Nextdoor is a free and kind of private social networking application for developing community comprising of local people. It is the best platform to stay in touch with what is going in the neighborhood. Whether it is leading about an upcoming party, seeking for a last minute babysitter or hearing about a rash of car break-ins, Nextdoor is a platform for getting information about all… read more

Apps Like Nextdoor for iOS

#1 Citysocializer


Citysocializer is a meeting up a platform for finding new things to do along with friends or new people. This entertainment based social networking application is made the fun with both strangers and friends a totally normal and fantastically pleasurable experience in such a way that is hard to find in most of the social discovery applications. Within four simple steps, you can learn about the overall working process of this application. After installing it, first, you need to be the community of the friendly people. Now select the favorite social event or events that you want to attend. In the same time, you can meet with a lot of new interesting people who are just like you. In the last, you can explore a lot of things to do and people to hang out with every time you feel like going out. It’s time to make the most of the free time at any time and see what the other groups’ members are doing in their city. You can join in for enjoying ongoing activities as well.


#2 Meetup


Meetup is a social networking and communication application where people from diverse nature come to hold a discussion on several topics. They form the groups, shares their interests, holds discussions, make friends and enjoy a lot. We want here to make it clear that Meetup is not meant for being used as dating or flirting application at all, rather it is an information sharing and learning application where you can learn innovative things being shared by the professionals and experienced persons of their professions. It is a way to do more with the life. If you are still confused what the aim behind the creation of this application is, then the simple idea is that it allows the people of different thoughts to get together and do things that matter to all. You can explore, you can teach and can learn than new things just to get help to come alive.

#3 Smacktive


Smacktive is an app for creating new friendships while doing regular activities like sporting, gaming, exercising and other activities that people love to do and participate in. This application connects the nearby people to do common activities together and enjoy the life with others. If you want to play a game or want to participate in any sporting activity but there is no one to join then Smacktive is an application that will allow you to find those people living near you and searching for the same solution. It will also allow you to go with at your level of skill. For its stunning features and people finding system, Smacktive is called to be one of the best real meet in person social communication application for getting up and doing some activities that you want to do with the like-minded people who are living nearby you and with whom you never would have met before.


#4 WeGoDo


WeGoDo is an application that connects the people from different parts of the world in an online environment. It does all these so that its members can get out and do more of what they love to do in real life. They can meet with people based on their interests and can share their common interests and thoughts with them. They can hold discussions with them on any topics and can do general purpose chatting as well. The life can be better shared if we are given the means of doing so. Thanks to WeGoDo that is making this happen through its communication system. The social discovery and people finding system of this simple application will let you to always meet with people who like doing the same things as you do. It’s time to get out there. WeGoDo is at the moment available for the United States and some European countries.

#5 Nearify


If you want to know what is going around you, then Nearify is a social discovery and social networking based application for that purpose. This application is for those people who can’t live without fun. Nearify is about discovering what is going on in our local area. The events discovery system of this application will make you able not to miss any event at all. This simple application is your personal guide to find fun, concerts, music, favorite players, festivals and much more at a centralized place. This beautiful application is jam packed with beautiful features like following the favorite musicians and artists, saving the events for later visiting, getting tickets and directions to the venue and much more. Every day millions of events happened in multiple parts of the world. Nearify is a simple application of knowing what is going on around us and what people are doing over these events.

#6 MixMeet


MixMeet is a newly launched social networking application where you can meet and find new people. This is one of the simplest chatting apps for sharing interests with other people and knowing about the ideas and thoughts of others as well. MixMeet is simply a free and easy to use application that makes it possible for its users to find the new people living nearby them. If you want to have dinner with someone new or simply want to do any other activity, then MixMeet will tell you how you can do this. MixMeet is although not a dedicated dating application at all but one of its section is based on dating as well. Overall, MixMeet comprises a lot of activities that are free to explore and join by its member. It is also a great means for knowing about those who are living nearby you.



CLIQ is although a social discovery application but for the groups of friends for searching for the new people and sharing their ideas with them and listening to theirs too. It is the best way to explore the local people and want is going on in the entire city. A lot of thoughts, ideas, and activities sharing opportunities are being offered by the CLIQ in the form of exploring the people of the local area and doing chat with them.  It’s time to do something different. Using CLIQ is very simple. After installing and launching the application simple invite your friends to make the group. You can browse the other groups as well and can invite them to chat with you. For its creative and unique social discovery style, CLIQ is the one stop platform for folks looking to explore the local people and places and want to get connect with groups of friends.

