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Moment Diary is a private diary which makes notes along with the timestamps and allows you to take a short note and use it as your secure, private diary of your own. Moment Diary (journal) app was presented in the market by Utagoe Inc… read more
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1. 1 Second Daily Cam

1 Second Daily Cam is a great tool which enables its global users to create their personal video diary in one of the simplest, accessible and fast scenario. 1 Second Daily Cam – Create a personal video diary app was developed in the market by Simon Meyborg Inc. which enables you to capture one second in every single day of your life and create amazing video diary to have fun for the rest of your lives. It enables you to experience amazing moments from the past and even enjoy a stream of bygone days. The app lets you create, capture or record one second of your busy life every day and manage to build your personal video diary out of it. 1 Second Daily Cam – Create a personal video diary app has been amazingly updated from scratch and lets you swim deep into your memorable past whenever you want. One Second Daily Cam brings a calendar which holds every single second you tool so that you can conveniently go back and watch or replace a seconds right within the app. 1 Second Daily Cam – Create a personal video diary allows you to capture one single second of your life and lets you enjoy a video diary at the end of the year, filled with real love.


2. 1secCamera

1secCamera is an excellent tool which enables its users to get one of the stress-free and extraordinary ways of taking photos on a daily basis. 1secCamera: Clipbox app was presented in the market by KGC Inc. which enables its worldwide users to have an experience which is easier than movies and impressive than photos. 1 sec Camera app allows you to make short clips by combining 1 sec movies that you capture (of the length from 3 to 32 seconds), applying filters (15 types), adding your desired music, and insert titles as well. The app lets you grab the best moments with friends and family while capturing memories of travel, recording the growth of kids, surprise movie for the birthday, wedding, or other parties, memories of retirement and graduation, drinking, karaoke, dancing, and any of your most likely events. Clipbox – 1secCamera app is also significant for things including dishes (you can take even steam), dropping water, sunshine, swaying flowers, and more. You can also grab the tool as life log memorandum while taking the cooking process to recipe videos, and take the same things regularly for a month. Clipbox – 1 second Camera lets you have one tap feature to share your content through Instagram, Twitter, Camera Roll, Facebook, and other social platforms to reveal your lifestyle with the world.


3. See How You Eat

See How You Eat Food Diary App enables you to set, see, monitor, and manage your daily food diary in a way like never before. See How You Eat Food – Your Easy Food Tracking Diary app was presented in the market by Health Revolution Ltd Inc. which brings an easy to use and simple app with regular meal plans and daily journal of the things you eat every day. It enables its users to see meals of the day at a glance and lets you make a journal by taking a photograph of your meals. The app lets you feel more energetic and get to your vigorous weight. See How You Eat App – Food Diary enables you to become more aware of your habits about eating. You can intuitively see at a glance all the meals you have had on a particular day, compelling you to make healthier and more sophisticated choices with this awesome food diary. See How You Eat – Your Easiest Food Diary Ever app brings an elegant meal reminder which helps you to eat on time and on a regular basis, and lets you feel more energetic throughout the day. See How You Eat: Food Diary App lets you stay energetic, lose weight and craving for unhealthy food.


4. Daily Snap

Daily Snap miraculously transforms your daily photos into a stunning movie and lets you store them for the rest of your life. Daily Snap: 1 Second Stories Every Day app was developed in the market by HelloBaby, Inc. which presents your life with a movie by letting you capture all the precious moments and portray it in a way like never before. Daily Snap app lets you capture a second of everyday life and make a movie in just a single tap to have fun while watching your life anytime you want. Daily Snap: Video Diary app intuitively creates your story by adding your first snap, and you have to take it with you to capture everything you need to store for long. You can film everything from travel, gym, evets, parties, outings, get-togethers, classes, pets, beard’s growth, physical change, or anything in between and you can also run a few stories simultaneously. Daily Snap: One Second Stories Every Day is one of the best-in-class too for capturing snaps which contains the features of unlimited cloud storage, calendar view, chatting support, custom snap length, intuitive reminders, supreme privacy support, and an ad-free atmosphere to enjoy everything you want. Daily Snap: Video Diary lets you capture only one second of your busy life and explain everything about it in a second.


