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LokLok is a cute application for couples having Android device, which enables them to communicate with their partner by heart. LokLok: Draw on a Lock Screen delivers an awesome way to make communication with your beloved ones right on the lock screen of your phone… read more
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1. Couple

Couple is something amazing for couples just married, introduced by Life360. Couple – Relationship App is a social media application which brings a more intimate way to share your personal stuff and probably the best way to stay connect with your favourite person. It brings fun and private platform for couples which has almost 3.5 million downloads due to its ultimate fame. Couple – Relationship App is the finest quality application which precisely keeps all your special moments saved securely and connected you to the only person whom you love the most and who carries the most private part in your life. You can not only transfer messages among each other, but you can even express yourself with finest emojis, videos, audios, photos, and perfect stickers though it. Couple – Relationship App is the best stuff to share to-do lists, set reminders, sending text messages, making phone calls, sharing your locations, and a lot more on one platform. This couple connecting app enables its users to share their personal stuff privately and without any fear of being publicized. So just download Couple – Relationship App to enjoy its series of features along with your private timeline.


2. Couple Tracker

Couple Tracker is a massively used app for couples to get the best affair cheating detection and prevention application for lovers, parents, wife, husbands, and in fact, for couples. Couple Tracker Free – Cell phone tracker & monitor is a great application introduced by BytePioneers s. r. o. It brings one of the best text messaging, real-time location tracking, phone call history tracing, best affair preventing, and an entirely detecting app for some boggler ladies and gents out there. Couple Tracker Free – Cell phone tracker & monitor is a great tool for sharing and exchanging calls, messages, location, Facebook, and other activities in the real-time. This sensible and highly professionalize app does not remove and delete any data for you and you can easily get all the activities of your partner and there is no chance to hide or delete anything here. You can easily check and monitor your partner’s phone activity, get a daily overview of the location, see who like or comment your partner’s photo, and see first thirty characters of each sent message. So just download Couple Tracker Free – Cell phone tracker & monitor to take a precise eye on your partner and get to know that who gives your person the most attention.


3. Been Love Memory

Been Love Memory is another elegant applicant for partners which is using enormously great and crossed 5,000,000 downloads over mobile phones from all over the globe. Been Love Memory – Love Counter – Love days 2018 is a great application introduced by BLM Studio VN – Been Love Memory, which lets you see how many days you have been together. This application carries a smooth and crispy interface through which individuals from all over the world can enjoy best time tracking. This application has made it so easy to remember some big moments of your life to let you stay up to date with all the upcoming events that matter to you. Been Love Memory – Love Counter is an amazing tool which allows you to manage and remember important anniversaries and birthdays for you. This app took a precise look at all your events that you schedules and lets you know each of your important moments. It helps you check the love day, couple tracking love day, been together love days, and precisely counts the number of days you have been together. So just download Been Love Memory, and get the best event remembering app.


4. Been Together

Been Together is a pretty much essential application for a couple which enables them to enjoy one of the best ways to track useful information about both of them. Been Together (Ad) – D-day is a fine product of MilkDrops, which lets you check how long you have been with your partner at a glance. This app lets you know that how long you have been with your lover, celebrate your anniversary with precious memories, and lot more things. Been Together (Ad) – D-day calculates the number of past days from the anniversary and show stuff on the widget, lock screen, and on the notification area. It is probably a must-have application which lets you customize as your own by changing the names and using photos. It carries a customizable background, and its amazing technology notifies you by every 100 days. Been Together (Ad) – D-day allows you to add more anniversaries too by bringing multiple anniversaries on the side menu, and lets you share your screens on SNS. This outstanding app for couples allows them to enjoy precise management of their special events and moments, and never let you miss any of them.


5. Couplete

Couplete is a marvelous application which enables its worldwide users to complete each of their moments. Couplete – App for Couples is a wish list of couples allowing them to plan almost everything that they want to do together. This application lets you gather all your wishes on a single panel just to let you know and complete them accordingly. Couplete – App for Couples is a life log of couples which precisely keeps all their precious and memorable moments secure and safe from others. It carries a fast private and secure messenger who helps you share your inner thinking and feelings with your better half. You can easily share all your memorable photos, videos, and express your modes with a variety of fun stickers and emoticons. This application allows you to discover everything about shopping items, dating spots, and even movies to watch with your partner. Through its amazing timeline, you can keep up all your happy stuff with your partner in its photo books, and share photo from your gallery to any social media application. So just download Couplete – App for Couples app, and send love letters to your favourite individuals tonight.


6. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer is a massively used app for families which keeps them well organized. It is a great application introduced by Cozi Inc. which carries some exceptional features for family organization. Cozi is a great application that manages your Jam-packed life and brings your whole family all together. It is a must-have utility for parents who really want to organize all their stuff properly for better management. This application effortlessly coordinates busy schedules, get dinner on the table for short order, precisely keep all your list in one place, and remind some important remainder and events of your family members. It never let you get late for things that come once after a long time such as birthdays, anniversaries, and marriages, and any other events that you scheduled. Cozi Family Organizer brings an easy to use colour-coded family calendar through which you can add or edit appointments, set reminders for important happenings, and get an agenda for the upcoming week sent by email to your family members. Other than these, you can also manage a shopping list, to-do lists, recipe box, family journal, and widget support. So just download Cozi Family Organizer, and manage your family with Cozi.


7. Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List is a great utility for individuals that enable them to discover recipe recommendations customized for you. This application has entirely transformed the visualization of recipes and foodstuff, and bring a beautiful way to showcase all the food. Yummly Recipes & Shopping List is a fine product through which you can easily personalize things by setting preferences to recipes that you want and precisely tailor your results to match your taste. It allows you to search from its gigantic recipe collection of more than a million from across the web. This application lets you explore a pack of cooking lifestyle nutrition’s, food allergies, diet, and favourite cuisines. It is the best app which lets you create a personal food experience by discovering the recipes you want when you want them from tons of world’s top recipes sites and blogs. You can easily add an entire recipe to your grocery shopping list to get all the ingredients. Using this app, you can easily collect, save, and organize your favourite recipes in your galleries and also discover recommendation of recipes. So just download Yummly Recipes & Shopping List, and enjoy your dinner.


8. Love Collage

Love Collage is a gigantically used photo editor which allow you to get a mix of yours as well as your partner’s photos. Love Collage – Photo Editor is a fine product of eToolkit Inc. which enables its users to enjoy one of the best apps for creating charming photos. It brings a classy way to make love collage along with tons of frames, grids, texts, effects, and more. This application comes with a massive library of photo frames which helps you add two or more photos collaboratively for a dashing look. Love Collage – Photo Editor provides a collection of more than 30 wonderful grids, and you can enjoy collage making to an extreme level. Love Collage is an awesome app for couples and lovebirds which allows them to store their special moments by extemporizing them with its gorgeous touch. This app brings more than 30 beautifully designed collage frames, and you can easily pick any of them to make your ordinary photos more charming. So just download Love Collage – Photo Editor and enjoy tons of photo frames grids, stickers, effects, emoticons, cliparts, collage frames, photo editing features, and easy sharing as well.


9. Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner is an app useful for individuals who have planned to get married and want to keep all their thing on time and well-organized. Wedding Planner — Agnesse is a great product of Sergey Matisen which brings a modern, easy to use, and trustworthy wedding planner for individuals. It carries a nice and pleasant interface through which you can get things done precisely. Although it also carries five mini app insides which helps you work smoother and quicker. You can enjoy its Task, Cost, Guests, Vendor, and Countdown utilities and manage things professionally. It brings a marriage countdown through which you can get to know that how many time is there to the big day when you say, I do. This intuitive Wedding Planner application brings the most expected things and tasks in it, and the timeline based on the wedding ceremony date. If we take a look at its guest lost manager, then you can precisely manage the seating, eating, chart, and overall scenario of the guests that appear. So just download Wedding Planner — Agnesse, and enjoy precise wedding budget, and vendor management as well.


10. WedMeGood

WedMeGood is an amazing application for boy and girl who is going to become a couple. WedMeGood – Wedding Planner is fine stuff introduced by wedmegood.com, which enables its users to find inspiration and ideas regarding their big event which is just on the way. This application allows you to discover trusted wedding vendor, and get detailed vendor information as well. It’s one of India’s most loved application for planning a wedding and all the consequences that it have. WedMeGood – Wedding Planner makes it easy for discovering new ideas to plan your wedding in the way you want. You can easily explore more than 70,000 wedding photos that identify your styles as well as ideas and explore real wedding to learn from real couple experience of the wedding. WedMeGood – Wedding Planner allows you to discover vendor across 18 relevant categories in more than 11 cities. It also lets you have precise vendor details as well by going through photographs of their work and by reading reviews. It also allows you to make effective collaboration with your family members by inviting your special ones to plan your wedding altogether. So just download WedMeGood, and stay on top with checklists.


