MyStory.Today app enables you to write novels and short stories over your computer, smartphones, and tablets whenever, wherever you want. – Write your own Book is a smart tool presented in the market by Richard Nespithal Inc. that brings an exclusive novel writing software significant for story management… read more

Apps Like for iOS

#1 WriterDuet


WriterDuet is a unique and elegantly designed writing tool that brings new screenwriting standards and story writing in a way like never before. WriterDuet – Real-Time Screenwriting is a gorgeous tool developed in the market by WriterDuet Inc. that combines the power of cloud-based word processing with the necessity for secure, intuitive, effective, and industry-standard screenwriting tool. It carries real-time collaboration between devices as well as users.

You can enjoy smart line types and one-touch icons to manage things in the way you want. It features auto-save support, filter by custom tags or line type, automatic statistics, scene and location, revision drafts, automatic stats, auto-snapshots, etc. You can get a combo of multiple features that helps you create and manage stories and books elegantly. WriterDuet – Real-Time Screenwriting is a one-shop stop for writing, managing, and sharing books, notes, novels, graphs, assignments, and other paperwork.


#2 Inkspired


Inkspired is a gorgeous tool for all writers and readers to find, write, publish, and manage book series, creative stories, and other content on the move. Inkspired – Read Free Books and Stories is a must-have platform that makes it easy to create and discover ultimate stories on what you love. This tool enables you to get involved in dozens of stories that you love and look for and make instant collaborations with comments and reviews directly to the authors.

Inkspired app makes it easy to follow famous global authors and stories to get instant notifications and updates of everything you have. You can effortlessly have the best user experience for the usage and readability of content that you have. Inkspired – Read free Books and Stories app provides a collection of completed and ongoing stories in the form of images and text.

#3 PenCake


PenCake brings a minimal user interface that enables you to focus on story and keep all your stories beautiful and neat. PenCake – Note, Diary, Journal, and Writer is a significant tool presented in the market by Diffathy, Inc. through which you can enjoy exclusive writing elegantly. The app features a clean and minimal user interface, convenient folder, adding photos, high readability, passcode support, setting font types (Serif + Sans Serif), customize font size, trash can, inserting photos into the body, sync with Google Drive, and much more.

It also features version history/restoring, the diary for past, navigates paragraphs, inserts a photo, preview option, multi-window availability, articles sorting, landscape mode, backup/restore, and export as txt and zip. Some of its premium features include auto-sync, night mode availability, fingerprint support, and various others. PenCake – Note, Diary, Journal, and Writer app helps you curate and store all your stories securely and efficiently.


#4 Auctor


Auctor is a professional writing companion that helps its global users to create or develop characters and develop stories and their arc of change. Auctor: Story & Character Generator | Writing app is ideal for all the local and global professionals for making stunning content on the move. It helps you create, publish, manage, and share your stories globally. Auctor – Story and Character Generator app enables you to create detailed characters, add profile pics of characters, enjoy supervising names, traits, and biography of characters, etc.

You can intuitively choose to write your stories and read the stories of other members in genres, including Murder, Misfortune, Sci-Fi, Drama, Space, Magic, Fantasy, Romance, Thriller, Action, Mystery, and various others. You can intuitively discover stories from people all over the globe and enjoy everything whenever you want. Auctor: Story and Character Generator | Writing app lets you enjoy writing or discovering stories globally.

#5 YourQuote


YourQuote app enables you to tell your story in the language you want and turn your words into a real piece of art while having everything it needs to be done. YourQuote – India’s Largest Writing App enables you to YQ Inc. that is loved by millions of global writers worldwide in plenty of languages. This magnificent tool helps its global users in writing their desired content having world-class features, and unlock all the secrets of writing.

YQ – Write Stories, Poems, Quotes in 14+ Languages app also brings a publish option that helps people inspire their lives while earning real-time royalty. It enables you to let your words travel the world by letting you share stuff across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms. YourQuote – India’s Largest Writing App carries more than 4 million active users and a collection of over 100 million original posts being hosted by it.

#6 JotterPad


JotterPad is one of the most elegantly designed and effective tool that enables its global users to write their next story, novel, theatrical play, or screenplay right using their cell phones and tablets. JotterPad – Writer, Screenplay, and Novel is a stunning tool presented in the market by Two Apps Studio Pte. Ltd. that brings a distraction-free text editor along with dozens of exceptional features. It is a plain text editor without the distraction and fuss of any text editor.

Jotter Pad is an incredible tool perfect for writing novels, poems, drafts, books, lyrics, essays, assignments, screenplays, books, and all the documentation stuff with ease. It is a feature-packed text editor that features markdown support, dark theme, extended keyboard, typewriter, snapshots, and much more. JotterPad – Writer, Screenplay, and Novel app lets you unleash your creativity by collecting customizable typography and unique typefaces to create personal writing spaces.

More About

MyStory.Today app enables you to write novels and short stories over your computer, smartphones, and tablets whenever, wherever you want. – Write your own Book is a smart tool presented in the market by Richard Nespithal Inc. that brings an exclusive novel writing software significant for story management. You can enjoy story management with scenes and chapters, along with dynamic character and places linking. It brings spell check and basic grammar check and character and place management.

It is a rich text editor with plenty of formatting options, and you can auto-sync stuff to Android, PC, Laptops, and tablets. MyStory Today app features a dynamic story corkboard with cards, scenes, chapters on the fly, summary writing for chapters, and drag and drops option. So just download the – Write your Book to start writing your own novels, screenplays, essays, lyrics, assignments, and other short stories over your script today.

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