5. Everyday Looper

Everyday Looper enables its users to capture 4 different musical phrases and make their own tunes using their own voice. Everyday Looper is a marvelous tool presented by Mancing Dolecules Inc. through which you can intuitively loop four multiple audio effects, and mix and merge them in the way you want. After recording four musical phrases, you can manage them while playing one, two, three or all the phrases at a time. You can precisely remove these phrases and record new ones on them. Everyday Looper is an ultimate-simple, spontaneous, and instantaneous app which brings a superb merging of loops that you want to build. You can swipe or tap over the displayed waveforms to pause, stop, erase, alter volume, record, and play things in the way you want. Other than these, Everyday Looper app contains master limiter, auto normalization, track merging, quantize recording, overdub recording, stereo tracks, track muting, metronome, midi controllers, latency compensation, midi controller, Wi-Fi export, and a no button user interface for providing a sleek and intuitive user experience. It lets you capture each of its loops one by one and precisely on and off loops anytime needed. Everyday Looper brings a collection of 4 tracks on iPhone, and 6 tracks on your iPads for letting you enjoy the musical phrases or loops in a way like never before.


6. Leap Second

Leap Second is loved by millions of worldwide users for capturing video of one second in each day of their life and create a video diary at the end of a particular session. Leap Second – Video journal is a fine tool introduced in the market by Norse Ventures LLC, which brings one of the most comprehensive video journals through which you can trim, capture, and stitch your one second daily in one video. It is a finest photo-video tool that helps you relieve your precious moments of your previous life and lets you share your life’s story with your family members, buddies, friends, colleagues, and anyone you want. Leap Second – Capture Life’s Best Moments brings a calendar view which makes it super intuitive to organize your precious content professionally. You can also share a private link with anyone you want just to make a collaboration in creating an epic one-sec video montage. Leap Second – Video journal app also brings the functionalities of music support, cloud storage, second extender, multiple video support, and a subscription version for its real followers. So just download Leap Second – Capture Life’s Best Moments app in your cell phone and enjoy the highlight playback of your previous life moments in one concise and exquisite video.


7. VideoPop

VideoPop is a pretty much unique and up to the mark app which enables you to create your own, exclusive video calendar every day, every month, or for every year. VideoPop – Video Diary Log & Movie Maker is a marvelous app presented in the market by Lonson Bnah Inc. which enables you to capture videos in any time of the day, month, or year and create stunning videos of your past to have fun. You can create multiple videos through your camera, camera roll, or even the Dropbox. VideoPop – Video Diary Log lets you record brand new videos, and you can also select from your existing life to make and edit video calendar in the way you want. You can precisely add a catchy background, fun video filters, notes to each video, plenty of visual effects, and share your creative life with the universe. It is a significant tool for creating a video collage by adding your desired mix of music as well as adding captions that you want. VideoPop – Movie Maker enables you to search your desired videos from your in-built gallery or library and effortlessly merge, save and share your life with your loved ones. VideoPop – Video Diary Log and Movie Maker allows you to start recording your amazing video calendar today and store every precious moment of your life for the rest.


8. Lifecake

Lifecake is one of the most up to the mark photo and video making tool for your baby pregnancy pics, baby bumps, baby milestones and everything in between. Lifecake Family & Baby Milestone Photo is a reasonable kid journal app introduced in the market by Lifecake LTD, which lets you enjoy capturing and creating your child’s pic journal and lets you share your happiness with the whole world or even with anyone you want privately. Lifecake Family & Baby Photos is an elegant journal of photos and videos for all the proud parents. It intuitively captures and shares your kid’s journey with your loved ones and bring the whole family close together. Lifecake – Photo Album, Baby Milestones allows you to track the pregnancy with baby bump photos and effectively records all the significant milestones to look back whenever later. Lifecake Family and Baby Milestone Photo App is a simple, magically organized and genuine baby journal through which you can enjoy capturing all the big moments with your family. Lifecake is generous for its free users and is awesome for all the subscribers. Lifecake Family and Baby Photos is a marvelous tool that keeps your families toaster with amazing photos and videos of your kids.