11. Happy Couple

Happy Couple is another engaging and addicting application which comes with a number of intuitive features for users from all over the world. Happy Couple – love quiz is a fine stuff of Happy Couple, Inc. which provides a quiz style application for couples where they can have entertainment and discover out even more what your partner feels or thinks. This is a great application to explore the insights of your partner by playing some special quizzes right from this app. Happy Couple – love quiz is an app for couples which are wishing to make their already existing bond a bit stronger through this friendly gaming. It enables you to know all things about your partner by answering almost 5 question a day. Happy Couple – love quiz precisely acts as an elegant springboard for starting relationship building dialogues about the values, feeling and all the aspirations. Its simple questions bring couples closer and let their relation strengthen a bit as your partner and you continually learn more about each other. You will trigger surprising matches and mismatches by you and your partner’s answers. So just download Happy Couple – love quiz, and push your relationship to the next level.


12. Love days

Love days is a super stunning application made for couples to enjoy their relationship with damn creativity and real charm. Lovedays – D-Day for Couples is a fine product of Wonderrabbit, Inc. that bring so many features for couples right in this one-stop shop. This application enables its users to enjoy day counter and measure how many days have they loved. It is one of the most precise application to remember you some important date regarding birthdays and anniversaries and never let you fight with your wife. This app also lets couples to enjoy lock screens to make a direct all to their lover. It allows you to manage and remember special dates for you and your partner and took a precise look at how long you have been together. Lovedays – D-Day for Couples also lets you set your lock screen with his/her picture and call directly to your partner on your lock screen, decorate wallpaper with the stunning widget, put name and pictures of you both, get birthday calculator and customizable settings. So just download Lovedays – D-Day for Couples, and enjoy your relation.


13. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is another intuitive application through which users can enjoy the highly decorated food-focused social application with a massive community of over 30 million home cools who play a part in helping cooks find and share the fun of home cooking. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is a great application which is efficiently personalized for you and lets you get smarter with every recipe that you save and make, and every cook that you follow. Its new version has awesomely improved search options and allows you to search by keyword, by dietary needs, and ingredients to includes and exclude, etc. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner enables you to save your favourite recipes for quick and easy access for creating, organizing, and sharing your recipe collection with others. This application lets you see which recipe ingredients are on sale, and suggest a recipe when you walk into a store. You can also watch step by step and detailed cooking videos from a collection of more than 1000 videos. So just download Allrecipes Dinner Spinner to enjoy cook’s profile, shopping lists, and intuitive sharing.


14. TickTick

TickTick is an intuitive, effective and simple to use application which brings task manager and to-do list altogether. TickTick: To Do List with Reminder, Day Planner is a great stuff for couples who want to manage all their things with damn professionalism. This application helps them schedule their time, manage time, reminding about deadlines, make a schedule, and organize life at home, work and almost anywhere. Tick Tick is working immensely great when you need to capture any of your ideas, create a shopping list, a work to accomplish, enjoy a list maker, and for better collaboration with your colleagues, through this app. This application enables anyone to achieve goals and start a well-organized life. This application keeps all your stuff organized and classify your tasks and to-dos with tags, folders, and list maker.  You can even attach your records, photos, and other attachments for better acknowledgement, and easily swipe a task to edit quickly, and long press to batch edit. So just download TickTick: To Do List with Reminder, Day Planner, and get an extra hand which helps you make the most of your things and get things done precisely.


15. WhereAreYou

WhereAreYou is probably a great application which allows you to find out where other people are. Where Are You App Find People is a fine app introduced by coANDco (UK) Ltd. which enables you to enjoy searching your friends precisely, and right from your mobile phones. This locating app allows you to get a robust tracker in your pocket and get to know the exact location of your beloved ones. You can find out the location of your friend in three intuitive and easy steps. First of all, you just have to choose the friend, any of your family member, husband, or anybody else you would like to locate from the address book of your friends. After this easy step, you have to pick her or his cell phone number and send an SMS. After this step, you just wait for the location shared push notification to precisely get the point where he or she is standing right now. Where Are You App Find People comes with some intuitive features through which users from all over the world can precisely locate their favourite ones. So just download Where Are You App Find People, and locate.


16. Dirty Games Truth or Dare

Dirty Games Truth or Dare is another entertaining application for couples and adults which enables them to enjoy exclusive truth and dare that you have never seen before. Dirty Game – Hot Truth or Dare is damn entertaining stuff introduced by Nour Nicolaos Moubayed, which is used massively due to its amazing providence. It contains more than 16 million users from all over the world and is one of the most dazzling and erotic applications present on the App store which lets you spin the bottle to get truth and dare experience on the way. This application offers debauched dares and a handful of entertainment with blue jokes, cheeky challenges, and carnal questions. Dirty Game – Hot Truth or Dare brings more fun to charmingly charged sessions with passionate posers such as slow, sweet, and amazing questions for both truths and dares. It brings thousands of truth and dares, dead gorgeous design, ability to select modes for multiple things, and hours of endless fun. If you are having a little fun with a group of guys and girls together and looking for a fun, then just pick it up and launch Dirty Game – Hot Truth or Dare.


