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Nailbook is your super talented app with more than 2 million downloads and lets you discover the best nail designs and helps you make a reservation for nail salons in Japan. Nailbook – nail designs/ artists/salons in Japan lets you discover your nail designs by length, colour, designs, scenes, hashtags, and so much more… read more
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1. Visada

Visada is a superb application which brings personalized beauty and markup recommendations from a selfie and lets you get beauty tips, makeup tutorials, and so much more without any effort. This application enables its users to virtually try on hundreds of makeup looks and enjoy it in the way they want. It intuitively searches hundreds of Youtube makeup tutorials to discover vloggers that look like you. These elegant makeup looks are then placed on your pics and you can then virtually see how they look on your face. You can precisely get feedback on profiles pics and even on looks. This application makes it easy to discover face shape. Visada lets you shop recommended products from all your favourite brands such as Benefit Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, Almay, Clearasil, L’Oréal Paris, Tarte, Estee Lauder, Fresh, Nars, and so much more. It also enables you to get personalized makeup, skincare, and beauty recommendations right from a selfie. This intuitive app enables you to discover the latest beauty trends, beauty tips, comments, problems suggestions, and so much more for your daily beauty stuff. So just download Visada app in your phone and let it help you discover your true face shape using a simple selfie.


2. Beautylish

Beautylish is a gorgeous application which carries so many significant features for people who have much concern with their beauty and want to maintain it ultimately. Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips bought in the market by Beautylish, Inc. which enables its worldwide users to discover the newest beauty trends as well as looks in the way like never before. You can intuitively learn eventual makeup tips and shopping for awesome products on this superb beauty app. This app enables its worldwide users to precisely choose from thousands of makeup reviews, braids, beauty tips, hairstyles, and nail designs along with makeup tutorial videos to get inspired. Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips app enables its users to shop its boutiques for exclusive and newly developed beauty products and instantly buy them right using your cell phones. This app also carries beauty photos featuring markup looks, bridal looks, nail designs, latest beauty trends, and so much more. It brings intuitive step-by-step videos to effectively learn how to create the latest hairstyles, braids, makeup, and so much more. So just download Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips app in your phones and enjoy discovering the ultimate new product releases as well as the latest beauty trends of the market.


3. Sephora

Sephora lets you enjoy beauty tips effortlessly on your cell phone and groom your personality like never before. Sephora: Skin Care, Beauty Makeup & Fragrance Shop app enables its users to enjoy makeup, hair and nails, skin care, and almost each of your beauty related thing in this comprehensive place. You can discover its virtual assistant for makeup tips and professional advice tailored to your own style. This app lets you transform your looks with some simple steps using its Virtual artist makeover. Apart from joining its beauty insider you can even find nourishing hair masks, nail polish trends and so much more to buy the perfect beauty gift for your family members, friends, and even for someone special. Sephora: Skin Care, Beauty Makeup & Fragrance Shop lets you scan beauty products in-store to get product reviews and receive ratings as well. This application enables you to discover the most sophisticated skin care for your skin type, get skin treatments, and even shop leading skin care programs. You can have a comprehensive grip over skin care, makeup and cosmetics shopping, hair products, virtual assistance, and so much more having this superb tool. You can pick Sephora app from the store and start exploring your favourite fragrance, beauty care information, tips, latest offers, and so much more.


4. Musely

Musely is a gorgeous tool through which you can not only discover your inspirations on healthy living but also buying natural products. Musely is a free to use mobile app which enables you to instantly share as well as discover tips and shop organic brands. This application helps you browse through its list of ever-growing tips and beauty products to find your favourites. It carries almost everything from the latest fitness routines, healthy recipes, skin care tip, parenting hack and makeup tutorials in this application. You can also discover and share stories, products, and tips, and even shop products from your favourite tips directly in the app. This beauty app also lets you have a source of income by getting paid for inspiring others. You can have everything from all the natural lipstick, gluten-free cake mix, to toxin-free nail polish for free. It also motivates you and your buddies to keep on track together with your wellness goals instantly. Musely app helps you get topics on beauty, health, fitness, baby, food and drink, skincare, and so much more. So just download the Musely app in your phone and discover beauty tips and skin care stress and products in the way you want.


