection of services you need along with the time as well as the day you would want the task to be done. It lets you get quotes from thousands of varied and trusted service providers who are professional in what they do in your vicinity, and you can also compare service professionals you discover that fits for the gob, negotiate the price which suits your work, and hire them. Cheep – 24×7 Local Home Services offers a host of home services which includes AC installation, laundry services, refrigerator cleaning services, home cleaning services, plumbing, carpentry, maid service, a driver on demand, and many more directly to your home in anytime of the day. So just download Cheep – 24×7 Local Home Services app in your phone and enjoy getting your home service and repair done with the professionals in the most reasonable price.


10. Bid&Fix

Bid&Fix is an excellent tool for all the workers that does domestic as well as official services through which they can discover jobs around them if they are skilled, experienced, hard worker, and honest. Bid and Fix for Professionals – Get Local jobs is an ultra-unique application which helps service vendors and pros to get local jobs. This application enables landlords and homeowners need help with repairs, rehab, and maintenance can easily send their requests using it to get things done precisely. This application enables local vendors to get push notifications instantly about new jobs and requests. You can intuitively view the photos, job details, specifications, and other things right on your cell phone. Bid and Fix for Professionals – Get Local jobs is elegantly designed to help you replay as soon as possible so that you can never miss any job. This application provides you with a price quote, communication with the customer, the arrival time of the professional, and various other aspects. Bid and Fix app is available nationwide for over 18 home and office categories such as car repair and towing, electrical deeds, flooring and carpeting, air conditioning, handyman services, plumbing, roof and clustering, windows installation and repairing and so much more. So just download Bid and Fix for Professionals – Get Local jobs and get jobs or bring services simultaneously.


11. Domestly

Domestly is a classy application which connects busy and hardworking people with the professional, trusted cleaners in an elegant way, introduced by Domestly (Pty) Ltd. Domestly – A Spotless Experience for Finding Professional Cleaners enables its entire users to set up a recurring booking n just a few clicks, and this app will ensure that your home is kept spotless by the passage of time. This application is currently serving its efforts in Cape Town areas, Midrand, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Centurion, and with more cities launching soon. It lets you enter your location and also create a schedule that suits your need. It helps you choose a vetted and background checked cleaner and intuitively confirm your schedule. This application will take care of payment securely and electronically, and all your ordered cleaner will be arriving at your place on time to clean your house. Domestly- A Spotless Experience for Finding Professional Cleaners enables its entire users to get their domestic things done with just a click to call the professional. You can also follow this on social media to discover out when this app is launching in more areas throughout the SA. So just download Domestly – A Spotless Experience for Finding Professional Cleaners app in your phone and get professional cleaners for home services.


12. HouseCall

HouseCall is an excellent field service management tool that helps you grow and run up your entire business from the palm of your hand. HouseCall Pro – Home and Business service is great tool introduced in the market by Codefied Inc. which enables a well convenient way to run and grow their business right using their cell phones. This excellent business management tool makes it super comfortable to get booked online by the customers as well. You can intuitively edit your schedule from your computer as well as smartphones and also send jobs straight to your employee calendar for extreme level management. HouseCall Pro – Home and Business service carry precise online booking, customize invoice and estimates, scheduling and dispatching jobs, acceptation of credit cards, and various other features for its worldwide users. House Call Pro app enables all your employees to stay updated with the automatic notifications and also improves the communication facility a well. Business managers can assign teams, set recurring jobs, schedule arriving windows, and has made their scheduling process extremely effortless. So just download HouseCall Pro – Home and Business service app in your phone and start running, monitoring, and scheduling all your business needs right through your cell phones, without going anywhere.


13. EasySpa

EasySpa is an excellent tool that enables its worldwide users to enjoy the freedom of booking salon appointments, beauty treatments, spa gateways, and various other things at the touch of the button. EasySpa – Spa & Salon booking bought in the market by Easy Spa Inc. which made it tremendously easy to get all your desired things done with convenience and through professionals of their respective fields. Users can intuitively discover and book salons and spas on all their desired special needs in their specific budget and location. EasySpa – Spa and Salon booking lets people know about the services that it is providing, the price of their desired service, the accurate duration for that service, and lot more things with this single app. This application also enables staff to get customer booking without going anywhere. Easy Spa: Service Booking app brings the features of finding best quality businesses, view opening hours and contacts about spas/salons, get exclusive discounts, discover pricing information and business details, receive booking confirmations intuitively, and so much more. This app also has loads of benefits for the professionals as well and let them expand their business in the way like never before. So just download EasySpa – Spa and Salon booking app in your cell phones and get professionals for your care.


