Mr Ninja – Karate Hero Rush Alternatives for iOS

Mr Ninja – Karate Hero Rush

Mr Ninja – Karate Hero Rush is a rhythm-based action running platformer, developed and published by Appnoxious, LLC. The game is based purely on speed and precision. The player has to control the sequence of ninja character and manage it to avoid the obstacles in the way and have to collect as many gems as could be gathered to improve the points or score… read more
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12 Apps Like Mr Ninja – Karate Hero Rush for iOS

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1. Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based action game, developed by Robert Topala in 2013. It is a paid game available for both Android and iOS devices in $1.99. It is said to be ‘impossible’ to complete the challenges of this match. The game has a pleasing interface that attracts the players to play it for hours testing their abilities. Geometry Dash consists of lots of levels with unique and inspiring soundtracks. The players can also build and share their level using the tool termed as a level editor. Players can unlock new icons and colors to customize their play. Actions in this simple touch game include jumping, flying and flipping through dangerous passages and jagged obstacles. It has a practice mood for a player for being familiar with the game and develop skills, without any effect on the achievements and scores. In the game player attempt to move a square through a jagged path, tapping the screen can make it jump and holding the screen will cause the square skip up and down. After crossing the beginner level and mid-level, the square transforms into a rocket which flies through a cave. Musical soundtracks in the background make the player aware of time. Game Center achievements and rewards for the players increase their interest in the game which can be shared with friends.



2. Bit.Trip Runner

Bit.Trip Runner is an arcade style musical/rhythm game developed by Gaijin Games. The well-known Akysys Games publish it on May 17, 2010. Although the game has abstract shapes and simple visuals, it is worth playing. Bit.Trip Runner is the fourth game of the Bit.Trip series, others include Bit.Trip Beat, Bit.Trip Core and Bit.Trip Void. Bit.Trip Runner is an on-rails action game which means the pace of the game is not in the control of the user. The user only has to jump, skid, slide and pass through the obstacles coming towards the player. The developers of the game had firmly focused on the music of the game other than anything, and surely the music is something which is very much enjoying while playing the game. In the game, the player has to control the run of abstract character. In each level of the game, there are gold bricks which are to collect and increase the score and with it the runner has to be saved from the upcoming obstacles by jumping and sliding under. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Not available for Android.


3. Almost Impossible!

Almost Impossible is a scrolling puzzle platformer. Daniel Cousell develops it for Apple Devices such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. Although the game from its interference seems to be very casual and straightforward, the developer claims it to be highly addicted. In the game, a player had to control a small ball of light on the slide scrolling journey and had to cope with the side by side challenges. The developer claims to apply real-time physics engine in the game. The game has beautiful and well managed future graphics that inspire the player. The only rule of the game on which the player has to ponder upon is that while playing keep the bouncing ball away from everything that is red as it will effect ball’s life and could even destroy it instantly. Currently, the game consists of 50 levels and soon more will be introduced. Players while playing the harder levels would defiantly be frustrated. It is only available for iOS devices.


4. The Impossible Game

It is the hottest game of all the time, as it is nearly quite impossible. Therefore, this Impossible Game is rated such high because of its difficulty level. It was first launched on XBLA in 2009. This supreme quality platformer soon drew the attention worldwide and later was launched on iOS, Android, PSN, and Windows stores. The mighty success of the game Steam, Players, will also introduce it soon. The game is about an abstract 2D platformer that automatically scrolls, and the player has to control its approach and has to avoid the obstacles coming in its way.

After spinning the level, one a player feels comfortable playing this game, but soon it becomes the biggest wreck of player’s life as he or she gets completely involved in the game, and the game gets harder and harder as its name says it. The game offers a practice mode to polish the skills of the players as the player can get familiar with the game without being any harm to his or her achievements in the Game Center. It is available on iOS, Windows, and Android for $0.99.


5. Shaormel

Shaormel is a rhythm-based musical game developed by Mircea Guta. It is an average game with the pure quality of graphics. It is not that difficult like many other musical platformers but still is a good game and can keep a person busy and entertained for long enough. Unlike most of the auto-scrolling games, it has a proper character which is a Fat cartoon boy running to eat shawarma and at the same time dodging many obstacles like bricks, etc. As other games like this mostly had an abstract shape character, so it is different from others in this case. People getting frustrated from the interference of usual games should try it as it has entertaining and eye-catching graphics. It is available free on iTunes for Apple devices. It is not on Google Play or any other vendor’s store.


6. Mr Jump

Mr Jump is a simple but a real difficult one touch platformer game developed by 1Button SARL for iOS. It has all the madness and craziness that the people want nowadays with an extreme level of difficulty. Although this game seems to be straightforward and easy no, it’s not a piece of cake. In spite of being new, this game topped every chart. It was mentioned as one of the best apps on iTunes for the year 2015. Mr Jump seriously challenges the skills of its players. There are 12 levels of the game which gets harder and harder as it approaches the end. The character automatically runs and should jump from the lake and obstacles present in the field. The only key formula to be successful in this game is just to time the jump of the runner. It is only available for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, etc.


