Message Lock (SMS Lock)

Message Lock (SMS Lock) is a sleekly designed and lightweight tool that intuitively protects all your secure messages and chatting whenever you want. Message Lock (SMS Lock) is a stunning tool presented by ThinkYeah Mobile Inc. that helps you lock all your messages and chats from prying eyes… read more

Apps Like Message Lock (SMS Lock) for iOS

#1 Silent Phone


Silent Phone app serves as the software component of the SC’s enterprise privacy platform of services, devices, and software working together to keep you as well as your business secure and protected. Silent Phone – Secure Calling & Messaging app features encrypted peer-to-peer calling and messaging and helps you enjoy calling, video chatting, and instant messaging privately with one easy to use platform. You can effortlessly set the length of time in which you like to burn all the messages.

As your selected time comes, all the messages will be destructed, and no trace comes on your communication. The app contains remote or in-house training availability, voice memos (modern placement for voicemails), upgrade to the silent world, and secure conference calling in HD quality. Silent Phone – Secure Calling and Messaging app lets you send files with multiple formats, such as Docx, pdf, MOV, mp4, jpg, png, and various others.


#2 Stars


Stars bring a completely free to use, secure, and sleek chatting that is healthy for people of all the ages, developed in the market by Connect Works Inc. Stars: Private, Fun Messenger App does not need any phone number of the email address to enjoy secure chatting with the people you want to talk. This application works magnificently great over tablets and smartphones. The app enables free messaging with your trusted contacts without address book uploaded and people finding spamming you like over other social networking platforms and messaging.

Its magnificent group chatting feature enables you effortlessly to create private groups to enjoy flawless chatting with your desired circle of people. All your friends can join the groups (groups created by you) using the group number along with the pin. Stars: Private and Fun Messenger app is magnificent for all the families, teammates, group members, class fellows, employees, and school mates.

#3 Surespot Encrypted Messenger


Surespot Encrypted Messenger lets you enjoy probably the most secure and highly effective messaging experience and enjoy endless secure chats with all your loved ones whenever, wherever. Surespot Encrypted Messenger is a highly recommended messaging tool developed in the market by Surespot Inc. that helps you enjoy protected messaging. It lets you enjoy a secure end-to-end encryption technique so that everything you need to send can only be received and sent by the person you sent to.

It enables you to be confident while sending secure and private pics, docs, information, and everything in between. You can precisely get an elegant control over all your messages and helps you enjoy plenty of additional features. It does not need or store your email or cell phone number and don’t even mine your data for any purpose. Surespot Encrypted Messenger app uses your Wifi or cellular data, so you don’t get texting charges, annoying ads, or anything in between.


#4 UA Private Text Messaging, Secure Texting, Calling


UA Private Text Messaging, Secure Texting, and Calling is the world’s most elegantly designed and secure messaging platform that brings protection for correspondence. UA Private Text Messaging, Secure Texting, and Calling is an exceptional messaging platform developed in the market by Uaround Ltd, which can intuitively encrypt all the received and forwarded messages using a 15360-bit key. It keeps all your messages encrypted so that you can securely send all your private content, messages, photos, videos, and other stuff whenever you want.

The app keeps your messages secure and helps you enjoy making secure private phone calls with a highly effective phone number. You can elegantly recall sent messages and send disappearing messages right using your cell phones and tablets. UA Private Text Messaging, Secure Texting, and Calling app encrypts all the secret messages/SMS and private vault to hide your desired stuff (secret photos, private videos, passcodes, files, and more).

#5 SMS Texting from Tablet & Sync


SMS Texting from Tablet & Sync lets you enjoy secure and instant communication of SMS text messages over your desktops while leaving your phone in your back pocket. SMS Texting from Tablet and Sync is a unique and elegant tool developed in the market by MySMS app that enables you to sync all the messages, SMS, MMS, and messages from the social platforms between various phones/tablets and enjoy stuff effortlessly. It makes it easy to send and receive text messages over your tablets.

You can sync MMS/SMS between multiple smartphones and tablets, computers, and Mac Books. You can intuitively mute, dial, dismiss, and answer a call over your tablets and enjoy free SMS or texting to other users of MySMS. SMS Texting from Tablet and Sync app features elegant syncing of messages between devices, phone calls (dismiss, mute, and dial, etc.), call logs, notifications on incoming messages, multimedia, SMS backup, and much more.

