LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault Alternatives for Android

LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault

LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault is a device that gives you a chance to put a virtual lock on any application introduced on your handset, whether it’s a framework application, an informal community, or your most loved social games… read more
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14 Apps Like LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault for Android

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1. Vaulty

Do you have images or videos on your Android smartphone that you don’t need others to see? Shroud pictures and private videos with Vaulty to keep them shielded from prying eyes.Keeping photos and videos protected, secure and covered up has never been less demanding! Effortlessly conceal pictures and personal videos from your original exhibition to forestall inadvertently indicating excessively. Unwind when you hand your smartphone to any one, associate or relative realizing that your private media is securely covered up. In case if somebody tries to snoop in your vault and enters the wrong secret word, Vaulty will get a photo of them for you utilizing your front camera and spare it in your vault for whenever you sign in. Protect your valuable recollections with a programmed online reinforcement of your shrouded pictures and videos. If your handset is lost, stolen or broken, Vaulty will reestablish your vault to your new gadget. Vaulty is a quick, straightforward, efficient, private picture display. With an unobtrusive interface, the emphasis is on your photos. Vaulty likewise has an astounding administration and organization features such as photo editing, a special camera, slideshow, sort images by date, filter data, etc.


2. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics, and Videos, also known as `Vault,’ is an application which will permit us to make a little safe in our Android terminal, in which you can keep your most private instant messages, photographs or videos. These days we as a whole have our private lives compacted in our smartphones. What’s more, this can be an issue, particularly if that private life is seen by the individuals who shouldn’t. To keep this, Vault-Hide SMS, Pics, and Videos, offers you the likelihood to embed any private components inside and ensure it with a watchword just we ought to know. What we can integrate into the distinctive safe’s reaches from photographs to recordings which are ordinary, to entire Facebook contacts or from our phone list. When you embed any of these, do you disguise their nearness, as well as any discussion or call with them? Vault-Hide SMS, Pics, and Videos is a critical apparatus for the individuals who esteem their security most importantly. Envious couples will have a hard adversary in this application, which will secure the best-privileged insights of any client.


3. Vault – Hide Photos/App Lock

Never get found napping with touchy material on your smartphone devices. Stowaway and ensure your private photos and videos in a private gallery, lock classified applications and safely reinforcement your information in the cloud. Offer private information among numerous gadgets. Open applications utilizing just your face with integrated face recognition system or use the fake crash exchange to copy application mistake. Take control and keep your private stuff private with Vault. Store your private pictures and personal videos and recordings in Vault Gallery. You can take a photograph straightforwardly from the Vault, import photos from Android devices and can share any photo or video to Vault. Once in the Vault, all your private information will be secured, scrambled and undetectable to other Gallery applications. Vault cloud empowers you safely to store all your private images and videos in the cloud and to exchange the information between various gadgets. In case you lose or change your cell phone, your private information is protected with it. Introduce Vault application on another device and reestablish the whole private substance with a single snap.


4. Keepsafe Apps Suite

We as a whole know the snippet of inconvenience while giving our phone to friend or family member just to see them all of a sudden begin opening applications that are close to home to you or have touchy data. That is the reason we assembled a safe and simple-to-use application locker with PIN or unique mark watchword assurance, so we can hand our phone to other persons without stressing that they will falter into the wrong application or screen. KeepSafe now presents to you an excellent and easy to utilize App Password Locker – a lock application to ensure everything. Ensure your applications, messages, messages and photographs using the safe application lock with a secret key or unique finger impression application lock insurance. You can even utilize App Lock for child mode to ensure your smartphone and keep your kids from opening bolted applications or erasing or buying anything while playing with the handset. Lock applications in the shape of, unique mark or secret word, from Facebook Messenger to Snapchat to Instagram, to Chrome or some other application! Super basic and quick with secret key assurance the lock application of apps gives you true serenity and individual security that your data, put away logins and applications are safely bolted, as well as covered up when other persons utilize your phone.


5. Hide Pictures Hide it Pro

Hide Pictures Hide it Pro is the name of an advanced level of a level security application that will give you a chance to hide and protect pictures, videos, apps, messages, and contacts with only a few taps. Best of all, it is entirely allowed to utilize, and you needn’t bother with any premium membership. The application functions as an audio chief to conceal its character and guarantees information security. It additionally gives incredible customizations alternatives and route devices. You can without much of a stretch classify or sort information, zoom in/out, perspective pictures in a slideshow, play videos, and numerous other basic changes. You can utilize both PIN and a secret word to ensure your information, and the application likewise doesn’t appear in the apps list. All your critical information is encoded with AES 256-encryption for greatest security. On the off chance that you feel that these components are somewhat restricted, then you ought to realize that the application additionally has modules support. You can add distinctive modules to build usefulness further, for example, private informing, individual perusing, locking applications, and so forth.