#8 Kickstarter


Kickstarter is one of the leading social communication and networking platforms for creative projects. It is a platform where distinguish ideas are being floated all the time that is being shared by the creative people of the world. It is an all in one and a centralized platform for music, art, theater, games, comic, design, photography and much more. Kickstarter is a dedicated platform for the independent, passionate backers and creators who come there to bring ideas to life. Here you can explore new creative projects in the categories we have already mentioned. With the usage of this simple to use the application you can turn the ideas into reality, make the reminders of the projects, sharing of projects with others, tracking of progress, and much more. Kickstarter also allows for exploring, watching and subscribing living streams from the favorite projects as well.

#9 ClassDojo


ClassDojo is a stunning application for school guys which lets them get ready to build an effective and amazing school community. Class Dojo is a safe, elegant, and beautiful communication app for parents, students and teachers. This application lets teachers perform significant work over here and even provide their students with the best stuff effortlessly. Anyone can intuitively create and share digital portfolios and even access all your favorite teacher tools. It allows you to use your cell phone as a classroom remote and get ready for a marvellous school time ahead. Through this app, teachers can encourage students for any skills such as teamwork and working hard, and can even bring parents into the classroom experience by sharing any kind of announcements, videos and photos. This app enables students to add their classwork stuff easily to their portfolios so that their parents can see whatever it is. Other than these, teachers also can instantly message to any parents, parents can see their child’s project or homework updates, and allows them to access their favorite teacher tools.  So just download the ClassDojo app, and get ready for the awesome school year, and share your small as well as big moments with your parents.

#10 TeacherKit


TeacherKit is trusted by millions of individuals especially educators from all over the world to manage their activities and times. TeacherKit – Class manager is an effective app introduced by ITWORX Inc. which helps you organize classes as well as students intuitively. This application makes it super easy to record attendance and log behaviour with just a few taps. It lifts the frustration of routine administration by enabling you to focus on what really matters. This intuitive management tool enables teachers to add and manage attendance types, providing them with almost all the desired flexibility. TeacherKit – Class manager empowers teachers to create and manage behaviour types along by enabling them to improve their student’s behaviour. This application let you use photos to distinguish between multiple classes at a glance. Apart from organizing your classes, you can even organize your students on the move using TeacherKit – Class manager. It helps teachers to record attendance instantly with a simple tap and can even add and remove the attendance status in the way they want. Parents can even stay informed about their kid’s overall progress and performances. So just download TeacherKit – Class manager, and enjoy managing class activities in an ultimate way.

#11 Remind


Remind is another super awesome tool which contains more than 27 million individuals including students, teachers, parents, and more who are using it in more than 95% of United States public school districts. Remind: School Communication is an effective tool that helps every student to succeed whether they are at home, in classrooms, or anywhere in between. This school management app makes it super convenient to stay organized and well connected to your school community. Remind: School Communication enables everyone to send messages to any phone for the real-time. You can do instant communication with your entire class, group, or a single person just to send and receive important stuff on time. You can even see that who read your sent messages and who’s missing out. This application allows you to translate your messages into more than 70 languages just to let you have all the stuff in your hand. Remind: School Communication never let you get things late by allowing you to receive the stuff instantly without any delay. You can even share pics, handouts, flyers, and other files with your own families at home. So just download Remind: School Communication, and enjoy your own private classroom right on your phone to access any sort of information.

#12 Edmodo


Edmodo is a medley used destination for individuals from all over the world where they can communicate with their students, fellow teachers as well as parents. EdModo app makes it so intuitive to enjoy an effective panel between all these people where they can share all the stuff along with their opinions as well. Edmodo app makes it comfortable for the teachers as well as parents to share the performance of kids and their overall growth. It enables teachers to get an awesome home stream for discovering as well as sharing resources among their colleagues. This application lets them organize all their classes under one effective platform and enables them to get direct messaging approach for both students and teachers for having instant conversations. It also carries an assignment centre which shows all your upcoming quizzes and assignments in one place. Edmodo enables fun and classy way to engage your students with all the necessary stuff which is needed. You can handily browse topics related to your lessons and even facilitate conversations with a single class group. So just download Edmodo app on your phone, and manage the entire working between parents, teachers, and students intuitively.

