Little Big City

Little Big City is a social technique game where the players must play the part of a leader in a small city. The goal is to extend your city however much as could be expected by building all way of new structures and sufficiently giving lodging to house your perpetually developing populace… read more

Apps Like Little Big City

#1 Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House


Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House is the piece of raving success villagers’ arrangement and a standout amongst the most well-known games in the realm of SIMs recreations. Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House is a continuation of the Virtual Families administration of life reproduction sports made by Last Day of Work. The game urges you to encounter your dream life in your PC as you grasp a little individual and their family. Much the same as the essential Virtual Families you can grab a free one hour trial from the site before making a purchase. The Android and iOS smartphone versions of this game are open to no end be that as it may and supported within application purchases. In case you were a lover of the principal preoccupation you’ll love the colossal once-over of enlargements that Our Dream House passes on to the table. The middle segments of the game are still there with the other option to pick your particular minimal individual, help them to find a perfect accomplice and look for after a livelihood. Much the same as certified the troubles in Virtual Families 2 are endless and the entire undertaking feels like you’re a bit of an honest to goodness trial. You’ll have to extra money for house upgrades, battle affliction, go shopping, endeavor to keep up your calling and alter this with striving to acknowledge life. There is in all probability enthusiasts of the first will love the extra significance that the redirection offers, it’s moreover perfect for first-time players however with no inspiration to play the first considering what number of overhauls the second beguilement has.


#2 Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale


Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale is a well-disposed game where you’ll take after along on massive amounts of enterprises with Snoopy and Charlie Brown. As you finish a broad range of missions, you’ll likewise get the opportunity to fabricate and visit probably the most meaningful touring recognizes everywhere throughout the city. Gameplay in Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale is exceptionally basic. Just acknowledge diverse missions that you run over all through the game and complete them by holding up. Now and then you’ll have to sit tight for a few moments, yet others can take hours. With your rewards, you’ll have the capacity to finish missions and gradually enhance Snoopy and Friends’ principal residence. You’ll get the opportunity to purchase and move a broad range of structures and structures, including houses to trees accessible. No to specify Snoopy’s fanciful doghouse. You’ll additionally access new territories of the city as you advance. Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale is an exciting and fun game. With incredible illustrations and characters loaded with allure, there isn’t anything particularly unique in this game, yet it’ll unquestionably be a hit among Snoopy fans.

#3 Sims


Sims is the name of an existence key life reproduction game and is accessible for all cell phone working frameworks. The Sims is an especially standard game plan circulated by Electronic Arts (EA) that spotlights on copying honest to goodness while moreover offering a sandbox style experience given the nonappearance of described destinations and targets. In The SIMS game players make and control their duplicated characters in a virtual world. With these virtual characters, players can connect with the articles and people of the game world while moreover developing their fascinating characters that join destinations, longing, and personality qualities. The game grant players to seek after calling wishes, develop their dream life, grow a family, reproduce their present life or only frame beautiful houses to home your virtual characters. By reproducing the challenges of life and offering a wealth of potential results to players the foundation has transformed into a pioneer in the class.


#4 SimCity BuildIt


SimCity BuildIt is a versatile variant of the new SimCity from Maxis, that, similar to the first PC game, gives you a chance to make your one of a kind city, from the top floor of a high-rise to the water framework underground. As in any other SimCity game, in SimCity BuildIt you can purchase many diverse structures and place them wherever you need. The main prerequisite while putting a building is that it be associated with streets. You’ll need to arrange your city with consideration, because your natives won’t care to live close plants, for instance. If building houses for your occupants aren’t sufficient in SimCity BuildIt, you likewise need to fabricate parks to keep them upbeat, shops so they can get what they require, power sources so they can have power, and water tanks so they can shower, among numerous different things. In SimCity BuildIt you can visit other player’s urban communities, as well, and not just investigate and perceive how lovely they are, additionally exchange with them and get more assets that you’ll have to enhance your very own large portion structures. SimCity BuildIt is an incredible procedure game with splendid design and a game framework that is flawlessly adjusted to cell phones. The main drawback is that you’ll discover loads of in-application buys.

#5 Life Quest


Life Quest is the name of one of the best administration games accessible over the website and smartphones. Notwithstanding playing games it will make you ready to enhance your management abilities too. The decisions that Life Quest 2 will position to players were particularly reminiscent to those that will you stand up to, in reality, for instance, calling decisions, pets, supposition, having a place and significantly more. The various ways that you can take in the game ensure it’s a venture that you’ll usually reiterate without getting depleted. Around the start of your experience players will change a character that is going away from their past remembering the finished objective to start another life in the town of Metropoville, this is the spot the twelve phase undertaking to an impeccable life turns out to be potentially the most critical component as you alter progress with the measure of available time. At first look, the gameplay is cheerful with beautiful tones and a whole extent of fascinating and consistently odd characters to meet all through the game. Go to some degree more significant be that as it may, and you’ll quickly comprehend the game is undoubtedly not with significantly more framework than at first meets the eye. For those that need to manage their own particular virtual Life Story 2 have various active concentrates, most prominently the significance of technique that the preoccupation has underneath the surface. The major certifiable negative is the game sometimes reflects life to almost where you’ll do nothing for two or three days aside from getting up and go to work remembering the final objective to make your next key purchase.

