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Mobilize is an intuitive app that lets you use calendar with pictures, time setter/maker and provides many other features that enable people with cognitive disorders. It is probably a single hub to organize and communicate authentically at scale with your groups… read more
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20 Apps Like Mobilize for iOS


1. Meetup

Meetup is a social networking and communication application where people from diverse nature come to hold a discussion on several topics. They form the groups, shares their interests, holds discussions, make friends and enjoy a lot. We want here to make it clear that Meetup is not meant for being used as dating or flirting application at all, rather it is an information sharing and learning application where you can learn innovative things being shared by the professionals and experienced persons of their professions. It is a way to do more with the life. If you are still confused what the aim behind the creation of this application is, then the simple idea is that it allows the people of different thoughts to get together and do things that matter to all. You can explore, you can teach and can learn than new things just to get help to come alive.


2. meetIn

meetIn is a simple product by Verve Systems that enables its users to find contacts and friends while roaming and meeting them in person. It is a social media application that helps some tourists, business trip persons, and other travel lovers to make their leisure time a bit interesting and amazing. It provides probably the best way to spend spare time by having an experience of getting new friends. Using such a classy application, you can easily locate your friends who are lost somewhere in the crowd. After the registration, users can easily invite their friends, family members, and colleagues to connect here and then they can easily schedule a meetup. It is a meeting buddy for people who love to hang around. Its registration is done using your mobile number after the verification process, then the user is asked to complete their profile, and after adding your details, you can become a reasonable user of this app. Other than these, you can also enjoy viewing and edit profiles, searching, check-ins, chats, augmented reality, friends, buzz, trips, location privacy, report problems, and manageable settings, etc.


3. All Events in City

All Events in City is a popular app that lets you discover events in your city. It is an amazing place that reveals the upcoming events in any particular area or the place you live. This app lets you get to know all the events nearby you so that you can make preparations and attend them. You can find events that your friends and other fellows are following or attending and follow them to stay updated on their activities. You can easily find some new things to do around you that can be a yoga class, free art classes, live music concerts, business, educational or some other seminars, or any other festival, etc. This app also lets you get tickets for events happening nearby you through PayPal, PayU, and also pay at venue scenario for All Events in City organizers who organize events to make you live happily. This app provides a massive collection of events from all over the world so that you can easily get to know the event of your city and from any of the city that you want. The span that it covers contains 100+ million Events, more than 30,000 cities, with an extensive collection of 4 million people searching for events every month.


4. DoStuff

DoStuff is an app that connects you to the events and the happenings around you. It makes you notify with the most popular and the best events, concerts, parties, and the comedy happy hours. You can easily download DoStuff app and find awesome things around you to take part and celebrate. It covers more than 20 popular cities from all over the world. It is a widely used app that provides the best way to discover what is happening nearby you, in your city or some other cities. DoStuff enables you to attend massive amount of events, and you can stay connect here to get notification of each of your nearby event. It is a network of local media that is run by local teams. There are more than 4 million people in over 20 countries use its local daily emails, apps, websites, and social handles to answer questions. It also lets you become the client of this site if he/she wants to say hi, or inquire about starting a DoStuff in your city.


5. Conecter

Conecter is a simple and unique platform that lets you connects with your campus or something. Using this app, you can easily stay informed and connected with the events nearby you and from all over the world. You can easily create and follow groups or even make some new friends. Conecter is an intuitive app that is created to take you into the real world. This app lets you communicate with your group or team members whether you are in the same city or not. You can easily organize things and stay connected with things is happening in your camp, group, etc. Rather than this, Conecter also lets you capture things that you really want to do in the real world, and then make it happen with your family members and friends. It is an efficient app that keeps your social ideas and stuff organized by letting you do things with the people you love.


6. My Circle

My Circle is an app that enables you Connect, Discover and Enjoy. It is a product by Disney that provides a personalized dashboard for each of your family members and establishes your flawless access to Disney Blogs, Videos, Emojis, Gifs, games, etc. My Circle offers some great features that includes experience great content (like games, articles, and videos), discover content by Disney, get dozens of awesome games to play in your feed, and having tons of options for your friends and family. Each of your family members can enjoy its personal dashboard so that everyone should have their control to the dashboard. Their personal dashboard contains a countdown for their bedtime, an overview of where they have spent time, and what their time limits are. My Circle provides a huge range of Disney entertainment through My Circle with articles, links, videos, tons of other activities and things. This app notifies you when your Circle sets are in effect such as bedtime, internet pause, time limit reach. You can easily get My Circle app on your Android and iOS smartphones.


7. Facebook Events

Facebook Events is a fabulous app that brings people together to enjoy some events, parties, concerts, etc. It is an outstanding platform that makes it easy for people to discover events nearby them. There are approximately 550M people use Facebook Events for each month, engages 41 percent of Facebook users with public events, 47 million public events have been created for the rest of the past year, and almost 35 million people view a public event each day. You can also set your events, sell tickets, reach your audience, and measure performance using Facebook Events. If you are looking for something to do with your friends so come on this site, match your interest, and stay connected with the latest updates. Using this app, you can easily catch up on the latest events, see the upcoming activities, discover innovative things to do, find events happenings, and quickly get to the event info. You can easily access it on your Android and iOS devices.


8. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a platform that informs you about the variety of events nearby you and lets you find your next experience. This app brings the world together through live experiences and amazing adventures. It is one of the largest event technology platform that builds the technology to enables you to share, create, and find new events nearby you. There are more than 2 million events that it covers which held every year, with 2 million tickets processed a week and are processed in more than 180 countries. Using this app, you can easily Host (Organize an event), Discover (find your next experience), and Join (explore career opportunities). Eventbrite allows you discover some local or national events and get the event recommendations for you, and check which events your friends are going to. You can easily explore festivals, classes, conferences, free as well as paid events, live concerts, and a lot more using Eventbrite. There is a huge list of features that includes buying ticketing, discover popular and upcoming events, easily share their events with your friends and lot more. There are many unique functions of Eventbrite which makes this app popular amongst users.


9. Doorkeeper

Doorkeeper is a popular app that lets you meet some new communities and perceive awesome skills through events. It is a great app that helps you explore your experience by meeting new people and proceedings. It acts as an event organizer that helps you create partnerships, run awesome events, and brings people. It brings many features that makes this app innovative and makes the workflow of your event smoother. This app informs you about all the concerts, events, classes, parties, etc. and the participants never miss the next events. If someone signs up for your event, you can send them a reminder message a couple of days before the occasion for just to remind them that they do not forget about it. There are lots of features that enable you continuously grow your community, help promote your event, never let you miss any event, provides updates and reminders for participants, calendar integration, and eliminate no shows with prepaid events. You can easily discover main and ordinary events using Doorkeeper and expand your thinking and experience.


10. Citysocializer

Citysocializer is a meeting up a platform for finding new things to do along with friends or new people. This entertainment based social networking application is made the fun with both strangers and friends a totally normal and fantastically pleasurable experience in such a way that is hard to find in most of the social discovery applications. Within four simple steps, you can learn about the overall working process of this application. After installing it, first, you need to be the community of the friendly people. Now select the favorite social event or events that you want to attend. In the same time, you can meet with a lot of new interesting people who are just like you. In the last, you can explore a lot of things to do and people to hang out with every time you feel like going out. It’s time to make the most of the free time at any time and see what the other groups’ members are doing in their city. You can join in for enjoying ongoing activities as well.


11. Smacktive

Smacktive is an app for creating new friendships while doing regular activities like sporting, gaming, exercising and other activities that people love to do and participate in. This application connects the nearby people to do common activities together and enjoy the life with others. If you want to play a game or want to participate in any sporting activity but there is no one to join then Smacktive is an application that will allow you to find those people living near you and searching for the same solution. It will also allow you to go with at your level of skill. For its stunning features and people finding system, Smacktive is called to be one of the best real meet in person social communication application for getting up and doing some activities that you want to do with the like-minded people who are living nearby you and with whom you never would have met before.


12. WeGoDo

WeGoDo is an application that connects the people from different parts of the world in an online environment. It does all these so that its members can get out and do more of what they love to do in real life. They can meet with people based on their interests and can share their common interests and thoughts with them. They can hold discussions with them on any topics and can do general purpose chatting as well. The life can be better shared if we are given the means of doing so. Thanks to WeGoDo that is making this happen through its communication system. The social discovery and people finding system of this simple application will let you to always meet with people who like doing the same things as you do. It’s time to get out there. WeGoDo is at the moment available for the United States and some European countries.


13. Gravy

Gravy is an amazing tool for expanding your social span by having fun with some strangers around. It is a Gravy Analytics’ tool for making awesome plans for tonight, ideas for upcoming trips, pre and post birthday parties, and plans for weekends. It is a simple yet awesome application that shows you the most relevant event ideas based on your mood. Gravy: fun local events nearby is a social app that helps its users to discover events around them to meet new individuals and for having awesome chat and date. It is a great application for users who want to attend local events in their areas. Gravy: fun local events nearby covers events including live music events, date night ideas, sporting events, happy hours, meet-ups, places to hang around, kids activities, and almost everything. Gravy: fun local events nearby exceptionally lets you enhance your social span by meeting new friends and strangers on events in your area. You can even let to know that what your friends are posting, activities around the US and grab your favourite event through this amazing app.


14. Events High

Events High is an app that lets you meet events of your city and places nearby you. Using its extreme ease, you can easily explore different concerts, parties, and other activities. You can explore your experience of meeting some new people around you and from your nearby cities. This app enables you to expand the span of your friends and easily discover some new experience around you. You can simply get awesome events to participate and meet people around. It is an amazing app that brings you the things to do in a city wherever you live. Events High curates a distinct list of unique and interesting activities happening at places near you. Events High is a free app that lets you create some lasting bonds, make spectacular memories, make new friends, and brings a lot of amazing stuff for anyone. You can easily get to know different events and even get their entrance stuff. Events High brings all the things to do in your city, and it makes it easier for the user to explore events happening near them. This app is available on almost all platforms.


