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Magic Doodles is a game application for drawing lovers. This app is specially designed for kids where kids can draw doodles with magic, animation and sound effect enjoyment. This app will inspire you with the help of strange ideas, and it is full of fun… read more
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14 Apps Like Magic Doodles


Sketch Book Express

Sketch Book Express is a drawing application just for fun. This app has used professional-grade tools and brushes to create doodles, sketches or artwork on-the-go. It has resolution screen canvas and full-screen workspace supporting every device.

How to Draw

How to Draw is an application to learn to draw. This app will teach you like a personal art teacher, and you will be able to draw animals, cartoons, anime, nature, amazing pictures, and other different images.

My Sketch – Pencil Drawing Sketches

My Sketch is one of the best design maker application. This app will let you turn your photos to Beautiful Realistic Sketch and create lots of drawings. The user can get photos directly from camera or photo album and quickly can select drawings of 20 different types.

Drawing Desk

Drawing Desk is a drawing application which will provide kids an opportunity to have fun in the drawing. Drawing Desk is facilitating you with four different modes of drawing like Kids Desk, Doodle Desk, Sketch Desk and Photo Desk.


Whiteboard is an easy-to-use drawing application. You can make your picture more exciting by using lots of fun and colorful stickers. The user can decorate three photos at a time with his imagination.

Drawing Something Free

Drawing Something Free is a drawing and game application providing both facilities. This app provides you facility to play with friends and summon other friends on Facebook or Twitter, or be an automatically partnered with new gaming buddies.

Drawing Pad

Drawing Pad is a drawing application for the users of all ages. So you can create your drawing art by using a collection of amazing tools just like, Photo-Realistic Crayons, Markers, Paint Brushes, Colored Pencils, Stickers, Blenders, Erasures, Sketch Pencils, Text Sticker Tool, Advanced Brush Control, Roller Pens and much more.


@Draw is a drawing application to draw sketches quickly. It is a powerful drawing app but very easy to use with the help of your fingers. It will allow you to use some brush of different types with many other options like size, opacity, etc.

Drawing with Carl

Drawing with Carl is an educational application to learn to draw. This app will let you import a picture from anywhere and draw over it. One of the exciting features of this app is that the user can even play with talking stickers that will repeat anything you say with a funny voice.

Drawing Box Free

Drawing Box Free is a drawing application with unlimited number features for drawing. It is just like a drawing studio with you for making shapes, studying forms, life sketching, architecture, and human figures.

Doodle Buddy – Paint, Draw, Scribble, sketch – It’s Addictive!

Doodle Buddy is a drawing application to make art with your fingers. In this app, you can use your fingers to draw something different. This app is using a combination of funny sounds with stamps.


SimpleDraw is an application for quick drawing and doodling. With the help of this application, you will be able to start drawing without any bothersome start menu, splash screen, or ads.

Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches is a beautiful tool to create sketches. Tayasui Sketches is an incredible combination of beauty, simplicity, and power. Your creative mind can get here new ideas, illustration, painting or anything you think.

Art Studio

ArtStudio is one of the most comprehensive drawing application. This app has a new user interface and a powerful new graphic engine to make artwork faster, easier, and more fun. You can use tools for your drawing like a pencil, wet paintbrush, spray, dots, eraser, smudge, bucket fill, gradient, eyedropper, and much more.

More About Magic Doodles

Magic Doodles is a game application for drawing lovers. This app is specially designed for kids where kids can draw doodles with magic, animation and sound effect enjoyment. This app will inspire you with the help of strange ideas, and it is full of fun. You can draw here what you like without any rules, and you will find a different game every time. Magic Doodles will encourage creativity, pretend play and imagination. There are seven pages of doodles in the free version of the app, and you can purchase the full version with 33 pages of fun from in-app purchase. Magic Doodles adds new pages with every update. This app is accessible for all Android and iPhone handsets available in just English language. Apple features Magic Doodle in “Get Creative” in the US App Store. Magic Doodle improves Animation issue in the new version.

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