11 Apps Like Lockwatch for iOS

Lockwatch is a clever little tracker and phone protector through which you can protect your cell phone from danger persons and in undone situations. Lockwatch – Thief Catcher is a famous mobile app introduced by Bloketech Inc. which has developed an app which secretly takes a photo when someone’s trying to unlock your phone without your permission with the wrong passcode. It helps you get knowledge about all the persons with photos taken from the front camera which apply wrong passcode attempts. This app is superbly proven to catch hundreds of thieves around the whole world and has helped to recover tons of lost cell phones successfully. Lockwatch – Thief Catcher takes a photo using the mobile camera when someone tries to unlock your phone with unmatched pattern or lock and sends you an email with the pic, a map, and PS co-ordinates. It does all its stuff silently, and the snatchers or thieves never know that they are being traced or recorded. It is a small weight app which does not drain much of your battery and runs only when someone enter the wrong passcode. So just download Lockwatch – Thief Catcher app from the store and get to know the details of the person who tries to encroach your cell phone.

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1. mCouple

Android iOS
mCouple lets you get remote access to each other’s phone and know where your partner exactly is, anytime you want. mCouple – Mobile Tracker is a great application used by tons of people from all over the world to get the exact locations of their close friends, better half, or…

2. Prey

Android iOS
Prey is a classy tool to monitor your devices and also prevent thief and loss, introduced by Prey, Inc. Prey Anti Theft: Find My Phone & Mobile Security is a robust tool to find your misplaced, lost or even stolen Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Chromebook, and other cellular devices…

3. Find My Kids

Android iOS
Find My Kids is a must-have tool for all the parents through which they can precisely get a GPS tracker for all their children to keep them in control and monitor their location anytime you want. Find My Kids: Child GPS-watch & Phone Tracker was introduced by Refresh LLC, which…

4. Sprint Family Locator

Android iOS
Sprint Family Locator is an efficient tool packed with a diverse collection of features for getting all the efforts for locating your mobile devices whether there are Android or iOS. Sprint Family Locator is a widely used mobile finding tool introduced by Safely Inc. which enables you to track your…

5. AT&T FamilyMap

Android iOS
AT&T FamilyMap is a significant app which safely let you know where your kids exactly are and take your family’s security and safety to the next level, introduced by AT&T Services, Inc. AT&T Secure Family is working great for locating mobile devices and let you know the location anytime by…

6. GPSme

Android iOS
GPSme is an extraordinary application for getting in touch with all your loved ones and also let them stay away from all the harmful and inappropriate places. GPS Me, Friends & Family Phone Tracker is a highly-sophisticated app introduced in the market by KidControl Dev. Inc. which brings a simple way…

7. TrackView

Android iOS
TrackView is a gorgeous application for your entire family which has efficiently turned your mobile phone, PC’s, and tablets into a connected IP camera with event detector, alert, GPS locator, and route or cloud recording capabilities. Family Locator and Home Security – TrackView is a widely used application bought in…

8. MMGuardian

Android iOS
MMGuardian is a fine application for the parents if they are looking for a tool which monitors the usage of phone and keep their teen safe from danger, risks, or other vulgarities of web. MMGuardian Parental Control App For Kids Phone is a great tool introduced by MMGuardian.Com which helps…

9. Family Locator and GPS Tracker

Family Locator and GPS Tracker is a widely loved iOS mobile tracker which brings the real peace of mind for parents due to its classy features. Family Locator and GPS Tracker is a product of a well-known developer named Sygic A. S. Inc. which brings real time step by step…

10. Phone Tracker for iPhones

Phone Tracker for iPhones has efficiently transformed your mobile devices into an excellent tracker where you can easily track people anytime you want. Phone Tracker for iPhones: GPS was developed by Cell Phone Solutions, LLC which lets everyone to have a family and friends GPS tracker right on their mobile…

11. FamilyWall

Android iOS
FamilyWall bought to you by Family & Co. which lets you see the location information at a glance and get the real peace of mind. FamilyWall – Family Organizer & Locator efficiently brings an intuitive, precise, and free way to monitor all the movements of your sons, daughters, employees, wife, husband,…

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