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Next Lock Screen spares you time with fast application dispatch and access to the data you require. See your timetable, missed calls, and instant messages all initially. Interface with a telephone calls in a single swipe without opening your smartphone. Next Lock Screen was created by Microsoft to give you a chance to alter your Android device with an exceptionally rich look system… read more
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12 Apps Like Next Lock Screen for Android

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1. Lock Screen Club

Lock Screen Club is an application that lets you set several different lock screens on your Android smartphone, with a broad range of adaptable devices for the most requesting users. What’s incredible about Lock Screen Club isn’t only its determination of a few hundred top notch lock screens holding up to be downloaded, additionally that each of these screens is available with merely the touch of a finger and can later be tweaked as coveted. Other than utilizing other users’ and craftsmen’s lock screens, you can also effortlessly make your own particular and offer them through the application for different clients to download. Furthermore, who knows, your strength even get to be Lock Screen Club’s most popular screen. Besides, Lock Screen Club, every one of the screens are impeccably sorted by class, so if you are just intrigued by lock screens propelled by sci-fi, for instance, you can channel by this write. Lock Screen Club is a magnificent tool to help you give an excellent customized touch to your Android gadget.


2. Hola Screen Lock

Hola Screen Lock is an application that gives you a chance to kill the screen of your Android by tapping twice on the desktop. It functions the length of you have Hola Launcher introduced, which is a prerequisite to utilizing this application. It’s critical to note that Hola Screen Lock doesn’t work independently from anyone else. You can’t introduce the application and anticipate that it will take a shot at any Android launcher. The application only takes a shot at Hola Launcher. In the application settings you can make it close all the applications that are running when you bolt the screen. You can also incorporate some applications on the exemption list, so they don’t close like the others. Hola Screen Lock is a fascinating application, which at last expands the life of your Android power catch.


3. AcDisplay

AcDisplay is a customization tool for Android devices that will permit you to see warnings from your terminal in a richer and natural way. The fundamental thought is that AcDisplay permits its users to see every one of the signals in an automatic route from the own lock screen. Squeezing the catch on the particular alternative, you will see distinctive symbols cautioning from the focal point of the display, and just need to press one of them to extend the warning. Along these lines, we can rapidly see messages sent through any texting application, messages, and much more. What’s more, as well as can be expected, see them from the own lock screen and in seconds. Despite the fact that it is an application customization and is genuinely decent, AcDisplay is extremely down to earth. Not at all like numerous other only tasteful applications, with AcDisplay introduced on the Android device you can spare some time.


4. Anti-theft alarm

If you belong to the family of those smartphone users who leave their smartphone lying around on tables or have a tendency to dismiss it, you now have the ideal arrangement in this hostile to robbery alert that will quickly fill you in regarding whether somebody touches it. It works in an accompanying way: once you’ve actuated it, any developments made when lifting it up will initiate a capable alert to tell you somebody is taking it away. It’s extremely helpful for keeping both criminals and intrusive friends away. Its tone and volume are entirely flexible to your necessities or to the spot where you are. Aside from the sound, the screen on your smartphone will illuminate with whatever shading you pick, in this manner permitting you to select a vivid backdrop that is less demanding to spot out and recognize. Once the smartphone begins sounding, no one but you can make it stop with the PIN number or open pattern you’ve already chosen. Keep anybody from to such an extent as touching your smartphone without your authorization with this anti-robbery caution app.


5. Echo Notification Lockscreen

Echo Notification Lockscreen is a lock screen app that permits you to see helpfully and more efficiently and deal with the majority of the warnings on your Android smartphone. When you tap on the open catch with Echo Notification Lockscreen introduced on your gadget, you can see the greater part of the warnings that you have, isolated into various classes: needs, work, social, others. You only need to tap on one of the classifications to open up the related notices. At that point, you only need to tap on the notice that you need to view, and you will see a drop-down menu where you can erase the warning or set it to remind you again later. One intriguing preferred standpoint of Echo Notification Lockscreen is that you can see a review of the notice from the menu itself. For instance, if the notice needs to do with a tweet or an email, you can begin understanding it to check whether it is imperative. Echo Notification Lockscreen is a straightforward however exceptionally valuable lock screen. It’s not pompous, but rather it offers everything that you require when your gadget’s screen turns on.


6. Locker Master

Locker Master is an application that gives you a chance to make your particular lock screens. You can discover many instant layouts to supplant the default lock screen on your Android, or you can redo your screen. What improves Locker Master than different utilizations of this write is that doesn’t only give you a chance to set a photo as your lock screen. Rather, it offers massive amounts of altering apparatuses to make a remarkably individual lock screen. As though this wasn’t sufficient, Locker Master additionally has a huge group of users who share their lock screens. It implies you have new bolt screens prepared to download from the application interface. Locker Master is a magnificent customization application that helps you give your Android a one of a kind look. It likewise gives you the chance to share your manifestations and, even better, utilize the expressions of others.


7. Solo Locker

Solo Locker is a customization application that lets you totally change how your Android lock screen looks. It essentially gives you a chance to supplant the exemplary dabs you need to draw over with any photograph you require. Yes, you can even set your very own pic mug over the circles on the lock screen. The procedure is truly basic: you pick the photo that will supplant the typical dabs and another photo that will supplant the spots when they’re pushed down. That essential, when you do this, you only need to set it as the default lock screen. Something else you can do in Solo Locker is supplanting the specks with organic products, Halloween pumpkins, and so forth. When all is said in done, it gives you a chance to give a fun and new look to the exhausting old Android lock screen. Solo Locker is a unique customization application. It works in an exceptionally essential manner and offers decent results.