#6 Dream House Days


Dream House Days is a methodology and administration game created by Kairosoft that places you in the shoes of a planner and proprietor of a condo building that will draw in cherishing and as of late wedded couples. The game permits you to consolidate an enormous amount of components to make distinctive rooms. For instance, you can put a major plasma TV and computer game console in one space to make a ‘game room’. As you come making fancier flats, you’ll have the capacity to pull in acclaimed individuals, similar to artists and competitors, to move in as well. Another intriguing part of the game is that your inhabitants will search for help and guidance from you. You can unequivocally impact their work lives and love lives, which can like this advantage you, on the off chance that you play your cards right. Dream House Days is another system game from Kairosoft that, similar to the majority of the organization’s titles, is to a significant degree addicting. For this situation, we’re discussing a free game, so you truly have no reason not to try it out.

#7 Dragon City


Dragon City is a round of social recreation in which you should make an otherworldly city where every one of your mythical serpents can live serenely and agreeably. You should give them a spot to rest, nourishment, excitement, and everything else they should be cheerful. Players can discover, prepare, and ace more than one hundred unique monsters. Also, since the game is upgraded each week, the quantity of accessible mythical serpent develops. Notwithstanding, you should have a city that is sufficiently decent to draw in monsters. The primary objective of Dragon City is to prepare your monsters so they can battle against different players on the web. In this manner, by consolidating ten distinct types of mythical beasts, you can attempt to vanquish other players in the universe Dragon City. Dragon City is a fun social game that children will presumably like it, because of his young subject, in spite of the fact that players who are somewhat more established may likewise think of it as engaging. Regardless, this is an exceptionally cleaned game.

#8 Sims Freeplay


The Sims Freeplay is a portable form of the game for Android and iOS gadgets planned by the makers of the first Sims 3 for PC, in which you can control your Sims’ everyday specifically from your smartphones. You can make up to 16 distinctive Sims, customizing every one of their components and adjusting their appearance to your enjoying. When this is done, you can place them in an officially composed home to live, or make your home from zero, and improve it how you see well. You can likewise choose undertakings for your Sims, have them blend, and, eventually, everything else you can do in different amusements of the adventure. Sims Freeplay doesn’t have any connection to the Facebook adaptation, in spite of the fact that you will, in any case, require an Internet association with having the capacity to interface with the EA servers and play. As you can acknowledge on the video and the pictures, the diversions representation are marvelous, which implies you will require an intense gadget to get the amusement to run appropriately. Sims Freeplay is a highly stimulating entertainment that the adventure fans are going to love, as it has all the usefulness that made it prevalent, and permits you to play from your iOS and Android smartphones.

#9 Pou


Pou, a standout amongst the best games on Google Play Store and App Store with a few million downloads, he puts the player as overseer of a little outsider molded … caca, where he will need to spoil to develop, advance and can be cheerful. The amusement idea is fundamentally the same as the great “Tamagotchis” so chic were made early this century. That is, you need to nourish your pet, play with it to be fun, clean it to be solid, and unquestionably give it all the consideration it requires. As you do this, Pou will develop and, all the more imperatively, the application will compensate you with various things, for example, caps, garments or cash for our minimal pet. Like this, we have motivating forces to keep on caring for him. Best of Pou, nonetheless, is that it can speak with different clients of the application. That is, through the Internet, you can visit various companions and associates Pou to get different prizes. Pou is a fun app, which is exceptionally fruitful for one reason: its mind boggling level of enslavement. When you start to deal with this small grinning crap, you cannot quit managing without feeling that we are clearing out. He would not.

#10 RollerCoaster Tycoon


RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile is a real strategy and virtual management game for smartphones where players fabricate the entertainment mecca they had always wanted without any preparation, making everything from the walkways for clients to stroll on to the most dynamite rides. On RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile you can construct many unique things inside your carnival: inflatable stands, eateries, dessert parlors, lodgings, gift shops, and a great deal more. The undisputed ruler of your event congregation is, be that as it may, the roller coaster. When making your custom exciting ride, you’ll have an about endless number of alternatives. You can make the enjoyable ride’s way and tracks you anyway if it’s not too much trouble picking the bearing and slant of each of the rails. Besides, you can alter the exciting ride’s name and even the autos your customers will ride on. RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile is a fun procedure diversion whose fundamental issue is its name. The name of an establishment like RollerCoaster Tycoon is a major ordeal for a diversion which, yet fun, doesn’t figure out how to separation itself enough from conventional allowed to play recreations.

#11 The Sims 2


The Sims 2 come to the smartphones as a significant boost after the tremendous success of the first installment of this game that has captivated people of both sexes and all ages. It is rare person who has not heard of The Sims or has not taken a real time in front of the screen feeding their Sims, decorating the virtual home, buying accessories, trying to make your Sim party to meet friends and making a thousand pranks with these cute virtual characters that reflect everyday life quite well. After building the virtual home, decorate it to your liking, put that pricing to take a dip and have controlled all bars levels of the characters in the first installment of The Sims, The Sims 2 goes a step further in everything: gameplay, strategies, graphics. Now you can see how will the new residents of the virtual city thanks to this demo that lets you create your Sims you can later use in the full version of the game The Sims 2. Choose sex, age, clothing, hair color, haircut, face shape, style and much more.

More About Little Big City

Little Big City is a social technique game where the players must play the part of a leader in a small city. The goal is to extend your city however much as could be expected by building all way of new structures and sufficiently giving lodging to house your perpetually developing populace. The objective is to locate the right harmony between viable structures that can improve your city, improvements to fulfill the residents, and build enough lodging to suit every one of the tenants. Be that as it may, it’s not about methodology and administration in Little Big City. To liven things up and fight off the dullness, there is additionally an entire heap of minigames giving you a bundle of various exercises to partake in. Doing admirably in these tests will likewise give money related prizes, permitting you to enhance your city. Little Big City is one of numerous city administrations around right now in which you should have no less than a fundamental limit for administration on the off chance that you need your city to flourish and pull in more inhabitants.

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