MP3ROCKET is another FrostWire spinoff with similar look and functionality. It is working great on Mac and Windows, and the app supports both BitTorrent and Gnutella downloads. Unlike its name suggests, it is not limited to discover MP3s. It is proficient of downloading any file format including hundreds of video files and software… read more

Apps Like MP3ROCKET for iOS

#1 BitSpirit


BitSpirit is another easy to use and powerful torrent client for almost all platforms submitted by BitSpirit. There is a huge list of features that it offers for downloading different stuff like media and documents from its own web browser. It offers one of the easiest and smooth ways to download different files and documents. It offers a clean user interface with multiple spontaneous downloads. It provides the facility of torrent share and previewing while downloading. Which means it lets you watch or view your document of some other media while downloading. It offers trackless support (like Mainline DHT, v3.0.0+). It gives a multi-tracker support for its users as well. BitSpirit provides fast job resume, a file selecting support, UPnP, NAT Traversal support, protocol encryption, and easy to use download management with lot more features. BitSpirit is available in both high speed and low-speed CPU usage with HTTP, SOCKS4/5, IPv5, private tracker, magnet links and Unicode support.


#2 aMule


aMule stand for all-platform Mule. It is a torrent client for the eD2k and Kademlia networks, which supports multiple platforms. It is available in 28 languages. It gives support for resource exchange in order to search sources for files more effectively and efficiently. It support for the compressed sharing and transfer files, and server communication, which allows a faster communication for compressible files and a fewer strain on servers. It also supports IP-filters so that you can keep known harmful IPs from connecting to you. It offers a Boolean search and traditional search bars for percent’s completed, and transfers or both. You can brag about using aMule because of its online signature support. aMule uses MD4 hashes to discover sources and ensures that files match the original copies in order to avoid corruption. Its preview function lets you look at your achieves and videos before they completed. You can organize your downloads due to its category support. It filters search results and allows default file permission for completed downloads. aMule offers lot more features, which make it so efficient to use. It is currently working on almost all platforms.

#3 BitComet


BitComet is a fast, free and powerful BitTorrent download client. It is a super-fast and easy to use customer service which aims to give you one of the most reliable services. It is a BitTorrent, FTP, and HTTP download client and supports many newly introduced or some modern BitTorrent clients such as HTTP seeding, magnet links, DHT network and UDP tracker protocol. It offers long term seeding because some of the BitTorrent clients sticks at 99% because the seeder broke up. BitComet tries to improve the performance and usability, by using the long-term seeding technology. This technology discovers more seeds to help finish your downloading. It provides an intelligent disk caching. Before sometimes the BitTorrent clients harm your hard drive with a huge amount of write and read data. So BitComet is probably the first torrent client to solve this issue. It also lets you preview stuff while downloading. So it makes it possible to preview the video or some other files during the downloading process.


#4 KTorrent


KTorrent is a widely used, free, and open source bit of programming that offers its clients an extremely complex and full included torrent and magnet document downloader. It is a BitTorrent application which lets you download the different document and other media files using the BitTorrent protocol. It is an amazing app which allows you to run multiple torrents at the same time and offers some extended features to make it a fully-featured client for BitTorrent. It offers numerous features which include, queuing of torrents, global and per-torrent speed limits, and previewing of certain built-in (audio and video), file types, etc. It also offers file prioritization for multi-file torrents. It provides selective downloading for multi-file torrents. It provides UDP tracker support, and support for; private torrents and trackers, for uTorrent peer exchanging, for protocol encryption, for creating trackless torrents, and for webseeds. It also offers scripting supports via interprocess and Kross control through D-Bus interface. In addition to the built-in functionality and features, some external plugins are also available for KTorrent.