15. Nearify

If you want to know what is going around you, then Nearify is a social discovery and social networking based application for that purpose. This application is for those people who can’t live without fun. Nearify is about discovering what is going on in our local area. The events discovery system of this application will make you able not to miss any event at all. This simple application is your personal guide to find fun, concerts, music, favorite players, festivals and much more at a centralized place. This beautiful application is jam packed with beautiful features like following the favorite musicians and artists, saving the events for later visiting, getting tickets and directions to the venue and much more. Every day millions of events happened in multiple parts of the world. Nearify is a simple application of knowing what is going on around us and what people are doing over these events.


16. Meet My Dog

Meet My Dog is a platform for the dog lovers to meet and explore events with their dogs. This is an awesome and a widely used app from all over the world that allows you to meet some new and stranger dog loves. This intuitive app unites the dog lovers from the nearby places and this awesome app geared to find your pup and your friends to share long term relations and long walks in some parks. Meet My Dog easily enables you to catch up with some new dog lovers nearby you and exchange your ideas and doings with them in an intuitive way. You can easily find the soul mate or the partner for your dog using Meet My Dog. So if your dog wants some outing with some partner and you also seeking for a buddy to spend some time and catch up on some event, then this is the complementary app that fulfills all of your needs. Meet My Dog is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad Mini, Mac OS X, and some other iOS devices. It is something far regarding the ordinary catch ups and allows you to participle some events along with your dogs.


17. Moment

Moment is an app that puts a higher emphasis on the maintenance of your relationships and lets you feel your life in the present by using this app to track your tablets and iPhones easily. This app informs you about the daily, monthly, and weekly breakdowns and enables you to change your habits or nature to rely less on your tech and focuses more on the people and your fellow beings for creating more memories. Moment is a simple but the most spontaneous app that put down your phone and gets the back of your life. It is an app specially created for iOS devices that track how you use your phone each day automatically. Using this app, you can distinctly set the daily limits on yourself and be notified when you are on the go. This app lets you manage your iPhone or iPad, and effectively see what apps you use the most on a daily basis. Moment is probably the first and the best app to do this on the App Store. It also trains you with a coach to use your mobile phone less of you want. It is a sort of invisible app that automatically does all the things, and there is no need to monitor it for all the time.


18. YPlan

YPlan is an app that uncovers awesome and the best events nearby you so that you can explore the mist of happiness. It has made the fun in accessible to all in an innovative way. This app gives you knowledge about almost all aspects of life regarding music, outing, dating, nightlife, immersive theater, and many other and allows you to go there and have fun. It also provides tickets in a suitable prize and lets you get them online and have fun with your friends and family members. You can easily explore night and day functions, events, etc. and participate them that you love the most. This app lets you meet with people having the same taste in exposure as of yours and expand the span of friendship nearby you. YPlan lets you access and explore the upcoming events and lets you able to do extra curriculum activities apart from the daily boring routine. You can easily get this app on Android, iOS, Windows phone smartphones and some other platforms. This app is available on Google Play, Appstore and Kindle Fire and you can download it for free.


19. ONE

ONE is widely used advocacy and campaigning of more than eight million individuals from all over the world taking actions to preventable disease, and extreme poverty particularly in Africa and its nearby places. It is a unique app that takes you on the latest and the most popular social events and crazes based on Instagram Data in your area. Using this app, you can get to know things nearby you and can easily participate in any event that you like. It stays you informed with the current and upcoming events so that you can enjoy participating in them. You have to stay connected and get updated with the notifications from this platform. You can easily get this app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPad Mini, Touch, and some other iOS devices. So join the community with many simple scenarios and get things under your knowledge.


20. Time to Enjoy

Time to Enjoy is a free and easy app that you plan and discover events in a matter of instants using your mobile phone devices. It lets you discover the world for fun and amazing events right from your iOS devices. Time to Enjoy is an amazing app through which you can search fun things to do during the exact available time. It provides events that are organized in the U.S, Europe, Canada, etc. does not matter where you live. It displays your calendar to make it a robust search engine that lets you discover fun events. It also identifies your current location, or you can also choose any particular city to see the upcoming events and to participate in that. You can easily discover directions and locations to the events and learn about the events in detail including checking venue events, purchase tickets, play trailer for movies, etc. You can do a lot more things over here easily and find fun more things to do.

More About Mobilize

Mobilize is an intuitive app that lets you use calendar with pictures, time setter/maker and provides many other features that enable people with cognitive disorders. It is probably a single hub to organize and communicate authentically at scale with your groups. Using Mobilize, you can easily manage thousands of people on your Smartphone or Laptop. Mobilize ensures your member’s data management, networking, and communications are all in one place. You can easily import to tons of members and organize them efficiently into groups; it does not require any member login. In each of the group you can see the communications, send emails or text in just simple taps and few clicks. Mobilize lets you use many precise filters to send messages only to the right person (the person whom you want to send a message). You can also share some events that will automatically appear in your partner’s calendars. Mobilize helps you send quick polls, and they can directly answer them through email or something and get smart follow-ups. It is an intuitive site that manages your workflow and coordination with your partners efficiently. So sign up for free now.

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