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MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar Weather Radar is one of the fast and easy to use aviation application. It will show animated radar around your current location. It will allow the user to see what weather is coming your way. The map of this app has the standard pinch/zoom ability which lets you zoom steadily and plan around the United States and view the weather anywhere… read more
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18 Apps Like MyRadar Weather Radar


E6B Aviation Calculator

E6B Aviation Calculator is one of amazing aviation application. This app is beneficial for you because it has more than 75 aviation calculations, unit conversations, and aviation weather reports. So you can calculate different parameters like temperature, distance, GPS Coordinates, pressure, speed, hydroplaning and others.


AviationABB is an aviation application specially made for quick and easy aviation abbreviation. In airlines and aviation industry, different abbreviations are used in charts, NOTAM, NOTOC, TELEX, Weather reports. A new pilot or worker find it difficult to remember all these abbreviations.

Sporty’s E6B

Sporty’s E6B is an aviation app that has additional features than E6B aviation calculator. It has all the core functions of the original E6B app and includes improved functionality, an improved interface, and new weight & balance calculator.


SkyDemon is one of the popular aviation application in Europe. It is providing solutions for VFR flight planning, and in-flight navigation. SkyDemon will furnish you vector charts like the clearest aeronautical charts, with dynamic airspace clipping and choice of the map layer.

Jet Aviation FBO

Jet Aviation FBO is an aviation application to provide easy access to global FBO locations and services. With the help of Jet Aviation FBO, you can view worldwide locations by region.

Aviation Docs

Aviation Docs is a type of aviation applications which have all collection of documents related aviation. So Aviation Docs is just like a documents library which has relevant documents associated with Fleet, Aircraft, and Aircraft-type.


Navigator is an aviation application just like a training program. This application is necessary for an instrument training program for general aviation pilots. Navigator will work in two different modes. 1st way is learning mode where you will move and rotate the items on the map (VOR 1, VOR 2, NDB, aircraft) and have the ability to see how the instruments (VOR 1, VOR 2, ADF, HI) are responding.

Aviation Weather

Aviation Weather is one of the best aviation application for pilots. Experienced pilots design this app for pilots. It is like a weather briefing in your pocket. Pilots can easily avail weather related information through Aviation weather.

CFI Tools General Aviation

CFI Tool General Aviation is a general aviation application used for general training. The general purpose of this app is to train and prepare pilots for general aviation flight. The pilots can get preparation of GA flight, review current weather, forecast, aircraft performance, and navigation technique.

Aviation Pilot Duty & Performance Calculator

Aviation Pilot Duty & Performance Calculator has a significant impact on aviation. Charts and another vital information are present in this for professional pilots. So there is no need to hold heavy black flight bags full of thousands of printed pages.

Aviation Weather from NOAA/NWS

Aviation Weather from NOAA/NWS is one of the easiest aviation applications. It is used to check information for weather, graphics, radar, satellite, and METARs/TAFs/PIREPs. This application has some additional features besides of these.

Prepware Aviation Maintenance Technician

Prepware Aviation Maintenance Technician is a type of aviation applications. It is just like a study guide for new pilots and other workers in the aviation industry. This app has a collection of test tools for the General.

ForeFlight Mobile

ForeFlight Mobile is one of the most widely used flight planning and electronic flight bag app. ForeFlight Mobile is used all over the world by individual pilots and professional flight crews.

Garmin Pilot

Garmin Pilot as specially created for general aviation and corporate pilots. Garmin Pilot have a collection of pre-flight planning, which will provide the user with comprehensive aviation weather information. This app will allow the pilot to review NEXRAD radar, visible and infrared cloud imagery, METARs, TAFs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, PIREPs, NOTAM, winds and temperature aloft, TFRs and lightning data.

FltPlan Go

FltPlan Go is an application for aviation tools. FltPlan Go is a free EFB application for pilots, and it will provide the pilots number of different tools and features just like moving maps, geo-referenced approach plates, airport & FBO information, airport diagram, in-flight weather with ADS-B and XM weather, up-to-date fuel prices, and much more.


AeroWeather is an application for current and precise weather condition and weather forecast. This types of information are useful for pilots for their flight preparation. You can review weather of every station in the original format, or it decoded into the form easy to understand.

Pilot Lounge Aviation Tools

Pilot Lounge Aviation Tools is an aviation application describing different tools necessary for pilots. This app is development of an actual pilot providing useful information in one single place. This app is providing Weight & Balance calculation having an editable database of aircraft.


CloudAhoy is an aviation application specially designed for pilots. This app will provide a comprehensive debriefing to pilots during flight, and the post-flight services just like VFR and IFR, with 2D or 3D flight tracks, profiles, the wind, instrument approaches, maneuver analysis, and much more.

More About MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar Weather Radar is one of the fast and easy to use aviation application. It will show animated radar around your current location. It will allow the user to see what weather is coming your way. The map of this app has the standard pinch/zoom ability which lets you zoom steadily and plan around the United States and view the weather anywhere. With the help of basic weather forecast, the user can see the temperature around the country and overlay a current satellite image of cloud cover. MyRadar Weather Radar has a feature that will provide you Airmets & Sigmets and also the capability to overlay the flight plan of a particular aircraft onto the map. It has an option to share interesting weather photos of your area, and you can see photos shared by other users. Auxiliary alternatives include weather warnings and alerts, complete with push notifications, which will warn of severe weather of your area. This app will also provide excellent detail and projection for the route of storms and the season looms near.

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