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With the usage of this advanced selfie editing and picture filters and themes containing an application, you will never run out of editing options. This easy to use the yet powerful image and selfie editing application let its users enhance the beauty of their photos in few seconds… read more
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RetouchMe is a body and face retouching application designed for the selfie lovers. It can be used for other purposes as well like editing group photos or dealing with collaged photos, but the best usage of this application is the area of selfies.


If you are a blockbuster lover and want to get some sparkling over your images, then we are sure you will like this simple photo editing application. SelfieCity is a new way of exploring the style of your selfies in multiple effects.


The quality of this photo editing application is that it smartly transforms the simple photos into spectacular and dashing posters. PosterLabs is the pack of hundreds of poster templates to turn the simple images to look more gorgeous as set by the professional photographers.

Microsoft Selfie

Microsoft Selfie is an advanced selfie editing and selfie enhancement app designed by the Microsoft for the smartphones and smart tablets. The quality of this simple photo and selfie editing application is that it smartly considers the gender, age, skin tone, and other variables with just one click and then tell the users which parts needs to be improved first.

Selfie Cam

Selfie Cam is a selfie taking application with the additional functionalities of editing the selfies as well. Starting using this application and take photos like a boss. You can do many activities with selfies taken like snapping, decorating, editing and even sharing the selfies over social media platforms as well.


Parfait is a way of finding perfect picture of you from already taken simple picture. This application allow the smartphone users to take sequence of similar pictures either in the form of selfies or group images using secondary camera and selecting the spots where they want to look perfect and apparent from the rests.

Selfie Beauty Photo Editor

Selfie Beauty Photo Editor combines the countdown timer and face makeup facilities in a single pack. This first allow you to take the selfies with the usage of this application and then edit them to get the look you want.

Meitu-Beauty Camera

Meitu-Beauty Camera is a free to use image processing application that has got the multiple ways of personalizing the pictures using the multiple tools and effects like stickers, hand drawn photos and much more.


MakeupPlus is a best in the class and cutting virtual makeup and face editing application for the Android devices. This application basically adopts the advanced face recognition technology and automatically detects the all flaws on the face so that its users can easily decide which parts and issues need to be considered in more detail.


CreamCam is a type of auto selfie editing and selfie enhancement application for achieving the more professional and stunning looks of the normal selfies. This simple portrait enhancement and editing app is designed to get the flawless complexion in just few seconds.

GoCam by Crunchfish

GoCam by Crunchfish is a hassle free and hands-free selfie application whose primary function is editing the photos and images. This application can additionally be used for editing selfies as well.


FACIE combines the magical face filters and face editing tools together and generates the look that every person wants to see. It is jam packed with the multiple combinations of filters, and each filter is set for applying on different kind of pictures.


Facetune is a featured rich photos and selfie editing application for getting the pictures like Hollywood stars. You take the photos from the camera of your smartphone and Facetune presents and turn them professional looking photos as being taken by professional or DSLR camera.


Instacrop is an amazing photo editing tool introduced by Smiley Tech Inc. which enables its users to enjoy their full square size photo for any of their social media sharing. InstaCrop Photo Editor is an all in one Insta square pic size maker, and an elegant photo editor which intuitively transforms your images into a masterpiece.


InFrame is a flawless Instagram no crop pic editor application with full functions including blur border as the most highlighted one. InFrame – Photo Editor & Pic Frame is a stunning product of InFrame Inc.

Square InPic

Square InPic is immensely easy to use pic editor which makes your pics stands out by applying tons of features. Square InPic – Photo Editor & Collage Maker is a much famous application introduced by Studio 8 Apps Inc.

InstaSize Editor: Photo Filters and Collage Maker

InstaSize Editor: Photo Filters and Collage Maker is an exceptional app that lets you take your pics to the new level by applying some professional level and exclusive photo filters, collage frames, text editor, and some other damn cool features.


Squaready is one of the most easiest, flexible, light-weight, and fastest tool to post entire pics on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks without cropping. Squaready is a fine application introduced by FANG Inc.


Framatic combines multiple photos into one beautifully framed pic with borders instantly, and you can easily share your stories and moments to Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Instagram, and others. Framatic – Collage Editor is used by more than 20 million users due to its effective, fast, and easy to use capabilities.


Snapseed is a best and freeware photo editing app that enable the photo enthusiasts to improve their photos and selfies and utilize digital filters. The users of Snapseed cam edit their photos by using the swiping motions to choose for unique effects and improvement designs.

Square InstaPic

Square InstaPic is an awesome application which carries a number of elegant features for making your pics more spectacular and eye-catching. Square Instapic – Square Blur is a classy application introduced by Pinkbird Studio Inc.

No Crop & Square for Instagram

No Crop & Square for Instagram is another intuitive application which brings a number of excellent features for the users having an account over Instagram. No Crop & Square for Instagram bought in the market by Riley Cillian Inc.

Square Quick Pro

Square Quick Pro is another gorgeous tool which enables its users to enjoy the best collection of features for photo editing and collage making you deserve. Square Quick – Photo Editor, No Crop, and Collage is developed by Square Quick & Pic Collage Maker through which you can enjoy making square photos with the choice of your own words on them.

