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Mixtiles are awesome tiles which consist on your own photos that intuitively stick to your walls. Mixtiles brings a great tool that helps you get your most likely or memorable photo over tiles and enjoy these tiles over your walls for a love that lasts forever… read more
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26 Apps Like Mixtiles



Sticky9 is a marvellously used application that enables everyone to create cool prints or magnets on your cell phones. Sticky9 – Print your photos make it easy to create cool posters and greeting cards, and you can easily upload your photos from any of your most likely social media apps.


Printic is an immensely great tool that helps its users to create books, photo prints, calendars, and various other things right using your memorable photos and this app is featured in Elle, TechCrunch, PSFK, Dwell, inStyle Magazine, and many others.


Snapfish lets you jump into the new exciting year with this photo gift application which brings an extremely comfortable, super easy, and fast way to order stuff. Snapfish is a widely used product that lets you make something meaningful for the ones you love.


FreePrints is an extensively used application being loved and used by millions of people from all over the world due to its offer of getting 500 free photo prints every year. FreePrints – Free Photos Delivered is a great app develop by PlanetArt Inc.


GoArt another classy and probably one of the world’s first AI technology based effects app that supports to export almost 10M Pixel pics which makes it is possible to print the art.


LALALAB Intuitively prints your most desirable photos into excellent prints with simple swipes. LALALAB prints your photos, photo books and magnets is a classy product of LALALAB Inc. which makes it so easy to transform your gallery, Facebook, Instagram, and other photos into magnets, posters, and prints with just a few clicks.

Print Studio

Print Studio is another marvelous application that brings one of the best ways to print your cell phone, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media app’s photos ultimately. Print Studio – Print Your Heart Out is a classical product introduced by Social Print Studio Inc.


inStatus is a fabulous application that helps you create awesome postcards and let you share them to your friends, family members, and other of your beloved ones. inStatus – A creative editor bought in the market by LY LONG Inc.


Kanvess makes it superbly simple and convenient to print your Instagram photos from any of your mobile phones as well as tablets. Kanvess – Print Your Instagram Photos is a product of Dog Lauver Inc.


Twenty20 is one of the best platforms to take your mobile phone or professional photography to the next level. Twenty20 – Sell Your Photos bought in the market by Fast Labs Inc.


AnySticker enables you to create custom stickers and then precisely post them on your stories. This sticker making app makes it easy to simply type text, pick your colour, choose an icon, and your sticker is done.


Printage is a great tool that enables you to get prints, photo tiles, and picture frames that stick to walls of your homes, offices, and any of your desired places. Canvas Prints by Printage makes it easy to make prints of your most memorable moments that precisely sticks to walls.


SimplePrints allows its users to enjoy photo printing in their own choice of hardcover such as softcover. SimplePrints Photo Books was introduced by Storytree, Inc. which brings a simple, joyful experience for a high quality, beautiful photo book for you and your beloved ones.


Chatbooks lets you join one million Chatbookers as well as make the world’s most exquisite photo books, lets you get started at only $10. Chatbooks: Photo Books & Cards is a fine application introduced by Chatbooks Inc.

FreePrints Photobooks

FreePrints Photobooks is an exclusive resource which enables its users to enjoy printing their most desirable, lovely, or memorable pics on photo books in the most reasonable prices as well. FreePrints Photobooks – Free book every month is a marvelous product introduced by PlanetArt Inc.

1 Second Everyday

1 Second Everyday is an exquisite application that helps you review the best second of your day by making an ultimate journey of everyday life in only one second. 1 Second Every day: Video Diary is a classy application which allows you to remember the best seconds of your day in a classy video.

PhotoSquared photo wall tiles

PhotoSquared photo wall tiles let you free your photos from your mobile phone and portray them over the photo book. PhotoSquared: Print phone photos to board canvas is a classy photo book app introduced in the market by Photo Squared Inc.


TouchNote is a classy application through which you can enjoy not only a number of exquisitely designed postcards but also an extremely superb app for making supreme gifts. TouchNote: Cards and Gifts is a classy tool which allows everyone to turn their photos into exquisite postcards and send those precious supersizes to people who matter most.

Parabo Press

Parabo Press makes it easy to create photo prints and pic books to extemporize your fridges, rooms, walls, doors, or any space you want and even send your most precious memories to your loved ones.

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising lets you have high-quality prints and elevated designs by moving all your photos off from your mobile devices and give them the real life. Artifact Uprising: Photo books, gifts, and prints app bought in the market by Artifact Uprising, LLC which is loved by millions of photo goods in minutes by enjoying customize designs for frames, photo books, and more.

Top Nine for Instagram

Top Nine for Instagram is an excellent tool that enables its users to discover and share their ultimate best nice Instagram photos of the year, and enjoy an exquisitely unique experience.


Polargram is an exquisite app which lets you hold on the memories that matter and print your most desirable social photos with free worldwide shipping. Paperwave: Prints, Mugs, Magnets and More is an intuitive application hosted by Polargram Inc.

Keepsake Frames

Keepsake Frames effectively made it simple, classy, and affordable to frame your best memories and let them become long-lasting. Keepsake Frames app is a gorgeous tool introduced in the market by KeepSake Inc.

Ink Cards

Ink Cards is an excellent tool which enables its worldwide users to create and send postcards straight from your mobile phone to your lucky recipient’s mailbox. Ink Cards: Send Premium Photo Greeting Cards is a great tool introduced in the market by Sincerely Inc.

Baby Pics

Baby Pics is a great tool introduced in the market by baby pics Inc. which enables its entire users to get this original, award-winning baby photo app and create adorable photos in a breeze whenever they want.


Pikto is an excellent new product of Impressed Interactive Ltd Inc. which brings an ultimate way of printing your photos to extemporize your wall with ultimate memories. Pikto – Print Your Photos is a marvellous tool introduced for the people who are working on their walls to let their walls speak your memorable past.

More About Mixtiles

Mixtiles are awesome tiles which consist on your own photos that intuitively stick to your walls. Mixtiles brings a great tool that helps you get your most likely or memorable photo over tiles and enjoy these tiles over your walls for a love that lasts forever. It enables its users to pick their most amazing photos and then order for mixtiles right through this app. you can easily stick, unstick, and move them around whenever you want, and it would not cause any damage over your walls as well. You will definitely pick the photos you love from your phone or even save them from any social media apps for ordering these mixtiles. Mix tiles app is superb for creating awesome photo tiles for your friends and family members as a cute gift and let them remember your love incessantly. All you need to do is to select your pics, add a credit card, and finally the shipping address to get these mix tiles at home. This app will guarantee to love them, more specifically if you do not like them for any reason, it will give you money back guarantee as well. So just download Mixtiles app in your phone, select your favourite pics, and get them on your walls.

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