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LockMyPix is another safe and ultimate protected place where everyone can store their private and important videos and photos. LockMyPix: Private Photo & Video Vault is a stunning application introduced by Fourchars Inc. which helps you encrypt all your pics and video files with the proved AES (military grade) encryption… read more
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20 Apps Like LockMyPix for iOS

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1. Flickr

A staple for web based photo sharing is now offering a mobile application. You can share and link with the entire Flickr group. Follow other people and find out their submitted photos in your feed. Unlike Instagram, Flickr enables you to upload and share photos in addition to single pictures. As an extra bonus, Flickr increases as a photo storage space product and provides you 1000GB of storage for photos and videos. Camera roll of the Flickr app within the cloud and immediate access to your entire Flickr collection so that you can freely upload your phone for everything else. You can quickly organize and share, simplified browse with ease, and also, select and hold hundreds of photos with one gesture, and share in seconds. You can explore, interact and have interaction with friends, loved ones, and the other ‘Flickr community’, there are millions of groups and billions of photos out there to discover.


2. Photobucket

Photobucket is a classy application introduced by the Photobucket Corporation Inc. which has tremendously take the organization of your photos to an extremely ultimate height. Photobucket – Save Print Share is a unique and elegant solution which keeps all your precious pics in a more organized and safe way, all within an awesome media browse experience. This app believes that a pic worth a thousand words and lets you experience the management of all your pics in the way like never before. Through this extraordinary pic organizer, you can easily turn your special moments into unbelievable and beautiful products that you can touch and hold. Photobucket – Save Print Share app helps everyone to gather, organize, and store all their photos from across the web in a secure spot. It provides the comfort in getting your favourite moments anytime you want right through your mobile phones, tablet, and other devices. It can automatically sync all your pics, so they are always saved in the cloud. Though its photo backup feature, you can easily choose from manual backup, auto backup, and even specifically on particular photos. So just download Photobucket – Save Print Share app, and enjoy extreme organization of pics.


3. Ever

Ever is an elegant platform where you can place all your captured memories in one place and never lose them. Ever – Capture Your Memories was introduced by Everalbum, Inc. which brings unlimited storage to store all your pics in high resolution. You can easily store all your photos in this superb application and never run out of storage anymore. This application automatically syncs all your precious photos and videos, and let you access them from any devices that you use at any time you want. It helps you free up your mobile device’s storage by letting you store your albums over here apart from that traditional camera roll. This elegant application brings unlimited storage for high-resolution pics from your device’s storage, and you can effortlessly import your favourite pics from Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, and other social sites. Ever – Capture Your Memories enables everyone to easily free space on their cell phones with simple taps and make room for more memories. It brings extreme security for capturing your valuable stuff and never let any third party person to have a contact with it. So just download Ever – Capture Your Memories app, and enjoy storing unlimited memories of your own.


4. Imgur

Imgur lets you explore the most awesome images on the internet. You can easily upvote for your favorites for helping them go viral. It lets you send tons of GIFs, messages, and posts to your pals right form this app. You can follow the users on this platform, and it will efficiently notify you whenever their posts go viral. It brings the world’s most entertaining and enjoyable content on one platform. Imgur never lets you get bored because of the providence of its unique content on a daily basis. Using this app, you can enjoy the most awesome images and GIFs from the categories and topics you love such as startled cats, reactions GIFs, funny GIFs, WTF GIFs, anime GIFs, politics GIFs, and any of your most favorite topics, etc. It connects you with the millions of new people from around the world, and you can share awesome content with your family members, colleagues, and friends to make them smile.


5. Google Photos

Google Photos is the home for all of your videos and photos. Immediately structured and also retrievable, you can get photos fast and bring them to life. It’s the actual picture collection that thinks like you do. Google Photos provides a visual search your photos are currently searchable by the people, locations and things that appear in all of them. If you are looking for that fish taco, you ate in Hawaii? Just search “Hawaii”, “food”, or “food in Hawaii” to find it no tagging required. Google Photos also provides an unlimited free high-quality storage that automatically backup all your videos and photos. Easy access them on any device or the internet at photos.google.com. Your pictures are secure, safe, and personal to you, and the best feature of Google Photos is to save space on your device and helps you to clear safely backup photos and videos from your default device. So you don’t need to worry about deleting a photo to make space again.


