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Magic Eye Color is a great utility introduced by the Best Cool Video Image Editing Co., Limited, which enables its users to make their eye look charming and pretty. Magic Eye Color-Face Makeup something awesome which allows you to add magical pupil effects on your eyes of your mobile photos… read more
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1. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is one of the most widely used, well-known, and fully featured tools that allows you to enhance and touch up images using a number of supreme features. Pixel mator is an ultimate tool which allows you to edit pictures, sketches, paint, and create advanced image compositions on your mobile phone. It probably has everything that a photographer, a mobile graphic designer, a mobile painter, or a photo artist needs. Pixelmator is an easy to use application that helps you get innovative, powerful, and fast tools for removing unwanted stuff from your photos and bringing the class in them. You can instantly improve your photos, and take control of the tonal range of your image with curves and levels. Pixelmator brings some advanced features through which you can easily remove the redness of your eyes, get the image to perfection, enjoy skin blemishes and remove unwanted objects with the repair tools. It allows you to choose from tons of breathtaking effects to change the look of your image. You can enjoy extreme customization and easily manage the blur, sharpen, lighten, and darken areas of images. So just download Pixelmator to get your photography, graphic designing, and painting is carried out with elegance.


2. Visage Lab

Visage Lab is a professional beauty laboratory for your photos which makes them more clean and crispy. Visage Lab – face retouch is a well-known application introduced by VicMan LLC. It enables its users to remove the wrinkles, pimples and other flaws of your face in photos and make them more stunning. Visage Lab – face retouch allows you to removes redness of eyes and whitens the teeth in seconds and with simple taps. It brings a set of some intuitive features which enables its users to enjoy full automatic face retouch, skin makeup, eye makeup, red-eye removal, teeth whitening, colour enhancements, and much more, and all these operations made automatically. Visage Lab – face allows you to use more than 40 artistic effects just to change the look of your photos taken by your mobile phones or cameras. You can enhance the look of your photos and make your rough skin more shiny and clear using this amazing photo editing application. So just download Visage Lab – face retouch to bring charm to your ordinary photos and create a stunning profile.


3. Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder is another supreme utility that brings more ease of getting the finest look of your ordinary photos. PhotoWonder: Pro Beauty Photo Editor&Collage Maker is a stunning application packed with tons of intuitive features for having an extremely awesome photography experience. It is a great product of Baidu HK, through which users from all over the world can enjoy creating beauty and style in any photo. It is a fine application for creating collages, raking selfies with live or real-time stunning filters, add beauty to your photos, and so much inside of it. Photo Wonder: Pro Beauty Photo Editor & Collage Maker is an intuitive application loved by more than 200 million people from all over the world which let them transform their ugly photos into charming ones. It brings a list of amazing photo editing features through which you can easily crop, rotate, adjust brightness, resize, edit contrast, paint your photos with special stuff, sharpen your photos, and add a vignette to give it a different look and feel. You can instantly add multiple effects to get the pure level of your pics and make collages through a number of borders, adding texts, frames and more.


4. Eye Color Studio

Eye Color Studio is a great application working immensely great for transforming the ordinary look of your photos to stunning ones. It is one of the perfect application for you to enjoy hundreds of eye colours and effects on your own eyes in your photos. Eye Color Studio brings more charm of getting the most stunning look and trying the colour of your eye lens that you probably love. It is a superb app for creating more effects on eyes and making them more eye-catching. Eye Color Studio is pocketed with a list of photo-realistic effects such as standard colour contacts, scary eye effects, exotic contacts, and alien, and animal eye just to name a few. It lets you create lenses and extemporize your eye with the colour that you want by picking from a gigantic library of lens colours, shades, and styles of this application. You can easily simulate tons of photo-realistic eye colours on your pics, create your own eye colour, adjust the opacity of eye colour effect, enjoy automatic eye detection and adjustment, contrast and brightness adjustment, and a lot more through this intuitive stuff.


5. Photo Studio

Photo Studio is a multifunctional tool pocketed with a super series of exceptional features. It is an amazing tool that brings a vast editing kit through which you can not only enjoy the basic but also get the level of advance retouching features as well. Photo Studio allows you to experience editing using an exceptional range of filters, effects, text editing, colour enhancements tools, and much more to extemporize your photos with real charm. This super application brings a collection of over 200 unique filters and amazing effects rich set of frames. Other than these, you can also enjoy a number of its shapes, stickers, textures, correction tools including colour correction, lens boost, tilt-shift, sharpening, blur, and more. Photo Studio also lets you enjoy collage editor tools, magic tools, impressive text editing tools, and about more than 50 additional content packages for you to expanding the photo editing process. So just download Photo Studio to make each of your snap the perfect shot by loading them with a fine art using a wide range of its features.


