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NhacCuaTui is a great platform where you listen to thousands of your favourite songs with the touch of your fingers. It is a free online, unlimited music streaming application that helps you enjoy music, and accommodate your music sense with a touch of the ongoing era… read more
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1. Saavn Music & Radio

Saavn Music & Radio is filled with a variety of music that people love to listen. It is great music providing application that helps its users to access an unlimited number of music and audio content that they often listens. It is an elegant application for music enthusiasts that listen to their favourite, trending, hot, fresh, old, and music that they want. Saavn Music and Radio brings an excited port where you can enjoy thousands of English, Bollywood, Hindi, and Indian regional radio stations, songs, music, and exclusive programming whenever they want to listen. It let you bring the whole list of your favourite songs, and you can easily manage your way through getting them on the go. Saavn Music & Radio lets you follow your favourite artists as well as friends to explore music and get notified instantly to never miss any of their new arrivals. Its catalog brings a collection of more than 30 million music tracks including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and a lot of Indian traditional songs. So just download Saavn app to play any song, save your favourites to the favourite lists, and enjoy the endless music of any artist, song, as well as mood.


2. Desi Radio

Desi Radio is an excellent application that helps you explore your favourite Indian radio Stations with the ability to pause, record, timer, and more. Desi Radio – Indian Stations has one of the largest collection of radio stations for Indians radio lovers. It brings an all in one solution to get the Indian language stations in one app to explore any of them freely and whenever you want. You can also record your favourite sections, songs, and other stuff of radio to memorize things that you want or even listen to them later. Desi Radio – Indian Stations also lets you enjoy its timer feature through which you can easily set the timer whenever you want to stops the radio automatically. You can enjoy these stations in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, English, Punjabi, Devotional and Carnatic, Gujarati, Bengali, Pakistan, UAE, Dubai Stations, Urdu, Nepali, Sports News, and more. Desi Radio – Indian Stations lets you search and get a number of radio stations with ease. So just download Desi Radio to bring an unlimited fun of music and radio to your life.


3. Hungama Music

Hungama Music is another efficient application that helps its users to get an extremely awesome grip on music that they want to listen whenever they want. Hungama Music – Songs, Radio & Videos brings an awesome and one of the gigantic collections of over 3.5 million songs in over 11 languages. Apart from listening music, Hungama Music is an award-winning application through which you can listen, earn, and redeem points as well. It allows you to listen to thousands of songs in an ads-free and HD quality atmosphere. You can easily discover the music of your taste and according to your mood. Hungama Music – Songs, Radio & Videos lets you pocket thousands of your favourite music songs and videos from the hottest and the most trending Hindi Songs to coolest regional hits. It allows you to enjoy millions of international songs and videos of Bollywood and Locals. This music app lets you enjoy multiple genres including Ghazals, Rock, Pop, EDM, Devotional, Regional, and more. So just download Hungama Music – Songs, Radio & Videos to enjoy the music that matches your mood.


4. SongFlip

SongFlip is an outstanding application that allows you to enjoy the listening as well as downloading of your most favourite music through this awesome free music streaming application. SongFlip – Free Music Streaming & Player allows music lovers to explore the top hits from millions of songs right from your mobile phone and even download them to capture them for listening afterwards. It allows you to get the just-released music as well and never let you come a step back from this music race. Other than these you can easily discover new music through related tracks, create playlists of your favourite music songs, organize your music into multiple players, explore the top trending music, and enjoy the support of backup and restore of your playlists. SongFlip – Free Music Streaming and Player enables music bugs to find and stream millions of freely available songs and lets you enjoy better than any traditional radio station. SongFlip – Free Music Streaming & Player can easily be downloaded to get access to millions of music songs, tracks, artists, and free hip-hop mix tapes to stream free through your mobile network.


5. AMPed Music

AMPed Music is the finest music application introduced by Singtel Idea Factory Pte Ltd. It is flawless music streaming application that helps you access and streams your favourite music right from your mobile phones. AMPed Music brings some enhanced features for music listeners that allows you catch your favourite music stuff right from your mobile phone. It allows you to stream music to unlimited access to international and Asian music. AMPed Music is more than just music so that it also allows its users to attend the music concerts and exclusive music events for the artists that they love. It also allows you to win flyaways and merchandise giveaways. It recommends millions of songs of your favourite artists according to your moods, events, and occasions. AMPed Music lets you have the right music for the right event and never let you get out of songs whenever you want them the most. So just download this intuitive AMPed Music app to get into the groove of life along with your favourite music on the go. Anytime, anywhere.



HEOS is the finest product of D+M Group that allows its users to play any song in any room. It is probably the companion application for your HEOS Wireless sound system. HEOS delivers everything that you need to enjoy and set up music on your HEOS systems in your rooms, halls, home cinemas, or somewhere else. It is the true multi-room audio manager that helps you play different songs in different nature of rooms or the same songs in every room. It brings legendary Marantz and Denon audio quality so that you can enjoy music in their original tons. Through using your already present HEOS speakers, wireless home network, HEOS link, or HEOS Amp, you can flawlessly browse, explore, and play the music of your taste from many online music streaming services or from your captured music library. It allows you to enjoy quick and easy to set up criteria so that you never have to stick in any hard and fast combinations. You can even utilize your existing home wireless networks, and it allows you to enjoy songs from online music services, etc. So just download HEOS app to manage and enjoy music in your home.


7. AirAudio

AirAudio is a gorgeous application that helps you enjoy latest streaming technologies and seamless compatibilities with way many music providers. [root] AirAudio – stream your music allows you to stream all audio from any of your most likely audio apps to almost every receiver with just a single click. AirAudio – stream all audio to everywhere allows you to enjoy Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer, TuneIn, Rdio, and many other audios on your Freebox, Apply TV, Airport Express, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Nexus Player, Samsung WAM, SONOS, and many more devices. Having AirAudio – stream all audio to everywhere app in your smartphones, you can enjoy all music on SONOS, stream any audio to your Roku, enjoy Samsung Multiroom, and software receivers like Kodi, Shairport, GMediaRender, Airfoil Speakers, and more. It is a very powerful audio streamer for mobile phone holders and guarantees seamless and easy streaming of all your music. [root] AirAudio – stream your music enables you to stream with just a click, works same like original Apply Airplay, recognizes if you’re listening to music, send information and networks support Tasker, and lets you enjoy lot more.

More About NhacCuaTui

NhacCuaTui is a great platform where you listen to thousands of your favourite songs with the touch of your fingers. It is a free online, unlimited music streaming application that helps you enjoy music, and accommodate your music sense with a touch of the ongoing era. NhacCuaTui delivers a flat design to be visually friendly and just made so simple for you to explore and experience music whatever you do and whenever you want. It is probably the first Vietnamese application to backup with KARAOKE lyrics on the move. You can enjoy super giant lossless music storage, and more than 2 million MP3 songs are already well prepared for your discovery. Other than these, it allows you to enjoy Videos or MC with HD standard quality, and you can even create your own playlists and shuffle them as well. NhacCuaTui brings easy control from your mobile phone devices so that you can enjoy playing, pause, and skipping of tracks right from your lock screen. So just download NhacCuaTui on your phones to fulfil your soul to a variety of customized interfaces on different smartphones, and let it be your true fellow.