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Mobile Print –PrinterShare is a free app for the smartphones that allow its users to print any kind of file and document from Android device. It is a means for direct printing from the smartphone while making the connection between smartphone and printer first… read more

Apps Like Mobile Print –PrinterShare

#1 PrintHand Mobile Print


PrintHand Mobile Print is a newly launched printing application that is making the mobile printing system easy and simple for those who have to deal with printing from their smartphones and tablets frequently. If you want to use this app for printing purpose then you must have an advanced smartphone supporting for the WiFi printing and scanning. After making the connection between smartphone and printer with this app the users can then print the document from their device directly via Bluetooth or WiFi without the need of computer at all. The best about PrintHand Mobile Print is that it can also be used for direct mobile scanning as well and in that case you again don’t need the assistance of the PC at all. However, scanning feature at the moment is available for the selected scanners only. The best about PrintHand Mobile Print is that it is capable of printing all kind of documents from all kind of programs.


#2 StarPrint – Mobile Print App


StarPrint – Mobile Print App is the name of an all in one mobile printing application that will basically install a printer driver on your smartphone that will be fully compatible with all latest HP printers of the multiple manufacturers. After installing this app into the smartphone or Android, you can then print the document stored into your device by means of WiFi, direct WiFi internet and even Bluetooth if that service is available for the printer you are using for printing purpose. Using this application for printing purposes is really beneficial in many aspects. First of all this app is being offered for free but containing the advertisement system. If you want to remove the ads then you have to go for the premium version. Before purchasing the full or premium version of the app it is better to see the compatibility system in the free version.

#3 Direct Print Service


Before using this app the smartphone users first need to install the Direct Printer Server on the PC after that they can use this app for printing purpose. This free to use and open source printing app offers an excellent printing function to the smartphone users so that they can decide in advance what kind of print they want to get via this application. Despite the fact the program is in beta version but still it is doing its best in offering the great means of printing. What make Direct Print Service different from most of the printer driver providing apps is that it offers the secure means of printing to its users. It is a good means of dealing with encrypted files and documents in an encrypted environment. With the usage of this app you can print any document from any compatible Android device and also can find and register for the new printers on the local network as well.


#4 Print Hammermill


Print Hammermill is a free mobile print app that is making the process of printing from the smartphones and tablets very easy and simple. All you need to have WiFi or Bluetooth enabled smartphone and printer. After installing this app into the mobile phone simply locate the nearby printers and patch the app with them. Now you can start enjoying printing directly from your smartphone without the usage of additional plugin at all. The best about this app is that it even bypass the requirement of the PC as well. You don’t need to share the file to the PC as the smartphone will directly send the printing command to the printer. With this simple app you can enjoy all kind of printing like printing of office documents, printing emails and attachments, web pages, text messages, printing Facebook albums, printing files from the cloud storage services and much more. In short, Print Hammermill is packed with a large amount of features and functions.

#5 Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY


Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY is one of the best printing and scanning applications for the iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. With the usage of this simple app in your smart devices, you will no longer be required to share the files to the PC for printing purpose as this app will install a printer driver on your device and will let you use the nearby compatible printer for printing purpose via this app from the smartphone. That feature of this app lets the smartphone users even to print the online documents as well like web pages and those stored in the cloud storage accounts. If you are interested in using this app then make it sure you are only using that device that is having ARM processor otherwise it will not work properly and with all of its functions and feature. In addition to printing, Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY support for scanning as well.

#6 Brother Print Service Plugin


Brother Print Service Plugin is totally different app from another app named Brother iPrint and Scan. This free printing app for the smartphones and tablets make the people able to install the printer driver on their smartphone and after that start direct printing of the documents from their smartphones without installing any extra application at all. For this Brother, Print Service Plugin uses the WiFi of the set. But make it sure that the printer from where you want to get the print also support for the WiFi so that the connection can be established between two devices. The specialty of this app is that the users can directly printing anything just clicking on the Print option because Brother Print Service Plugin is a plugin based app. The extra features that make Brother Print Service Plugin simply the best among all is that it comes with a lot of printer setting options like paper size, media type, quality and much more.

#7 Brother iPrint&Scan


Brother iPrint&Scan is a free app that will install a virtual printing driver into your smartphone and after that will allow you to connect the smartphone to the nearby printer. Brother iPrint&Scan is a good means of printing the documents and even web pages directly from the smartphone and tablets. When you will install this app it will automatically find the app compatible printers and all those scanners that are in your network. After that, you can start printing all kind of images, files, documents and even web pages wirelessly. The best about Brother iPrint&Scan is that it also allow its users to scan, store and share the files by means of photo album, email system and iCloud as well. This printing app also supports for the printing copies text and images in a screenshot format. In short, this app is going to offer you a lot of possibilities.