6. Photo Editor Plus

Photo Editor Plus is another great tool that enables its users to beautify their images at an ultimate level to groom their charm. Photo Editor Plus – Makeup Beauty Collage Maker is a fine product of Rosy Team, which worked hard for getting such a utility for the worldwide users. It is super powerful editing application which allows you to make stunning photos with beauty camera, photo editor, PIP effects, Splash images, and blend photo effects. Photo Editor Plus – Makeup Beauty Collage Maker application allows you to make the real you from your photos so that you can enhance the charm of your profile on a number of social media platforms. It is used vigorously for having a quick square photo on Instagram, without even cropping and is one of the perfect square camera making app with collage shooting. Rather than increasing the beauty of your photos, you can also enjoy its powerful beauty camera just to get amazing photos. So just download Photo Editor Plus to get one click beauty and makeup, remove blemishes, remove eye bag, adjust eye bag, remove wrinkles, beauty makeup, reshapes face, remove redness of eyes, and lot more.


7. Red Eye Removal

Red Eye Removal is a fine application having a number of intuitive features for removing the redness of your eyes to an ultimate level. Red Eye Removal (Free) works immensely great on quality photographs. This amazing tool enables worldwide users to remove the redness of eyes effortlessly using one of the most sleekly designed red-eye removal application. Red Eye Removal (Free) is probably one of the best app merely introduced for removing the red-eye effect on your charming photos to make them clean and crispy. It brings a simple and intuitive interface that helps you get your photographic stuff done with ease. This app retains all the EXIF data from your original photos, delivers hints for newcomers, unlimited undo, and save to new photos to keep all its edits in one place. Red Eye Removal (Free) automatically detects eye for your, and you can easily adjust the hue, brightness and opacity of your photos elegantly. So just download Red Eye Removal app to remove unwanted colours and flash effects from your eyes.


8. PicsPlay Pro

PicsPlay Pro is one of the best application for getting an extreme level of photography experience. It is a simple yet powerful product of JellyBus Inc. which brings a number of intuitive photos caring features in the palm of your hands. PicsPlay Pro is a great application for enjoying a bundle of photo editing features to make your photos more stunning and gorgeous. This intuitive photo editing tool enables you to choose from a collection of more than 200 filters to apply on your photos to make them exceptional. PicsPlay Pro brings more charm and more stuff to embellish your photos with the most compulsory things. Pics Play Pro is an incredibly comprehensive picture editing tool through which users from all over the world can bring the real charm and essence of their photos. It allows you to take or load photos, enjoy undo, redo, reset, cropping, straighten, rotating, and many other environmental options. So just download PicsPlay Pro, and enjoy almost all editing features which allow you to express the best moments of your life.


9. Pictor Photo Editor

Pictor Photo Editor is fully-featured photo editing application introduced by Digital Monarch. This intuitive and easy to use application allows its users to get an exceptional tool for editing photos to transform the casual look into a minimalist yet awesome art. Pictor Photo Editor brings almost everything that you need to edit your photos and images in an exceptional way. This intuitive application makes it so handy to get all the compulsory photo editing tools in the palm of your hand so that you can enjoy photo enhancements anytime you want. It is loaded with some sleekly designed features with an excellent user interface. Pictor Photo Editor makes it effortless to remove red eyes, whiten the teeth, remove blemishes, remove the wrinkles, add multiple effects, and get lots of editing features right in your pocket. Pictor Photo Editor allows you to choose from three preset enhancement options to enhance the look of your images. So just download Pictor Photo Editor to get a number of additional photo editing features.


10. Red Eye Remover

Red Eye Remover is a great application for removing the redness of your eye in an effortless way. Red Eye Remover is a fine product of Pica Studio, which enables its users to get some effective tools for making their selfies more elegant and clear. It is fine red-eye removing application that helps its users to change the colour of their eye lens by choosing a number of categories that you love. You can easily remove the red eye, green eye, yellow eye, and other flash effects from the pics taken from your mobile camera or DSLR. Red Eye Remover brings some special effects that help you edit your photos elegantly. This app brings a list of photo booth effects as well so that you can easily add new eye lens and remove red-eye from yours as well as your pet’s. It also allows you to enjoy image adjustments including contrast, saturation, exposure, brightness, and more to give a professional look to your photographs. So just download this Red Eye Remover application to get a fair look for your eye.

More About Magic Eye Color

Magic Eye Color is a great utility introduced by the Best Cool Video Image Editing Co., Limited, which enables its users to make their eye look charming and pretty. Magic Eye Color-Face Makeup something awesome which allows you to add magical pupil effects on your eyes of your mobile photos. You can easily change the colour of your pupil and add majestic pupil effects like a recurrent eye, rainbow eye, star, beast, and much more. Magic Eye Color is an effective and an easy to use eye colour changing tool which enables its users to get magical colours to choose for their eyes. You can easily remove the redness as well as the whiteness of your eye and enhance the beauty of them using a number of its awesome tools. Magic Eye Color – Face Makeup also brings a precise FX-effects library as well so that you can easily customize unlimited colour contact lens. It also lets you get detailed tutorials and help files to understand things precisely. So just download Magic Eye Color-Face Makeup to bring the best version of your eyes and well as your photos.