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M1 Finance carries a simple, affordable, and zero-cost investing platform that enables automatic invest in what you want without any cost, introduced by M1 Finance. M1 Finance – The New, Free Way to Invest is a revolutionary application that enables its users just to pick their investment, deposit money, and let M1 Finance – The New, Free Way to Invest do the rest… read more
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1. Robinhood

Robinhood is a great application for making investments for free. It is a finest and super secure tool that helps its users to invest in ETFs, Stocks, Cryptos and options without spending a single penny. It is a superb application that helps its users to simply swipe to sell and buy stuff in a commission-free atmosphere. Robinhood – Investing, No Fees lets its worldwide users to invest in cryptocurrencies, ETFs, Stocks and options side by side in a commission-free and easily accessible scenario. It doesn’t even need any account minimum to get started here. This investing application brings ultimate instant access and enables the usage of funds immediately for crypto and stocks with the Robinhood instant deposits and doesn’t let you wait for the standard three day period. It instantly sells your stocks to sell as well as buy your cryptocurrency to buy stocks. Robinhood – Investing, No Fees has efficiently made the investment at your fingerprints so that you can sign up in minutes, stay on top of your investment, access market data, and make stuff comfortably.


2. Investing

Investing is a very famous application and the finest product of Investing.com. It intuitively offers a set of ultimate financial tools that are efficiently covering a variety of local as well as global financial instruments. It is an effective place for both traders and investors to make effective doing. Stocks, Forex, Bitcoin, Ethereum: Portfolio & News brings real-time charts and quotes for more than 100,000 financial instruments, which is being traded on above 70 global exchanges. It is a fine financial tool that manages your investments and tracks major global stocks, commodities, interest rates, options, futures, forex, bonds, and indices, etc. It provides the support of economic calendar that provides the live updates on global economic events and handlings customized to your personal interests. Stocks, Forex, Bitcoin, Ethereum: Portfolio & News app lets you add your favourite financial tool and instrument, build your own personalized watch list, keep track of your stock, quotes, currencies, and related stuff, and delivers a personalized portfolio. Other than these, it provides latest updates, alerts, news and analytics, financial tools, and way more to have on your smartphone.


3. Stock Trainer

Stock Trainer is another outstanding financial application that helps its users to bring their visual stock trading with the real-time world market data. Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading is a simple to use, plain, and free application that does not offer any in-app purchase or any freemium fractures. It uses actual market data to help beginners to make their step in the era of stock investment. It is an extremely useful app to learn to trade with its real market simulator and guide for your future investment. Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading is a stunning tool for keeping track of stocks in the portfolio. You can even add your favourites to the watchlist, and it lets you discover stock using name and ticker. It also lets you know the top losers and gainers as well, and you can even track your investment performance as well for having a bull’s eye on all of your investments. Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading is an intuitive platform with sleek design through which you can also monitor and view your transaction history, detailed stock with charts, and extended menu.


4. MetaTrader

MetaTrader lets you trade Forex from your mobile phone and tablets, introduced by MetaQuotes Software Corp. It is probably one of the world renowned forex trading application and platform where you can easily choose from thousands of servers and hundreds of brokers to trade. It is a superb tool for controlling your account, analyse and trade the Forex market using graphical objects and technical indicators. MetaTrader brings intuitive and technical tools that feature real-time quotes of financial statements, all types of trade exchanges, full set of trade orders, and detailed trading history as well for better management. MetaTrader 4 also provides advanced level functionality that enhances your investing and trading experience. It enables the fast switch between the financial instruments on charts. Other than these, it delivers customizable chart colour range, free financial news, sound notification, chat with any registered MQL 5 user, and way more things. MetaTrader 4 provides real-time charts with scroll and zooming options, delivers 30 most popular indicators, 9 timeframes, 3 types of charts, and almost 24 analytics objects, etc.


5. Thinkorswim

Thinkorswim is a powerful and more handy application that lets you trade anywhere in the world having one of the most intuitive and robust trading platforms right in your hand. It provides one of the most efficient trading technology that gives you the freedom to options and complex options, futures, forex, trade stocks. While your buddies are crushing candies, you will be crushing vol using event notifications, interactive charts, and a list of intuitive features. Think or swim Mobile lets its users to scan multi-touch charts with a number of chart studies. While on the other hand, access to chartrooms, sharing of thoughts on particular trading, and watching of daily programming by professionals has become handy using such a class. Other than these, you can also view live streaming news, access and track events, track and modify orders, stream live CNBC, create and modify advanced orders, modify and track alerts, test strategies, scroll through full-screen views, and more. Thinkorswim Mobile also includes way many professional features as well through which you can easily make your trade concern activities securely and having much convenience.


