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MapMyRun is another intuitive running app which helps you track and map your daily workouts through having it in your mobile phone. This application allows you to get feedback and stats as well to enrich your performance. Run with Map My Run was introduced by MapMyFitness, Inc… read more
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18 Apps Like MapMyRun


Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Strava Running and Cycling GPS is one of the most amazing apps for runners and cyclists for recording their activities, compete with their community, comparing their performances over time, and sharing the stories, photos, and highlights of their activities with friends.


RunGo is another elegant application which comes with some damn efficient features for its entire users to run harder and in an appropriate way. RunGo – Voice Guided Running is a superb virtual running partner who brings turn by turn instructions and guidance for tons of running routes, city tours, and races.

Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker is another highly recommended, sophisticated, and widely used application for running, cycling, and more. Sports Tracker Running Cycling is great stuff developed by Amer Sports Digital, which enables everyone in this universe to enjoy using free app for all your sports.

Runtastic Running PRO

Runtastic Running PRO is an excellent fitness tracking application that will keep an eye on your daily life movements. The multiple fitness tracking activities of this app like tracking time, distance, speed, calories taken and burned, elevation and much more will assist you in staying healthy and fit all the time.


RunKeeper is an application that has been made on account of lively wellness fans by giving them the likelihood of seeing a point by point measurements of their pace, separation, and times for each time they run or run.


Endomondo is an application to check your fitness goals. It will keep track of your cycling ride, runs, walks and more than 40 other sports with the help of fitness tracker. Endomondo will calculate duration, distance, speed, calories, and much more.

Running Distance Tracker +

Running Distance Tracker + is another extremely awesome app for runners who want to get things in a more precise and elegant manner. This app was developed by Fitness22 which brings a must have running tool for people of every age and for almost all levels.

Weight Loss Running by Verv

Weight Loss Running by Verv is an elegant application for runners which let them make this fact in a more reliable and convenient way. This application is introduced by the Red Rock Apps, which let everyone to get the fruitful running features right in their smartphones.

Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club is the perfect companion when it comes to running apps, and one of the perfect running partner. Whether you’ve just started running or a professional athlete, you can have all the compulsory stuff that is needed for running and its concerned scenario.


Pumatrac straightforwardly gives you more strength as well as further conducts to fell in love with training. This application brings personal coaching with the bespoke workout content that knows what you need and motivates you to do it.


C25K is another widely used app which is serving great as a running trainer, introduced by Zen Labs Fitness. C25K® – 5K Running Trainer has a tremendously great fan following due to its occupation in the list of some gorgeous and highest-rated health and fitness apps.

Rock My Run

Rock My Run carries more charm of workouts and motivations from your workout music to achieve all your health-related goals. RockMyRun – Best Workout Music is a famous running app developed by the Rock My World Inc.

Adidas Train & Run

Adidas Train & Run is another highly sophisticated running application which allows you to have quick and convenient access to start your running as well as workouts. Adidas Train & Run lets you get thinner, leaner, fitter, stronger, or whatever you want to be.

Road ID

Road ID is an elegant tool for runners, kids, walkers, skiers, cyclists, hikers, and almost everyone not glued with the couch. It is a full-fledged app containing lots of awesome features for its entire customers, introduced by the Road ID Inc.


iSmoothRun is one of the most effective applications which helps you track and log your walking, running, cycling, hiking, and other fitness activities that you probably do on a daily basis.

Runner’s World My Run Plan

Runner’s World My Run Plan precisely motivates you to work out in the way like never before. Runner’s World My Run Plan is a great production of Focus N Fly Inc.

Footpath Route Planner

Footpath Route Planner enables everyone in this universe to map routes in seconds, introduced by Eric Wolfe. It is a highly recommended iOS application for running, cycling, hiking maps, and each of your concerned activates.


RaceRunner enables runners to compete against other compassionate runners from all around the globe in real-time races. No matter if you have just started running or even you are a runner enthusiast, RaceRunner – GPS Real-Time Run lets you have the fun of competition to your daily run.

More About MapMyRun

MapMyRun is another intuitive running app which helps you track and map your daily workouts through having it in your mobile phone. This application allows you to get feedback and stats as well to enrich your performance. Run with Map My Run was introduced by MapMyFitness, Inc. which helps you discover the best running routes, save, and share your most favourites, and even get inspired to reach new running goals with a massive community of more than 40 million runners. Whether you are a beginner as well as a seasoned runner to log your first mile, you will intuitively discover tools and features to stay on track and get motivated along the path. Some of the highlighted features of Run with Map My Run app includes review your workout performance, keep up with friends, discover a new place to run with routes, get immensely awesome motivated, and lot more. This applications also comes with a Premium version as well to get highly reputed running features. Run with Map My Run also lets you discover new paths for running to get unique things on your way. So just download Run with Map My Run, and run.

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