17. Foodie

Foodie provides an elegant way to live life according to your tastes. Foodie – Camera for life is a fine product of SNOW, Inc. which brings a classy application and a necessary companion for a modern sociable foodie. This sleekly designed application enables its users to enjoy fun and fast way to spice up the best memory of a perfect meal. It brings more than 30 professional quality filters right in this app to enjoy life and for the real-time which includes Yum, Positano, Picnic, Sweet, BBQ, Romantic, Crispy, Fresh, and more. Foodie – Camera for life brings an accurate and easy guide feature for taking top-down photos of food through which you can capture the perfect mood and atmosphere when taking food pics. Through hits season videos with yummy live filters, you can shoot vivid videos from your dining mysteries. It enables you to use various filters and amazing editing to extemporize your photos with complimentary things. Foodie – Camera for life is just perfect for taking selfies or photos of foodies and share them on social media network. So just download Foodie – Camera for life and enjoy foodie photos with fun.


18. Postagram

Postagram is a famous application introduced by Sincerely Inc. which transfers beautiful postcards for only 1.99 dollars including printing and shipping costs. Postagram Postcards is a great application to mail your photos and other memories as beautiful postcards. This app allows you to enjoy photo pops out of the postcard as 3×3 inch photo print, and printed on thick glossy 4×6 inch at almost 300dpi resolution. Postagram Postcards allows you to deliver your emails anywhere in the US, Canada and Europe in within a week or up to 8 days, while other international destinations take a bit longer ( as 2 or 3 weeks). The card designs that it provides carries diversity and keeps on introducing new cards that change seasonally. It also enables better customization of the colours to fit your elegant and classy style. You can easily choose photos from your gallery, from any social media account, and even take a photo within the app as well. Postagram Postcards comes with entire customer satisfaction and is elegant for Summer camp, Father’s Day, Thank You’s, I Love You notes, Birthday cards, Invitations, weddings, baby announcements, Pen pals, Holiday cards, Vacation postcards, and any of your desired use.


19. IceBreak

IceBreak is the personality application introduced by IceBreak Technology LLC. IceBreak – Break the Ice has made the connection easy. This application covers essential things whether you are looking to network your filed, discover a 6th player for your outdoor hockey match, and meet your soulmate for the real-time. You just have to choose your badges and get started here to use its finest features. IceBreak – Break the Ice comes with an intuitive and sleek design and lightweight version which now loads on everyone community first. While on the other, its home icon will allow you to explore other badges communities in an intuitive way to discover what you want in a precise way. IceBreak – Break the Ice also removed expiry dates from charts so you can now see all your charts with damn creativity. This application enables its users to discover common points, choose your badges, search for individuals, and then break the ice. IceBreak – Break the Ice enables you to meet your soulmate and enjoy a little with his/her company. So just download IceBreak – Break the Ice, and create connections.


20. You&Me

You&Me is a great and probably the best application for your wedding in Sri Lanka which enables you to assemble a local dream team for planning your upcoming wedding up until your honeymoon to deliver a class to your life. You & Me is one the perfect utility in Sri Lanka to bring your wedding to life in an effortless and intuitive way. It is an intuitive wedding planning application where you can enjoy getting best ideas and implement them in your lives for the real-time. It enables you to search vendors near you as well as in a particular location island wide. You can easily explore reviews and blog posts to check their craze over the nation. You & Me enables you to read trusted reviews and posts as well for enjoy its precision. It allows you to enjoy all your working destination of your wedding in an intuitive way and you can easily manage things better and in a fully functional way. You & Me allows you to get inspiration as well as last minute details can be covered over here. So just download You & Me and enjoy your wedding checklist and budget in an ultimate way.


21. Kindu

Kindu is another classy application which enables the couples out there to enjoy their intimate desires. Kindu – Romantic Ideas is a great application introduced by Franklin Innovations LLC, which carries some romantic and classy features for both of them. It is probably the best application for couples to enjoy the discovery of flawless romantics date ideas, countless bedroom activities, and more. Its elegant match system ensures that you can communicate confidently and privately without fear of being hacked or publicized. This application has elegantly improved the intimacy of your relationship and allows you to learn a few fresh and new things to do with your better half in and out of the bedroom. Kindu – Romantic Ideas delivers a classy platform to discover more about your partner’s desire, and discuss your relationship in a positive way. Kindu brings more than 1000 romantic relationship ideas to begin an exciting adventure with your partner. It provides a double-blind match that enables couples only to see matches they agree on and enjoy this app with password protection, unlimited updates, amazing syncing, and lot more. So just download Kindu – Romantic Ideas to begin an adventure to surprise each other.