7. Adventure Ice Bear Run

Adventure Ice Bear Run is a fundamental sort of arcade running game developed by ViMAP Game Studio. The most attractive and blistering feature of the game is its world ice theme. This game has such a pleasant interference that a player cannot get bored or frustrated while playing the game. The idea of the game is very much different and catchy as compared to all the running games available currently, making the game unique and different in its own. Although the game is not much challenging the urge of exploring the ice world keeps the player involved in the game. The game is equipped with many challenging levels. The player of the game has to help the polar bear in its run and have to avoid the obstacles coming in the way by jumping, slipping and sliding. The game has fresh and pleasant background music which acts like icing on the cake. Smooth gameplay and movements are one of the most exciting features of the game. The game is available for Android and iOS devices.


8. Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas is an adventure-based auto-scrolling game developed by Fingersoft. The game is entertaining with its cartoon-based hand-drawn graphics. Like most popular and high rated experience running games, Benji Bananas is also the game with no end. The best part of the game is that unlike typical adventure platformers, which are based on running and jumping mostly, this game has introduced a new action of swinging. The player has to control the monkey swinging from vine to vine in the jungle for the sake of bananas and have to save the monkey from many lurking dangers in the forest.

The game is quite popular among the people and already has more than 35 million fans. The game is packed up with fantastic jungle landscapes, including trees, bushes, hills, waterfalls, etc. One of the most prominent features of the game is the featuring animated stories of the monkey Benji, his girl Bella, and the excitement of the forest. The game is available on Apple App Store, Google Play, and also on Windows Store.


9. Supersonic

Supersonic is a music driven 3D ride game developed by Janne Piekkola and published by Kuuasema. The game is a kind of rhythm-based action platformer. In the game, the player has to go through neon radiant circuits at the blazing speed and have to avoid them. The game is for the real edge riders who love the best action thrilling rides. The effect is equipped with incredible background beat music which makes the game more alluring to the players. The music is from Finnish artist Kitkaliitto. The game has three outstanding racing modes, and it provides the option of customizing soundtracks, which means a player can play the music according to his wish. The three mode includes Classic, Blitz, and Mixtape. 30 seconds of blitz mode is the real blazing one for the speed boost, time extends and many more other collections. The game costs $1.99 and is available on iTunes and Google Play both.


10. DancePad

DancePad is famous for being one of the best rhythm games available on the Apple store. Moonshark develops the game. It is an incredible music-based platformer with eye-catching graphics and some extraordinary background beat music. If anyone loves dancing and wants to learn some great moves, so this the best app for such people. The interface of the game is brilliant in terms of graphics and colors. The player has to dance according to the beat for earning points.

Hitting the right moves on the dance floor will let the player receive a bonus too. Learning new moves and unlocking hundreds of others is guaranteed. The game is equipped with twenty free levels of playing and extensive dancing experience. The player can share the progress on social media i.e., Facebook and Twitter. Game Center achievements are there for the players. Even the dance moves can be uploaded to YouTube via tagging dance pad. The game is available on iTunes for iOS devices.


11. Flying Katy- Dark Horse Edition

Flying Katy – Dark Horse Edition is a rhythm based arcade game developed by Emmanuel Maneris. The game is a real fantasy for Katy Perry fans. Although the game seems to be a copy of the most famous game Flappy Birds, but in real it is not. The game has the beautiful and catchy interface with pink theme and Katy Perry face on the up front make it more fantastic and worth appreciating. The game is quite simple and easy to play. The player has to tap on the face of Katy Perry and make her talk, sing and fly. Gliding through the upcoming obstacles score as many points as you can and earn as many hearts as you can. The game doesn’t have many levels and doesn’t even a bit difficult, so for a player to maintain the level of interest in the game is not a piece of cake. Only the real die-hard fans of Katy Perry, who love her madly will play the game for much longer. The game is free and is available on iTunes.


12. Katy Dash

Katy Dash is one of the best music app available. ROARR with Katy Perry is a real fun rhythm-based running challenge game. It is different from other arcade games in many ways. The game is developed by Arun C and is published by LiteScripts. It is a fruit collecting fun adventure game featuring the world-famous and popular celebrity Katy Perry. The app is like a gift from heaven for Katy Perry fans. The interface of the game is pretty amazing. Jungle theme makes the game praiseworthy.

In the game, the player has to control the run of Katy as she is after strawberries in the jungle and had to keep her safe from the dangerous beasts in her way. The game is auto-scrolled, so the player has to tap in and jump to avoid the obstacles coming in the way of Katy. Gorgeous costumes are available in exchange for collected strawberries for Katy. The game is free and is accessible on iTunes and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

More About Mr Ninja – Karate Hero Rush

Mr Ninja – Karate Hero Rush is a rhythm-based action running platformer, developed and published by Appnoxious, LLC. The game is based purely on speed and precision. The player has to control the sequence of ninja character and manage it to avoid the obstacles in the way and have to collect as many gems as could be gathered to improve the points or score. The game is quite challenging and real tough one. Although the interface and built-up of the game seems snot to be very much strong and alluring with pretty odd graphics. But in spite of all this still this game is highly addicted and can let the player play it for hours. All interest developed in this game is due to the difficulty level and the blazing auto-scrolling speed on ninja. The player can share his achievements on social media with friends. The game is free and is available for iOS devices on iTunes.

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