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Meal Planner Pro lets you simply focus on things that you want to have in lunch, breakfast, dinner, or other big meals of the day and manage everything flawlessly. Meal Planner Pro – Grocery Lists app was presented in the market by MealPlannerPro Inc., which carries the ability to add other household and food items to the list in a way like never before… read more
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25 Apps Like Meal Planner Pro



MealPlanner is an effective and a must have tool for all the mothers or house holding chefs for making the plans of their meals on a daily basis in a fun and engaging way.


PlateJoy has simplified your life by planning your meals in a way to achieve your fitness and health goals, right through the app. PlateJoy – Personalized Meal Planner is a great product of PlateJoy Inc., which allows you to eat healthily and stay healthy.

Plan to Eat

Plan to Eat intuitively helps all the busy mothers and other households to get healthy dinner, lunch, and breakfast on the table. Plan to Eat: Meal Planner & Grocery List Maker is a fine app for foodie managers through which they can organize and collect their recipes, make shopping lists, and add desired recipes to their meal planning calendar.


Paprika app organizes your recipes, plan your big meals, and helps you in creating your groceries in a way like never before. Paprika – Paprika Recipe Manager 3 is a great, world-famous tool presented in the market by Hindsight Labs LLC, which allows you to plan your meals, organize your grocery list, and save recipes from your most likely sites in this one shop stop.


SideChef is an up to the mark app which helps you plan your meals for the week through its highly personalized meal ideas as well as recipes from its cooking experts.

Food Planner

Food Planner intuitively presented in exclusive meal planner, inventory holder, grocery list manager, and recipe collection that can sync to the cloud across plenty of platforms. Food Planner is a gorgeous tool developed in the market by MiniMobile Inc.

Strongr Fastr

Strongr Fastr intuitively tells you what to eat as well as what exercises to do in order to achieve your health or fitness goals such as the building muscles or losing fat, as well as weight loss, maintaining your weight, or bulking your weight as well.


Prepear helps you in creating meal plans through the automatic collection of recipes, grocery lists and share them with chefs, friends, family members, and others. Prepear – Meal Planner, Grocery List, & Recipes is an easy to use meal management tool developed in the market by Prepear Inc.

Magic Fridge

Magic Fridge helps you in cooking the dinner of the day and helps you in cooking and saving so that you can say goodbye to waste having this app on your phone.


KitchenPal contains the management of recipes, health and fitness, grocery list, and various other things into one place, and you can simple scan or add your desired products to your virtual kitchen.


MealBoard effectively plan your meals, organize your recipes, keep track of your inventory, and generate your grocery lists under one platform. MealBoard – Recipe, Meal & Grocery Planner app was presented in the market by Ray Bernardo, which brings a one shop stop for managing all your recipes and meals in a way like never before.


MealPlan+ is an efficient and easy to use the app, used for planning grocery as well as meals (lunch, dinner, breakfast, desserts, drinks, and all the foodstuff) right on your mobile phones.


MakeMyPlate is your visual diet meal planner, which allows its worldwide users to choose your entire meal plan to achieve your fitness or diet goals and becomes your personal diet assistant for light and healthy eating.

What’s on the Menu

What’s on the Menu helps you store as well as keep track of the menu of the week and helps you in managing the food, recipes, and other foodstuff right under one platform.


MenuBlender offers meal plans for the dinner as well as lunch by providing you access to the most appropriate restaurants for as low as €7 per meal. MenuBlender – Meal Plan Food Booking app was presented in the market by MenuBlender Netherlands B.V Inc.

Recipe Calendar

Recipe Calendar is a fine tool which helps you in saving your cooking time by choosing a meal plan, get the right amount of recipes, go shopping with a compatible grocery list, and cook your meals using step by step guidance.


Pepperplate brings one of the most effective ways to flawlessly manage your menus, shopping lists, recipes, and more on the web as well as over Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets.

Fitness Meal Planner

Fitness Meal Planner lets you grab the detailed meal plan that will bring you the fitness or health-related results that you acquire. Fitness Meal Planner is easy to use and manage app which simplifies your bodybuilding as well as fitness meal planning process in an exciting and effective way.

Menu Planner

Menu Planner makes it so easy to plan meals for yourself and for others by tracking the entire nutritional information per meal. Menu Planner – Shopping List and Meal Planner app was presented in the market by InnovaDev LLC, through which you can manage and import your own recipes and new ones from the most famous recipe web series, blogs, and tutorials.

Copy Me That

Copy Me That intuitively combines the features of managing recipes, creating and updating shopping lists and helps you in meal planning right away. Copy Me That – Recipe Manager is an all in one meal planner which makes it tremendously easy and intuitive to copy any of your desired recipe from any food website, meal blog, chef tutorial, and from anywhere you want right into your recipe box.

Hestan Cue

Hestan Cue is an exclusive video-guided cooking scenario which manages and monitors the time and temperature, every step of your recipes. Hestan Cue – A Connected Cooking Experience was presented in the market by Hestan Smart Cooking Inc.

Clean Eating Meal Plan

Clean Eating Meal Plan allows you to eat healthy meals by avoiding all the bad foodstuff and manage each of your healthy meal in a way like never before. Clean Eating Meal Plan app allows you to plan your meals in a healthy way by avoiding all the junk and unhealthy stuff.


OrganizEat brings a better and sleek way to organize all your meals as well as recipes and store your loved recipes in the way you want. OrganizEat: Cookbook Recipe Box Organizer & Keeper is a great tool presented in the market by OrganizEat Ltd, which does not let you manually enter a recipe by providing an automatic approach to everything needed.


Famealy is your online calendar meal calendar where all the friends, roommates, and colleagues can coordinate on what to eat next. Famealy: Online Meal Calendar for Family app was presented in the market by Famealy, Inc.


Plateful lets you create a highly personalize meal plan of the week in just a few steps and lets you view or alter them according to your own way. Plateful Weekly Meal Planner is a fine tool presented in the market by Happy Accident Apps Inc.

More About Meal Planner Pro

Meal Planner Pro lets you simply focus on things that you want to have in lunch, breakfast, dinner, or other big meals of the day and manage everything flawlessly. Meal Planner Pro – Grocery Lists app was presented in the market by MealPlannerPro Inc., which carries the ability to add other household and food items to the list in a way like never before. In spite of providing a collection of 1.2 million recipes, you can explore and add brand name grocery products to your desired lists of items. It helps you in combining the ingredients to make your recipes with everyday household items you need to buy into the same list. The shopping list that you create over Meal Planner Pro app can easily be accessed from any of your mobile phone devices and tablets due to its amazing syncing support. Meal Planner Pro Grocery Lists intuitively sync the lists so that the items or foodstuff can be added right from your home while you are still in the store, and is great for those last minute grocery items. Meal Planner is an ultimate end to end solution from anything from organizing, planning, and shopping to the cooking of your recipes. So just download Meal Planner Pro app in your mobile phone and enjoy everything that lies in between grocery shopping to meal planning.

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