14. GharPar

GharPar brings a superb health and fitness service providing tool that provides convenient, timely, and professional at-home beauty and grooming services to anyone in the world. GharPar – Get Services at Home bought in the market by Ghar par Inc. which enables women to get almost everything regarding their beauty stuff without going to multiple places towards the professionals of specific deeds. It enables these ladies to enjoy getting things right at home and order them to do anything regarding their grooming at home. This service providing platform helps ladies in Massage, body and face Wax, Facial, Cleansing, Face washing, scrubbing, Dermaclear Facial, Face Polish, and various other beauty treatments. Ghar par – Get Services at Home application brings the sections of all the services that it provides along with the deals and offers that opt provides for its entire customers for their own benefits. All you need to do it to select a date and time, city, address, area, and the number of people who want to get service and intuitively do whatever you want about your beauty concerning stuff. So just download GharPar – Get Services at the Home app in your phone and enjoy services regarding beard trim, haircuts, waxing, manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, and various others without any effort.


15. Piing

Piing is a well-designed app which helps you book a laundry pickup with almost 60 minutes and enjoy your things be cleaned on time, with preciseness, under the observation of professionals, and all these things in a reasonable price. Piing! Dry Cleaning and Laundry app makes it super easy to get an on-demand dry cleaning and laundry app that pics and delivers stuff right to your door. It enables you to step into a smarter and even more convenient live where laundry and dry cleaning was never eats into precious time. This excellent laundry and dry cleaning app lets you enjoy the convenience of the entirely free pick of your desired stuff for cleaning within an hour until 11 pm 6 days a week. It also lets you have the live tracking of your orders as well as the next day delivery for your clean clothes, al at the tap of a button. Other than these, Piing app features the booking of orders in a single tap, 3 days or 1 day turnaround, service until 11 PM to 6 days a week, prices from almost $2.95, track your orders, pay with cash or card, re-clean guarantee if unsatisfied, and no minimum order value, etc. So just download Piing! Dry Cleaning and Laundry App from the store and use your leisure time to think for people that really matters with laundry out of your life.


16. Dobbi

Dobbi is doing great by providing laundry service and lets you skip the endless sock sorting, skip the trip to the dry cleaner, and even skip the whole mind-numbering routine as well. Dobbi: On-Demand Laundry Service was developed by Dobbi Inc. which brings an excellent laundry app through which people from the Netherlands can get rid of the headache of dry cleaning and laundry related stuff. It brings an ultra-clean interface through which people can place their order in just a few clicks, and this app will precisely pick your stuff up, do its magic, and deliver it right to your place within a period of almost two days. Dobbi: On-Demand Laundry Service does laundry for you can never let you have the tension of your dry cleaning or laundry stuff. This app binges free pick and even the delivery for all orders more than €30 operates through Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 10 PM with a 2 hour time windows and almost 2 days turnaround span. This on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service let you tap the app for getting your laundry stuff done and let Dobbi service do the rest. So just download Dobbi: On-Demand Laundry Service app in your phone, give it the charge of your laundry stuff and never have to worry about your laundry anymore.


17. SWOSH!

SWOSH is one of the most emerging apps in the list of laundry cleaning apps available in the stores, introduced in the market by Ampersand SD Phils Inc. SWOSH! – Laundry and Cleaning App lets you get the ultimate solution to get your laundry done intuitively and professionally as well. This app enables its users to choose from its roster of highly trusted partners and have its laundry picked up, cleaned, and delivered right home. All you need to do for getting laundry service is to enter your address and choose the service you want to avail, and then finally schedule it over your most comfortable date and time. SWOSH! – Laundry and Cleaning App enables its users to choose from a gigantic selection of professional laundry partners and lets you have free of cost pick-up and delivery right to your desired place. Swosh laundry app brings various services including the Regular Laundry (such as wash, dry, and fold), Dry Clean, Shoe Clean, and the Special one with Per Kilo over every single Wash, Dry, and Fold. Some of its coverage areas include Mandaluyong, Manila, Makati, Taguig, Pasig, Pasay, Quezon City, South Caloocan, Paranaque, and more. So just download SWOSH! – Laundry and Cleaning App in your phone and get your clothes, curtains, coats, and other stuff washed with so much convenience.

More About Lifeasy On-demand Home Services

Lifeasy On-demand Home Services is a gorgeous app which provides all the basic home service with a simple touch and helps you book all the home services in the way like never before. Lifeasy On-demand Home Services bought in the market by MY2457 Services Pvt. Ltd. which brings one of the most emerging on-demand home services providers which offers single window solution for all your home repair and service requirements all in one app. It enables its entire users to search, book, and maintain any home service with ease and book whatever they want to get things done. It also brings an annual home service package to make your life even more convenient, reasonable, effortless, and efficient. Lifeasy On-demand Home Services intuitively categorized all the services which include the stuff regarding to that category to choose from. This application lets you book professionals for AC service, LED TV repair service, washing machine service, geyser service, refrigerator repairing, microwave repairing, IT repairing service, application repairing, laptop and other computer hardware repairing, rest controlling, plumber, carpenter, and various others. This app also brings professionals for beauty services, water tank cleaning service, modular kitchen, home painting service, car cleaning service, home cleaning service, and lot more. So just download Life Easy On-demand Home Services app and enjoy a super comfortable life.