MosaLingua – TOEFL® Test Prep Alternatives for iOS

MosaLingua – TOEFL® Test Prep

MosaLingua – TOEFL® Test Prep lets you speak foreign languages with the most elegant techniques. It provides a fun way to get a grip on any of your directed language and helps you to succeed. When it comes to learning language motivation in vitally important therefore it is based on highly effective learning technique that brings you just to keep yourself going and motivating yourself… read more
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10 Apps Like MosaLingua – TOEFL® Test Prep for iOS


1. busuu – Easy Language Learning

Busuu is a finest app that brings educationally related workflow for its online users from around the world. It helps you to study more than 12 major languages courses that help you to access languages in a well convenient way. It delivers a marvellous range of vocabulary words and phrases and keeps on updating its stuff on a daily basis. It is a great platform for improvising your way of speaking, fluency, and accent, and makes you eligible and perfect to speak with the native speakers. You can easily access its lessons and download them for studying them offline. Busuu has a massive community of almost 70 million users from all over the globe who use this app for keeping an elegant flavour of other languages right through this app. Just join this app and have your writing and speaking exercise corrected by some native speakers. Busuu is probably one of the best apps that features Placement Tests (start from the right difficulty level), Help from Natives (to get your exercise corrected), Accent Training, Full Courses Access, Tips on grammar to help you learn, Offline Learning, etc. It also provides a Certificate as well which lets you become certified with the McGraw-Hill Education.


2. Babbel – Learn Languages

Babbel helps you learn and speak languages with confidence. It enables you to get an easy and well-convenient access to the Spanish, French, Germany, Italian, and many other languages with extreme precision and ease. This app allows you to learn languages to have a practical and real-time conversation approach with an elegant touch of bite-sized lessons fit into your schedule. It has expert developers which efficiently developed these languages with their compatible and extraordinary proficient skills. You can boost your skills, confidences, and accent right through this app. It lets you retain what you learn with the review manager. Babbel brings an outstanding platform that teaches you that how to learn languages and how to engage in practical issues and everyday conversations and delivers an easier approach to have an authentic experience in your new language. It provides an extensive collection of more than 14 different languages with interactive courses and is ideal for both beginners and advanced learners. Babbel carries 10 to 15 minutes of bite-sized activities and an entertaining listening, reading, speaking, and writing exercises. Some of its other features include speech recognition technology aids pronunciation, review manager, vocabulary from a wide range of topics, and an effective synchronization across devices, etc.


3. HelloTalk Learn Languages Free

HelloTalk is a useful and trustworthy language learning and culture exchanging app that brings an extraordinary ease of learning with fun. It helps you to learn a language by chatting with native speakers by supporting more than 150 languages and over 7 million members to chat with right on this app. HelloTalk has a robust language tool with an elegant corrector, built-in translator, precise voice to text, and more. It is an awesome platform that helps you search for partners from anywhere, and you can easily filter by location, age, gender, nationality, location, and more. It also supports a starting approach of a free of cost voice and video calling that enables you to improve your accent, fluency, and learning by calling a single individual or a group. You can easily search and approach people whose needs match yours. HelloTalk lets you practice and masters your targeted language with the native speakers through text, video, audio, and voice messages. You can use moments to ask and share questions that you need to learn about the culture, language or travel for all native speakers comment and see it, and immerse yourself in another culture.


4. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Duolingo is an institution itself by bringing an extraordinary range of language for learning purpose. It is far and away the best and the free language learning app. You probably cannot beat this app among some other apps for learning a language. It has split the languages into bite-size skills just like a game like if you fail in something you lose a life and on the other hand, you can earn points when you complete a lesson. Duolingo is an education spreading app that brings the ease of learning languages. Duolingo is an extremely effective application that precisely teaches you to read, write, listen, and speak. It helps you to learn Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Hebrew, Welsh, and English and lets you access each of its lesson for free. Duolingo lets you compete your friends and team up with them right from a community of more than 150 million users from around the world. It is an amazing and extraordinary approach that enhances the ease of learning languages. Duolingo  is one of the most productive apps that changes the way individuals learn languages.


5. HiNative – Learn Languages

HiNative is a well-known app for language learners. You can easily ask about the English, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, and hundreds of other languages and dialects. It brings an effective conversation approach, and you can easily interact with the native speakers of the language that you have targeted. In this way, you can ask anything with extreme ease and in a stress-free atmosphere and got answered from the native speakers of more than 110 languages. You can do better practice by speaking and listening and effectively get feedback on your pronunciation and improvise your daily stuff professionally. HiNative peruses over 1,100,000 questions and over 4 million answers. There are a variety of valuable features of this app that enhances the ease of understanding languages by exchanging your thoughts and getting your mysteries with the native speakers. Some of its core features include the support of Audio Uploads, finest question formats, picture support, vocabulary enhancement approaches, and more.