9. Best Nine

Best Nine is a widely loved application which intuitively presents your ultimately top nine pics from your Instagram for a particular year, time span, or for all the time as well. Best Nine – Get 2019 Best Nine app was presented in the market by ASN Group LLC, which lets you enjoy your best collection of nine photos and merge them into one single video respectively. The app contains the capability to rearrange top nice pics in the grid and get your best nine photos come to life, and you can then share your memories with class and style. Best Nine – Get the Year’s Best Nine app carries the ability to choose one of the 2 options for scaling your pics. You can change the grid pics through the photo library or the camera in the way you want. Best Nine – Get 2019 Best Nine app contains the features of Apple watch support, see total like and post count for years, get best thirty-six, set frame shape and color, enjoy sticker pack, iPad support, get best nine of all time or for custom time range, and even log out of and use any other account within the app. Best Nine – Get the Year’s Best Nine app intuitively portrays your top nine pics from your Instagram for a specific time range, for a particular year, and for all time.


10. Vinyl Record App

Vinyl Record App is a significant tool for capturing collectors in an intuitive, effective, and easy to use manner. Vinyl Record App – Track Your Record Collection is a straightforward application introduced in the market by Noah Tovares Inc. which brings an up to the mark app for recording collectors. You can store all the records in its ‘Collection’ section and intuitively discover your desired records from the search tab by inputting the title of the album, artists, and the number of catalogs. The app enables you to tap into a record and use the plus button to add them over your collection. Vinyl Record App – Track Your Record Collection app contains a ‘Wantlist’ function where you can keep track of the collection of your records you want to buy, and you can even look at the wantlists of your friends and pick any of your desired records they might want. After buying a record over your own wantlist, you can tap into the record button and use its icon to transfer it to your collection. It lets you get two more functionalities which include the Feed section, and the Pro-tips support. Vinyl Record App – Track Your Record Collection app lets you enjoy recording your desired collectors and have loads of functions under one platform to convince you way better.


11. Day One Journal

Day One Journal is an award-winning app for journaling your life and lets you capture your life as you live it, introduced in the market by Bloom Built Inc. Day One Journal – Your journal for life app intuitively captures every chunk of your life in a secure, accessible and effortless way. It is a versatile app which can be used for your memory journal, travel journal, calendar journal, and is great for both women and men. The app lets bring exclusive timeline support which enables you to browse, search and filter to relive moments, auto capture location or weather, calendar (with ultimate date-based visualization), map (for navigating your personal history), and lets you portray pic (that speaks a thousand words). Day One Journal – Your journal for life app has made it so easy and convenient to keep journal and calendar of everyday life with pics. Day 1 Journal app lets you make journaling a part of your life through providing a reminder, a calendar, in-app system notification, and a hell more functions. Day One Journal – Your journal for life brings the premium features of unlimited photo storage, unlimited encrypted cloud storage, prioritized customer support, limitless journals, automated entries, cloud sync to all apps, and lot more on the way.


12. PicYourMoment

PicYourMoment is an excellent tool that lets you give some time to your life to capture some precious moments from them and portray them in the best possible way. PicYourMoment – Room for Thought app was presented in the stores by PicYourMoment BV Inc. which brings a sleekly designed tool for capturing the precious moments of your lives and store them for the lifetime and beyond. The app intuitively sends you a notification to capture the moment every day at an unexpected time. You have to open the notification of the app to see the animation, and then your mobile phone’s camera will be opened automatically. After the process, you’ll get 3 seconds to focus, and then the photo is taken without any effort of yours. ROOMforthought – Pic Your Moment app allows you to select from tons of photo filters along with the addition of location or comment. Pic Your Moment – Room for Thought app stores your photos and also provide you the option if you want to move it in your mobile’s gallery or not. You can also discover public photos of other people in the public Album as well. ROOM for Thought – PicYourMoment also lets you set your photos to private if your pic is intended for your eyes only.