22. Desire

Desire is a game for couples to have some quality time for their relation. Desire – dare your partner is a great application introduced by Desire Technologies, Ltd which bring a game for couple to enjoy. It is an app filled with fun to play with the special person of your life, your love, and the person to whom you are crazy in someone’s love. Desire – dare your partner keeps that sweet romance with your partner and adds even more spice and charm to your awesome relationship. This application emphasis intimacy and romance to your relationship and lets you compete against your partner. You can dare your partner with hundreds of dares and it updates dares on a daily base so you’ll always have something new to play. Desire – dare your partner allows you to send your favourite dares from its categories including Love sensation, Roleplay and fantasy, Dress code, Under my thumb, Kamasutra, Bathtime, and more. Each of the dares has a number of points to earn, and if the partner accepts and does any dare, then he or she will precisely get the points. There are lot more features of Desire – dare your partner to enjoy after its download.


23. Wheel of Love

Wheel of Love is another intuitive application for couples to spend their upcoming moments in an intuitive way. Wheel of Love ❤ (for couples) is another fine application through which you can easily add some variety through this ideal game for couples. This app created to broke the ice and enjoyed in intimacy with your couple. It is a very simple and easy to use application through which you just spin the wheel, read the results, and take your time to enjoy each other. Wheel of Love (for couples) is the best application if you want to have an awesome day with your better half both in an out of the room. This app filled with extraordinary features through which you can enjoy amazing wheel results to get a mix of entertainment. Some of its amazing features include Love Quotes, Hugs, Blindfold your partner, Some Messages, Love Scene, Hugs, Give Kisses, You Pick, and more. So just download Wheel of Love ❤ (for couples) and try your life, experience and have fun, and spice your life.


24. Couple Widget

Couple Widget is another intuitive application for couples where they can enjoy their upcoming moments in an ultimate way. Couple Widget – Love days Countdown is an easy to use application with various widget functions, and you do not have to tap the app for getting its functionality. Couple Widget is a simple and easy to use tool that allows you to know an important anniversary continuously if you just enter the couple’s information. It allows you to confirm the anniversary and counting down by pretty widget with your damn memorable photos. Couple Widget – Love days Countdown lets you confirm the days to go to the next anniversary without any trouble through a graph. It allows you to decorate your anniversary with a precious, lovely person by the widget with the photos. Some of its main features let you show days been together, show widget and edit widget, select themes from its category, show anniversary (10, 100, and the day before the anniversary). So just download Couple Widget – Love days Countdown, and enjoy your lovely married life with more fun.


25. Simply Us

Simply Us is one of the best application for couples to organize their lives together. SimplyUs – Shared Calendar, To-Do Task List & Organizer for Couples is a fine application which enables dead simple calendar sharing, to-do list sharing, and get things done precisely. This application allows you to always stay up to date and never miss important stuff. This app made it extraordinary to share calendars, messages, photos, and to-do lists for extreme level communication. SimplyUs makes it so handy for the couples to manage their busy schedule, groceries, shopping, lists, shores, reminders, to-dos, agendas, tasks, family schedule, checklist, and way more things using this simple to use and powerful platform. SimplyUs – Organizer for Couples organizes each of your stuff with damn easy and creativity just to let you stay active from all the stuff that is being scheduled. You can share lists to get things done and enjoy its private atmosphere for sharing your cute and personal photos and messages. So just download SimplyUs – Shared Calendar, To-Do Task List & Organizer for Couples, and stay close to your buddy.

More About LokLok

LokLok is a cute application for couples having Android device, which enables them to communicate with their partner by heart. LokLok: Draw on a Lock Screen delivers an awesome way to make communication with your beloved ones right on the lock screen of your phone. This app enables its users to leave notes, photos, and drawings for them to see whenever they check their mobile phones. There are a lot of feelings that this app delivers for you to your partner to let them see the level of your affection. LokLok: Draw on a Lock Screen replaces your traditional home screen with a shared whiteboard which is always in sync with both of you. You can even create a group of more than one people, and whenever anyone changes the lock screen, everyone will be updated automatically. You can easily receive what that person sent you, and even draw on the phone without unlocking the screen. This superb app works like a whiteboard, and you can draw, and erase things easily. You can even share your LokLok’s masterpieces on social media platforms as well. So just download LokLok: Draw on a Lock Screen to send lock screen message.