5. YouCam Nails

YouCam Nails brings an intuitive fun game that is bringing awesome styles to your fingertips and lets you create nail designs with tons of fabulous colours, decals, and beautiful patterns. YouCam Nails – Manicure Salon for Custom Nail Art lets you enjoy manicure magic for girls who love nail games and fashion. This app carries more than 65 colours to paint and draw for one of a kind nail designs just like a colouring book. It enables you to enjoy nail designs with over 25 patterns to mix and match such as polka dots, floral, hearts, cartoon characters, classic French manicure, and so much more. It lets you choose up to 50 cute polish stickers to choose from including flowers, geometric shapes, flowers, and more. YouCam Nails – Manicure Salon for Custom Nail Art lets you try on over 20 complete stylish nail looks expertly designed for instant glamorous princess hands. This manicure salon app lets you choose from cute one-touch looks to make up your unique nail styles. This is a classy game for girls to manicure their nails in an exclusive way. So just download YouCam Nails – Manicure Salon for Custom Nail Art app in your phone and enjoy experiments with new nail designs and without the hassle of nail polish remover.


6. Beauty Product Reviews by

Beauty Product Reviews by makes it so effortless for getting reviews while shopping for new foundation, mascara, shampoo, and so much more. It gives you over 280,000 unbiased consumer ratings and reviews on more than 45k beauty products. Beauty Product Reviews by lets you get reviews that you need to choose the hair, skin care, makeup, and nail care products that will surely help you feel and look awesome. You can catch all the honest, unbiased reviews from women as well as a huge community of men from all over the country on skin care, nail care, anti-ageing, hair care, and nearly every product on store shelves. Beauty Product Reviews by enables its users to browse a beauty product category to watch which product get the best beauty reviews. This app helps you discover reviews of all brands from department store best-sellers such as channel, Estee Lauder, and MAC to drugstore favourites from Cover Girl, Neutrogena, Olay, and so much more. You can search for your favourite brands for their top-rated beauty products and have damn fun. You can intuitively download Beauty Product Reviews by app in your phone and enjoy searching your favourite beauty brands for their top-rated beauty products.


7. Bellashoot

Bellashoot is an easy to use app where you can explore thousands of beauty stuff without any effort. Bellashoot – Beauty Tips, Makeup Tutorials, and Hair app make it easy to browse as well as share beauty tips, tutorials, selfies, beauty products, favourite skin care stuff, and so much more. You can enjoy searching through posts using the filter options or even search by your desired keyword. It enables its users to stay connected and follow Bellas with beauty inspirations and interests that you can relate to. This app helps you strike up a conversation to get as well as give beauty tips, encouragement, and advice intuitively. Bellashoot – Beauty Tips, Makeup Tutorials, and Hair app help you took a precise eye over all the posts, your total collections, your followers as well as followings over one page. It allows users to save products, beauty tips, and tutorials in your own custom collections. You can also stay updated when other Bellas like, tag you or comment in your beauty posts. So just download Bellashoot – Beauty Tips, Makeup Tutorials, Hair app in your cell phone and enjoy your daily dose of beauty tips, skin care tutorials, beauty products, and so much more.


8. Mary Kay

Mary Kay is one of the most ancient and probably one of the initial mobile virtual makeover app which helps you customize your entire looks with endless combinations of eye makeup, hairstyles, hair colours, lip colours, accessories, and so much more. Mary Kay® Virtual Makeover was brought in the market by Mary Kay Inc. which enables its worldwide users to discover as well as save their favourite products and makeovers in a way like never before. You can easily choose a photo from their library, take one from their galleries or select from a diverse collection of models. You can explore from a wide range of makeovers and beauty products and then save all your favourite ones with a single tap. Mary Kay® Virtual Makeover helps you create limitless makeovers using your selected model photos, and you can even choose from hundreds of hairstyles or hair colour combinations. You can intuitively customize your eye markup, accessories, and so much more and even share them over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and through SMS or email, etc. Mary Kay also enables you to create shopping lists of your favourite beauty products and even but the whole look. So just download Mary Kay® Virtual Makeover app, and get beauty tips whenever you want.


9. beGlammed

beGlammed is another elegant product and leading on-demand beauty service that brings ultimate beauty stuff right on your cell phone. beGlammed helps you grasp professional hairstyles and makeover artists straight to your door. This beauty app is offering its services in New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Austin, Orange Country, San Diego, Palm Beach, Houston, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and so much more. Be Glammed app helps you book a professional level beauty team and get on-demand pampering in the luxury of your own home, hotel, office, or any other locations. It never lets you move to some place of having all these things and lets you book them for your desired rate for free. This intuitive and go-to hair and makeup provider is beneficial for everyone from students, busy professionals, and mothers to celebrities, jet setters, brides, etc. and for various others as well. beGlammed also keeps on updating its service and also adding some new cities for letting you get all the beauty treatments right at your home. So just download this classy application named beGlammed, and start booking for your personal beauty team and get pampered whenever you want.


