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Modern Sniper is one of the best games that help people in staying glued to their phones. This game is a tour of the underworld where different missions have to complete if you have to save the world. Many options within the game will make sure, it happens… read more
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1. Grand Theft Auto III

With dark comic story plot, stunning soundtracks, stellar voice acting and revolutionary open world, Grand Theft Auto III is the name of the top rated and highly playing action adventure third person shooter video game for multiple devices. It is now available for the smartphones as well along with all of its features, functions and gaming environment. It is the fifth installment of the most popular Grand Theft Auto Series. The game is the story of Claude that is you who is left for dead and become entangled in the world of gangs, corruption, and crime. He is wandering here and there for his survival and doesn’t care about being cruel as well. In the entire game require from you either navigate on foot or by vehicle snatched from the other people. Because of its concept and best gameplay environment, Grand Theft Auto III has received a lot of acclamation across the globe.


2. Real Gangster Crime

Packed in a 3D graphical environment and containing the special effects to double the fun of gaming, Real Gangster Crime is an action adventure and third person shooting game that brings the players to the streets and roads of a city that are full of gangsters, special force soldiers, and cops. They never show mercy to anyone who stands in their way. You have to also follow the same principle, after all, it is about your survival too. Gun down all those who are coming in your way because it is the only means of living free in this world. The map of the game where the weapons and hidden secrets that you have to unlock so that you can thoroughly dominate that city known for holding advanced military vehicles. If you are to unlock more and more areas, you will be able to upgrade your skills to know down rivals in few kicks.


3. Grand Gangsters 3D

A game from the City of Sins that is none other except San Andreas and is full of dangerous and life survival challenges but you have to survive for your future in this area. It’s all began so get ready and rolls up on a most challenging trip across the San Andreas. It is the world where no one loves with anyone. This action oriented and adventure game will put the world full of darkness and a ruthless and intriguing world of the San Andrea’s crimes on your smartphones. Here you can tackle six different kinds of vehicles so that you can easily move into the city and outrun the police who is after you. Stealing cards, evading cops and racing through the entire streets and even gunning down the other gangs in the case of need will be your favorite hobbies in this game. If you think you have to guts to rise about the criminal piles, then welcome to the City of Sins.


4. San Andreas – Crime Streets

San Andreas – Crime Streets is another game in the same category of action based competition. Its base is the original game with the same name, but several new features become part of the integration to provide something new. The best thing about it is that there are no charges for people playing it, the size is small, so it does not take much space on the phone. Touch screen controls are fast, and one can quickly move the figure from place to place. There is the option of using the old button-based control system and come along with the customization options. The only thing which does not give a good impression is graphics, although good, they are no match for the most advanced games. What makes things equal is that new mission exists within the interface. Ads are there in the system which becomes troublesome, but that gets compensated with the right balance between addiction and suspense. Another benefit is that people can play the game on their own and compare the results with their friends. Sharing stuff with others on social networks also becomes a possibility thanks to the buttons. All in all, an excellent choice for free games and people who are looking for something new.


5. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a game based on role play in which the user has to save the world by completing missions that seem impossible most of the times. Two choices within the game insist people can play as part of a group or on their own to make sure they can complete all the tasks that are assigned. More than five classes are available within the game and can customize between single and multi-player modes. Different styles of playing also are part of the interface; people have the option of choosing what they can easily play or whatever of interest. These include modes such as assault, heavy, recon, sniper, support, bounty hunter or sapper. Once a person keeps on fighting they can get more experienced, there is another way of doing that; people can compete in battles, or fulfill tasks to gain more knowledge. If that is not satisfactory, then spending money to buy skill points and become the most famous sniper around the place is all in your hands. In the mode where people can play with each other or against each other, some stunning graphics and stories will keep people glued to their screens. In short, an excellent game with top class options and something close to perfection.


6. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is the third edition of the famous warfare game that brings along many features that were not part of previous games. There isn’t just one mission to complete but many. The World is in danger and hoping to conquer one place will not be enough; that is why people will get the opportunity to play and compete in battles from the United States to Pakistan in 13 missions. These campaigns become part of your life, as you move from one place to the other in search of victory. Based on the location, new weapons provided so that fighting the enemy becomes as easy. Different action-based scenarios exist so that people get a background of the real story. Gameplay options also differ from on foot, to the helicopter and chasing others. The game is not only available on computers but also on the cell phones. The only thing that becomes an issue is the size, which ranges from 1.3 to 1.5 GB depending on the device. People get to play on their own or with friends in more than six modes. Around 12 players can become part of the game at the same time and enjoy stimulating environments. In a nutshell, one of the best game that is full of intensity and thrill.


7. Sniper Fury: Best Shooter Game

Sniper Fury: Best Shooter Game based on an interesting story, where the world has to come to a decision with the evil. After careful and long deliberation, there hasn’t been any solution put forward while the people who want destruction have kept on killing others. The time of debate is gone, and therefore, the only way forward for people is to make sure they fight until the very end. The best feature of this game is the number of missions that are available for people to enjoy, they are more than 130. Most games, even the famous ones do not offer anything beyond 15. This feature means people get to enjoy many options and spend a lot of time in the world they choose. What makes things more interesting, is the high definition screen view and graphics. Another feature that adds icing on the cake is the user interface, all the information required during the missions is provided directly on the screen and at precise moments without becoming a distraction. Many weapons provided within the game such as rifles, pistols, guns, and snipers. It depends on the person playing to choose what they want. Different scenarios and weather conditions are a part so that citizens face extreme challenges. Overall, a game full of things to enjoy and worth downloading.


8. Bullet Force

Bullet Force is a fast paced multiplayer first person shooting games with lot of features and functions like modern weapons for fighting, customization system, setting own rules and much more. The game is the pack of over fifty deadly weapons that are highly customizable and you can customize them according to your own requirements as well. At the moment this action adventure game contains four different game modes each fill with a lot of difficulties. Bullet Force also allows its players to set the custom matches y creating their own custom match with their own playing settings. The game involves cinematic features and a free spectator mode and also an option to disable the HUD as well that make the game play environment simply perfect for the montage need as well. For multiplayer game mode, you must have an internet connection. In case you don’t have internet connection then don’t worries you can still play this game in offline mode with bots in a skirmish and campaign mode.


9. Critical Ops

The fans of this game called it a nonsense game where there are no rules for gaming at all. It is an open environment based first person shooting game that is most of the time is being played among the FPS game lovers in multiplayer mode despite the fact it support for single playing mode as well. This fast paced shooting game will test your tactical strategies and reflexes. It will give you the chance to freely discover and experience the thrill of the modern day warfare as you will fight a critical strike operation to cause destruction as a terrorist. Fight for the domination of the good forces. If your friends are ready to help you then you can also make them as part of the team as well. if you want to fight alone then you can also go for that too.  Show the world how skillful you are when it comes to participating in these kind of combat missions and compete with the others over the scoreboard.


10. RoboCop

RoboCop is a game full of fun and measures; that has a new twist in the stories. Fast forward to the year 2028 in the American city of Detroit, a loving husband and father with the name of Alex Murphy gets critically injured in a battle and is fighting for his life. At this time, a famous multinational company that specializes in robots sees this as an opportunity to create the first human robot. You will join the company and work for them as a robot commander with one aim. To get rid of all the evil within the city and make sure you get to avenge the people who made you suffer in the beginning. Different scenarios are present in the game and battles in various places around the world exist. Tehran is the newest location added, and many other cities act as modes. Although the contest is free to play, people get to pay a specific amount if they are willing to buy new items. The primary task of the robot is to save people who have been kidnapped or face threats to their life. New in the market and still requiring some improvement, it is a game that is worth giving a try.