6. Prime Photos from Amazon

Prime Photos from Amazon safely stores all your full-resolution photos over this platform and allows you to organize, back up, store, and share all your costly pics and videos intuitively. Prime Photos from Amazon is a product of the famous Amazon Mobile LLC which allows you to have free unlimited photo storage. This classy application allows all its users to access all their captured stuff with ease and nearly through any device including mobile, laptops, and tablets, etc. You can even enable its Auto-Save features to automatically backup all your pics and videos from your phone. Once you save your pics over Prime Photos from Amazon app, you can fearlessly delete it from anywhere to make extra room. Its users can even get extra benefits by getting its membership. Through its intuitive sharing, one can share its single pic or the entire album with their beloved family members and friends. Prime Photos from Amazon helps its users to keep their videos and photos safe, even if their phone or other device is damaged or lost. You can download Prime Photos from Amazon with ease, and start storing and moving your most remarkable stuff with you.


7. Degoo

Degoo is a gigantically used application which helps you get storage of almost 100 GB cloud drive to capture all your favourite stuff over here. 100 GB Free Cloud Drive from Degoo app is a stunning product which helps you enjoy cloud storage where you can keep all your significant and frequently used stuff. You can back up the data directly from your mobile devices and easily choose what you want to store and back-ups such as your documents, photos, and other stuff. This application precisely and securely place all you exquisite and valuable memories and important stuff over here to let you access any of them anytime you want. 100 GB Free Cloud Drive from Degoo enables you to bring all your favourite music, videos, photos, documents and other necessary things always with you anywhere. You can effortlessly store, backup, and share your files using this classy tool. Apart from its fixed, you can also earn extra free GBs as well by watching sponsored videos or by in-app upgrading. So just download 100 GB Free Cloud Drive from Degoo app, and enjoy an unlimited cloud drive for your tablet or cell phone.


8. PhotoScan

PhotoScan is a brand new scanning application introduced by Google Inc. which helps millions of its users to scan as well as save their favourite printed pics using the phone’s camera. PhotoScan by Google Photos not only enables you to take pics of your precious pics but also creates enhanced digital scans wherever your pics are. It allows you to get glare-free scans of pics with an effortless step-by-step capture flow. Through its smart rotation, it can easily scan your photos without even noticing the angle of your scan. PhotoScan by Google Photos enables you to spend less time with the adjustment and other editing of your pics and enjoy more time looking at your funky or deadly funny looking photos. Other than these, PhotoScan by Google Photos also provides automatic cropping (based on edge detection), straight and rectangular scans (all with perspective correction), and smart rotation as well. It allows you to back up your scans to keep them safe, organized, and easily searchable. This app brings your scans to life with movies, advanced editing controls, intuitive filters, and simple sharing. So just download PhotoScan by Google Photos app, and enjoy capturing all your favourite printed photos easily and quickly.


9. Pixlr

Pixlr is a free photo editing tool fulfill all of your editing tools. This app offers the users will complete control of all of your images such as the effects and layers. It’s an app by utilizing that the photo lovers can fix, adjust and filter the pictures right from your smartphone. Pixlr is merely obtainable in 2 versions that are simply an editor and express version. These two editions include different version like dealing with the layers, changing colors, modifying objects, quickly fixing the issues, including creative effects and even borders and overlays. By implementing the app of Pixlr, you’ll be able to make every moment of your stunning and memorable. Only modifying any app isn’t a big deal. However, offering with the creative designing and effects tools is the primary objective of Pixlr that provides the users an option to paint or even eliminate effects from particular areas. The users of Pixlr may even add text with plenty of expressive tools and ultimately they can share their mastery work with the other users as well. In addition to all these, this app may also be used for controlling selfies as well to obtain the look of Fashion followers.


10. Shoebox

Shoebox is a home of all your valuable memories from your childhood to the current day. Shoebox – Photo Storage and Cloud Backup is a widely used application introduced by Couch Labs Inc. which helps you rediscover the best and the most precious memories of your past. Shoe Box app is going so great for providing you with the place where you can store unlimited pics of your own, your friends, family members, colleagues, and other precious persons of your life. It lets you enjoy your personal pic collection with free photo backup. This app cares for all your stuff and automatically backup all your photos to keep your memories secure, safe, and healthy. Through this classy pic management tool, you can carry your most likely things with you on your tablet without even taking up the storing space in your tablet or phone. It never let you lose any of your special moments if you lose your phone or even got it crashed. It ensures 100% security of your pics just to keep all your crucial stuff harmless. So just download Shoebox – Photo Storage and Cloud Backup app, and keep all your favourite photos and videos in your pocket.


11. 500px

500px is a flamboyant app for people who love photography and keeps on exploring photography related stuff. It is a robust platform that brings an exciting range of photos, and you can explore them anytime you want from its effective library. It lets you follow photographer and find new and fresh photos on a daily basis. You can learn a lot and improves your photographic experience using this extraordinary app. You can reveal your extraordinary, classy, and the best stuff in front of other by showcasing it on your profile right on this app. 500px enables photography lovers to discover galleries through this app and curate your own as well and get inspired by the recommendations that it brings for you. It allows you to share your original and unique photography experience with the whole world and get recognised by the international brands through the submission of your best photos and mark your existence. 500px enables a unique photo discovery experience for its users and get inspired to bring your photography dreams to the next level.