8. CM Locker Lock Screen

CM Locker Lock Screen is an application that, in spite of the name, is significantly more than only a lock screen. It’s a valid customization suite for Android that gives you a chance to give your gadget a stunning new look. When you set CM Locker Lock Screen as your default lock screen, you can begin altering its components. To start with, you need to pick a subject you like; you can discover backdrops including nature, creatures, vehicles, space, and a great deal more. When you choose a topic, you can tweak the sort of insurance you need: secret word, lock design, none by any means, and so on. CM Locker Lock Screen’s different alternatives let you consequently change your backdrop consistently, or select your city to get climate data. Of course, swiping your finger from left to right over the lock screen demonstrates to you the climate. Another component additionally gives you “a chance to slaughter” forms that devour a considerable measure of assets, without opening the screen. CM Locker Lock Screen is an amazing lock screen for Android that emerges on account of the quantity of elements and customization choices it offers. On top of that, the picture nature of the backdrops is exceptional.


9. Hi Locker

Hello Locker is an application that gives you a chance to modify and increase complete control over your lock screen. You can change even the most insignificant subtle element of the screen: from the sort of security or foundation picture to the warnings you need to get. Hey Locker’s customization alternatives are various. You can change the sort of security the kind of clock, the message on the screen, the foundation picture, or the climate data. You can even pick which applications can indicate notices on the lock screen and which ones can’t. Without inquiry, a fascinating thing about Hi Locker is that it helps you include a decent and individual touch to your gadget. You can compose the message you’d like to see each time you open the device, pick the foundation picture and its impact, and change its general look. Greetings Locker is an amazing lock screen application that offers an excellent number of extraordinary elements. Obviously one of the best of its kind.


10. GO Locker

GO Locker is a device that, once introduced, will permit you to change the lock screen of your Android smartphone and picked among bunches of excellent potential outcomes. Obviously, you need to have added GO Launcher EX to have the capacity to utilize the application. The application will fundamentally give you the capability to browse a modest bunch of various lock screens with heaps of unmistakable subjects. You can see some with creepy crawlies, others with creatures, with the sea, the shoreline, advanced screens, and so forth. Best of all is that you can design different parameters like in the event that you need to see the date and time on the screen, on the off chance that you might want to see some impact after opening, or basically on the off chance that you need to have the capacity to open the screen by shaking the smartphone. GO Locker is an exceptionally fascinating tool on account of its significant increase of the customization inclinations of your device, which is invariably pleasant for those users who are always working with it close by.


11. ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock Screen

ZUI Locker, the most astounding evaluated material configuration locker, which would make your screen bolt unimaginably beautiful. Effectiveness and security are one of the best features that smartphone users can encounter on it. The HD backdrops will consequently overhaul. Begin your new day with one new brilliant picture each day. Diverse style of the subject gives you much decision to make your lock screen one of a kind. Deliberately composed connection rationale helps you explore the visual experience and familiarity operation. ZUI Locker is the best lock screen replacement. It makes your screen smooth and delightful simply like silk. Turn on the gravity sensor capacity and slope your smartphone, the backdrop will move gradually from side to side. Expect a charming knowledge each time you open your screen. Separation sensor capacity will keep the smartphone from being incidentally turning on, which can maintain a strategic distance from misfunction and power consumption. ZUI Locker gives two security decisions: your smartphone will be completely ensured by code and signal based opening.


12. Cover Lock Screen

Cover Lock Screen is a lock screen for your Android smartphone that permits us to have snappy access to your most utilized applications at any minute. To do that, the application can distinguish where you are at any minute. Thus, while at work, Cover Lock Screen will give you fast access to apps, such as Dropbox, Gmail, and much more. While you are at home, you can get to Whatsapp, Candy Crush, or some other application that you use at home. One of Cover Lock Screen’s best elements is that it permits you access to any of these apps straightforwardly from the lock screen just by sliding the symbol to one side. Once inside the application, you can change to whatever other application by sliding your finger from up to down in the upper right corner of the screen. In the customization choices, Cover gives you the likelihood to pick diverse areas with the goal that you can modify the lock screen and chose distinctive backdrops. Spread is a delightful lock screen for Android terminals and offers some exceptionally intriguing advantages. It doesn’t only give a touch of tastefulness to the terminal, yet it is additionally genuinely helpful.

More About Next Lock Screen

Next Lock Screen spares you time with fast application dispatch and access to the data you require. See your timetable, missed calls, and instant messages all initially. Interface with a telephone calls in a single swipe without opening your smartphone. Next Lock Screen was created by Microsoft to give you a chance to alter your Android device with an exceptionally rich look system. The main thing you’ll notification is that Next Lock Screen matches up with your logbook application so you can see dates and gatherings specifically from your lock screen. Other more essential warnings, such as missed calls, messages, and instant messages, will likewise still show up in front of your logbook. Next Lock Screen gives you a chance to pick an alternate backdrop relying upon where you are: at home, in the city, in the workplace. As a matter, of course, the application offers a decent, modest bunch of engaging pictures, yet you can likewise utilize photos from your particular display. Another interesting component on Next Lock Screen is that it gives you a chance to get to your most-utilized apps rapidly and more efficiently. You simply need to slide upwards, and you’ll see a little box containing your favorite apps, which can be gotten to specifically from the lock screen. Next Lock Screen offers some exceptionally fascinating components and an extremely pleasant outline. In case you’re searching for another lock screen, it’s certainly a different option to remember.