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Memorado coach is a small pocket with which you can improve the performance of your brain in small daily actions. You only tell you what you want to enrich, and the tool will create specific exercises based on your interests and preferences… read more
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17 Apps Like Memorado


Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer is a game of intelligence and mental agility to improve the performance of your brain, the style Brain Training, with tests ranging from sleuthing skills to visual perception.

Peak – Brain Training

Peak is a game of intelligence brain training style, allowing you to exercise different areas of your brain in order to improve various aspects such as concentration, self – control in stressful situations, vocabulary, and so on.


There are numerous apps accessible over the Google Play Store and App Store that enhance your fixation and mental spryness; yet one that does that and enhances your talking and composing capacities also, there is stand out, and it’s called Elevate – Brain Training.


Train your brain can be very simple if you have an excellent tool for this. NeuroNation is a personal trainer that will suit our needs in improving your memory, concentration, and intelligence.


Sworkit is an application to exercise, which will allow you to create our own routines to perform these days that you cannot go to the gym. It is basically a snap for users who often play sports, and do not want to miss a day of training.

Mind Games

Exercise Your Brain! Mind Games is an incredible gathering of recreations situated to a limited extent on standards got from subjective assignments to help you rehearse diverse mental abilities. This application incorporates almost three dozen of Mindware’s cerebrum preparing games some of which permit you to play three times and require moving up to play more.

Brain Wars

Brain Wars is a round of knowledge where two players contend online in a mental duel, and whoever thinks speedier wins. Duels in Brain Wars comprise of four very surprising irregular tests, which catch both your mental pace and math aptitudes.

HAMARU: Brain Games & Training

HAMARU: Brain Games & Training is the set of brains games and brain training application that will assist you in improving your brain effectively with its professional brain games and training exercises.


Time to rest or time to work? Would you like to know when your productivity or mental capabilities are more? KOGNITIVO is going to discover it out for you. Just six minutes for each day to keep your mind and brain level fit.

Achieve – Brain Games

Achieve – Brain Games is the name of an advanced level of mind challenging application. This application is basically the set of multiple brain training games that are meant to challenge your brain and have fun and excitement while sharpening your mental skills like numerical skills, attention level, language skills, visual perception and much more through scientific practice system.

NiceIQ- Scientific Brain Training

Investigative exploration has confirmed that our mind starts to worsen at 20 years old. However, it has likewise checked that neurons in the cerebrum are pliant and the cerebrum can regroup itself and assemble new associations.


The more you utilize certain mind capacities, the more grounded they turn into, the same way muscles get more grounded with activity. The recreations undercover are intended to draw in five center capacities: memory, center, rate, flexibility, and thinking.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit offers you a mind preparing stage to survey and prepare your family’s subjective aptitudes, similar to consideration, focus, and memory. Effectively distinguish understudies with subjective inadequacies by utilizing fun mind activities and mind preparing projects to recognize and enhance the insufficient intellectual aptitudes identified with focus, dyslexia, dyscalculia and significantly more.

Personal Zen

Personal Zen is a proof based cell phone application that decreases anxiety and tension in people who play it quickly or consistently. Personal Zen is clinically demonstrated to lessen stress by just playing a fun diversion.


This application conveys in each perspective. It does precisely as it guaranteed, and it is ideal for learning multiple languages. Yet, it urgently needs a few overhauls and fixes. Case in point, it would be extraordinary if as opposed to letting you know so gruffly that you neglect to compose the answer, it ought to at any rate let you see what wasn’t right with your answer so you have a superior comprehension of your mix-ups.


Happify is the single destination for compelling, proof based answers for better passionate wellbeing and prosperity in the 21st century. How you feel matters! Whether you’re feeling dismal, on edge, or focused on, Happify conveys you viable apparatuses and projects to help you take control of your emotions and musings.


Lumosity, the leading service in the science of brain training has a mobile application from which you can train your memory and attention with fun daily exercises in the form of mini-games.

More About Memorado

Memorado coach is a small pocket with which you can improve the performance of your brain in small daily actions. You only tell you what you want to enrich, and the tool will create specific exercises based on your interests and preferences. With just a few minutes each day you will improve working memory, cognitive control, and fluid intelligence. This utility, which is developed from a scientific foundation focused on improving brain ratio, uses fun as a learning method, so you can enjoy more than three hundred different levels in more than ten different games based on neuroscience it will allow you greater responsiveness in fundamental aspects of your daily lives, for example. With all these mini games logic, math and problem solving, will enable you to generate a set of statistics that will give you a global view of your strengths and potential for improvement. As each activity is specially designed for your progress depending on the needs, you can safely assume that you will always do the most beneficial exercise for you. Every important aspect of the brain that wants to improve features some tasks that you spend more time. Some of the exercises that you will find will be to remember where to find the objects you saw during the first few seconds in a marañada of identical pictures, which is the order of appearance of the color boxes inside a giant board or where is the exit maze. Whatever the look you want to improve, Memorado will help you get some visible advantages from the first week. Keep your attention on the important things in your life, remember all the new information they have accessed, speeds up your job or become multitasking and efficient person simultaneously with just a few minutes of exercise a day based on studies of neuroscientists from around the world.

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