#13 GoClass


GoClass is another intuitive app which brings a cloud-based learning and teaching platform designed to allow teachers to transform their instruction time into hands-on. This application makes participatory learning experience through PC’s, mobile devices, laptops, tablets, project screens, and others to connect learning content and students in more meaningful and elaborative way. GoClass is a fine product of LearningMate Solutions Private Limited through which helps teachers to communicate with their students for broadcasting necessary topics, assignment, quizzes, and other significant stuff. Through this classy application, teachers can instantly create as well as share content directly to student devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. and simultaneously projects support learning media to a shared screen handily. Its report and assessment providing features give teachers insights and opinions into cognitive gaps, and the scribble functionality and virtual whiteboarding enable collaborative interaction between individuals. It also organizes the lesson plans into three distinct and classy sections including show, asks and explain. This feature enables teachers to professionally organize and populate videos, documents, images, URLs, notes, assessments, assignments, and other stuff into a structured sequence of lesson plan elements. So just pick GoClass app from the store and enjoy effective learning and educating app right through the palm of your hands.

#14 Socrative


Socrative is an intuitive application which helps everyone to engage, access and personalize your classes for the real-time. This intuitive application allows educators to enjoy quick question polls, exit tickets, space, and quizzes races all with their Socrative Teacher app. this app will instantly aggregate, grades, and delivers visuals of the results to help you identify opportunities for further instructions. It helps everyone to save their precious time and visualize student understanding when it matters a lot. You just have to register for a Socrative Teacher account to get started here. This account will even work with other Socrative applications and even through all the browsers for its website as well. Your students can intuitively connect to your own unique space by opening their applications or joining your room at its official website on any device. While on the other hand, Socrative Teacher also enables its users to teachers to sign in using their Google Domain Email Address. Socrative Teacher features asking multiple choice or T/F questions, open-ended questions, the creation of your won quizzes, sharing quizzes with teachers, play games with its space race, and view students result for the real-time.

#15 Stick Pick


Stick Pick is a classy application loved by teachers who bring lots of important stuff on work for the real-time. Stick Pick is a clean app which helps you pick a random student with a swipe, tap or shake. It suggests queries starters for the students and other learners at multiple levels and also records how well the response during the classroom discussions. While on the same end, if someone is constantly scoring near the top or bottom, you can instantly change the level just to ignore both the frustration and excitement. You can intuitively capture all your student sticks right under one place. This application enables you to simply face the yes or no question or even lets you elaborate the answers in lengthy sentences, depending on the level of your English proficiency. Stick Pick is probably a unique application which enables teachers to track the formative data of any of their students easily. It also enables teachers to rate students on the basis of critical thinking republic, and elaboration rubric by selecting 0 to 5. So just download this superb and easy to use tool named Stick Pick for any teacher device and effectively guides them in a helpful way.

#16 Too Loud


Too Loud is another intuitive app which helps you make a group of kids silent for a while without any prior effort. Too Loud Kids Noise Meter & Timer Free is an intuitive product of Idea4e Inc. which brings a fun and engaging way to keep the kids quiet for a long time. This app lets you set a timer duration and meter sensitivity before starting the timer. The voice meter graphically shows and measures the level of noise while the time passes. There is an animal behind the voice meter which reacts to the level of voice. This application carries voice meter with an intuitive indicator which shows the level of noise. This application can be effectively used when you want the children to be quiet, and you can easily adjust the dampening and sensitivity of the voice meter. Apart from making your kids super quite, it can also be used when you accept a certain noise level. Too Loud Kids Noise Meter & Timer Free allows you to set the timer from a range of 10 seconds to almost one to five hours. So just download Too Loud app and enjoy it with six background themes by selecting one that attracts you the most.

#17 Explain Everything


Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard app where people can collaborate, learn, and share with others without any boundaries. Explain Everything Collaborate bought into the market for letting you capture everything and share anything right on your mobile phones. This app enables its users to create unique and engaging visual stories and turn their ideas into real understanding. You can easily start with the infinite canvas, merge existing as well as new media, and annotate and text as well. It allows you to record every experience to store the best moments of ideation. Explain Everything Collaborate app allows its users to create videos and gifs, and then precisely share their most appealing and compelling stuff for their audience just to inspire them. You can communicate visually on the infinite canvas and easily use a laser pointer, add shapes, text clipart, web browsers, and draw in any colour. It helps you import document and multimedia in multiple formats such as PDF, PPT, KLS, TXT, BMP, PNG, MOV, MP3, MAV, AAC, and more. You can easily record the canvas to build guides, tourists, and immediate explanations of any kind to bring your ideas into real-life. So just download Explain Everything Collaborate app on your mobile phone, and share and connect without boundaries.