#8 Epson iPrint


This powerful mobile assistant is a good means for directly printing documents that are stored on the smartphone. The users don’t need separately sharing of files into the PC first and then printing it from there. This app will allow them to directly extend the printing command from the smartphone. The best about Epson iPrint is that it support for all leading printers available in the market. Moreover, it can be equally used for printing local files and those files too that are stored in the cloud storage accounts. That system of Epson iPrint makes it one of the most popular printing apps for the smartphones. Right after the installation of the app you will be able to print and scan wirelessly right from the tablets or smartphones while you are in the home or in the office. The advanced tools of this app within few seconds will tell you either your device can run with this app are not.

#9 To Print


To Print is an entirely free printing application for the iOS devices and can be used for printing the contacts details, photos, text messages, pictures, web pages and much more. To Print is although a free printing app but in the free version it offers limited functionalities. If you will go for its premium version you will enjoy the additional and special features and functions like separate printing system for web pages, clipboard printing, documents printing and even access to the cloud based printing features as well. the overall features and functions being offered by this app working with MS office and iWorks documents, dealing with clipboard content, dealing with maps, printing documents from the cloud accounts, printing of emails and attachments, setting virtual private network for the protection of the documents, dealing with encrypted files and much more. This simple application will make the printing process really easy and simple for you.

#10 Samsung Mobile Print


Samsung Mobile Print for the smartphone and tablet devices is based on the principle of cloud printing. The best about using this standalone printing app is that you don’t need installation of any additional printer driver at all. There is also no need for going to the networking configurations at all. That system of this app ensures that the mobiles devices and tablets can extend the command for printing to the networking enabled systems. However, before using this app makes it sure that the smartphone or tablet where you want to install this app is loaded with advanced features of scanning, printing and transferring files. If you are lucky enough to have a compatible device, then you can print all kind of web pages either wirelessly or in the network sharing mode as well. In short, the printing features being offered by this simple app are limitless.

#11 HP ePrint Enterprise


HP ePrint Enterprise is a cloud based printing solution being offered by the HP for printing from its entire internet enabled printers. The official application of the HP ePrint Enterprise that is available for the Android and Windows Phone make the people able to submit the print jobs from their smart devices to the public or private printer’s locations. However, for this they first need to get the devices registered with the HP ePrint Enterprise server to explore the all available private printers of the company in the HP HPePrint Enterprise application. The main advantage of using this cloud based networking printing solution provider is that it supports for all of the network printers with a secure sharing and printing experience. This app can also be used for printing from the public print locations of the HP as well.

#12 Samsung Print Service Plugin


Printing documents, web pages, pictures and anything else right from the Android device is the no more difficult task at all with the usage of this simple app named Samsung Print Service Plugin that basically works as a printer driver for your smartphone. The best about Samsung Print Service Plugin is that it works with all those HP printers in which networking based printing option is available. Moreover the application is also available for free for Android Kit Kat and updated versions. After installing this simple app into your smartphone or tablet, you can directly send the command for printing to your printer directly inside of the application. At the moment, there is only limitation over using this app and that doesn’t allow for printing of PDF encrypted files at all. For all other kind of printing, Samsung Print Service Plugin is simply one of the best apps that will allow you to directly print the documents from the smartphone.

#13 HP Print Service Plugin


HP Print Service Plugin is a plug-in for the Android devices that basically allow the Android smart devices users to extend the command of printing from their device. After installation of this application, they will no more be required at all to download and install any printing driver at all. With the usage of this simple to use printing application, you can print any document of your from the HP printer over a WiFi direct connection or WiFi network for the printers that support for the networking. That means if you have any document in your Android smartphone or tablet and you want to get print of that then you don’t need to transfer the file into PC to get the print as the availability of this app into your smart device will allow you to directly send the command for printing the document from your smartphone.

More About Mobile Print –PrinterShare

Mobile Print –PrinterShare is a free app for the smartphones that allow its users to print any kind of file and document from Android device. It is a means for direct printing from the smartphone while making the connection between smartphone and printer first. The best about Mobile Print –PrinterShare is that it supports both local and cloud based printing. You can send print command from any part of the world and also to the nearby located printer as well. It is equally useful for both iOS and Android devices. If you want to use this app for remote printing then first you need to create a free account and after that select the printer from where you get the print. After setting all these parameters simply send the command for printing. That is the simple working process of this app that makes it popular among the smartphone users.

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