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LiquidPlanner is an industry leading app which brings the capabilities of managing your project and all the concerned things in an ultimate way. LiquidPlanner – Project Management, Scheduling, and Collaboration app was developed in the market by LiquidPlanner Inc. which builds its project on the relief that teams work best whenever they organize their tasks by priority and make best decisions… read more
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1. Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a fine tool which lets you get things more things done by managing, capturing and editing your tasks and projects from anywhere you want and on your desired devices through its extreme level data syncing. Google Tasks: Any Task, Any Goal. Get Things Done app was presented in the market by Google LLC which helps you create, manage, and monitor task lists and projects with all the information which is necessary to add. The app helps you to easily view, edit, and manage tasks on the move and helps you manage tasks created in Gmail or Calendar over the web from any of your devices. Google Tasks – Plan, Organize, and Schedule Work app allows you to break down your tasks to subtasks and add details about the work you need to emphasis on. You can edit details about any task as well as your work progresses. Google Tasks: Get Things Done app allows you to set a due date for your desired task to help you focus on your goals and also organize your tasks by date or even prioritize using drag and drop. So just download Google Tasks: Any Task, Any Goal, and Get Things Done app allows you to take control of your task management and start managing your to-do list on the move through this excellent app.


2. Asana

This simple to use app will enable the team members to manage projects and tasks on the go. Asana is basically a team tasks, conversations, team and project management application that offers the easiest and simplest ways to its users to track their work and get faster results. The quality of this app is that it is capable of managing multiple things at once from simple tasks to complex projects including conversations and notifications as well. Asana app allows the smartphone users to plan their activities, share their ideas and get team members updates on the go. It is a general accepted principle that no task can be completed in more professional way until the duties and responsibilities of all associated with the tasks are clear. Asana will allow you to set the responsibility of every attached member and track performance from start to finish. The standardized features of this app are quick update system and facility to add work on the go, tracking all of the work, real-time communication, unlimited usage for all matters and much more.


3. Jira Software

Jira Software is an amazing team, task and project management application which is working immensely great throughout the world. This is an easy and effective software for making teams and gets your work done from them in an efficient and classy way. It is a site hosted by Atlassian in the cloud. The Jira Software lets you take your team and business anywhere. This is an effective app which manages your board activity and your business workflow. It allows you to quickly respond to some of your important conversation and project updates. You can easily make and assign work to your team members or subordinates easily. It allows you to search and filter multiple projects conveniently. It is a software that works with Jira Software and Jira Core. There are also some people who are hosting Jira Software. You can use Jira Software on almost every platform including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.


4. ClickUp

ClickUp is an excellent productivity platform which provides a fundamentally exclusive and unique way to work solo or even with your entire team. ClickUp: Productivity Platform app was presented in the market by Mango Technologies, Inc. which offers reminders, goals, scheduling, notes, and even in an inbox. Click Up is a highly customizable app which works for every type of team and helps all the teams to use the same app to organize, collaborate, and plan in a way like never before. ClickUp: Productivity Platform app lets you create tasks for your desired works and manage them in a way like never before. You can set time for your desired works by their respective priorities and get things done with ease. ClickUp: Productivity Platform app lets you customize the tasks with custom fields and also get notifications about your crucial projects. This app allows you to view your tasks in Board view and List view and you can set them according to your own choice. ClickUp is free to use app brings precise notifications for your desired tasks and projects, just to get all the necessary things on time. ClickUp: Productivity Platform app brings an exceptional way of getting things done with extreme professionalism and intuitiveness.


5. Trello

Trello is a kind of project management and real-time collaborating application for all level of teams and groups. This app is basically designed to be used from the smartphones for the purpose of making meaningful collaboration and making the reasonable outcome from the work done. Three main helpful sections of this application with the name of lists, boards and cards allow its clients to organize and prioritize their projects in a more flexible and more rewarding way. This app is mostly used by the marketing and sale teams for the management of their projects and remaining in touch with each other all the time. With the usage of this app they can share the real-time orientation with each other and can updates the status of leads directly in the sales pipeline for all to see. This app is not meant to be used in so simple and easy. With the usage of this app you will get the chance to get into more detail by adding other relevant information like attachments, comments and much more into the main dashboard of the app.