6. Safe Gallery Free Media Lock

Safe Gallery Free is an application that helps you ensure your personal data with either a numerical or example based secret word. With Safe Gallery Free, you can pick precisely which pictures and videos you need to have secret key secured, and which ones can stay unprotected. That way, you can have every one of your pictures in ordinary displays yet keep a little, secret key secured exhibition with private substance. Safe Gallery Free is perfect in case you agonize over individuals attempting to see the pictures and recordings on your cell phone. It’s likewise valuable if you keep all your photographs on an Android tablet or another comparable gadget. Aside from securing media your handset media data, Safe Gallery Free can likewise bolt pictures from website pages with only a tap. This website page photos will be independently classified, so you could do without much of a stretch know which pictures are from the display and which are from the web. You can likewise conceal the application with “Application Hide Mode” and the framework won’t demonstrate that application is even present on your smartphone. You can then recuperate the application by dialing a Pin in the smartphone’s dial cushion.


7. Private Photo Vault

At times a meddlesome individual will beseech you to see what photographs you have in Private Photo Vault. In this circumstance, you can give them your fake secret key that opens up to an entirely distinctive arrangement of photos. It will then make them lose their interest about what is in the application while your private pics are still in there in your typical vault account. Private Photo Vault keeps your photographs and recordings safe by requiring a watchword to view them. Private Photo Vault permits you to secret word ensure the whole application and individual photograph collections. Making your very own photograph locker. All your secret and personal pics and videos that are guaranteed with the application are then escaped perspective of potential interlopers. Private Photo Vault permits you to take photographs straightforwardly into the application without going through the camera move first. It is excellent for taking photos that you don’t need anybody to see. If somebody gets a hand of your handset and tries to soften up to Private Photo Vault, it will furtively take a preview of the culprit utilizing the front confronting camera so you can know who attempted to soften up. It additionally records their GPS area so you can see where the break-in endeavor occurred.


8. Hide Pictures & Videos – FotoX

Ever get found napping with touchy material on your smartphone? Stowaway and ensure your private photos and videos in a private gallery and safely reinforcement your information in the Cloud. Offer private information among different gadgets. Use Fake Crash discourse to copy application blunder. FotoX cloud empowers you safely to store all your private images and videos in the cloud and to exchange the information between various gadgets. Also on the off chance that you lose or change your device, your private information is sheltered with this app in the cloud. Mainly introduce FotoX application on another device and reestablish the whole secret substance with a single snap. Each time somebody enters wrong stick code, makes a bad example or face acknowledgment falls flat, FotoX application will record and store this endeavor. On the off chance that you overlook your pin code or example, you will dependably have the capacity to reset existing lock and recapture access to FotoX application.


9. Hide Photos in Photo Locker

Hide Photos in Photo Locker is a virtual safe where you can hide all of your photos from prying eyes. The way Photo Locker works is extremely straightforward: it gives you a chance to make secret word secured organizers where you can put the same number of photographs as you need. To add pics you simply need to go inside one of these organizers, press the ‘include pictures’ catch, and select the photos you need to ensure. The secret key you set can be from four to eight digits, just numbers: a more than adequate security measure to prevent anybody from getting to your photos without authorization. You can make the same number of organizers as you need for exceptionally individual pictures, pictures of touchy reports, or necessarily your total photograph accumulation. Photograph Locker is an incredibly fascinating approach to ensure your most touchy photos. The best thing about it is its basic and available interface, because of which you can make the same number of secured organizers as you need in simply an issue of seconds.


10. SnapLock Smart Lock Screen

SnapLock Smart Lock Screen is a savvy lock application that transforms your smartphone into a productive director for every one of the alternate ways to your most loved apps. It additionally applies fitting backdrops to your home screen. This application highlights heaps of various choices for your lock screen, in spite of the fact that to keep it actuated you need to tick the Start Snap Lock choice. When it’s introduced and working, you can change the default appearance by downloading any photo you like. When the foundation picture fulfills you, you can begin including all the fascinating components the application offers. For one thing, you can deal with all the data you see on it – from the date and time style to the battery charge and status – and even include the significant warning that appears at whatever point you plug the device into a force source. After you set up these choices, you can proceed onward to the more convoluted inclinations. You can make five easy routes to the applications you utilize most, so you can get to them without unlocking your smartphone. What’s more, if you need to, you can likewise include an additional watchword or to shield your gadget from defective interfering.