12. My Cloud

My Cloud is another amazing application used by millions of people from all over the world which is providing a place where everyone can precisely and securely access their files and folders for any reason. This application makes the sharing and accessing of stuff from anywhere much convenience. My Cloud carries an automatic backup of your videos and photos to your personal cloud storage. Through this intuitive cloud app, you can easily integrate with other cloud services as well. This application helps everyone to reliably store their irreplaceable and deadly precious moments under one platform. My Cloud enables everyone to make some extra room for their photos and videos on tablets, laptops, and cell phones by letting them transfer all their pics and videos over this intuitive storage. You can easily access your My Cloud, as well as My Passport Wireless, drives such as My Cloud, My Cloud Pro series, My Cloud Expert series, My Passport Wireless Pro, and even My Passport Wireless. Through its central location providence for all your content, you can easily integrate with other clouds. So just download My Cloud and enjoy capturing and access your most frequent and loved stuff while on the move.


13. Shutterfly

Shutterfly is an easy to use application which helps you effortlessly upload your pics and make custom creations in seconds. Shutterfly: Free Prints, Photo Books, Cards, Gifts is a productive tool which enables its users to get their photos off their phones and access them through any device. It carries unlimited free photo storage where you can place all your memorable stuff and easily recall them anytime you want. It enables its users to discover and make ultimate products that you want in seconds and with just a few taps. It helps everyone to make personalized creations including a photo book, wedding stationery, home décor, cards, gifts, and it even keeps on adding more stuff for you. This application also brings loads of special offers and fun freebies right to you. Its cloud photo storage is unlimited and completely free and never delete your anything. You can access all your favourite photos and instantly order pics prints with unlimited free 4×4 and 6×6 prints. It also brings some brand new Shutterfly kids and Shutterfly pets collection as well. So just download Shutterfly: Free Prints, Photo Books, Cards, Gifts and get started with the free unlimited prints, exclusively on this tool.


14. SmugMug

SmugMug is a classy application which guarantees your pics to be looking absolutely stunning with the simple to design galleries, easy to organize folders, and dozens of elegant site themes to choose from. This application allows its users to keep their memories safe along with passwords and privacy controls. This app helps you browse all your folders and galleries right through this app and let you store all your photos right on the cloud storage to amazing your friends with your pics from the palm of your hand. You can effortlessly save your galleries to your mobile or other devices just for offline viewing. Other than these, SmugMug allows its users to mark galleries and folders to their devices, upload unlimited amount of videos and photos, share your favorite stuff through SMS, email, and other social sites, follow other SmugMug users, cast your most likely stuff to your Chromecast and TV, auto-upload videos and photos, and much more. You can easily upload your pics and other stuff right from your mobile phone, computer devices, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, and others. So just download SmugMug and enjoy one of the best and the most secure cloud storage present in the market and a decade-plus legacy for protecting all your photos.


15. Snapbook

Snapbook is another elegant tool through which you can easily create custom photo gifts in minutes through its extremely awesome collection of personalized objects. Snapbook: Print Photos & Gifts is a fine application introduced by Snapbook General Trading Company LLC which enables its users to create custom prints, photo albums, and other unique gifts. It is an ultimate tool to turn your most likely photos into an amazing personal gift. You can easily upload your pics, create awesome lay-flat photo albums right using your cellphones. Everyone can create custom gifts and home décor ultimately through this application. You can intuitively upload your pics, order prints, and layout your books all from your phone. Snapbook: Print Photos & Gifts help you review your products, ship your gifts from around the world, create a premium, HD photo albums, and enjoy sophisticated customization for photo albums. It brings high-resolution printing gifts and customized gifts, prints your pics with filters, and get prints in tons of classic sizes from passport size to the large canvas sizes. So just download Snapbook: Print Photos & Gifts and turn your lovely pics into personalized, exciting gifts and high-resolution prints.


16. DS cloud

DS cloud is another sophisticated application which allows its users to sync folders to your mobile devices and make them ready to use for you for offline viewing from anywhere you went. DS cloud is an intuitive mobile counterpart of cloud station on iOS and Android devices. This application also enables its users to decide how they would like to sync their folders as well. DS cloud app lets its users to set the maximum size of the file as well as the types of file they want to sync for each of their folders. Through this application, you can easily access your most likely or some crucial folders from anywhere you want, and anywhere you go. This app has updated its Synology’s conditions and terms for the EU stuff privacy compliance and even optimized the compatibility with the iOS 11 and iPhone X. For the full use of DS cloud app, you must own a Synology NAS and to get its fill features, the version of cloud station working of your Disk Station should be 4.0 and above. Users can also use adobe acrobat reader and other third-party apps to smoothly edit the PDF files and save their creations to the DS cloud.