#18 NetSupport


NetSupport is another intuitive application which gives the power to teachers to connect to their students in a NetSupport School managed classroom. NetSupport School Student is an intuitive application which enables its users to enjoy real-time support and interactions. This app carries a student register where the teacher can request the custom or standard info from each student at the start of classes and intuitively create details from the provided information over there. NetSupport School Student enables students to intuitively connect directly with their class and enable teachers to browse for students tablets from their desktop app. This application also enables effective communication for sharing important stuff between teachers and students. NetSupport School Student allows teachers to broadcast messages to multiple, one, and all the devices at once. Through this intuitive app, both the students and the teachers can initiate a conversation session and participate in group discussions. Other than this, students can discreetly alert a teacher whenever he needs any help. It enables teachers to conduct on the fly surveys to gauge student understanding and knowledge. So just download NetSupport School Student, and grasp class surveys, file transfer, lock screen, questions and answers module, blank screen, show screen, launch URL’s, Wi-Fi indicators, configuration option, and way much more.

#19 Screen Time


Screen Time is a superb parental management app containing an impressive amount of features which helps us manage the time screen of the children. Screen Time – Media Time Manager is a fine product of Rod Liberal, which helps any type of family to manage their kid’s time for watching and doing multiple stuff. It is a Forbes, and CBS news recommended app for families through which they can control the time for multiple activities of kids. Screen Time – Media Time Manager enables everyone to assign custom, daily, or weekly minutes for each kid. It can even be set to repeat each day as well as accumulate based on the reference. This application empowers children to intuitively earn screen minutes by displaying good stuff, doing chores, and showing their good behaviour. It is a superb app for encouraging your kids to give up those minutes to other rewards and activities. Screen Time – Media Time Manager carries a kid-friendly screen through which children can learn valuable skills by saving minutes for delayed gratification. So just download this fully customizable app named Screen Time – Media Time Manager in your phone and have fun by adding, removing or changing tasks and rewards for your needs.

#20 Teacher Aide Pro


Teacher Aide Pro is a super-efficient app designed for teachers, by the teacher through which they can manage all their duties with ease and in a fun way. This application was developed by In Pocket Solutions Inc. which enables almost every teacher to manage their daily concerns more effectively. Through this management tool, teachers can easily manage the grade book as well as the attendance of almost 6 terms and 20 classes at a time. Other than this, Teacher Aide Pro also contains progress reports and seating charts of a student just to get the most necessary details of students right on their mobile device. You can also enjoy some of its core features including sync roster from Google Classroom, identify at risk students, and points and standard grading right on your mobile phone. It allows the teachers to have limitless and free use of the grade and attendance book for teachers in its free version. Teacher Aide Pro carries multiple subscription charges and you can go premium for a US $0.99 per month. Some of its premium features includes a searing chart, at risk screen, bulk messages (both SMS and emails), PDF reports, sync assignment data from the Google Classroom, and some others. So just download Teacher Aide Pro, and manage your stuff properly.

#21 Best Sand Timer


Best Sand Timer brings a digital sand timer with an artistic and more realistic design which can be used to time anything that you need for up to an hour (60 minutes). Best Sand Timer is a fine product of Serhii Simkovskyi Inc. which enables you to have a great looking visual indicator of how much time is there on any of your tasks. It comes with a kid’s friendly interface which visualizes time for kids and allows them to feel the time. One can easily see and monitor the visualized time flow without even knowing or reading the numbers. This intuitive tool allows you to set the alarm sound which starts playing when the timer ends. This digital sand timer app allows you to choose from an amount of almost 16 unique and classy alarm, loops and melodies sound. Best Sand Timer effectively notifies you when the time is up and lets you stay focused on the work. You can easily change the colour of the timer to fit your personal likeliness. It carries more than 5 colour themes including pink, amber, green, red, and turquoise. So just download Best Sand Timer and intuitively monitor the time for knowing whether to hurry up or how long to wait more.

