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Memoir is a remarkable stuff that helps you store your most precious and the most memorable images, and videos in a completely secure and private atmosphere. You can even share your past memories and download images in a completely secure format. It is an entirely user-friendly application that helps its users done their work effortlessly, and users can interact with this app quite easily. This app has solved the trouble of the storing of their precious memories in the form of images and videos for future and for forever. Memoir has a marvelous range of exciting features which includes the secure login approach, save images, download images, and many others coming soon. This app enables its users to share these stuff right from the app to some great and gigantic social media apps. It has vanished your headache of storing space forever and also makes your memories more personal now. So just log in to this app, make a well-protected password and keep your exquisite memories more secure, protected, and tension free.

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1. Collect

Collect is a fine app that allows you to collect rich memories, not just photos. It delivers a modernized scenario for collecting your most worthy and precious photos and memories from the past. It offers quite easy interaction from users and users can handle this app with extreme friendliness. It…

2. Timehop

Android iOS
Timehop is a fine looking app that enables users to celebrate and share the most nostalgic moments of their past. This app makes it possible to collect your best photos and memories from the preceding times. Through this app, you can easily make it possible to tap through your old…

3. Moments

Android iOS
Moments is a fabulous app that helps its users makes an effective journal of their previous memories that users want to save and share. It efficiently helps you create and share photo albums with your family, friends, and others. With this memory holding app you can quickly send your amazing…

4. Throwback

Android iOS
Throwback is an intellectual and most sage app that sends your awesome memories (photos, videos, and other stuff), to your future self. It captures photos for you, but not save them to your phone. Actually this app makes it possible to get all of your awesome stuff and throw it…

5. On This Day

On This Day is an awe-inspiring app that lets you go back on the same day from your gorgeous history. This app makes it quite simple and accessible to get the stuff you are doing for the same day of this past year or years ago. This app lets you…

6. Life’s Time Capsule

Android iOS
Life’s Time Capsule is an exciting place to capture all of your family photos and videos. It is one of the most secure apps that helps its users make effective storage of their exquisite moments. It is a fine app that provides a damn secure platform to the users to…

7. 8tory

8tory is an app that relates much with the time machine working scenario through which you can easily go back to your past and feel the magic of your doings on those times and enjoy them anytime having this app on your smartphones. This app is filled with many exciting…

8. Instagram

Android iOS Phone
Instagram is an easy solution to capture and share the world’s moments. Boost your daily photos and videos into pieces of art and also, share them with your friends and family. Start to see the world via somebody else’s site by just following as well as the people you already…

9. Path

Android iOS
Path is the latest online social network that gives a kind of ‘public’ diary to ensure that only your nearest family and friends can easily see what you perform and wish to do. You can discuss all these information quickly with Path. As well, you’ll be able to back them…

10. Flipagram

Android iOS Phone
Flipagram is the simplest way to share all the wonderful experiences captured on your phone. Create interesting short movies with your photos, video clips, and modern music. Share secretly or with followers in the Flipagram community and beyond. Explore popular flipagrams to find out interesting folk and stories from around…

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