13 Apps Like Mailbox

Mailbox is an email app introduced in 2013. Its different versions are available for iPhone iPad and even for Android devices. Mailbox is one of the fastest and convenient email app ever. Its minimalist interface and swiping gestures make this app user-friendly. Mailbox has the unique ability to snooze the messages, which means a specific time can be set for particular messages for checking and editing at that set time it will notify the user of the emails. It is quite smooth running app with substantial built-up. One of the biggest flaw in the app which surely disappoints the user is that it does not support multiple email providers other than Gmail and iCloud. In simple words, this app is only for the people using Gmail and iCloud email services. Another con of the app is that it does save the message drafts. Now the app is also available for Mac.

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1. Gmail

Android iOS
Gmail is an official application of the one of the leading email providing services with the same name. It offers the same services in the shape of its app for the smartphones and tablets as it is offering in the shape of its online service for the desktop web browsers.…

2. Yahoo! Mail

Android iOS Phone
Yahoo! Mail is a smartphone application by the one of the leading email clients of the world Yahoo! The application of Yahoo! Mail is containing a newly designed and powerful feature like accessing multiple mailboxes, fast searching system, and even password free sign in to get instant access to the…

3. Microsoft Outlook

Android iOS Phone
Microsoft Outlook that is otherwise known as Outlook only and formerly known as Hotmail is an email app developed and controlled by the Microsoft. This free to use email service allow the smartphone users easily create free to use an email account and even use their existing account via this…

4. Inbox

Android iOS
Inbox is the new email app introduced by Gmail. It ranked among the top email apps of 2015 in many of the charts worldwide. Inbox app bases upon the efficiency. Its main purpose is to keep the user notify all the time from the important emails received, and it could…

5. Blue Mail

Android iOS
Blue Mail is a beautifully crafted email management app for the iOS and Android users. This app features a simple design, powerful management tools, unified inbox and supports for all leading email accounts. In addition to management of multiple email accounts, this email management app is capable of managing emails…

6. CloudMagic

Android iOS
CloudMagic is one of the most popular and used email app of all time. It is a complete email app equipped with all the essential things. It has more than 3 million users only on iOS, and an almost same number is for Android. The app is praised even by…

7. Boxer

Android iOS
Boxer is the fastest growing app on the iTunes and even on Google Play. It is a kind of modern app with a new beautiful interface. It is named as smartest and fastest email app due its working ability and efficiency. It supports almost all the famous and widely used…

8. MailWise

MailWise is a mobile based email service provider that offers the smartphone users to create and manage multiple email accounts at once in addition to creating an email in its domain name. The quality that makes this email service provider different from most of the email services providers is that…

9. Dispatch

Dispatch is not just an email app; it is all in one kind of an app. It is the world’s first action-based email app that offers much more. It is a paid app available for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. The app possesses the ability to connect with…

10. Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail is an app for personal and corporate emails management. It offers easy and simple automatic setup system to its client for leading email services like FastMail, Gmail, Hotmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo and several other email services. Aqua Mail called itself the replacement of the most of the email…

11. Spark

Spark email application that is also known as Spark by Readdle is an email app for the iOS devices only. It is a standalone application only so doesn’t confuse it with multiple email management tools at all. This beautiful and intelligent email application allows it users to create their email…

12. WeMail

WeMail is an email client app developed by Kale Interactive. WeMail works with the most popular email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and AOL. The app is specially designed for mobile phone and is quite lighter on the device. Voice messaging service is available in the app to the user.…

13. Mail.Ru

Android iOS
Mail.Ru is an ideal app for any mail client because of the reason it allows the smartphone users to add all of their email boxes in one application and manage all of these with the swipe of a finger. Although Mail.Ru itself an official mail app of the Mail.Ru but…

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