11. Unkilled

Unkilled is, in fact, a multiplayer zombie survival shooter game based on the principle of first person shooting game. This multiplayer game has been awarded much time for being the best looking smartphone shooting game ever seen over the internet. The game is packed with a wide range of functionalities and gaming features like the extra-long storyline, multiplayer gaming mode, special options to customize, and availability of unique kind of weapons. The center of the game is the New York City that has been attacked by the zombies, and the player needs to outbreak all these from the area. For this, he needs your assistance as by sitting out of the ground you can clearly monitor what is actually going on. The game needs a hero like you who must have the grit and skills to take on the undead and find out who or what catalyzed this cataclysmic event. Your story will start from the five unique characters that are elite members of the task force called in to do the dirty work on the streets of The New York City. You are the part of a private military organization designed to explore, track and eliminate any and all threats. In doing these activities, you will uncover more plots.


12. Mission Impossible: RogueNation

Mission Impossible: RogueNation is an action based game with proper levels and story on keeping people interested. Many options exist within the game that will keep people interested in the game and make sure they keep on playing it. It is available on the mobile and other devices and quickly continued from any one of them thanks to the cloud support. The game has an epic story and mini-game within the main thing, therefore, people can maintain their interest. Therefore, you have to step your game up. It is your time to show everyone who is the boss. The user interface is also high class, where all the options laid out correctly, so there is no difficulty in finding the buttons and navigating from one place to the other. Risking your life is never easy, but once you have decided, then the journey begins in a world full of crime. Ads are there in the system which becomes troublesome, but that compensates with the right balance between addiction and suspense. All in all, the game is new in the market but has already gained the attention of people and therefore is a must try.



CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER is a game best defined by the name itself. The person playing it acts as a murderer who gets many tasks and has to complete them to save the city. Many options and tools are provided to make sure people get to finish the work in the most interesting way, but it totally comes down to the person playing. You are an assassin and have to complete your job to the best of ability. Cyborgs and robots are invading the city, and this means people are in danger. Around fifteen different missions are available for individuals who want to become part of this journey. Each one of them has something new to offer, and proper documentation provided for every scenario. Another feature that adds icing on the cake is the user interface, all the information required during the missions is provided directly on the screen and at precise moments without becoming a distraction. Completing the tasks by killing the enemy and destroying their safe havens is something that becomes critical because of the activities going on in that place. In a nutshell, this game is as exciting as it looks and comes with high quality graphics.


14. San Andreas Real Gangsters 3D

San Andreas Real Gangsters 3D was one of the best action game in 2015. The user gets to play the main role of a gangster who wants to terrorize the city now. It hasn’t been the case since always, and everything has a reason. Mafia is on the streets, ruling the city and makes many people suffer. Two choices are there for people, either become part of the mafia or fight against them. Thinking about living as a neutral is not a possibility. Therefore, you have to take the terrible step. It is your time to show everyone who is the boss. It is not the job of a policeman; it is one of a gangster who does not live to glorify themselves. All they want is revenge and blood. Soon along the way the user realize that everything has a reason and there is more to life than just fighting. Therefore, now saving the city becomes a duty. For that, several missions have to finish before the game can come to any conclusion and that is where people become addicted. All in all, an excellent game that has several new obstacles, new graphics, and widescreen resolution to make it more addictive.

More About Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper is one of the best games that help people in staying glued to their phones. This game is a tour of the underworld where different missions have to complete if you have to save the world. Many options within the game will make sure, it happens. Around fifty different tasks are available for people who want to become part of this journey. Each one of them has something new to offer, and proper documentation provided for every scenario. Backgrounds help in giving an idea to people why the mission is important and what will be the benefits of completing it on time. The user becomes part of either silent mission that is top secret or the ones that require proper battles and therefore, come on notice of all the enemies. What makes the game more interesting is that you have to either eliminate and fight against a group on the streets or carry out a mission to kill the primary target. Graphics of the game are perfect for mobile devices and keep varying depending on the gadget used. The resolution is different for phones and notebooks and various stunning locations suit them. To make things a simple game that has one of the best ratings on play store is worth a try.