17. Kwilt

Kwilt allows you to enjoy all your memories at your fingertips so that you can easily access and share them with anybody you want. Kwilt Shoebox allows its users to access their photos and videos from any social media platforms, cloud storage, and your mobile in a snap. It enables its users to merge all their memories from the social media into one accessible and effortless mosaic and allows them to access all their valuable stuff right from Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, and more. This application carries a bold new and unique interface which enables everyone to find their memories in no time with the location, time and free search menu and easily capture photos and videos right through this app. It enables its users to free their phone storage and offload their memories to the privacy of your home with Kwilt Shoebox. One of Kwilt Shoebox’s awesome feature is its built-in photo editing through which users can enrich their pics, add tons of effects, draw on pics, add text, colourize, remove red eye, and much more. You can also use it to share your memorable stuff with the lovely persons of your lives. So just download Kwilt Shoebox to store and access your memories intuitively.


18. PhotoSì

PhotoSì is an elegant application which enables its users to enjoy creating classy photos in retro, classic, poster size, and other styles by paying through the app and receive at home. PhotoSì – Photo Printing is a classy application introduced by PhotoSì S.P.A Inc. through which users can easily create photo books, t-shirts, and many other customized things by selecting those photos from the social media or even from your camera roll. PhotoSì – Photo Printing lets you create and customize things in the way you want. It enables its users to choose the product which they want to customize with their images, select any of their desired photos to create their most likely stuff. Photo Sì is a superb application through which you can turn your photos into great looking gift ideas in simple and much faster manner. It helps everyone to create photo books directly from their mobile device and through photos of their own choice as well. So just download PhotoSì – Photo Printing and enjoy creating fantastic canvases, printings, calendars, and covers in the way you love.


19. PhotoSync

PhotoSync is an intuitive application through which users can transfer, share, and backup their most likely photos and videos between Android mobile devices, iPhones, iPads, cloud, NAS, and more. PhotoSync – transfer and backup photos & videos is a classy tool introduced by Touchbyte Inc. which carries more than 7k positive reviews of millions of happy users. It is a super-secure, and reliable app which helps you transfer your likely pics and videos from and to the computer. You can easily share your photos between tablets and phones. It carries an automatic backup of photos and videos even in the background to pre-select targets. It also enables its users to share photos and videos from and to SMB over NAS, FTP, WebDAV, and more. PhotoSync – transfer and backup photos & videos app helps its users to download raw materials, photos, and videos stored on the USB and SD card with a USB on the go adapter. You can easily download PhotoSync – transfer and backup photos & videos to enjoy its never-ending list of functions even for various devices.


20. Groovebook

Groovebook brings an extraordinary way through which you can enjoy printing your most likely photos into an awesome monthly photo book. Groovebook Photo Books & Gifts bought in the market by Shutterfly Inc. which allows its entire users to print their photos and precisely mails you with perforated pages so that you can conveniently share them with your friends and family members just for $3.99 per month with free shipping. This application allows you to turn a collection of almost 40 to 100 photos into fun products. It helps you put your favourite pics on a fridge with 4×5 magnets, and you can intuitively make your desk a happy place with pics mouse pad as well. Each of the photos comes out to 4 cents per print, so you can even begin your saving on this platform. Groovebook Photo Books & Gifts lets you enjoy free shipping on every photo book, and you can even create your books in minutes. Other than these, Groove Book app allows you show off your best photos and present perfect photo gifts for holidays, birthdays, and more. You can easily download Groovebook Photo Books & Gifts from the store and be amazed at a colourful spine to mark your dates and a bold new cover every month.

More About LockMyPix

LockMyPix is another safe and ultimate protected place where everyone can store their private and important videos and photos. LockMyPix: Private Photo & Video Vault is a stunning application introduced by Fourchars Inc. which helps you encrypt all your pics and video files with the proved AES (military grade) encryption. This application allows its users to take full control on who surf what by hiding all their images and videos. You can store your important stuff on this app for hiding them from everybody and people who use your device can only access what you made available for them. It is a great pics and videos hiding tool through which you can easily protect all your secrets from your third-party phone users. Other than these, LockMyPix: Private Photo & Video Vault enables its users to enter with pin, pattern or password, hide and encrypt unlimited photos and videos, hide the icon of the app, create encrypted backups, create fake logins for special cases, full SD card support, and much more. So just download LockMyPix: Private Photo & Video Vault, and enjoy hiding your best and the most crucial pics and videos in your own private vault.