6. Protrader

Protrader is a fine production of Velocity Trade that enables it users to access their trading account right from their mobile phone while on the go. It has made it so handy to manage all the trading activities on the move by accessing all the major markets including forex, CFDs, equities, futures, and more. Protrader is an intuitive and useful app for traders that helps its users to keep an eye on the current market and manage their positions while you are not present on your desk. This app allows you to view your watchlist, view level 2 data, manage your account, access advanced charting, run reports, and way more things to manage your investments concern activities easily. Protrader SA is a simple to use application that provides a convenient interface for its users that allows them to keep track of their trading stuff. Other than these, you can also open and close new and existing positions, access advanced charting, manage your account from end to end, stop loss orders, receive real-time news, set take profits, etc. So just download Protrader SA to take your trading account with your by managing your market risks at all times.


7. Matador

Matador is another elegant stuff that helps you sell and buy stocks with friends without any commission or extra charges. It is a fine application by T3 Securities, Inc. that brings an intuitive way to make and share investments and become inspired by the fellow traders and have way more things to enjoy. Matador – Stock Trading with Friends is probably one of the most ancient commission free social trading application that helps its users to trade and network with your known buddies. It lets you find inspiration and get precise information about the stock market and conduct transactions. Matador – Stock Trading with Friends lets you share your insights with your followers and become a top investor. This app provides instant access to a commission-free investing platform to step ahead from the beginning while immediately sharing your trades, investment and portfolio ideas, and way more things to enjoy. Matador – Stock Trading with Friends ensured all of its users and transactions and held highest standards of security. Other than these, you can also enjoy its buy and sell feature, sharing of your trades, follow the community, account opening, immediate funding, and much more.


8. DriveWealth

DriveWealth is another investment concern application that helps its users to bring some exceptional tools and features for a better investment. It brings dollar-based investment with fractional shares. It enables its users to invest what you want, how you want, and when you want. Through buying fractional company shares, you can easily invest in your own terms. Drive Wealth lets you spent exactly what you want. This investing application lets you manage more conveniently and has made the investment even more affordable by providing the ability to pay on a subscription basis. This lightweight, affordable and easy to use application enables its worldwide users to diversify comfortably with the dollar-based investing. You can easily manage all of your portfolio details, and it offers one tap to access your portfolios. So that you can better manage all of your investment and other stuff having DriveWealth in your mobile phone. You have to read all the prospectus carefully and attentively before any investing in this intuitive application.


9. eToro

eToro is a revolutionary trading application that enables its users to invest in the world most popular markets. It is a great social investment application that allows its users to harness the wisdom of the crows to create smarter investments in commodities, currencies, indices and stokes. It is one of the world’s largest social investment platform that connects traders from around the worlds and allows them to share trading strategies and information openly and freely. eToro – Social Trading brings an intuitive CopyTrader tool that enables investors to invest in the traditional financial markets, but also let them invest in each other investment strategies to create people based portfolio. EToro – Social Trading lets you start investing in indices, currencies and stocks, and commodities, with only 50 dollars. You can also discover top-ranked investors and also monitor the portfolios of other investor’s including up to date statistics, portfolio breakdown, and performance charts. eToro – Social Trading allows you to build and manage your portfolios, and by gain extra income by attaching your own copiers and followers for sharing your wisdom as a popular investor. So just download eToro – Social Trading, and bring your trading exoreic to the extreme level.

More About M1 Finance

M1 Finance carries a simple, affordable, and zero-cost investing platform that enables automatic invest in what you want without any cost, introduced by M1 Finance. M1 Finance – The New, Free Way to Invest is a revolutionary application that enables its users just to pick their investment, deposit money, and let M1 Finance – The New, Free Way to Invest do the rest. It has made it really simple to be invested exactly what you want, and you can easily invest in any ETF or company that trades on the NASDAQ or NYSE. It delivers an intuitive design that has exceptionally made it simple to organize and built your personalized investment portfolio. M1 Finance – The New, Free Way to Invest lets you built your custom portfolio for once, and then you can easily manage all of your savings and accounts transactions. It does not apply any charges, no-nonsense, and no commissions so that you can simply forward your money investments without any extra cost. So just download M1 Finance – The New, Free Way to Invest to bring your retirement into focus.