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Monster City

Monster City focuses on providing people fun. This action completes with the help of several game paly options present within the platform. If you are bored of the games which offer lethargic patterns and similar options, Monster City will make sure you have something new to look forward… read more
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14 Apps Like Monster City


Resources – GPS MMO Game

Resources – GPS MMO Game is a similar game in which people get to have a place of their own based on their location. After getting the location set and seeing that no one has any right in the area, they get to create a mafia of their own.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a location based game application for the smartphone users that allow the game lovers to enjoy a new level of gaming in an open environment. Here the players can capture, arrange battles and even train the virtual creatures, known as Pokemon, who appear in almost all part of the real world.


Ingress is a location based MMP game that will transform your real world into the landscape for a global game of intrigue, mystery, and competition. The future of the world is at stake but you can save it if you dare to do it.

Go Catch Monster

Go Catch Monster falls in several categories of the games, but this one is the most important one since the primary process of playing is connected. The plot of this game is interesting in which a boy with the red cap has to travel in a forest that is reality based, here the kid gets to face many monsters and beats that are alien to human beings.

EvoCreo – Lite

EvoCreo – Lite is one of the most exciting games that are available for people to play in the store. The first thing to know about it is that there are no charges of downloading and playing the game.

Stick Escape – Adventure Game

Stick Escape – Adventure Game is based on the famous character Stickman and focuses on its escape from the prison. The program concentrates on the role which is played by the user and provides them with several options within the platform to enjoy the game along with completing the task.

Craftmon Go

Craftmon Go by RX-Zen Studio is a game originated from the original Pokémon Go and has made its mark in a short period. Since the game is new on the market, few errors expected while improvements take place at regular intervals.

Mino Monsters 2: Evolution

Mino Monsters 2: Evolution is a new game in the world of adventure but has already grabbed the attention of people who want to play something exciting. The game focuses on a journey where the user has to pass through a thrill filed map.

Flappy Pokémon

Flappy Pokémon is a game extremely different from other kinds. In this, instead of catching most famous characters and creating an army people have to fly the Pokémon as high as they can.

Zombies Go!

Zombies Go! is a game based on real life adventure that keeps people scared and interested at the same time. The theme of the game is simple, where the user has to use their phone to find out many scary beasts that come along their way.


SpecTrek is basically an AR ghost hunting game that was designed to have the user work out whilst playi8gn the game. You have to protect the world and that is the tagline of that game.

Temple Treasure Hunt Game

Temple Treasure Hunt Game is an AR game app for Android devices. The quality of this game app is that it is an innovative game-play. Temple Treasure Hunt Game features single and multiplayer modes, indoor and outdoor modes, augmented reality and location-based gameplay and network and Bluetooth sharing support.

The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game

The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game not only brings the fun of playing a video game but also the facility of managing your daily activity levels. This game has been designed by the developers along with the National Health Service of the United Kingdom and makes sure people get to walk more than they usually do.

Dragon Land

Dragon Land is a platform full of adventures where people get to have an enjoyable time after completing the tasks. The game base itself on arcade more in which one dragon has to wander around the place in search of valuables.

More About Monster City

Monster City focuses on providing people fun. This action completes with the help of several game paly options present within the platform. If you are bored of the games which offer lethargic patterns and similar options, Monster City will make sure you have something new to look forward. The primary task of the game stays the same; the user has to catch several kinds of monsters within the maps. Many of them are present and have to be followed from place to place and then grabbed just by the movement of your phone. Once they are in your possession, training them and giving them food will not only make them loyal to you but will also help whenever there is competition among friends. After creating your world, full of monsters. Competing with your colleagues and random people from across the globe is next step. Some of the main features of this game include, free to play version for Android and Ios. Cute and adorable monsters that have been part of children world for a while. Battling against opponents and creating an ultimate city full of your favorite stuff. All in all, this game is a perfect alternative to the boring, similar games present.

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