10. NailSnaps

NailSnaps brings one of the best ways to discover, create, share, and try custom nail arts right using your cellphones. NailSnaps is a gorgeous application bought in the market by NailSnaps Inc. which makes it so comfortable to enjoy stunning nail designs and patterns to apply over your hands in a simple click. This application brings hundreds of customizable nail designs, and you can control everything you want. It intuitively turns all your photos into custom nail wraps that you can even purchase and apply on your own nail for the real-time and in just minutes. This application helps you create personalized nail arts as you have never surely seen before. You can create custom art of nail of your most likely photos such as sleeping cats, pretty patterns, superheroes, unicorn sightings, topical sunsets, and so much more. Nail Snaps application transform anything that you snap in nail arts. You can effortlessly create totally personalized and unique designs of arts from your own collection and even purchase custom nail wrap designs to be shipped right to your home. So just download NailSnaps app from the store and create custom nail arts by snapping your own photos.


11. BeautyFriend

BeautyFriend is a widely used and your well-trusted source for on-location beauty services from the top-rated artists in the industry to you. Beauty Friend app makes it easy to choose which artist you want, and you can access them wherever, whenever you need them. This app lets you select your artists based on the profile, specialities, portfolio, availability, location, and more. BeautyFriend makes it easy to get the best and the most reasonable selection of beauty services delivered to your home. You can intuitively choose your location, choose your service, choose your time and date as well as artists from its diverse collection, the freedom is yours. After the confirmation of your appointment, you can send special requests to your artist or even make conversation with them for anything confusing. BeautyFriend never lets you exchange money with the artists, because once you registered, the app will take care of everything electronically. You can intuitively choose the type of service as well as check out the profile of the artist just before booking. You can easily download the BeautyFriend app in your phone and enjoy luxury, beauty, freedom, and convenience, all at the touch of a button.


12. Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty is a superb app which helps you enjoy anything regarding honest Beauty skincare and makeup according to your beauty needs. Honest Beauty is the finest application introduced by The Honest Company Inc. which helps you get the most sophisticated tool to get makeup looks and beauty trends right on the palm of your hands. This application lets you get the fresh-face routine which is working with some exceptional makeup artists, beauty experts, cosmetic scientists, and so much more. This application helps you shop the latest skincare as well as makeup must-haves and almost all the accessories that you want. You can catch all your beauty products and get whenever you want and never harm your gorgeous look ever again. You can precisely shop everything you want having this gorgeous beauty tool and get your beauty groomed day after day. You can effectively take the guesswork out of lush, lifted lashes with its 2 in 1 lash primer and mascara. You can instantly get multi-purpose beauty balm soothes and softness dry spells everywhere with just a touch. You can intuitively get all your favourite beauty products as well as other tips regarding beauty after downloading Honest Beauty app in your cellphones.


13. Nail Designs

Nail Designs is another gorgeous app for beauty enhancers through which they can not only explore awesome nail designs but also made their own nails looks stunning. Nail Designs – Create Beautiful Manicures & Art is the perfect companion to make your nails look exquisite. This application helps you choose from a collection of hundreds of nail designs through which you can get a diverse collection of ideas for grooming and designing your own nails. This application brings a variety of nail designs, and all these masterpieces can be made by yourself at home as well. Nail Designs – Create Beautiful Manicures & Art brings step by step tutorials with pics and also carries a beauty center that a woman needs. It also brings tutorials which carries a precise list of all the required nail polish colours so that you never discover yourself half through the tutorial and instantly realize that you are missing that pink nail polish that you had just emptied last Saturday. You can enjoy those designs with a list of your favourite colours and easily understand things in English, French, Spanish, and German languages. So just download Nail Designs – Create Beautiful Manicures & Art app and enjoy your new nail design.


14. InStyle Hairstyle Try-On

InStyle Hairstyle Try-On is an intuitive app which helps you have perfect style and haircut and explore through hundreds of styles right on your cell phone. You can intuitively try on and elegantly adjust the hottest celebrity hairstyles on your own pics. InStyle Hairstyle Try-On was bought in the market by Time Inc. which helps you discover tons of designs and loads of exciting hair colours with simple swipes. This application automatically detects your face shapes and get the best looks for your pics virtually. You can precisely get personalized recommendations and check out the hottest new looks and keeps on adding it on a daily basis. This application also lets you get styles selected by the editors of InStyle including the best cuts for your 20’s, wedding hair, low maintenance work hair, and so much more. InStyle Hairstyle Try-On helps you choose from more than 500 styles and try them in the way you want. It also lets you share realistic and awesome results, find an InStyle approved salon, get tips on how to get the look all in one app. So just download InStyle Hairstyle Try-On app in your phone and enjoy trying the best looks for you with some simple swipes.


