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Minima Live Wallpaper

Minima Live Wallpaper is a Joko Interactive production that enables its users to enjoy an ultimate pack of some classy and amazing range of wallpapers just to enhance the beauty of the screen of your mobile phones. It comprises of an elegant collection of wallpapers that are shifting shapes and colors to your home screen… read more
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7 Apps Like Minima Live Wallpaper for iOS

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1. Live Wallpaper Animated Themes

Live Wallpaper Animated Themes provides a superb way to some gorgeous wallpapers and animations. There are a lot of followers of this app it also has got an attractive top class rating as well. This app was launched by Qingping Liao with an aim to deliver some sophisticated and exclusive wallpapers for all of its followers. This app delivers excellent stuff for making your lock as well as home screens a bit classy and more fashionable.  Live Wallpaper Animated Themes is packed with an exciting range of features which not only facilitates you with the flamboyant range of wallpapers but also lets you manage this app with pretty much comfort. It allows you to explore live photo wallpapers, browse live photo categories, enjoy the animated backgrounds, save these wallpapers, and stylize your home screen with your perfect choice. You can also check these stuff in the slide mode and set these saved wallpapers as photo wallpapers for the lock screen of your mobile phone. You can easily set these wallpapers to deliver your move. Live Wallpaper Animated Themes also provides its pro version with more creativity and entertainment.


2. Live Wallpapers for Me

Live Wallpapers for Me is an elegant application introduced by the Applon Apps that is present in the market for living up your mobile phones with some classy moving wallpapers. It is one of the best mobile apps that increases the charm of your screen through some dazzling wallpapers from its gallery. This app makes it so simple and handy to access tons of impressive wallpapers for your mobile phone to increase its charm. It also provides an effective animation that not only manages your screen with spectacular effects but also entertains you for the real-time. You can easily choose from a fine collection of these stunning wallpapers and easily press save to pocket them. You can effortlessly set your desired wallpaper as your lock screen and press your lock screen to let the magic happen. It delivers an ultimate and high-quality animations for your mobile phone just to make your device draw appreciative glances. You can set any of is the wallpaper on your mobile screen and get the magic of that style exceptionally.


3. Live Wallpapers by Themify

Live Wallpapers by Themify brings an exciting pack of wallpapers for its worldwide users. It is a fine product by the well-known Wallpapers & Keyboards which always brings the best for its followers. This application lets you adorn the screens of your mobile phone with some extraordinary stuff just to bring some taste. This amazing custom mobile app delivers an impressive design just to shine your mobile phone in the crowd. Live Wallpapers by Themify contains professionally curated content and animations just to delivers the attraction. You can enjoy a range of wallpapers and apply them on the screen of your mobile phones to create stunning outlook. This wallpaper application delivers an exciting category that include Abstract, Fire, Space, Nature, Landscape, Cityscape, and many more. Some regular categories that it contains are a variety of stunning wallpapers on Animals, urban, Abstract, Nature, Entertainment, Quotes, Entertainment, Holidays, and way more just to provide an effective platform. Live Wallpapers by Themify is available in the market, and you can get this app to make a new makeover level for your phone.


4. Fancy Live Wallpapers Themes

Fancy Live Wallpapers Themes is a new way to decorate your mobile screen with some amazing and unique live wallpapers and themes. It offers an ultimate pack of stuff that not only enhances the beauty of your mobile phones but also increase your charm of wallpaper collection in front of others. This application includes a robust collection of apps that give an entire new look to your device and make it a bit fancy. You can enjoy a collection of more than 20 live wallpapers categories to choose and enjoy. Other than these, you can enjoy the ultimate quality of each wallpaper just to maintain the level of perfection and excellence. It provides the compulsory makeover to your mobile device just to make it a bit stylish with some attractive wallpapers. You can download this lightweight app and get some special categories to choose, and Fancy Live Wallpapers Themes also enables you to save any of your desired wallpaper and share it with your buddies as well just to deliver your class.


5. Live Wallpapers for iPhone HD

Live Wallpapers for iPhone HD is a stunning tool if you are looking for an entirely innovative wallpaper app for the iPhone. You can also manage all these things in the most flawless and super easy way. It is a super awesome application that brings an exciting range of collection of stunning wallpapers. It consists of a brand new collection of live wallpapers. You can enjoy a stunning collection of vibrant background live wallpapers for the mobile home screens. It enables the lock screen preview from the application, sharing options, modern and clean user interface, and a collection colorful and vibrant collection of live wallpapers. Live Wallpapers for iPhone HD provides some elegantly unique wallpapers that never lets you get bored, and you can also change the wallpapers and move on to the next one for maintaining the joy. These wallpapers have an entirely new look and perfection so that you can enjoy the clean attitude and impeccable pixel of each of these wallpapers. You can easily enable or disable wallpapers and enjoy all these animations and wallpapers on the lock screen.


6. Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds+ is a superb app that delivers a vast range of awesome and attractive wallpapers that efficiently fits to your screen and increase the charm of your mobile phone’s home and lock screens. It delivers a wide range of Live wallpapers, Huge collection catalogue, Trendy patterns, App shelves and icons, Freshest designs, Amazing collection of Quotes, deliberate sayings, a variety of lock screen designs, and lot more. It never let you get bored of seeing the same wallpapers again and again, by providing a variety for your entertainment. You can browse and discover tons of beautiful wallpapers and enjoy loads of thematic categories to choose from. It enables a simple one-tap wallpapers downloading scenario, and you can pocket any wallpaper that attracts you the most. You can easily manage to make any of its wallpapers to your home screen and get amazing and clear clean quality of wallpapers to boost the attraction of your mobile phone. You can enjoy Christmas, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Space, Nature, Christian, Beach, Flower, Black and White, Dark, Gold, Retro, Halloween, Anime, Girly, Vintage, Winter, Summer and lots more. You can also get a diversity of wallpapers on cute and funny wallpapers and enjoy. It also has an effective subscription plan also.


7. Themeable

Themeable is a superb entertainment application that helps you get easy and superb access to live wallpapers for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus to enhance the charm of their screens. You can change the beauty of your mobile phone screens through customizing them with a variety of beautiful and heart touching Live wallpapers and even with your own videos. It is a superb application that helps you get access to thousands of wallpapers that helps you to transform your mobile device and customize it with a variety of live wallpapers. You can amaze your friends with the multiple amazing live wallpapers. It offers more than 50 live wallpapers to choose and apply on your devices. Themeable – Live Wallpapers Free for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus deliver an awesome range of wallpapers to choose from. You can get super spectacular live wallpapers with a daily updating criteria and also create your own custom live wallpapers from your video library as well and make them your home screen’s live wallpapers. Themeable – Live Wallpapers Free for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is an easy to use and beautifully designed application that helps you access and customize things with comfort.

More About Minima Live Wallpaper

Minima Live Wallpaper is a Joko Interactive production that enables its users to enjoy an ultimate pack of some classy and amazing range of wallpapers just to enhance the beauty of the screen of your mobile phones. It comprises of an elegant collection of wallpapers that are shifting shapes and colors to your home screen. It allows you to enjoy shift and tilt shapes in 3D parallax motion as you scroll and move your mobile device. Minima Live Wallpaper brings a range of more than 35 handcrafted themes in this version and almost more than 90 in its pro version. You can respectively change the colors and manage the themes in the way it suits to your taste. You can also edit these themes and even create your own just to enjoy the glory. It also lets you share your creative stuff with the online community of this app and also join it for getting new themes from others. The best thing about Minima Live Wallpaper is that all of its customizable things bring more ease and classy touch to its usage and make users keep loving it.