Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Alternatives

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is the third edition of the famous warfare game that brings along many features that were not part of previous games. There isn’t just one mission to complete but many. The World is in danger and hoping to conquer one place will not be enough;… read more
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14 Apps Like Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation


Grand Theft Auto III

With dark comic story plot, stunning soundtracks, stellar voice acting and revolutionary open world, Grand Theft Auto III is the name of the top rated and highly playing action adventure third person shooter video game for multiple devices.

San Andreas Real Gangsters 3D

San Andreas Real Gangsters 3D was one of the best action game in 2015. The user gets to play the main role of a gangster who wants to terrorize the city now.

Real Gangster Crime

Packed in a 3D graphical environment and containing the special effects to double the fun of gaming, Real Gangster Crime is an action adventure and third person shooting game that brings the players to the streets and roads of a city that are full of gangsters, special force soldiers, and cops.

Grand Gangsters 3D

A game from the City of Sins that is none other except San Andreas and is full of dangerous and life survival challenges but you have to survive for your future in this area.

San Andreas – Crime Streets

San Andreas – Crime Streets is another game in the same category of action based competition. Its base is the original game with the same name, but several new features become part of the integration to provide something new.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a game based on role play in which the user has to save the world by completing missions that seem impossible most of the times. Two choices within the game insist people can play as part of a group or on their own to make sure they can complete all the tasks that are assigned.

Sniper Fury: Best Shooter Game

Sniper Fury: Best Shooter Game based on an interesting story, where the world has to come to a decision with the evil. After careful and long deliberation, there hasn’t been any solution put forward while the people who want destruction have kept on killing others.

Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper is one of the best games that help people in staying glued to their phones. This game is a tour of the underworld where different missions have to complete if you have to save the world.

Bullet Force

Bullet Force is a fast paced multiplayer first person shooting games with lot of features and functions like modern weapons for fighting, customization system, setting own rules and much more. The game is the pack of over fifty deadly weapons that are highly customizable and you can customize them according to your own requirements as well.

Critical Ops

The fans of this game called it a nonsense game where there are no rules for gaming at all. It is an open environment based first person shooting game that is most of the time is being played among the FPS game lovers in multiplayer mode despite the fact it support for single playing mode as well.


RoboCop is a game full of fun and measures; that has a new twist in the stories. Fast forward to the year 2028 in the American city of Detroit, a loving husband and father with the name of Alex Murphy gets critically injured in a battle and is fighting for his life.


Unkilled is, in fact, a multiplayer zombie survival shooter game based on the principle of first person shooting game. This multiplayer game has been awarded much time for being the best looking smartphone shooting game ever seen over the internet.

Mission Impossible: RogueNation

Mission Impossible: RogueNation is an action based game with proper levels and story on keeping people interested. Many options exist within the game that will keep people interested in the game and make sure they keep on playing it.


CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER is a game best defined by the name itself. The person playing it acts as a murderer who gets many tasks and has to complete them to save the city.

More About Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is the third edition of the famous warfare game that brings along many features that were not part of previous games. There isn’t just one mission to complete but many. The World is in danger and hoping to conquer one place will not be enough; that is why people will get the opportunity to play and compete in battles from the United States to Pakistan in 13 missions. These campaigns become part of your life, as you move from one place to the other in search of victory. Based on the location, new weapons provided so that fighting the enemy becomes as easy. Different action-based scenarios exist so that people get a background of the real story. Gameplay options also differ from on foot, to the helicopter and chasing others. The game is not only available on computers but also on the cell phones. The only thing that becomes an issue is the size, which ranges from 1.3 to 1.5 GB depending on the device. People get to play on their own or with friends in more than six modes. Around 12 players can become part of the game at the same time and enjoy stimulating environments. In a nutshell, one of the best game that is full of intensity and thrill.