6. dapulse

dapulse is a simple yet perfect tool for those business who want to get out the real output from each team member connected to a common tasks. The quality of this project management application is that it comes in a ready to use format and containing various integrated tools and functions for the better management of the work. No business can complete any tasks successfully unless all of the resources and human work force is connected and given proper duties and line of instructions. Thanks to the management system of this application that assist its users in these both areas. With the usage of this application, the smartphone users can easily manage workload and communicated with other team members to ensure the successful completion of work. The working process of dapulse is so simple that even the non-technical users can use this service without even getting any training at all. The simple working style of this application will surely save the huge amounts of time and will allow the users to make the things happen. It is also possible to track the performance anytime.


7. Workzone

Workzone is an excellent tool which allows you to access your employee portal from any of your desired locations, whenever you want. Workzone is a great tool presented in the market by WebScale Inc. which brings an exceptional tool for all the managers for viewing workplace documents including the company policy, payment summaries, pay slips, and lot more things with ease. Work zone app allows all the employees to perform activities such as submitting timesheets, leave requests, and expenses. You can precisely view, share, save, or download pay slips as well as the payment summaries just to let you view and acknowledge company documents. You can grab leave history, leave balance, and submit leave requests to your manager for the approval. Other than these, Workzone app lets you view timesheet history, submit and create timesheets and clock out and in with photo capture and location tracking. You can also view the upcoming shifts, accept, swap, or decline with other employees. You can notify your manager about any recurring and ad-hoc unavailability so that the roaster is updated in the way you want. Workzone app lets you get push notifications when a timesheet, pay summary, leave request, and expense claim in available. WorkZone also lets you make a connection with your employees by using the confidential satisfaction survey.


8. Scoro

Scoro is one of the fully featured and probably the most comprehensive work management software solution used by creative as well as professional services. Scoro is an easy to use management tool presented in the market by Scoro Software Inc. which lets you get the most robust way to manage your time, see your business progress, and track your projects in a way like never before. Scoro app brings an exclusive calendar through which you can easily create informative calendar events liked with contacts, projects, and more to help you get detailed work reports as if by magic. You can carry all the important task in a simple list which helps you get them as faster as it is. The app complied all the completed tasks into work reports and provides a full review in a way like never before. Scoro app allows you to collaborate intuitively with your team or even with your customers by using projects. It enables you to get an overview of all the tasks, deadlines, financial aspects, tasks, and more in one detailed view. Scoro app allows you to capture all the valuable info about your entire contacts in one place and get contact details, documents, comments, files, and more in a way like never before. Scoro app allows you to have full access to everything available over the desktop version of it.


9. Zoho

Zoho is an online application, an excellent office suite, and a good handful of utilities targeted at perfecting your productivity and that of your collaborative projects. Completely free to use as well as needing just that you sign-up with an e-mail account, it gives you access to all of the available applications. The most significant applications on Zoho are the conventional ones; all of these are entirely compatible with documents created in Office or OpenOffice.

Inside the range, you’ve Zoho Writer (text editor), Zoho Sheet (Excel spreadsheets), and even Zoho Show (presentations), and you’ll also find a calendar, a project manager, a block of post-it notes and also a webmail service. From the collaborative point of view, Zoho is in the vanguard. Zoho has its own Wiki, a system for Online Document Management, a file store, a chat facility, plus an application called Zoho Meeting, which you can hold video conferences and online meetings with anyone you want.


10. Wrike

Wrike is a tasks management and project management application for all level of users from team of five members to the large group having dozen of members. This web-based project management app empowers its users with the features of enjoying full visibility and getting full command and control over their tasks. With the usage of this app it become easy for the business users to get their project and tasks more synchronized than before. Security is the most important element of this app that assists the teams and groups to always perform at their optimal level across the room or across the world. Don’t worry about what kind of workflow you are dealing with. Wrike will always enhance the communication, transparency and accountability so that you can always get the results faster than before. Wrike is designed for all kind of teams either these are project management teams, marketing teams, creative teams, product development teams or any other kind of teams. From shifting cross-organizational initiatives to demographics activities, Wrike gives you an agile approach to deal with all.