#5 Transmission


Transmission is an open source BitTorrent client and a volunteer based project. It does not play games or does wrong with its users to make money. It is a reliable platform that does not bundle toolbars, twitter tools, flash ads, pop-up ads or anything else. It does not carry some features back for a paid version. It allows everyone to view its source code. It offers a super security for its users, and it does not occupy any third party ads or analytics. It is a document sharing utility that is good for downloading uTorrent like platforms (like BitTorrent and uTorrent). It is consequently connected with torrent media and records. It had a pretty simple user interface and designed for easy, and powerful use. Transmission only takes a few simple clicks to configure its advance features and options like the watch directories web interface, and bad peer blocklists. It has some of the powerful features that you need from a BitTorrent patron. It offers webseed support, peer exchanging, magnet links, DHT, UTP, encryption, UPnP and NAT-PMP port forwarding, etc. Rather than this, Transmission also offers tracker editing, global and per-torrent speed limits and much more.

#6 qBittorrent


qBittorrent is a P2P sharing app that provides another option to uTorrent. It aims to provide an open resource app and software alternative to uTorrent. You can use it over any of your desired platforms, and one of the best thing about this app is that it delivers the same features over all platforms (Linux, Windows, Android, Mac OS X, and others). It has a polished user interface with an extensible and well-integrated search engine. It offers an amazing RSS speed with unconventional downloaded filters like Regex and Incl. It supports many BitTorrent extensions including magnet link, private torrents, encrypted connections, distributed hashtags, local peer discovery, and PEX. It can be accessed remotely through web user interface with AJAX. It offers an advanced search through torrents, peers, and trackers (torrent queuing and prioritizing). You can easily perform per classification particular scan and concurrent ventures for numerous diverse source of media and records. It also offers bandwidth scheduler, torrent creation tool, IP filtering, IPv6 complaint, and is available in almost 70 languages. QBittorrent aims to be a little, intense, outwardly alluring, instinctive and to exceed the capacities gave widely by different other applications.

#7 Torrent Swapper


Torrent Swapper is an open source sociable P2P file sharing client based on the BitTorrent protocol. It is ultimate for high-speed distribution of large files and records that have a basic of user’s taste in content, Internet connectivity between users and a basic understanding of the human friendships. It supports simultaneously downloaded queue, downloads, fast-resume, disk cache, IP-filter support, proxy, port mapping, graphical info, speed limits, and selected downloads in torrent package, etc. The main idea of its peer to peer service is that user protocol creates a service by gathering resources. As the users donate support, therefore, there is no cost to the media and content distribution infrastructure. It gives Amazon-like recommendations to access interesting files. It has just doubled the downloading speed by using upload capacity of friends. It is a real-time peer to peer file sharing platform with P2P video streaming. Using this platform, you can do multiple downloads in a single window. It supports pause, resume, stop, queue, and remove options along with global settings such as download ad upload limiting. It also supports some local settings for each torrent as well and much more.

#8 LimeWire


LimeWire is an attractive, modified and clean torrent client which allows you to get connected with your friends and manage or share files quickly. It is a very popular P2P file-sharing app which appears to be encouraging legal downloads with LimeWire store. It has a cleaner and simpler UI, but it has some bugs. Its new design allows scanning you search results much easier and intuitive downloading files. It offers a built-in-player which lets you view different media records and tracks while downloading, which is a useful and intrusive for checking video and audio files. It has just improved its performance and updater optimization. It has just updated the installer for the LimeWire Toolbar for different Windows systems. Its newer version supports the bug fixer as well which indicates or remove bugs from media files and documents etc.

More About MP3ROCKET

MP3ROCKET is another FrostWire spinoff with similar look and functionality. It is working great on Mac and Windows, and the app supports both BitTorrent and Gnutella downloads. Unlike its name suggests, it is not limited to discover MP3s. It is proficient of downloading any file format including hundreds of video files and software. In addition to downloads, it also offers a huge amount of TV-channels and stream-able radio. It also has some other features which make it so efficient to use. It has an easy user interface which helps users doing stuff here in a comfortable atmosphere. It is a widely used app which is used for many of its features.

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