13. Phogress

Phogress is an exclusive tool which enables its worldwide users to enjoy creating fine stories, track the progress of their milestones, record their precious moments, or even capture their once in a lifetime adventures. Phogress – A Photo Diary app was presented in the market by Vector Space Inc. which lets you capture some great stories of your lives and enjoy them watching for the rest of your life. You can capture your flower bloom, start watching your body shape changing after a week of workout, reaching the milestones of your projects, your hundred-day photo challenge, and the like. It lets you landscape your life changes on a daily basis and lets you remember the days of your hardworking efforts before success. Phogress – A Photo Diary lets you record the growth of your baby’s happy or First moments. It lets you capture the creation process of your artwork and other masterpieces. It never let you miss the precious moments of your life by capturing everything needed that become evergreen. So just download Phogress – A Photo Diary app and record the most precious moments of your lives and bring the memories of your trips, functions, and growth to life for the real-time.


14. Journey

Journey is an exclusive journal app which enables its users to record their precious moments of life, everlasting legacy, major milestones, and more which live on forever and beyond. Journey – Diary, Journal is a fine tool developed by Two Apps Studio PTE, LTD. which lets you embark over the journey of self-improvement. The app lets you record your daily food, events, dreams, track mood, secret meditation, reflect, be gratitude, track fitness, catchups, and anything you want and then relive those moments in the journey made by the app. Journey: Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker is designed intuitively to keep your journal lasts for the lifetime by storing your private diary securely in the Google Drive. Journey – Diary, Journal enables you to sync your journals across plenty of platforms and lets you edit on the move and settle down comfortably at home over your desired smartphone, desktop, and Chromebook. Journey: Diary, Journal, and Companion let you grow your journaling habit through its beautiful and simple interface and enjoy effortless journaling, private diary, and mood tracker at one place. Journey: Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker app intuitively record all your precious moments of your life and turn your pics into amazing memory in a way like never before.


15. VHS Cam

VHS Cam is a great tool being used by Kendall Jenner, Khole Kardashian, Wiz Khalifa, BTS, Die Antwoord, Philip Bloom, Snoop Dogg, and featured in SNSL as well as in limitless music videos and TV shows. VHS Camcorder (VHS Cam) – The Original VHS app was developed in the store by Rarevision Inc. through which you can enjoy making home movies that sound and seems like real retro video tapes which is pulled out of the storage after 20 or 30 years. VHS Camcorder (VHS Cam) – VHS App lets you make videos that look to be so much ancient and antique for the real-time. You can intuitively change the on-screen date to trick your buddies, glitch up the pic by shaking your device, create flashing cheesy custom titles, and use the zoom lens functionality to emphasize those embarrassing moments. VHS Cam – The Original VHS App lets you create retro videos (using VHS style) of your broods that look like the ones from your own childhood. It lets you impress your girlfriend through the app by convincing her that you’ve built a time machine. VHS Camcorder (VHS Cam) – The Original VHS App is probably one of a few apps that actually capture your 80s and 90s themed parties in an exquisite way.


16. Life Lapse

Life Lapse makes it superbly accessible and comfortable to create personal stop motion and time lapse videos right using your mobile phone devices. Stop Motion Maker – Life Lapse app was presented in the market by Bolandia Creative Inc. which enables you to enjoy making time-lapse or stop motion videos by adding amazing filters, the music of your choice, changing the speed, adjusting the size, and save them with loads of other customizable options. Stop Motion App by Life Lapse allows you to use the ghosted image feature when taking your clips to align your subject from pixel to pixel. You also have to go into the photo editor, create plenty of layers, align the layers manually to do everything manually without the app and then export the video in this software of video editing. Stop Motion Maker – Stop motion Animation Maker save much of your time, headache as well as money of learning some photo editor. Some of the highlighted features of Life Lapse app includes the ghosted image, opacity slider, multiple project support, filters support, delete selected clips, import pics into a project, customizable sizing, camera timer, customizable sizing, rare or front camera support, and loads more. Stop Motion by Life Lapse does not use any ads and you can use all the features with damn ease and real comfort.


