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Minima Live Wallpaper

Minima Live Wallpaper is a Joko Interactive production that enables its users to enjoy an ultimate pack of some classy and amazing range of wallpapers just to enhance the beauty of the screen of your mobile phones. It comprises of an elegant collection of wallpapers that are shifting shapes and colors to your home screen… read more
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8 Apps Like Minima Live Wallpaper for Android

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1. Rain Live Wallpaper

Rain Live Wallpaper is a well-known application introduced by the great blackbird Wallpapers. It is a super simple application that delivers an extraordinary live rain wallpaper for the users that love rain. It is an ultimate app for individuals who love to have rain on their mobile phones. It delivers extreme smart and intuitive features that probably increase the charm of using this application. Rain Live Wallpaper provides the real-time rain experience for the users, and it looks so real just as the live rain is falling. It lets its worldwide users enjoy falling rain for free. You can also manage all the features and customize this app in the same way that you like. You can enjoy a variety of backgrounds to enjoy your rain to the extreme level. You can also enable or disable the effects, set the level of intensity, size, and speed of ran that you want. Other than these, you can also enjoy the animated rain, smoky window effect, more than 20 HD background to choose, real smooth 3D animations, and way more things to enjoy.


2. Material Islands

Material Islands is a sophisticated live wallpaper app introduced by Jenny Hanell. It lets its users to personalize their wallpapers for a classy and elegant experience. It is a minimalistic and materialistic application that lets you choose among way more unique and beautiful minimalistic islands that enhance the beauty of the screen of your mobile phone. Material Islands is a perfect application that lets you enjoy live wallpaper effects without even drainage of your battery by extracting a minimum amount of battery. It does not have an impact on both Ram and battery so just use it with slackening. It also you enjoy the boom of some attractive wallpapers that you can enjoy in the daytime, nighttime, and almost all the time. Every of its stuff is rendered straight from pixel-by-pixel and raw code on your device ensuring a super sharp experience. It is a free to use application that lets you get a full experience of material islands to enjoy on your mobile phone. You can get different outlets in both day and night streams and enjoy having islands in your mobile phones.


3. Ocean Live Wallpaper

Ocean Live Wallpaper is a superb application that helps its users get real-time ocean scenes, introduced by Pro Live Wallpapers. It lets you swim in the deep sear and enjoy the amazing sight of landscapes beneath the awesome live ocean wallpapers. You can get different wallpapers which comprise of different fishes and seas to enjoy. This superb touch of marine live wallpapers with the wonderful ocean life pictures and bright colors will beautify your mobile phones in the way like never before. You can download this app for free to get ultimate access to almost 10 different and unique themes of beautiful oceans to live it for real-time. It fully supports both home screen as well a landscape mode just to complete the perfection of either mobile phones or tablets. It is a smart app that automatically sleep when your device is not active so the app won’t drain much of your battery. Just download this app, to enjoy the crispy features and wonderful underwater pictures of this superb Ocean Live Wallpaper.


4. Water Garden Live Wallpaper

Water Garden Live Wallpaper is a classy piece of stuff that lets you enjoy real-time beauty of moving fishes. It is an awesome 3D live wallpaper application that not only reshapes the screen of your mobile phone but also lets you transform your screens into an incredible beauty. It is an ultra-realistic water pond full of some joyful and spiritual fishes. This application lets you scroll your fingers on the screen for spectacular and velvet smooth water ripple and waves. This application provides some unbelieving and adorable effects that entertain you in the best possible way. Water Garden Live Wallpaper allows you to enjoy watching cute Koi fins happily exploring your pond. You can spend time with these fishes and feed or tease these naughty koi fish to make them happier. It also lets you choose among a rich set of fantastically realistic scenes which has well-polished crisp, clear pixel just to boom your amusement. Water Garden Live Wallpaper is packed with some superb features that help you get a full store of magical items and make it intuitive to manage your water garden in the way you want.