15. Barry M Lookz

Barry M Lookz is one of the most elegant applications which brings hundreds of professional make up and nail video tutorials to save and watch. Barry M Lookz – Nail and Make Up Video Tutorials enables its worldwide users to discover the awesome world of Barry M (Britain’s leading colour cosmetics brand) and buy all the products you want. It features make up and fashion views and news, and you can effectively get the latest cosmetics innovations and styles from the red carpet and catwalks of the world. This application enables its users to get the hints and tips to master the on-trend, latest fashion and celebrity styles from the eye and face makeup, nail art to nails effects, and so much more. Barry M Lookz – Nail and Make Up Video Tutorials lets you favourite your most likely and preferred tutorials and product videos, and you can even order all the beauty products online from its website. Other than these, Barry M Lookz app also lets you view video tutorials, share your looks with other Barry M folks to get the chance to feature in its We Love blog, and link to all Barry M social media pages as well. So just download Barry M Lookz – Nail and Make Up Video Tutorials app, and enjoy it in the way you want.


16. Indulge

Indulge brings a brand new yet ultimate way to snap, remember, and experience nail polish colours and enjoy them in the way you want. Indulge: The Nail Snob App is working marvellously great for helping you experience colours by organizing your nail polish experience. It never let you forget the names of nail polishes by enabling its users to mark, snap, scan, and share. This app helps you snap a pic of the nail polish bottle of your manicure and pedicure once your nails are dry. It also reminds its users to come back and upload pics once you leave the nail salon or even after your timer is done if you are doing your nails right at home. Indulge: The Nail Snob App enables its users to scan barcodes of nail polish bottles once you settle on a nail polish colour. While on the other hand, if there is no barcode on the nail polish bottle then you can discover the nail polish info by typing the model as well as the name of nail polish. So just download Indulge: The Nail Snob App from the store and enjoy your nail experience in a simple, effortless and fun way.


17. Priv

Priv is reinventing the wellness as well as the beauty service industry by carrying services directly to its users where and when you need them. Priv – Beauty On Demand is a splendid app which helps you get all the services including haircut, nails, makeup, massage, fitness, blowout, massage, and various other activities whenever you want. This application carries a professional network of certified professionals which offers the ability to select what they want on the based on work portfolios, ratings, and availability to its entire customers. Priv – Beauty On Demand helps you manage all minor things when you needed them the most while doing your much-needed stuff. These activities never disturb your daily timetable and enable you to trim your hairs, get makeup, nail painting, and various other activities right on your home. This application is currently serving its efforts in LA, London, and NYC, etc. and working to expand its channel and managing its setup in more cities. It has also included tip and tax for your convenience and enables you to enjoy it fully. So just download Priv – Beauty On Demand app in your phone, and maintain your beauty and fitness in the way like never before.


18. Stylisted

Stylisted is another excellent app through which you can book on-location and in-home hairstyles, make up appointments from a network of beauty professionals. Stylisted – Hair and Makeup enables its entire users to choose the stylish that is exquisite for you and wait for beauty to knock at your home. This service is currently available in selected cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and New York, etc. All you need to select the city, select the service, select a date, discover a stylish, and book them anytime you want at your own place. You can intuitively conduct a simple search, indicating the city, time, type, and date of your desired services. Stylisted – Hair and Makeup enables you to browse availability stylist’s services, biography, beauty tips, photo galleries, reviews, pricing, and other things in order to select the best fit for the look you want. You can intuitively keep track of all your appointment details and receive appointment notifications by mails. This app helps you rate and review your stylish after each of your appointments in the way you want. You can intuitively select the services you desire and check out with its secure and easy payment services. So just download Stylisted – Hair and Makeup app in your phone, and get a stylist at home.

More About Nailbook

Nailbook is your super talented app with more than 2 million downloads and lets you discover the best nail designs and helps you make a reservation for nail salons in Japan. Nailbook – nail designs/ artists/salons in Japan lets you discover your nail designs by length, colour, designs, scenes, hashtags, and so much more. This application brings the exclusive amount of popular nail designs from some popular manicurists and intuitively discover cute nail pictures. You can also register pics of the nails as your favourites that attract you the most. This app lets you find exclusive nail designs for your next try and enables you to store everything that you want. Nailbook – nail designs/artists/salons in Japan lets you search for nail salons, eyelash extensions, and various other salons in Japan and you can sort them by price and popularity and even check nail designs to discover the necessary salons whenever you want. So just download Nailbook – nail designs/artists/salons in Japan app in your cell phone and get popular nails designs right in your pocket to access them anytime you want.