11. Quire

Quire is an exclusive and new generation approach of managing tasks and start collaborating over your desired thoughts, ideas, projects, and more. Quire: Unfold Your Ideas app was presented in the market by Quire Team Inc. which lets you snap your ideas into words or even into photos and collaborate on them to take them to a new height. The app helps you manage and handle your group tasks and meetings more effectively by providing quality features. Quire: Unfold Your Ideas helps you in boosting the productivity and ease of you as well as your team and makes it easy whether you want to develop a cool app, making a masterpieces film, and launching a new product. It allows you to turn your plan into step by step actions, no matter how big or challenging your motive is. Quire: Unfold Your Ideas app allows you to break down your gigantic ideas into small, simple steps as you need to complete them without misplacing the big picture of the project. Quire app allows you to make collaboration with your team for the real-time and helps you share everything with your colleagues, partners, and any of the team member. Quire: Unfold Your Ideas app allows you to add, complete, share, move, or schedule your tasks from your desktop or mobile devices anytime and anywhere.


12. Clarizen

Clarizen is one of the sleekly designed apps which brings effective project management solutions as well as enterprise-class work collaboration that harness the power of the cloud to get your necessary stuff down with better result intuitively. Clarizen – Enterprise Work Collaboration is a fine application for people in business, students, teachers, project holders, and other users who deal with managing projects on a daily basis. Clarizen is easy to use and fast to deploy app which is redefining the enterprise collaboration by connecting social context with projects or tasks to drive increased profitability, professionalism, and productivity. The app helps you handle your desired projects with an extreme level of professionalism and make them even more fertile and effortless at the same time. Clarizen – Enterprise Work Collaboration app allows you to review and update all your projects, issues, tasks, and other related stuff, including all the related info as well. It helps you in tracking timer and submit your expenses anywhere, anytime. Clarizen app allows you to attack receipts directly to your expenses and monitor them on the move. So just download the Clarizen – Enterprise Work Collaboration app and enjoy creating new tasks, issues, and projects with a simple yet robust interface.


13. Podio

Podio is a fine tool which allows you to manage your tasks and projects and stay connected with your entire team members right under one platform. Podio is an ultimate companion app which enables you to create, manage, and run your entire projects and make collaboration with your team members in a way like never before. This app helps you take your content as well as conversation with you all the time, no matter where you are, or your workday takes you. This app brings an extreme level of customization through which you can manage the responsibilities and deadlines, discuss ideas, and share the necessary things with others with ease. Podio app brings up to the mark updates, sharing of files, and asking of questions without any messy CC-email thread. It precisely extends the Podio in a minute to handle your account and sales management processes by aligning departments of the company and getting everyone over the same page. Podio app brings the feature of one on one or group instant chatting experience for all the members or the managers. There are tens of thousands of innovative team, project management groups, and businesses uses the Podio app to organize their everyday tasks or projects and stay focused on what they are serving.


14. Proofhub

Proofhub is a classy and easy to use project management solution for managing your projects, remote teams, clients, and other tasks, no matter how complex or big they are. Proofhub – Project Management Solution is an elegant project management tool presented in the market by ProofHub Inc. which brings your remote teams, projects, tasks, and clients altogether to keep things under your professional control. The app allows you to get a clear overview of the progress of your project and all the recent activities happening to them. Proofhub – Lets Deliver Projects app allows its global users to keep their teams and other project members moving in the right way by clearly elaborating their responsibilities and tasks. Proof Hub app allows you to get rid of those confusing or annoying emails threads for collaborating over significant topics. Proofhub – Project Management Solution app brings a dedicated space where all the users can view and manage their milestones, objectives, tasks, events, and other responsibilities in a way like never before. The app allows you to get the full-fledged overview of your tasks, and the entire project progresses just to take instant decisions. So just give a chance to download Proofhub – Lets Deliver Projects app in your cell phone and take an ultimate control over your projects, no matter you are out somewhere for traveling or at the office.