6. TripLingo

TripLingo is an ultimate app that enhances the ease of understanding languages for international travellers. It is an effective platform that helps you to learn effective and the most essential phrases, instantly translate your voice, get a crash course on any local culture, connect to live translator, and much more. TripLingo provides an easy approach for getting the meaning and sense of words that you cannot understand. It contains a massive collection of more than 2,000 phrases on each of its offered languages, over 30,000 professionally recorded voice and audio files, instant language translator in more than 19 languages, a 10,000 word effective offline dictionary and much more. It delivers a built-in support for flashcards, all new audio sessions, an intelligent currency converter and tip calculator, an elegant quiz mode to get you learn, and much more. It lets you get familiar with some specific culture and get the details of these cultures. Its free version includes the basic access to all content of the languages and you can easily get its premium app for accessing all of its features.


7. Memrise: Learn New Languages, Grammar & Vocabulary

Memrise: Learn New Languages, Grammar & Vocabulary delivers a damn new and innovative way to learn and understand languages. You can easily pick from the powerful collection of languages and learn them in an innovative way. You can understand foreign languages in the most fun and easy way. It lets you play as a language masters spy and learn from its effective features. It delivers an elegant approach of videos with thousands of lessons from real native speakers for effective learning. It provides an effective learning in an adventurous way. You can easily play games, achieve goals, and get rewards. It provides one of the smoothest ways of interaction and exchanging of knowledge between speakers from all over the world. You can enhance the way you speak, correct the way you pronounce, and better the way you understand using this elegant and classy stuff. You can easily read, write, or speak Spanish, Chinese, English, French, German, Korean, Italian, and tons of other languages fluently. There is an attractive range of features that help you get a solid grip on any of your targeted language.


8. Learn Spanish by MindSnacks

Learn Spanish by MindSnacks is one of the best language learning and educational app that brings the ease of getting a damn solid grip on the Spanish language. If you have a motive to learn Spanish language with extreme ease and convenience, this app lets you read, write, learn, and speak the Spanish language by adopting a fun way. It has increased the ease of understanding the Spanish language by letting you play games on the go and understand this language. You can easily access its lessons and understand things with extreme ease and convenience. You can enjoy learning from more than 1000 Spanish vocabulary words and get things done by playing addictive, engaged, and rich games instead of flipping tedious flashcards. Learn Spanish by MindSnacks offers nine addictive and exclusive games for fun learning, hundreds of Spanish phrases and words to study and master. It provides spoken audio clips from some native speakers which help its users to understand the pronunciation as well. You can get 50 lessons, enhanced review approach, personalised learning, additional challenges and quests, and a mind-blowing learning experience.


9. Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone

Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone is a Rosetta Stone product providing the ease of getting new languages from all over the world. It is an immensely excellent language learning application that helps you speak a damn new language by trying through the first lesson. Rosetta Stone helps you to learn your second language the in the way you learned your first, with an immersive and intuitive method as fun to use as it is useful. It delivers a series of languages including English, Spanish, Turkish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, Filipino, Greek, Hebrew, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Korean, Persian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, and many others. It is probably the only language learning software with a TruAccent feature which is the world’s best speech recognition technology that helps you sound like a native speaker. This award-winning application has been trusted by millions of users including some corporate clients and educational institutes helping individuals from the past 25 years. Hence you can start talking to some native speaker with confidence, learn things through immersion, gain conversational skills on dozens of topics, and make an immense grip on an entirely new language.


10. Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp is one of the widely used application through which users are taking extreme benefits of learning multiple languages. It is one of the most ultimate language learning application through which individuals from all over the world can easily learn Spanish, German, Portuguese, Korean, French, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, and more by reading text side by side. It provides one of the most easiest and fun ways to enjoy learning different languages from all over the world. Beelinguapp: Learn Languages with Audio Books lets you read and listen to stories and gear audios in your desired language that you want to understand. It is a simple and handy way to learn languages by choosing any of your desired language by reading different stores. Other than these, Beelinguapp: Learn Languages with Audio Books also let you understand that language in your own language for better understanding of the meaning of any particular phrase or word. So just download this language learning application, and start learning way many languages in a damn fun way and for free.

More About MosaLingua – TOEFL® Test Prep

MosaLingua – TOEFL® Test Prep lets you speak foreign languages with the most elegant techniques. It provides a fun way to get a grip on any of your directed language and helps you to succeed. When it comes to learning language motivation in vitally important therefore it is based on highly effective learning technique that brings you just to keep yourself going and motivating yourself. It uses the Space Repetition System (SRS) which is introduced by a scientist and is proved to be very effective when you want to memorize something. It is an educational platform that helps you to get the basic knowledge about languages being spoken from around the world. MosaLingua – TOEFL Test Prep brings the master techniques for learning languages in a damn fun way. It offers over 2,000 advanced level words and each of which comes with a proper definition and synonyms for better understanding, plus an example for clearing the concept of the learners. It also provides recorded pronunciation recorded by native speakers, and you can get advice or tips straight from its team.

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