17. Daily Photo – Personal Diary

Daily Photo – Personal Diary enables you to establish a heart touching, fun, hilarious, and fully amazing diary of your own life by creating journals of your event on a daily basis. Daily Photo – Personal Diary app was presented in the market by, which enables you to keep track of your ideas, feelings, document your last holiday and the likely content at once. You can use the Daily Photo app to track how you, your pets, your kids, and even your plants change their shape over time. You can take as many snaps as you want and even write down your feeling, opinions, and inner thoughts and keep them all in one ,secure and easily accessible place. Daily Photo – Personal Diary stores your pics in ultimate quality and provides an efficient calendar, simple to use the timeline, and gallery support to view the entries of your diary. You can take your fresh photos and even your past photos for creating your life’s journal and share your photos over your desired social platform or even send them with other third-party apps. Daily Photo – Personal Diary lets you schedule a daily reminder and brings restore or backup support of your progress through its elegant functionality of backup/restore.


18. One Second Everyday – Video Maker (+Emojis)

One Second Everyday – Video Maker is a great tool which lets you explain your previous life in a second that you have captured for the previous month, the year, and so on. One Second Everyday – Video Maker (+Emojis) is an exquisite application developed by MFK Apps Inc. which lets you record video of one second every day and make it a memorable videos by collecting all the pieces. The app features selfie videos, video diary, emojis on videos, landscape, and portrait mode support, and produce a whole complete custom video between multiple dates. One Second Every day is a simple to use and fast camera app through which you can bring your everyday second to life. The app lets you celebrate your previous life with an amazing video diary of your own by adding amazing stuff on them. One Second Everyday – Video Maker and Emojis allows you to access all the recorded days in a simple and clean interface and you can manage them in your own way. While on the other hand, 1SecEverday lets you use your rare or front camera to record your lovely moments. One Second Everyday – Video Maker and Emojis give real worth to your life by capturing small but cute seconds every day and enjoy the whole film whenever you want.


19. Selfie A Day

Selfie A Day is an up to the mark app that allows you to take one selfie every day and save them in a folder for the production of a time-lapse movie for the future. Selfie A Day is a classy tool introduced in the market by ARGUE Inc. which enables you to create time lapse videos of your life by capturing one selfie a day. The app lets you take selfies every day alive, put all of them in a queue (on the top of one another), and get a time-lapse video of your growth or anything else. Selfie A Day app never lets you miss anything because it can detect your face to put along all your faces in the queue when creating a movie out of it with tons of other options for you to control from the final movie. You can intuitively share and view your video with your loved ones and friends from the video creation page and keep a copy of it on your mobile phone as well. The app is significant for watching someone grow, see your change, watching your beard grow, getting a nice tan, your baby growing up session, your plants grow, watch your hair grow, your pet growth, and loads of other ideas to choose. Selfie A Day allows you to save all the cute little memories of your life in a memorable time lapse video and enjoy everything in the way you want.


20. A Photo A Day

A Photo A Day is a classy tool that helps you keep track of anything you want in your life and enjoy watching the memories for the rest of your life. A Photo A Day was introduced in the market by ACC Apps Inc. through which you can bring all your lovely moments to life and keeps anything under control for having fun. The app allows you to keep all your most precisely and memorable celebrations in one place and lets you explore them whenever you want. It enables you to take a pic every day and remember what you are up to last year, last month, last week or so on. A Photo a Day app allows you to take photos of your life and never forget all the ultimate happenings of your life. You can watch your pet grow, get your beard growth, enjoy watching the activities of your kids, track your dreams, capture your efforts before success, track your body while in the workout, and get loads of your most likely things done over here. A Photo A Day app allows you to keep track of your memories and enjoy managing them all in one concise place.

More About Moment Diary

Moment Diary is a private diary which makes notes along with the timestamps and allows you to take a short note and use it as your secure, private diary of your own. Moment Diary (journal) app was presented in the market by Utagoe Inc. through which you can not only record your precious moments and significant stuff but also keep it secure from anyone else. Moment Diary – Daily Journal is significant for taking notes of your work, business, class, and home on a daily basis and store your information by keeping it private. The app lets you capture the food log, diet record, simple grocery notes, and your lifetime recording for all the things that you want to capture for long. Moment Diary – Journal allows you to keep track of your business and domestic stuff under one place and never let your important things disappear. The app carries loads of must-have features and is applicable for all the moms, dads, teachers, entrepreneurs, sole proprietor and anyone else who need to jot things down for work. So just download Moment Diary – Daily Journal app and enjoy one of the most secure and intuitive apps for making notes.