15. Project Insight

Project Insight has made the management of work way easier and effortless by letting you do everything right through your mobile devices. Project Insight – Project Management Software app was presented in the market by Project Insights Inc. through which you can manage all your projects, issues regarding your tasks, and to-dos in one centralized place. You can intuitively manage and view your daily small or complex projects with one simple click and stay to date with all the insights of your projects. This app allows you to create new tasks and projects according to your inner thoughts or whatever the thing you want to establish. It allows you to update and monitor tasks and projects within one app. Project Insight – Project Management Software allows its users to instantly attach their desired documents, images, and other files to their current projects or tasks. It supports centralized communication by adding comments on the tasks and projects, and even create new time entries on the move. Project Insight app allows you to add plenty of workspaces and create a team account directly from the app. Project Insight – Project Management Software app provides teams with the more effective, better, and sleek way to manage projects and improve your in-app conversations in one place.


16. TaskQue

TaskQue is a simple to use yet a powerful task management application which intuitively optimizes the productivity of your team by using the resources through an intelligent task management mechanism. TaskQue – Smarter Task Management app is a widely used application introduced in the market by TaskQue, LLC, which helps all the project managers to get an all in one place for getting their desired things done. TaskQue – Task Manager is an online solution for managing a task that is developed for all the managers who are looking to assign tasks to their employees in a way that fosters effectively by minimizing work-related stress. The app helps you increase your project’s productivity by getting the most reasonable balance between resource engagement as well as task assignment. TaskQue – Smarter Project Management app offer to increase your daily productivity through folds. Other than these, TaskQue – Project Manager app helps you in increasing transparency, flexibility for business owners and project managers, stress-free working, smart tracking of project deliverables, real-time intuitive collaboration, and helps you get an effortless way of managing money. TaskQue – Smarter Task Management app is designed to entertain challenges and all the milestones on the move and starts optimizing resources performance by amazing task tracking an allocation.


17. eXo platform

eXo platform intuitively makes a connection channel to your organization’s personalized and private of this app. eXo platform app allows all the enterprises to set up an exclusive collaborative extranet internet, enterprise social network as well as knowledge management system. The app allows you to carry your own digital workplace right on the palm of your hands. EXo app allows you to access all the features, including the notifications, people director, unified search, activity streams, teams spaces, document management, in-built chatting, task management, and more. eXo platform app brings loads of exciting and significant features under one platform for letting you focus on various projects as well as tasks. You can now receive native push notifications over your mobile device and lets you get to know things on time. EXo platform app brings a redesigned of the chat apps interface for a more intuitive, cleaner, and more mobile-friendly experience. It provides grained permissions for task assignees, reporters, observers, managers, and everything lies in between. It provides users the possibility to quit chat rooms that they want to remove from their lists. eXo platform app brings loads of features for managing all the tasks and projects with damn ease.

More About LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner is an industry leading app which brings the capabilities of managing your project and all the concerned things in an ultimate way. LiquidPlanner – Project Management, Scheduling, and Collaboration app was developed in the market by LiquidPlanner Inc. which builds its project on the relief that teams work best whenever they organize their tasks by priority and make best decisions. This is a multi-project organization and planning tool which helps you get a flexible and comprehensive way to handle complex demands and for attaining things more easier. Liquid Planner app allows you to get realistic scheduling based on the best or worst case estimates or the priority. LiquidPlanner – Project Management, Scheduling, and Collaboration app brings the options of the integrated timesheet, integrated project portals, drag and drop scheduling, email and calendar notification, and organized conversation thread. LiquidPlanner app also brings the features of analysis and trend reporting, checklist within each project or task, notification support, document commenting, stuff sharing, and various others. LiquidPlanner – Project Management, Scheduling, and Collaboration app helps you focus on your projects and work team way easier and brings real collaboration for getting things done with ultimate results.