9 Apps Like M1 Finance

M1 Finance carries a simple, affordable, and zero-cost investing platform that enables automatic invest in what you want without any cost, introduced by M1 Finance. M1 Finance – The New, Free Way to Invest is a revolutionary application that enables its users just to pick their investment, deposit money, and let M1 Finance – The New, Free Way to Invest do the rest. It has made it really simple to be invested exactly what you want, and you can easily invest in any ETF or company that trades on the NASDAQ or NYSE. It delivers an intuitive design that has exceptionally made it simple to organize and built your personalized investment portfolio. M1 Finance – The New, Free Way to Invest lets you built your custom portfolio for once, and then you can easily manage all of your savings and accounts transactions. It does not apply any charges, no-nonsense, and no commissions so that you can simply forward your money investments without any extra cost. So just download M1 Finance – The New, Free Way to Invest to bring your retirement into focus.

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1. Robinhood

Android iOS
Robinhood is a great application for making investments for free. It is a finest and super secure tool that helps its users to invest in ETFs, Stocks, Cryptos and options without spending a single penny. It is a superb application that helps its users to simply swipe to sell and…

2. Investing

Android iOS
Investing is a very famous application and the finest product of It intuitively offers a set of ultimate financial tools that are efficiently covering a variety of local as well as global financial instruments. It is an effective place for both traders and investors to make effective doing. Stocks,…

3. Stock Trainer

Stock Trainer is another outstanding financial application that helps its users to bring their visual stock trading with the real-time world market data. Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading is a simple to use, plain, and free application that does not offer any in-app purchase or any freemium fractures. It uses actual…

4. MetaTrader

Android iOS
MetaTrader lets you trade Forex from your mobile phone and tablets, introduced by MetaQuotes Software Corp. It is probably one of the world renowned forex trading application and platform where you can easily choose from thousands of servers and hundreds of brokers to trade. It is a superb tool for…

5. Thinkorswim

Android iOS
Thinkorswim is a powerful and more handy application that lets you trade anywhere in the world having one of the most intuitive and robust trading platforms right in your hand. It provides one of the most efficient trading technology that gives you the freedom to options and complex options, futures,…

6. Protrader

Android iOS
Protrader is a fine production of Velocity Trade that enables it users to access their trading account right from their mobile phone while on the go. It has made it so handy to manage all the trading activities on the move by accessing all the major markets including forex, CFDs,…

7. Matador

Matador is another elegant stuff that helps you sell and buy stocks with friends without any commission or extra charges. It is a fine application by T3 Securities, Inc. that brings an intuitive way to make and share investments and become inspired by the fellow traders and have way more…

8. DriveWealth

Android iOS
DriveWealth is another investment concern application that helps its users to bring some exceptional tools and features for a better investment. It brings dollar-based investment with fractional shares. It enables its users to invest what you want, how you want, and when you want. Through buying fractional company shares, you…

9. eToro

Android iOS
eToro is a revolutionary trading application that enables its users to invest in the world most popular markets. It is a great social investment application that allows its users to harness the wisdom of the crows to create smarter investments in commodities, currencies, indices and stokes. It is one of…

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