8 Apps Like Maps, Navigation and Directions

Maps, Navigation and Directions by We Love Maps is an app which does exactly what the name suggests. It shows people the maps from which they can navigate and give directions to where they want to go and then the app helps them to reach their desired place with the help of options that exist. The app is smart so whenever you are on a route, it memorizes everything about it so that you can be helped the next time the same place is visited. There is also the option of adding your social networking friends on this platform such as Facebook and your contacts. The moment you start your journey, all the information will be shown, and the navigation will work as it collaborates with the help of internet. There are loads of features which the main apps have but in addition to that, it also has videos from YouTube and articles from Wikipedia about a particular place so that you know exactly about where you are going. The app is free to use, and there are no in-app purchases which can be a distraction. There are some ads in the app which can be a drawback and you can’t even get rid of them since there is no pro version. People can also make changes in the map and add things so that they can help others. Whenever you contribute something towards the app, you get rewarded for it. The main drawback of this app can be the fact that the user interface is not that great. It has also used the Google interface for the maps so you can even get to see the street views and other information about famous places around the route you are traveling. Overall, this app is an excellent choice if you want a service that is free to use and there are fewer drawbacks of using it.

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1. Waze

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Waze is one of the best application which is community-based and provides people with a platform where they can use traffic and navigation maps for their help. This is a place where drivers who have to travel within the city share their experiences and help others to find the destination…

2. CoPilot GPS

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CoPilot GPS is an application that helps people find their way whenever they are away for a tour or want to travel from one place to the other. The main advantages of this app are many but few of them will be listed here. Whenever a person is going, this…

3. Sygic GPS

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Sygic GPS Maps and Navigation is one of the most advanced applications when it comes to using the online maps for touring around the world or even from your home to the next street. There are many advantages of this app which can be helpful for people who love to…


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MAPS.ME is one of the quickest ways to find out your destination. The user can access here detailed maps of all countries from anywhere in the world without an internet connection. Over 30 million people have trusted MAPS.ME by downloading it. It will help you by giving directions to your…

5. Google Maps

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The Google Maps is mapping app created by Google. It will find for you the best spots in town and the information you need to get there. Google Maps is an extensive app with accurate maps of 220 countries and territories. It will also have Voice-guide GPS navigation which will…

6. Yandex Navigation

Yandex Navigation is an app similar to Google Maps and provides detailed information whenever you are traveling to one place from the other. Whenever the arrival and destination route is added, it takes into account various factors such as time of the day, traffic situation, road blockages, construction work and…

7. Bzing GPS navigation

GPS navigation by Bzing is a new but versatile app which provides people with the simple tools they require to have a safe journey. The app is simple in its use and has a small size which prompts people to install it. There are many features of the app which…

8. My Location GPS Maps

My Location GPS Maps is a simple yet interactive tool which helps you get to know about your current position at all times and keep others inform about it. You can also plan your journey with the support of this app and will guide you from your current address to…

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