#22 Symbaloo


Symbaloo is another intuitive tool which allows you to surf your favorite websites with a single click. Symbaloo is an easy to use tool introduced by Symbaloo BV, through which you can grab access to all your favorite websites at your fingertips. It allows you to choose from a collection of any of your favorite websites. You can even create your own homepage within simple clicks. It brings all your favorite websites on any of your smartphones, PC, Mac, iPad, and Tablet and you can access them anytime you need. It is an effective app on which you never have to type an address manually, and you can go anywhere on the web with one click. You can even add a new website with one click to this app and enjoy its surfing anytime you want. You can never lose your favourite web links again having this app in your phone, and also enjoy it without advertisement and for free. It also enables you to sync your favourite websites between multiple devices such as a tablet, PC, smartphone, and others. You can also listen to your most likely radio stations right through this app. So just download Symbaloo, and enjoy a simple, intuitive, instant, and one click to go anywhere on the web.

#23 Smart Seat


Smart Seat lets you create intuitive seating charts with desks on a grid, choose random students for the class participation, store student photo, export and record attendance, make student notes, and a lot more class management stuff under one platform. Smart Seat is a fine product of Cornsoft Inc. which have developed a fine-looking, simple, and productive app which allows you to use your phone for managing your seating charts. You can manage all the seating charts, random student sector, attendance, and photos right through simple clicks. You can quickly export a copy of the record of your class attendance and even export a PDF file of that seating chart through email to the Dropbox. This application helps you load the name of the student through email attachment, copy or paste, and by manual typing. You can even change the seating arrangement by drag and drop feature. It helps you choose your seating plans by showing student’s full names, nicknames, and even photos plus nicknames. So just download Smart Seat app and enjoy its customizable layouts, PDF exporting, adding new students, maximum size des layouts, record attendance, use flashcard feature, scramble options, change rows and columns and much more.

#24 Too Noisy Pro


Too Noisy Pro is an app for anyone who has attempted to keep the level of noise under control of a group of kids, children, or youngsters. Too Noisy Pro is a simple, fun, and engaging app introduced by Walsall Academy which brings a fun and kids friendly app to enjoy and respond. It is a real gem for any parent or adult who needs to control the levels of noise of their kids or other children. This application precisely displays the graphical noise of levels in a room in an engaging and fun way and allows the bearable level of noise to be adjusted. When the predefined level is exceeded for more than three seconds, then the app appears to shatter the screen of your mobile, audible alarm is sounded, and the counter on the noise meter is incremented by one. This app keeps track of the amount of Too Noisy incidents just to let you know the fractions. You can also reset the incident counter and even switched off the audible alarms. This application allows all its users to email all the issues and the suggestions for the enhancements of this app directly from the app. Other than this, Too Noisy Pro also lets its users to share the information on Facebook, Twitter, and some other social media apps.

#25 Nearpod


Nearpod is a one-shop-stop for computers and all the mobile devices in education, introduced by Nearpod, Inc. This is a must-have tool for schools and teachers that have access to a set of cellphone devices and computers for their classes. Near Pod is a highly sophisticated app which enables all the teachers, districts, and schools to use their tablets to manage the entire content on student’s mobile devices. This app seamlessly merges he interactive presentations, real-time assessment, and collaboration tools into one integrated platform. It is a great tool for teachers where they can access all their students using polls, open-ended queries, and multiple choice questions. Nearpod is a super powerful tool which provides us with the flexibility in as well as out of the classroom. It brings one of the most intuitive capacity to guide students through the presentations due to the interactive element of the presentation. You can intuitively create new slides and turn your PDFs, Google Slides, and PowerPoint into the interactive Nearpod presentation and choose from an ever-green library of CCSS content from the distinguished publishers and educators. Hence, Nearpod is a highly compatible app for both teachers as well as students to enjoy learning in an ultimate new way.

More About Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a free and kind of private social networking application for developing community comprising of local people. It is the best platform to stay in touch with what is going in the neighborhood. Whether it is leading about an upcoming party, seeking for a last minute babysitter or hearing about a rash of car break-ins, Nextdoor is a platform for getting information about all. There are so many ways to getting in touch with the information and knowledge of other people. Three main reasons for using Nextdoor are that it is useful because of offering too much information, offers private communication environment and offers real working environment. It will also allow you to get the practical recommendations for trustworthy service provides like contractors, roofers, plumbers and much more. It is meant for getting help from others and helping the others as well. Nextdoor is the best social networking application.

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