Square Size Fit

Square Size Fit is another elegant application which brings the facilities of square snap Insta pic stickers as well as collage making capabilities for especially Instagram and even for other social media users.


Fabby is an intuitive photo making, and editing app comes in the market by Aimatter OOO Inc. Fabby — Photo Editor, Selfie Art Camera is a stunning application through which you can change the entire look of your pic by making it a piece of art.

Insta Square Size

Insta Square Size comes with some classy app which helps you enjoy blurred or colourful backgrounds for your pics. Insta Square Size Pic Editor is a classy tool to post your pics to Instagram with no crop through this superb pic maker.

Fabby Look

Fabby Look is another classy application through which you can transform the various stuff of your pics and enjoy them in an entirely new way. Fabby Look — hair color changer & style effects bought in the market by Aimatter OOO Inc.


Priime is another classy application which is efficiently designed and developed the new tool for photographers who need fast performance and high-quality editing for RAW as well as high-resolution pics. Priime lets you edit your photos with the powerful wide-colour support that can preserve and edit even more colors and depth than before.

Square Pic

Square Pic lets you transform your pics into an instant square photo with simple taps. Square Pic – Photo Editor Box brings in the market by Liu Bin Inc. which brings a powerful photo editor and a photo Insta square with no crop.

Point Blur

Point Blur is an excellent tool which enables its users to enjoy convenient photo editing. Point Blur (Partial blur) DSLR is a classy app introduced by Addquick Inc. which allows its users to get the background blur effects and let you introduce your photography as a professional photographer.

Smoke Name Art

Smoke Name Art is another classy application famous for providing an exquisite collection of font styles, emojis, and stickers to make your names and share them on different social media platforms.

Fight Photo Editor

Fight Photo Editor is an awesome application through which you can enjoy adding bloody wounds, blood sprays, fight blood, bruising, and various bloody effects over your pics with damn ease. Fight Photo Editor: Battle Effect Montage App makes it easy to create fight face selfies using amazing battle stickers and fight effects.


BokashiMaru is another intuitive application introduced by Kenji Hara Inc. which lets you blur your photos instantly and with much convenience. BokashiMaru – Motion Blur & Mosaic Photo Editor application is working so hard to let you extemporize your photos with all the necessary things that you want.


InstraFitter is an excellent tool used for posting your favourite pics on Instagram without cropping your favorite sections. InstraFitter: No Crop for Instagram, Square Photo bought in the market by Silver Infolab Inc.


Cupace is a simple to use application used to cut or paste the face over a photo just to have fun editing. Cupace – Cut and Paste Face Photo makes it easy to creates funny photos, memes, face swap in a photo by cutting any part or face through one photo and paste into the next one.

Frame Swagg

Frame Swagg is another elegant application that helps you create and spread awesome photos using some classy features for making your pics stand out a bit more. Frame Swagg – Photo collage maker to stitch pic for Instagram FREE, is a classy application introduced by Marcos Escalante Inc.


Litely enables everyone to add awesome, film-inspiring tones to your pics instantly and you can enjoy professional-level photo editing using this elegant application. Litely is a well-made product of Litely LLC, which brings an enormous amount of features for adding filters, and adjusting much-needed stuff with ease.

Doodle Shape

Doodle Shape is a great tool which enables its users to enjoy dozens of photo editing features. Doodle Shape and Color Art Photo Editor is an all in one photo editor introduced by Pavaha Lab Inc.

Name Art

Name Art is an awesome application through which you can add multiple effects over your ordinary pics with ease. Name Art – Focus and Filter is a sophisticated app introduced by Design Art Studio, through which you can decorate your pics with signature effects, add art background, and do so much more.


INSTFIT is a widely used application through which you can easily post full-sized images and never crop your favorite parts that you usually would. INSTFIT – Post Without Cropping bought in the market by Barry Wyckoff Inc.

InSquarer – No Crop for Instagram

InSquarer – No Crop for Instagram is another awesome application for posting your stuff as it is, and as you want. InSquarer – No Crop for Instagram is a full-fledged app which brings one of the quickest, easy, flexible, and the smoothest way to post your entire photos without cropping over your Instagram account.


InstaFit is a simple app which enables you to square size your pics and adds plenty of cool blur backgrounds to them. INSTFIT – Post Pics Without Croppin app bought in the market by Barry Wychoff which lets you post your full-sized photos without cropping the favorite sections of them.

More About MIX

With the usage of this advanced selfie editing and picture filters and themes containing an application, you will never run out of editing options. This easy to use the yet powerful image and selfie editing application let its users enhance the beauty of their photos in few seconds. MIX is packed with all those features and editing tools that are highlighted in the Camera360, Facetune and likewise other photo editing apps. The latest version of MIX is now supporting for the advanced image editing as well because it contains the advanced image editing tools such as HSL, curve, split toning and much more. It offers over sixty ready to use effect enhancing texture overlays and picture filters. MIX uses the image post processing system so that every image first gets those editing that needs to be applied. MIX is simply the best photos and selfie editing apps that is more centric on filters and themes.

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