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LiveScore is an elegant app which lets you keep up to the mark with all the latest scores and live soccer actions right on your mobile device, anytime you want. LiveScore: Live Sports Updates app presented in the market by LiveScore Ltd… read more
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29 Apps Like LiveScore


Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV is an excellent tool which brings an exclusive coverage on the live score and match game stats of soccer right on the palm of your hands and lets you beware of your favorite game of football on the move, wherever you want.


Onefootball is an all in one app which lets you follow tons of exquisite teams and plenty of worldwide leagues to access all the information that they produce, in a way like never before.


BeSoccer is an elegant application for all the soccer lovers who can get this live football app which covers everything you need to know about your favorite, live football matches. BeSoccer: Resultados de Fútbol/Football app enables its users to get thousands of live matches, competitions, and everything about football.


FotMob lets you have the most comprehensive details on the live score, match commentary, stats, news, fixtures, and everything else that football contains. FotMob – Live Soccer Scores app bought in the market by BorApps AS Inc.


GoalAlert alerts you about the live score and real-time updates from soccer being played anywhere in the globe. GoalAlert Football Live Scores Fixtures Results app bought in the market by TorAlarm GmbH, through which people can enjoy getting the live score, news, alerts, fixtures, commentary, and various other significant things about soccer.

La Liga

La Liga is the official app of the official LaLiga channel which brings unlimited access to all the highlights and the live data of every match of LaLiga. La Liga – Official App introduced in the market by La Liga Futbol Profesionsl Inc.

Goal Live Scores

Goal Live Scores is a highly functional app which enables its worldwide users to get the most exclusive, powerful, and instant coverage of football matches and enjoy everything on the move.

Football Live Scores

Football Live Scores is a simple yet a widely loved tool which brings an excellent way of publicizing live score of soccer right in your mobile devices so that you can access everything about live soccer matches whenever you want.

FC Barcelona Official App

FC Barcelona Official App is an immensely used application which enables its worldwide users to discover all the great new functionalities of an exclusive Barca Fan experience. FC Barcelona Official App enables its worldwide users to get everything they need on their tablets and smartphones and never miss any single update form the favorite soccer matches.

Forza Football

Forza Football is an intuitively used app having millions of soccer fans worldwide which are enjoying live coverage on score and football updates about their favorite matches for the real-time. Forza Football: Soccer live scores and highlight app bought in the market by Forza Football Inc.

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League is basically the official app of UEFA championship that brings exclusive coverage of all the Europe’s premier club competition on your handheld device. UEFA Champions League app bought in the market by UEFA which enables all the UEFA lovers to enjoy everything of soccer whenever they want.

Barcelona Live

Barcelona Live is an ultimate app which allows you to access the latest news, updates, and soccer game realities right on your mobile devices and is being loved by millions of soccer fans from all over the world.


JioTV is an excellent platform where you can watch and follow your live TV shows, sports, entertainment, and everything anytime, anywhere. JioTV – Live TV and Catch-Up is a superb tool presented in the market by Reliance Industries Ltd.


90min is a must-have app that brings the most comprehensive for every sports lover who eats, drink and sleeps soccer. 90min – Live Soccer News App bought in the market by Minute Media Inc.

Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV is an all in one app which brings front row access to live events which are the best in sports, action, hottest dance competition, thrilling videos, and exciting stuff from the world of adventurers.

CBS Sports App

CBS Sports App is an excellent source of real-time live score, trendy news, and so much exciting things about sports. CBS Sports App – Scores, News, Stats and Watch Live Sports is an excellent platform introduced by CBS Interactive, Inc.

All Goals

All Goals is an intuitive application which enables its worldwide users to get live score of soccer matches and enjoy exclusive coverage of Live World Cup matches, tons of leagues, champion trophies, and various events in an excellent way.
0 brings the latest news, newsfeed, polls, instant goal alerts, breaking news, and the fastest live soccer score straight to your mobile phone. – Football Live Scores is a great tool loved by millions of worldwide soccer lovers who are enjoying having up to date news and live score updates about their most favorite matches and leagues, whenever they want.

MSN Sports

MSN Sports brings real-time exclusive updates, standings, easy to follow schedules, latest news, and almost everything about all your favorite players, teams, and leagues. MSN Sports – Scores and Schedule app is a classy product of Microsoft Corporation Inc.

Zattoo Live TV

Zattoo Live TV enables its worldwide users to watch their most favorite shows of TV right on their mobile devices and enjoy the dose of sports, drama, movies, series, news, fun, entertainment, and quality time, anytime they want.

Italian Soccer

Italian Soccer enables people from all over the world to enjoy everything about soccer right on their mobile devices, having more than 5 million soccer fans. Italian Soccer 2018/2019 app bought in the market by Alessandro La Rosa Inc.
0 lets you watch all the games and get hints from this exclusive app and don’t miss the most exciting moments again. -Gaming Videos and Live Streaming contains a massive community of people who are enjoying live streaming and gaming movies.

Live Football TV

Live Football TV is a free to use app for soccer lovers who never want to miss any single news, update, and any notification from their favorite soccer matches no matter where they are.


Kicktipp is an ultimate sports production game which contains a gigantic community of people who predict the score of the matches for the real-time and have fun. Kicktipp – Sports Predictor game with friends is a simple yet engaging app bought in the market by Kicktipp GmbH Inc.

Barcelona Live — Unofficial app

Barcelona Live — Unofficial app is an intuitive application through which people can enjoy everything about FC Barcelona in a breeze. Barcelona Live – Unofficial app for FC Barca Fans is a fine tool introduced by Tribuna Trading Ltd.

Soccer 24

Soccer 24 is an intuitive application that lets you get the most accurate and fast soccer live score from more than 1k soccer leagues, cups, and championships. Soccer 24 – soccer live scores app is a great app by Soccer24 Inc.

Live Football On TV (Lite)

Live Football On TV (Lite) is an excellent tool through which people can enjoy live updates, score, and news about soccer in an intuitive way. Live Football On TV (Guide) is a great soccer app hosted by Visual Design Inc.


SWIPS is an intuitive app through which sports lovers from all over the world can grasp the best custom-tailored content for all your professional sports in an excellent way. SWIPS – Sports Live Scores app bought in the market by Frifee Inc.


Mycujoo is an excellent tool which enables its entire users to discover and enjoy one of the most ultimate mobile destinations for live streaming football. Mycujoo app is a marvelous yet classy app introduced by Mycujoo Android Inc.

More About LiveScore

LiveScore is an elegant app which lets you keep up to the mark with all the latest scores and live soccer actions right on your mobile device, anytime you want. LiveScore: Live Sports Updates app presented in the market by LiveScore Ltd. which lets you have the live score of football matches and the entire match info over a sleekly designed interface. It lets you access the entire information about live sports from goals to cards, fixtures, match previews, transfer news, final results, and almost everything needed, in one place. This application brings in-depth coverage for football, cricket, tennis, basketball, and hockey where you can precisely follow your teams, sports, competitions, leagues, and all the big events of cricket. LiveScore: Live Sports Updates brings the latest breaking stories about sports in the news section just to let you beware about your favorite sports on the move. You can check the pitch view to follow the scores, balls, goals, and real action so you’ll be in the know if you can’t watch the match. So just download LiveScore: Live Sport Updates app and get the live score and the latest sports action right on the palm of your hands, whenever you need.

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