#6 Seecrypt


Seecrypt is the next generation of encrypted and secure communications tool for all your desktops and mobile phones and is merely created for business and government use only. Seecrypt is a gorgeous tool presented in the market by Cellcrypt Inc. that combines award-winning military-grade encryption with the effective use of a consumer messaging app to secure your organization as well as providing peace of mind. It offers a secure and elegant conference calling, voice chatting, and message sharing between any of your most likely Seecrypt enabled devices.

You can also send multimedia files such as documents, videos, photos, and other files through its end-to-end crypto scheme (highest level of authentication or encryption). You can enjoy fully encrypted voice calls, and you can do so through mobile phone’s data connection. Seecrypt app brings full authentication to eliminate all the risks of impersonation via the spoofing of Caller ID.

#7 NetSfere Secure Messaging


NetSfere Secure Messaging is a super-secure messaging platform that provides enterprises with a highly secure, super private, centrally managed, reliable, and controlled cloud-based mobile messaging tool. NetSfere Secure Messaging is a superb application developed in the market by Convergence Solutions, Inc. that features encrypted messaging and file sharing for all global users. The app brings centralized administrative control to mandate user privilege as well as enterprise policies.

Through its one on one or group calling, you can also enjoy secure HD voice calling to one or more than one user of NetSfere. Its 256-bit security algorithm supports device to device encryption and lets you have a centralized administrative portal to manage the privileges and policies of the end-user. It features HD voice calling broadcast communication channels within the well-protected, secure, and enterprise messaging facility. NetSfere Secure Messaging app also brings physical, administrative, and physical safeguards to comply with regulatory requirements.

#8 Easy Message


Easy Message is a superb platform that is used to send messages to any of your desired phone numbers which are not n your contact list in a way like never before. Easy Message Send without Saving the Phone Number is a superb, sleek, and robust app for those who don’t need to save phone numbers to contacts just before sending SMS or WhatsApp messages. You can use the app to send direct WhatsApp messages to all your desired phone numbers that are not saved over your cell phones.

It enables you to simply copy the number of your friend or family member from anywhere in your clipboard and paste it to the app to send whatever you want. So just download the Easy Message – Send without Saving the Phone Number app over your cell phones and tablets to send messages instantly to all the unsaved contacts.

#9 Cellcrypt


Cellcrypt is the next generation of robust, super secure, effective, and encrypted communications for all the desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. Cellcrypt is a stunning tool developed in the market by Cellcrypt Inc. that enables you to add a username, passcode, and server URL (if applicable) and get started instantly. The app carries military level encryption with the effortless use of a consumer messaging app to secure, provide peace of mind, and protect your organization.

This gorgeous tool enables secure conference (video and audio) calling, multimedia (file, docs, images, and videos) sharing, secure messaging between all the Cellcrypt enabled smartphones. It uses double-layer end-to-end encryption along with new session keys, affording all the users market-leading encrypted communication. Cellcrypt app works superbly great overall the smart desktop devices and cell phones and enables them to communicate between platforms securely.

#10 SMS Plus


SMS Plus is an elegantly designed tool that enables its global users to send SMS using an internet connection and via linked sites containing the service. SMS Plus is a simple SMS messaging application developed in the market by Nobalaa CO., where you just have to enter your domain and account login info along with the site name to manage things effortlessly. You can intuitively export or import numbers, request senders’ names, and even export numbers for the group over the service.

It carries the support for sending notifications and reports to the users, running on HTTP API, and makes it effortless to ask for the recharge using the bank. It also enables the possibility of sending SMS even if you don’t have an internet connection (exclusive optional feature). SMS Plus app contains a sleekly designed interface that helps you grab all these options with plenty of other benefits for free.

More About Message Lock (SMS Lock)

Message Lock (SMS Lock) is a sleekly designed and lightweight tool that intuitively protects all your secure messages and chatting whenever you want. Message Lock (SMS Lock) is a stunning tool presented by ThinkYeah Mobile Inc. that helps you lock all your messages and chats from prying eyes. It is a light tool that effectively protects all your personal as well as private short messages, both MMS and SMS. You can also enable screen pattern lock accordingly.

Its smart and cute user interface is designed merely for all the Android users who want to secure their chats from all the people who use your cell phones. It provides filly privacy protection to all your short MMS and SMS messaging. Message Lock (SMS Lock) is an amazing app for you if your friends always use your phone, and you have too much concern regarding all the messages available over your devices.

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