5. Oajoo Device Info Wallpaper

Oajoo Device Info Wallpaper is an OAJOO product, and probably the most bulky wallpapers approach for your mobile phone devices. This is a wallpaper application that delivers all the information about your device in front of you. You can catch all the details about your device on the screen of your mobile phone and manage it way better. This app precisely lets you to be aware of all the information about the device that you need directly on your mobile screen wallpaper. It delivers a fine approach to provide information regarding your memory and storage free space so that you can better know what to save or what to trash. It also provides battery level just to keep you informed with the current battery consumption. Oajoo device info wallpaper app also lets you get appropriate acquaintance about the battery level, detailed info about processor cores, temperature, date and time, and some usual sensors (including temperature, pressure, gyroscope, etc.), CUP speed and load, and voltage as well to enjoy.


6. KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker is a fine product by Kustom Industries that lets your home screens look unique and smart and is probably the robust live wallpaper creator ever. You can use its stunning editor to create your own displays and designs in the way you need, wonderful animation too. Kustom lets you create amazing Analog and Digital Watches, Live Map Backgrounds, Material Wallpapers, Text Wallpapers, Weather Wallpapers, Animated Patterns, stylish CPY or memory meters, and lot more. KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker also made it so handy and intuitive to change wallpapers or images randomly, enables gyroscopic effects, astronomical data, and much. It way more saves your battery as well. You can get text with custom fonts, 3D flip transformations, gradient shadows, Zooper like progress bars, colour filters, layers, touch actions, Google fitness support, many shapes (like Arcs, Hexagons, Rects, Ovals, etc.), and lot more. KLWP also lets you enjoy animations (such as fading, scrolling, scaling, and more), magnetic sensors, native music utilities, arbitrary changing of wallpapers, multiple weather providers, tasker support, and a huge amount of data to display.


7. Forest Live Wallpaper

Forest Live Wallpaper holds a super cool and pretty relaxed collection of wallpapers based on trees blowing in the wind of the atmosphere and background with a sky that changes from dusk till dawn. It also comprises of weather-altering affects, 3D parallax effect, and the multi-sampling. It is a superb app that wants a tree house in a forest and has a hanger to see the forest from the rising of the sun to the dark night. It never lets you get bored because of its weather changing capability throughout the day. Some of its cool forest features include the day or night cycle that fades colours from dawn to desk, in accordance to your current location, mountains, startling stars, dazzling clouds, simulated scrolling, and lot more. Forest Live Wallpaper also brings smart connectivity with the wind, rain, snow, cloudy, and some other weather conditions. You can also enjoy its extraordinary 3D effects when you tilt your device. It enables a strong customization with the weather and colours of current scenarios. So just download Forest Live Wallpaper app and get started.


8. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper is a Roman Nurik, and Ian Lake presented application that gently refreshes the screens of your mobile phone with a marvelous touch of flamboyant wallpapers each day with famous work of art. This app delivers an elegant range of wallpapers including multiple categories and collections. It also receded into dimming, blurring, and background artwork to keep your icons as well as widgets in the spotlight. You can get ultra-ultimate wallpapers in probably the finest quality so that and simply zoom them or open Muzei application to enjoy the creativity of artwork in full glory. Muzei Live Wallpaper is a user-friendly application that helps you discover and get unlimited wallpapers. It never let you face the same boring home screens through making your favorite photos as your home screen for increasing the charm of your mobile phone usability. It lets you select multiple wallpapers randomly. In addition to that, you can also select any of your favorite photo from your gallery or select multiple wallpapers to get a blushing home screen. So just download this app and make your home screen attractive and entertaining like never before.

More About Minima Live Wallpaper

Minima Live Wallpaper is a Joko Interactive production that enables its users to enjoy an ultimate pack of some classy and amazing range of wallpapers just to enhance the beauty of the screen of your mobile phones. It comprises of an elegant collection of wallpapers that are shifting shapes and colors to your home screen. It allows you to enjoy shift and tilt shapes in 3D parallax motion as you scroll and move your mobile device. Minima Live Wallpaper brings a range of more than 35 handcrafted themes in this version and almost more than 90 in its pro version. You can respectively change the colors and manage the themes in the way it suits to your taste. You can also edit these themes and even create your own just to enjoy the glory. It also lets you share your creative stuff with the online community of this app and also join it for getting new themes from others. The best thing about Minima Live Wallpaper is that all of its customizable things bring more ease and classy touch to its usage and make users keep loving it.