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My Cloud is another amazing application used by millions of people from all over the world which is providing a place where everyone can precisely and securely access their files and folders for any reason. This application makes the sharing and accessing of stuff from anywhere much convenience… read more
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22 Apps Like My Cloud



Photobucket is a classy application introduced by the Photobucket Corporation Inc. which has tremendously take the organization of your photos to an extremely ultimate height. Photobucket – Save Print Share is a unique and elegant solution which keeps all your precious pics in a more organized and safe way, all within an awesome media browse experience.


A staple for web based photo sharing is now offering a mobile application. You can share and link with the entire Flickr group. Follow other people and find out their submitted photos in your feed.


Ever is an elegant platform where you can place all your captured memories in one place and never lose them. Ever – Capture Your Memories was introduced by Everalbum, Inc. which brings unlimited storage to store all your pics in high resolution.


Imgur lets you explore the most awesome images on the internet. You can easily upvote for your favorites for helping them go viral. It lets you send tons of GIFs, messages, and posts to your pals right form this app.

Google Photos

Google Photos is the home for all of your videos and photos. Immediately structured and also retrievable, you can get photos fast and bring them to life. It’s the actual picture collection that thinks like you do.

Prime Photos from Amazon

Prime Photos from Amazon safely stores all your full-resolution photos over this platform and allows you to organize, back up, store, and share all your costly pics and videos intuitively. Prime Photos from Amazon is a product of the famous Amazon Mobile LLC which allows you to have free unlimited photo storage.


Degoo is a gigantically used application which helps you get storage of almost 100 GB cloud drive to capture all your favourite stuff over here. 100 GB Free Cloud Drive from Degoo app is a stunning product which helps you enjoy cloud storage where you can keep all your significant and frequently used stuff.


PhotoScan is a brand new scanning application introduced by Google Inc. which helps millions of its users to scan as well as save their favourite printed pics using the phone’s camera.


Pixlr is a free photo editing tool fulfill all of your editing tools. This app offers the users will complete control of all of your images such as the effects and layers.


Shoebox is a home of all your valuable memories from your childhood to the current day. Shoebox – Photo Storage and Cloud Backup is a widely used application introduced by Couch Labs Inc.

SMSRobot Photox

SMSRobot Photox is an ultimate private gallery for storing all your crucial, valuable, and important stuff for any particular reason. Hide Pictures, Hide Photos & Videos, Gallery Vault is a classy tool which helps you keep all your photos in a place where no one can interact.


500px is a flamboyant app for people who love photography and keeps on exploring photography related stuff. It is a robust platform that brings an exciting range of photos, and you can explore them anytime you want from its effective library.


Shutterfly is an easy to use application which helps you effortlessly upload your pics and make custom creations in seconds. Shutterfly: Free Prints, Photo Books, Cards, Gifts is a productive tool which enables its users to get their photos off their phones and access them through any device.


SmugMug is a classy application which guarantees your pics to be looking absolutely stunning with the simple to design galleries, easy to organize folders, and dozens of elegant site themes to choose from.


Snapbook is another elegant tool through which you can easily create custom photo gifts in minutes through its extremely awesome collection of personalized objects. Snapbook: Print Photos & Gifts is a fine application introduced by Snapbook General Trading Company LLC which enables its users to create custom prints, photo albums, and other unique gifts.

DS cloud

DS cloud is another sophisticated application which allows its users to sync folders to your mobile devices and make them ready to use for you for offline viewing from anywhere you went.


LockMyPix is another safe and ultimate protected place where everyone can store their private and important videos and photos. LockMyPix: Private Photo & Video Vault is a stunning application introduced by Fourchars Inc.


Kwilt allows you to enjoy all your memories at your fingertips so that you can easily access and share them with anybody you want. Kwilt Shoebox allows its users to access their photos and videos from any social media platforms, cloud storage, and your mobile in a snap.


PhotoSì is an elegant application which enables its users to enjoy creating classy photos in retro, classic, poster size, and other styles by paying through the app and receive at home.

D Notes

D Notes is another superb app through which enables its users to enjoy an intuitive and elegantly designed too to choose from various customization options to personalize their note-taking experience in an ultimate way.


PhotoSync is an intuitive application through which users can transfer, share, and backup their most likely photos and videos between Android mobile devices, iPhones, iPads, cloud, NAS, and more. PhotoSync – transfer and backup photos & videos is a classy tool introduced by Touchbyte Inc.


Groovebook brings an extraordinary way through which you can enjoy printing your most likely photos into an awesome monthly photo book. Groovebook Photo Books & Gifts bought in the market by Shutterfly Inc.

More About My Cloud

My Cloud is another amazing application used by millions of people from all over the world which is providing a place where everyone can precisely and securely access their files and folders for any reason. This application makes the sharing and accessing of stuff from anywhere much convenience. My Cloud carries an automatic backup of your videos and photos to your personal cloud storage. Through this intuitive cloud app, you can easily integrate with other cloud services as well. This application helps everyone to reliably store their irreplaceable and deadly precious moments under one platform. My Cloud enables everyone to make some extra room for their photos and videos on tablets, laptops, and cell phones by letting them transfer all their pics and videos over this intuitive storage. You can easily access your My Cloud, as well as My Passport Wireless, drives such as My Cloud, My Cloud Pro series, My Cloud Expert series, My Passport Wireless Pro, and even My Passport Wireless. Through its central location providence for all your content, you can easily integrate with other clouds. So just download My Cloud and enjoy capturing and access your most frequent and loved stuff while on the move.

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