11. Apps Lock & Gallery Hider

Apps Lock and Gallery Hider is an application that gives you a chance to bolt every area of your Android. It implies you can set up a lock screen both for particular applications and for your photos and videos. Those are the two principle highlights in Apps Lock and Gallery Hider: setting up lock screens for apps and securing your picture display. In both cases, you can pick the assurance strategy you need to utilize: such as a PIN code, or a secret word. Whichever one you choose, once you select it you need to enter the right code to get to your substance. Other than these elements, Apps Lock and Gallery Hider give you a chance to utilize a ‘private camera’ to take pictures and videos straightforwardly from the application and consequently spare all that material securely. Applications Lock and Gallery Hider is an excellent application for security fans. On the off chance that you introduce it on your smartphone, no inquisitive eyes can jab around where they don’t have a place.


12. App Lock Pro

Utilizing AppLock is quite easy and straightforward. The main section of the app is a rundown of all the apps on your smartphone which can be bolted with a switch slider to one side. AppLock likewise gives you a chance to bolt out specific activities like calls, launching or uninstalling apps, access to settings, and getting to the Google Play store. Catches at the base let you seek your applications or switch everything on or off. From the concealed right plate, you can get to the Unlock Settings menu to change your PIN or modify the lock again. When you endeavor to play out a bolted activity or access a bolted application, a screen shows up provoking you to log in. The screen doesn’t completely bolt your device —you can without much of a stretch explore back to the home screen or access the route plate—however, it does viably keep individuals out of your applications. You can alter which applications you need bolted on the fly, or make a profile secure your smartphone rapidly. Supporting profiles are decent an element, particularly on the off chance that you have children who need to play on your smartphone. When they need a shot at color sheep, only flip the profile that keeps them out of everything except for a couple of things.


13. Hidey Vault

Hiding picture and videos in Hidey Vault is another application that keeps your photos, personal recordings, messages and other stuff safe from others by ensuring it. Individuals can enter a secret word of pin code to begin the security procedure. You can either enter a pin code or a long watchword relying upon what you recall effectively. The users of this app can likewise utilize the pin code on partitioned collections too in the event that they need a portion of the envelopes to stay open. You can cover up and bolt diverse photographs and videos relying upon your decision. Another favorable position is that it doesn’t appear in your as of late utilized applications. The various applications, picture, videos and information which you don’t need arbitrary individuals to get to while using your wireless can likewise be bolted. Users can bolt singular envelopes and pictures while they can also keep them safe in one spot as opposed to locking them with passwords. The users can also impart their stuff to friends and other users through various social media platforms including WhatsApp, Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. The interface is easy to use and intuitive and has a few elements to deal with your information; this makes the utilization of Hidey Vault all the more fascinating, and users can get wellbeing as well as manage their information online without the need of some other application.


14. Keep Safe

KeepSafe is the name of a flexible application that keeps your pictures and information safe with the assistance of watchword assurance. The users can choose distinctive records and ensure them with passwords and access them just at their will. You can likewise erase singular videos and pictures and after that reestablish them in the event that you alter their opinion with the assistance of reinforcements while the videos spared can play rapidly. Alarms, when somebody tries to enter wrong PIN codes to your smartphone, are consistently sent. The users of this app can utilize the pin code on discrete collections too in the event that they need a portion of the organizers to stay open. The various applications, picture, videos and information which you don’t need irregular users to get to while utilizing your phone can likewise be bolted. Another preferred standpoint is that it doesn’t appear in your as of your last or frequently visited application. Among its few elements, another is that you can incorporate a spread photograph for every one of your collections and can set a secret key for them independently.

More About LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault

LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault is a device that gives you a chance to put a virtual lock on any application introduced on your handset, whether it’s a framework application, an informal community, or your most loved social games. The way LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault works is extremely straightforward: you pick an open example for the application which you will then use to open and get to it. Once inside you’ll have the capacity to choose which applications you need to ensure utilizing this example, from the framework settings application to your picture exhibition or even Candy Crush Saga. Aside from this application lock, LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault additionally incorporate an uncommon lock for your photographs, which you’ll have the capacity to shield from prying eyes. You should just choose which pictures you need to put in the vault, and they’ll be always ensured. Obviously, it won’t be conceivable to uninstall LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault from a device without entering the open example. At the end of the day, nobody can attempt to slide by your virtual locks by just disposing of the application. LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault is a decent Android insurance device which you can use to stop any endeavors at abusing your protection.